Spring Forward (1999)

“Nothing in common. Everything to gain.” A low-key independent film that boasts some remarkable performances, Spring Forward centers around the developing friendship between two parks department employees in a small New England town: Murph (Ned Beatty), a grizzled veteran on the verge of retirement, and Paul (Liev Schreiber), a young ex-con with anger issues. Set against the backdrop of changing seasons, Spring Forward is basically a series of vignettes where two men of very different backgrounds discuss their past failures, philosophies of life and uncertainties about the future. In fact, the plot is nearly nonexistent. If this doesn’t exactly sound like your thing, I suggest you stop reading and go watch one of the Die Hard sequels instead. However, if you have the type of patience necessary (and I’m talking My Dinner with Andre type patience!), then Spring Forward will provide a rewarding viewing experience. My favorite scene is where the two guys sit down on a park bench, share a joint and have a spirited conversation. Spring Forward was the directorial debut of character actor and playwright Tom Gilroy, who wrote the screenplay as well. The supporting cast includes Peri Gilpin, Ian Hart and Campbell Scott.Spring Forward was the first film release by IFC Films, the film production and distribution company of the Independent Film Channel.

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