A Flash of Green (1984)

“We’re going to manufacture paradise.” A true forgotten movie classic, this compelling drama features a great performance by Ed Harris as “Jimmy Wing,” a cynical newspaper reporter in a small Florida beach town who gets caught up in an increasingly destructive struggle between ecologically minded citizens and corrupt land developers led by ruthlessly ambitious local politician “Elmo Bliss” (Richard Jordan). Blair Brown portrays “Kat Hubble,” an environmental activist, member of the local ecology group and Wing’s budding love interest, while George Coe plays “Brian Haas,” his drunken reporter buddy who occasionally embarks on some serious booze-soaked benders. Based on a novel of the same name by John D. MacDonald, the film unfolds slowly but offers plenty of rewards for the patient viewer. An excellent character study directed by Victor Nunez, A Flash of Green deserves to be rediscovered. A professor at the FSU Film School, Nunez (Ulee’s Gold) was inducted into the Florida Artists Hall of Fame in 2008.  

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