Tracks (1977)

“That’s what I like about trains … You never what’s going to happen.” A deeply disturbed Vietnam veteran, “First Sgt. Jack Falen,” portrayed by Dennis Hopper (who else?) travels by train to escort the casket of one of his dead war buddies to his hometown for burial (apparently the soldier had saved Falen’s life). He gradually becomes more and more unhinged during the journey. The final scene at the graveyard is truly disturbing! The second feature of writer-director Henry Jaglom after A Safe Place (1971), this offbeat psychological drama also stars Dean Stockwell as the mysterious “Mark” and Taryn Power as Falen’s hippie love interest “Stephanie.” Full of weird characters, improvisational dialogue, flashbacks and occasional self-indulgence, Tracks is definitely not for all tastes (I warned you!). Power is the daughter of Tyrone Power and his second wife, Linda Christian.

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