Happy Accidents (2000)

“Sometimes the future is better than it used to be.” In this offbeat and thoughtful romantic comedy, “Ruby Weaver” (Marisa Tomei)–who has been unlucky in love to say the least–meets the man of her dreams, the quirky and mysterious “Sam Deed” (Vincent D’Onofrio) from Dubuque, Iowa. However, there’s a catch–Sam claims to be a time traveler (AKA “back traveler”) from the year 2470! Initially, Ruby tolerates Sam’s many idiosyncrasies (his total obsession with someone named “Chrystie Delancey” for instance) but quickly starts to question his (and her own!) sanity. Written and directed by Brad Anderson (The Machinist), Happy Accidents also stars Nadia Dajani, Holland Taylor, Jose Zuniga, Richard Portnow, Sean Gullette, Tamara Jenkins, Sam Seder and Tovah Feldshuh. Happy Accidents premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on January 25, 2000. Look for director Larry Fessenden (Wendigo) briefly as “Junkie” and Anthony Michael Hall (The Breakfast Club) as himself.

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