Three O’Clock High (1987)

“You and me, we’re gonna have a fight. Today. After school. Three o’clock. In the parking lot. You try and run, I’m gonna track you down. You go to a teacher, it’s only gonna get worse. You sneak home, I’m gonna be under your bed.” To say that “Jerry Mitchell” (Casey Siemaszko) is having a shitty day would be a gross understatement. The nerdish high school student has accidentally offended the new kid, tough punk “Buddy Revell” (Richard Tyson), who vows to kick his ass promptly after school at 3 PM. Mitchell spends the rest of the school day rather haplessly and desperately trying to avoid the inevitable confrontation – but there is no escape in this nice little comic spoof of High Noon (1952). The cast includes Philip Baker Hall, Anne Ryan, Jeffrey Tambor, Liza Morrow, John P. Ryan and Stacey Glick. Steven Spielberg reportedly served as uncredited executive producer on the film. Directed by Phil Joanou (State of Grace), this underrated teen comedy would make a great double feature with My Bodyguard (1980). In his one-star review of Three O’Clock High, Roger Ebert called it “a dumb teen movie” with a “pretty stupid” plot.

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