Proof (1991)

“Your whole life is about the truth. Have some pity on the rest of us.” I’ve always admired the acting of Hugo Weaving and how he completely morphs into such diverse roles as Agent Smith in The Matrix, Elrond in The Lord of the Rings and V in V for Vendetta. In this hidden treasure from Australia, Weaving portrays “Martin,” a blind photographer with some major trust issues, believe it or not! Written and directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse, the film explores his complicated relationships with his lonely housekeeper “Celia” (Genevieve Picot) and his new friend, Andy (Russell Crowe), a rather aimless dishwasher at a local Italian restaurant. Oh yeah, there’s also an alley cat named “Ugly.” Proof is a low-key character study, very original with superb acting from all three leads. According to the tagline, “Before love comes trust. Before trust comes proof.” The film cleaned up at the 1991 Australian Film Institute Awards, capturing Best Film honors, as well as Best Director (Moorhouse), Best Actor (Weaving) and Best Supporting Actor (Crowe).

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