Paranoiac (1963)

“A Harrowing Excursion into Terror …” One of the best of the slew of Psycho-inspired flicks, Paranoiac was released by Hammer Films, directed by Freddie Francis and features a mesmerizing performance by Oliver Reed as “Simon Ashby,” a boozing, brooding meglomaniac from a wealthy but extremely dysfunctional British family. Simon lives with his sister “Eleanor” (Janette Scott)—who may or may not be totally insane—and his oddball “Aunt Harriet” (Sheila Burrell). Things get real crazy when supposedly dead brother “Tony” (Alexander Davion) shows up at the family’s doorstep. Whether he’s berating a servant to stock up on more Bourbon or assaulting a pub patron with a handful of darts, Reed totally steals the show! Oh yeah, there’s also a creepy “choirboy” in a mask haunting the family chapel and threatening everyone with a knife. Don’t miss it! Paranoiac was loosely based on Scottish author Josephine Tey’s 1949 crime novel Brat Farrar.   

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