Tin Men (1987)

“The American Dream Changes. The People Who Sell It Don’t.” The setting is Baltimore in 1963. Two sleazy aluminum siding salesmen – “Ernest Tilley” (Danny DeVito) and “Bill ‘BB’ Babowsky” (Richard Dreyfuss) – get into a minor fender-bender with their prized Cadillacs that blossoms out of control into a full-scale war in this hilarious comedy from director Barry Levinson. Babowsky even ups the stakes by seducing Tilley’s bored wife, “Nora” (Barbara Hershey). The stellar supporting cast includes Jackie Gayle as “Sam,” Seymour Cassel as “Cheese,” John Mahoney as “Moe Adams,” Bruno Kirby as “Mouse,” Michael Tucker as “Bagel” and J. T. Walsh as “Wing.” Highlights include Sam’s ongoing rants against Bonanza (“Ya got these four guys living on the Ponderosa and you never hear them say anything about wanting to get laid …”), Tilley’s rant against picnics (“You sit on the grass and eat … Why is that fun?”) and the dreaded appearances before the Maryland Home Improvement Commission, which is investigating corruption in the aluminum siding business. The film includes an appearance by Fine Young Cannibals performing “Good Thing” at a nightclub.Tucker’s character, “Bagel,” also appeared in Levinson’s 1982 film, Diner, which starred Mickey Rourke, Kevin Bacon, Steve Guttenberg, Paul Reiser, Tim Daly, Daniel Stern and Ellen Barkin.

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