Trans (1998)

“Anywhere is better than here.” A little-known independent film directed by Julian Goldberger, Trans has a dreamlike, impressionistic style. It was filmed in and around Fort Myers, Florida. A teenage delinquent, “Ryan Kazinski” (Ryan Daugherty) escapes from a juvenile detention center and wanders aimlessly. I love the scene where the kid gets high in a grocery store and then gets his ass kicked in the parking lot. Or the time he’s enlisted by a fellow escapee to break into a vet clinic to steal drugs and he ends up freeing a dog. A confused, alienated kid, he just drifts along toward his inevitable destiny. Trans is a nihilistic odyssey (and therefore not for all tastes!). Goldberger also directed The Hawk is Dying (2006), which starred Paul Giamatti and was based on a 1973 novel by the late, great Harry Crews. The Trans soundtrack features several songs, including “Pimp Slap,” by Fat Mama & Her Trans World Orchestra.

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