Seven Grandmasters (1978)

“Hong Kong Cinema Over the Edge.” Just when aging martial arts expert “Sang Kuan Chun” (Jack Long) prepares to retire, his abilities are questioned by an anonymous source. So he sets off on a quest to challenge seven grandmasters and prove to his own satisfaction that he’s reach the pinnacle of achievement in martial arts. Each of the other martial arts experts specializes in a different fighting style (with the battle against the monkey stylist being the most memorable of the lot!). Meanwhile, undisciplined “Siu Ying” (Li Yi Min) clumsily attempts to get Sang Kuan Chun to take him on as a student. Before you know it, he’s kicking the asses of Sang Kuan Chun’s other students. Nancy Yen portrays Sang Kuan Chun’s daughter and Siu Ying’s love interest. Directed by Joseph Kuo, Seven Grandmasters features enough comedy and thrilling martial arts action to entertain even the most jaded kung fu buff! Other kung fu films Kuo directed with numbers in their titles include 18 Bronzemen (1976), Unbeaten 28 (1980) and 36 Deadly Styles (1982).

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