Wise Blood (1979)

“. . . the Church of Christ Without Christ. Where the blind can’t see, the lame don’t walk, and the dead stay that way.” Brad “Billy Bibbitt” Dourif excels in John Huston’s adaptation of Flannery O’Connor’s 1952 novel of Southern grotesques, in this case a young demented soldier named “Hazel Motes” who attempts to start “The Church Without Christ.” By the end, this screwball has blinded himself, wrapped barbed wire around his chest and placed rocks in his shoes! Definitely not for all tastes (it’s a very dark comedy). The excellent cast includes Amy Wright as “Sabbath Lily,” Harry Dean Stanton as “Asa Hawks,” Dan Shor as “Enoch Emory,” William Hickey as “Preacher” and Ned Beatty as “Hoover Shoates.” Also look for Huston himself as “Grandfather” in a flashback sequence. Believe it or not, the film includes a shrunken mummy and an idiot running around in a gorilla costume! Wise Blood was filmed on location in Macon, Georgia, and many locals were used as extras.

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