Don’t Go in the Woods (1982)

“Everyone has nightmares about the ugliest way to die.” Okay, so this is a pure guilty pleasure, but I have special memories of this extremely low-budget slasher flick since I remember watching it while totally trashed during a midnight showing at the historic Athens Theatre in DeLand, Florida, while a student at Stetson University many years ago. A deranged woodsman stalks a group of young, dimwitted campers during their weekend getaway in the mountains. The barebones plot includes the memorable scene of an obnoxious guy in a wheelchair being pushed down the side of a mountain. It’s the best scene in the movie. A “classic” cheapie slash fest that goes good with a 12-pack of beer, Don’t Go in the Woods (AKA Don’t Go in the Woods … Alive!) was directed by James Bryan and stars Jack McClelland as “Peter,” Mary Gail Artz as “Ingrid,” James P. Hayden as “Craig” and Angie Brown as “Joanne.” Also look for Texas radio legend Ken “Hubcap” Carter as “Sheriff.” The production costs on this piece of crap, which was filmed in Utah, couldn’t have run over about $1,000. It’s great for a few laughs but view at your own risk (if you can find the damn thing!). Other films directed by Bryan include Boogievision (1977) and Hell Riders (1984).

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