My Bodyguard (1980)

“Terrorized in the toilets? Chased after school? Shaken down for your lunch money? GET A BODYGUARD!” Take the loser from Meatballs, “Rudy Gerner” (Chris Makepeace), and set him loose on the streets of Chicago as “Clifford Peache” and what happens? He gets his ass kicked daily, of course, by none other than Matt Dillon (“Melvin Moody”) and his gang of thugs who roam the halls of Lake View High School. That is until he befriends local psycho “Ricky Linderman” (Adam Baldwin in his film debut), who is trying to cope with a terrible tragedy in his past. Martin Mull, Ruth Gordon (Harold and Maude), Kathryn Grody, Joan Cusack and Hank Salas (as “Mike the Bodybuilder”) round out the excellent cast. My Bodyguard was directed by Tony Bill, who produced The Sting. Useless Trivia: Jennifer Beals (Flashdance) appears uncredited in her film debut. Also look for George Wendt from Cheers in a minor role as “Engineer.”

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