The Lost Patrol (1934)

“Blistering Sun … Blazing Bullets!” In this superb adventure film directed by John Ford, a rapidly diminishing patrol of British cavalrymen led by “The Sergeant” (Victor McLaglen) finds themselves stranded in the desert during World World I and takes refuge in an abandoned outpost, while attempting to fend off an unseen Arab enemy. As the intense heat and lack of resources take their toll on the men’s sanity, they start getting picked off in a variety of way. Best of all is Boris Karloff’s intense performance as “Sanders,” a batshit crazy religious freak. The rest of the cast includes Wallace Ford as “Morelli,” Reginald Denny as “George Brown,” Alan Hale as “Matlow Cook,” J. M. Kerrigan as “Quincannon,” Billy Bevan as “Herbert Hale,” Brandon Hurst as “Corporal Bell,” Douglas Walton as “Pearson” and Sammy Stein as “Abelson.” Based on Philip MacDonald’s 1927 novel Patrol, the film was scripted by Dudley Nichols. It was filmed in the Algodones Dunes of California. The film’s score by Max Steiner was nominated for an Oscar.

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