The Collector (1965)

“You could fall in love with me if you tried. I’ve done everything I could to make it easy. You just won’t try!” Billed as “almost a love story,” this disturbing yet fascinating psychological thriller stars Terence Stamp as Frederick Clegg, a creepy bank clerk and butterfly collector who wins a football pool, buys an isolated house in the English countryside and decides to kidnap beautiful art student Miranda Grey (Samantha Eggar) and keep her imprisoned in his cellar. An interesting cat-and-mouse game ensues between the psychopath Freddie and the clever Miranda. Believe it or not, his goal is to get her to like him! Directed by William Wyler (The Best Years of Our Lives), The Collector was based on a 1963 novel of the same name by John Fowles. Wyler was nominated for a Best Director Oscar but lost out to Robert Wise (The Sound of Music), while Eggar was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar but lost out to Julie Christie (Darling). Natalie Wood reportedly turned down the role of Miranda. Stamp would later star as “Supreme Chancellor Valorum” in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999).

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