Ms. 45 (1981)

“No man will ever be safe again.” After getting raped twice in one day, a mute seamstress named Thana (Zoe Tamerlis Lund) roams the streets of New York City—exacting revenge on any man she believes is threatening her (or any other female stranger for that matter!). Before you know it, she’s dumping body parts in trash cans throughout the city and plotting increasingly violent acts of mayhem. The total insanity culminates in a disturbingly memorable Halloween party finale where Lund is dressed as a nun (packing heat, of course!). Definitely not for the squeamish, this well-crafted, exploitation film was also known as Angel of Vengeance and directed by filmmaker Abel Ferrara, whose previous credits included The Driller Killer (1979). It features a powerful performance by Lund that you won’t soon forget. Let’s face it, this deeply disturbing flick makes Death Wish seem like a leisurely stroll through Central Park on a Sunday afternoon in comparison. The tagline screamed, “It will never happen again!” Ferrara, who also portrayed the first rapist in Ms. 45, went on to direct such classics as Bad Lieutenant (1992) and The Funeral (1996). Lund, who co-wrote Bad Lieutenant and appears as a junkie in the film, reportedly died of heart failure as a result of chronic cocaine abuse in 1999 at the age of 37. In his highly recommended film guide Cult Movies 2 (1983), Danny Peary writes, “The mute Thana represents all the women of the world who don’t speak out against the daily outrages they are subjected to from men (bosses, boyfriends, strangers): a constant barrage of come-ons, orders, insults, patronizing conversation.”

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