Blue Sunshine (1978)

“There’s a bald maniac in there, and he’s going bat shit!” Talk about your bad acid trip – this one would probably have Timothy Leary himself headed back on the straight and narrow. During a seemingly innocuous house party in Los Angeles, one of the guests has his wig removed and proceeds to embark on a homicidal rampage (he even throws several of the stunned revelers into the fireplace!). Another partygoer, “Jerry ‘Zippy’ Zipkin” (Zalman King), is falsely accused of the murders and sets out to determine what caused the guy’s psychotic rage. It turns out that 10 years earlier, a group of college kids had experimented with a batch of LSD known as “Blue Sunshine,” which has a delayed reaction causing them to lose their hair and go off the deep end. The creepiest thing, at least to me, is that some of these maniacs aren’t totally bald—they have little thatches of hair—thus making them all the more demented in my opinion. Believe it or not, the action culminates with a rampage in a shopping mall disco! Yes, this flick is as offbeat and crazy as it sounds (and often quite entertaining to say the least!). With a nice dose of cynicism and paranoia, Blue Sunshine effectively slammed the door on the ‘60s generation. Written and directed by Jeff Lieberman, this low-budget cult film also stars Deborah Winters, Mark Goddard, Robert Walden, Ann Cooper, Charles Siebert and Alice Ghostley. Blue Sunshine would make a great double feature with Jacob’s Ladder (1990). Lieberman also directed the 1976 horror film Squirm: “This was the night of the CRAWLING TERROR!”

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