Coffy (1973)

“They call her ‘Coffy’ and she’ll cream you!” An amazing blaxploitation revenge flick, Coffy was released by American International Pictures and stars the voluptuous Pam Grier as badass “Nurse ‘Coffy’ Coffin,” who embarks on a vigilante-style rampage against the drug dealers responsible for the overdose of her little sister. Sexy Grier turns in one of her most mesmerizing performances here. As with any classic blaxploitation film, Coffy is loaded with graphic violence, bountiful breasts, campy catfights and some great lines such as “This is the end of your rotten life, you motherfuckin’ dope pusher!” Look for Robert DoQui as a pimp named “King George” (he even has his own theme song!) and Sid Haig as the sadistic “Omar.” The tagline screamed, “The baddest One-Chick Hit-Squad that ever hit town!” Coffy was directed by Jack Hill (Spider Baby), who followed this one up with Foxy Brown (1974), which also starred Grier. Personally, I think Coffy is the better film but they are both essential viewing. Allan Arbus, who portrays sleazy mob boss “Arturo Vitroni,” is best known for his role as psychiatrist “Dr. Sidney Freedman” on the TV series MAS*H.

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