Gregory’s Girl (1981)

“What Gregory Doesn’t Know About Women Fills a Wonderful New Comedy.” A low-key Scottish teen comedy written and directed by Bill Forsyth (Local Hero), Gregory’s Girl is actually intelligent and true to life. This coming-of-age story concerns a gangly soccer player named “Gregory Underwood” (John Gordon Sinclair) who becomes infatuated with female goalie “Dorothy” (Dee Hepburn) unaware that another girl, “Susan” (Clare Grogan), has a crush on him. The film’s offbeat humor and often hilariously awkward characters make up for the rather paper-thin plot. The cast includes Allison Forster as Gregory’s younger sister “Madeleine,” Robert Buchanan as Gregory’s buddy “Andy” and Jake D’Arcy as “Coach Phil.” Many of the actors were associated with the Glasgow Youth Theatre. Forsyth won a BAFTA Award for “Best Screenplay.” A less successful sequel, Gregory’s Two Girls, which also starred Sinclair, was released in 1999.

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