Sweet Sugar (1972)

“Sugar gets what she wants … when she wants it! Her machete isn’t her only weapon!” In the “so ridiculously bad it’s actually pretty good” category, this sleazy sexploitation flick involves a prostitute named Sugar (Phyllis Davis from Beyond the Valley of the Dolls) who’s busted on a bogus marijuana charge down in South or Central America and sentenced to a work farm where she chops sugar cane with a machete along with a bevy of other busty beauties (not kidding!). This low-budget women-in-prison film, which must have been ideal drive-in fare during the early 1970s, has enough campy fun for everyone – including big breasts, sadistic (and incredibly stupid!) guards, catfights, voodoo, cannibalism, machine gun battles and, last but not least, the evil (and absolutely nonsensical!) experiments of the maniacal Dr. John (Angus Duncan). In one of the most absurd scenes in movie history, the female prisoners even get terrorized by a bunch of overly aggressive tabby cats! Directed by Michel Levesque, Sweet Sugar also stars Ella Edwards as Simone, Timothy Brown as Mojo and Pamela Collins as Dolores. Enter at your own risk! Levesque also directed Werewolves on Wheels (1971) … “This gang thought it was tough … ‘til it found a new type of hell … The Bride of Satan!”

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