Night of the Comet (1984)

“It was the last thing on earth they ever expected.” Feeling nostalgic about the ‘80s? Get a quick fix by watching Night of the Comet, a highly entertaining sci-fi horror comedy that features Catherine Mary Stewart and Kelli Maroney as two teenage “valley girl” sisters – Regina “Reggie” and Samantha “Sam” Belmont – who improbably survive a comet that wipes out most of the Earth’s population. After a visit to a Los Angeles radio station where they meet up with another survivor named “Hector” (Robert Beltran) and a moment or two of grief for their lost loved ones, they decide to hit the shopping mall, get some free stuff (yes the film also serves as a clever satire on mindless consumption!) and dance around to the tune of a non-Cyndi Lauper version of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” Along the way, they also have to deal with zombies and evil government employees operating out of a secret underground facility. The film was directed by Thom Eberhardt and the supporting cast includes Mary Woronov (Rock ‘n’ Roll High School) and Geoffrey Lewis (Every Which Way But Loose). In addition, Michael Bowen appears briefly as Reggie’s douchebag boyfriend “Larry” (you will remember him as the douchebag boyfriend from the 1983 comedy Valley Girl). Bottom line: Night of the Comet is a lot of fun but like any fix it dissipates quickly from memory. Useless Trivia: The original working title for the film was reportedly Teenage Mutant Horror Comet Zombies.

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