The Iron Rose (1973)

“Don’t worry. The dead are our friends.” Haunting, surreal and totally offbeat, The Iron Rose (La Rose de Fer) from French director Jean Rollin (Le Viol du Vampire) takes place almost entirely within the confines of an eerie cemetery at night. An unnamed young couple (the beautiful Francoise Pascal and rather creepy Hugues Quester) meets at a wedding reception and then goes on a date that eventually takes them to the massive, sprawling graveyard located in Amiens, France. Several strange people (including a clown!) are also seen wandering around the cemetery rather aimlessly. The couple enters a crypt and has sex. When they leave the crypt, the couple discovers that it is dark outside and – no matter which way they wander – they cannot find the exit. At this point, things start to get a little weird (but I won’t ruin it for you!). More of an existential mood piece, The Iron Rose transcends the horror genre. Although definitely not for all tastes, it’s truly unforgettable. Useless Trivia: Quester reportedly disliked Rollin so much that he requested that his name be taken off the film, so he was credited as “Pierre Dupont.”

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