The Freshman (1925)

“I’m just a regular fellow – step right up and call me ‘Speedy’ …” Hilarious silent film features Harold Lloyd as dorky, bespectacled college freshman “Harold ‘Speedy’ Lamb,” who has delusions of being the “big man on campus” but behind his back everyone makes fun of him and refers to him as the “college boob.” Harold even believes he made the football team at Tate University – “a large football stadium, with a college attached” – but in reality he’s just the waterboy. Jobyna Ralston portrays Harold’s love interest “Peggy.” The cast also includes Brooks Benedict as “The College Cad,” James Anderson as “The College Hero,” Hazel Keener as “The College Belle” and Pat Harmon as “The Football Coach.” Produced by Lloyd, the film was directed by Fred C. Newmeyer and Sam Taylor. Highlights include the ridiculous jig Harold performs before meeting anyone, Harold serving as the tackle dummy, Harold bringing his tailor (Joseph Harrington) to the “Fall Frolic” dance in order to patch up his suit WHILE he mingles and, of course, the climactic football game. The football game scenes were filmed at the Rose Bowl and Memorial Stadium at the University of California.

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