A Boy and His Dog (1975)

“An R rated, rather kinky tale of survival …” Based on a series of short stories by acclaimed science fiction writer Harlan Ellison, this totally offbeat post-apocalyptic black comedy (AKA Apocalypse 2024), which was directed by L.Q. Jones, follows the picaresque adventures of “Vic” (Don Johnson) and his telepathic dog “Blood” (voiced by Tim McIntire), who make their way through the wasteland following a nuclear holocaust (2024 AD). They stumble upon “Downunder,” an underground, sinister Mayberry-type community along the way. The creepy townspeople “force” Vic to impregnate all of the young women in town. Also look for Jason Robards Jr. as “Lou Craddock,” Susanne Benton as “Quilla June Holmes,” and Alvy Moore (who also served as a producer and co-writer for the movie) as “Dr. Moore.” Warning: As you probably realize, this flick is definitely not for all tastes (no pun intended)! By the way, Moore (1921-97) is best known as “Hank Kimball” from the TV comedy series Green Acres, while “Blood” was the same dog who appeared as “Tiger” in The Brady Bunch.

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