The Corndog Man (1999)

“Triple K Marine.” Spoiler alert! A bigoted South Carolina boat salesman named Ace Barker (Noble Willingham) working at (the aptly named) Triple K Marine starts getting a never-ending stream of harassing phone calls from a mysterious stranger who claims to be his son. The harassment escalates as old secrets and tragedies are dug up and Ace rapidly goes insane. As the film unfolds, we learn Ace’s dark secret. The Corndog Man has a warped sense of humor that doesn’t affect its highly dramatic outcome. It’s audacious, well acted and stunning in its originality. (Note: Someone could start a drinking game out of the amount of times the old guy answers the phone with the words “Triple K Marine.”) As Ace, Noble Willingham is totally believable. Directed by Andrew Shea, The Corndog Man also stars Jim Holmes and David Steen. If you enjoy your films on the offbeat side, definitely seek this one out. The Corndog Man would make a great double feature with Red (1993) starring Lawrence Tierney . . . “Phone pranks can kill a man.” In one of his first film roles, Willingham appeared as “Councilman” in Chinatown (1974).

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