She’s the One (1996)

“Let me get this straight. You don’t want to cheat on your girlfriend with your wife?” Writer/director Edward Burns portrays “Mickey Fitzpatrick,” a world-weary New York City cabbie who starts to regret his quickie marriage to “Hope” (Maxine Bahns). Meanwhile, Mickey’s brother “Francis” (Mike McGlone) is an obnoxious, overly materialistic stockbroker who is having his own marriage problems with “Renee” (Jennifer Anniston). A then-unknown Cameron Diaz plays “Heather,” Francis’ mistress and Mickey’s ex-fiancee. Burns’ follow-up to The Brothers McMullen (1995) covers most, if not all, of the same territory but it’s reasonably entertaining nevertheless. Amanda Peet portrays Renee’s sister, “Molly.” Look for another solid performance from John Mahoney as the always philosophical but often misguided “Frank,” the bewildered father of these two misfits. She’s the One is the second film in Burns’ so-called “Long Island Trilogy,” which includes The Brothers McMullen and No Looking Back (1998). The film’s soundtrack features songs from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers such as “Angel Dream,” “Grew Up Fast” and “California.”

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