Top 10 Classic Viral Videos
#10 - Moron Caught Dancing at Best Buy
Moron Caught Dancing at Best Buy Image

There's nothing better than watching some idiot make a complete fool of himself in a public place - in this case, an asshole dancing like a maniac at Best Buy. Bonus: This guy's a dead ringer for Terry Kiser, the guy who played "Bernie Lomax" in Weekend at Bernie's! [Watch Video]

#09 - TV Host Punked by Callers
TV Host Punked by Callers Image

Should New Yorkers be allowed to carry handguns? More importantly, why is this guy such a fuckin' idiot? Clueless . . . [Watch Video]

#08 - This Place Sucks
This Place Sucks Image

What if the Super Friends had to deal with such mundane activities as TPS reports, paper jams, working weekends and having a "case of the Mondays"? The Hall of Justice as Initech? This creatively dubbed video clip provides Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and other superheroes with some classic lines from the 1999 comedy Office Space. "Lumbergh's gonna have me work on Saturday, I can tell already, and I'm gonna end up doing it because I'm a big pussy, which is why I work at Initech to begin with . . ." [Watch Video]

#07 - Winnie the Pooh Meets Apocalypse Now
Winnie the Pooh Meets Apocalypse Now Image

A true classic viral video that takes clips from Winnie the Pooh mashed with audio from Apocalypse Now . . . Starring Winnie the Pooh as Capt. Willard, Piglet in the Dennis Hopper role and Eeyore as Col. Kurtz. [Watch Video]

#06 - Double Penetration
Double Penetration Image

Sounds like this courtside reporter had a little more on her mind than NBA basketball . . . Way to go! [Watch Video]

#05 - Cyber Samurai
Cyber Samurai Image

A karate "master" tries repeatedly to break a board with head and fist - failing miserably each time! From the looks of things, this moron would have trouble fighting his way out of a paper bag . . . [Watch Video]

#04 - Raging Fred
Raging Fred Image

Raging Bull is widely considered one of the greatest American movies of all time. Robert De Niro's brutal portrayal of boxer Jake La Motta is so authentic that I have to fast forward through some scenes - like when he beats the living shit out of Joe Pesci after accusing him of banging his wife. Anyway, some genius has morphed some of De Niro's most memorable dialogue in Raging Bull with some footage from "The Flintstones." The result? "Raging Fred" . . . It's fuckin' brilliant! [Watch Video]

#03 - Drive by Farting
Drive by Farting Image

Take a local newscaster standing in front of an unnamed college covering a story about a student who was arrested for something that sent "shock waves" around the campus and you can always expect some drunken fraternity guy wearing a ski mask to streak by and fart loudly on camera . . . right? The chick's expression is priceless . . . "Oh my goodness . . ." [Watch Video]

#02 - Star Wars Kid—Drunken Jedi Master
Star Wars Kid—Drunken Jedi Master Image

Meet Star Wars Kid - "Protector of the Stupid!" This poor son of a bitch had the misfortune of taping himself trying to imitate Darth Maul in a scene from The Phantom Menace and a couple of his classmates found the tape and quickly uploaded it onto the Internet, turning this goofball into a true Internet phenomenon. This viral video has been modified thousands of times but the version with the special effects above remains my favorite . . . [Watch Video]

#01 - Wrestling Fan Cries
Wrestling Fan Cries Image

During the question and answer period of some sort of extremely low-budget pro wrestling tribute in a high school gymnasium, an extremely obsessed wrestling fan starts blubbering like a school girl . . . "It's still real to me, dammit!" Note the lady snickering at the lower left during the tirade. Bottom line: This guy needs to get away from the television and go find some semblance of a life! [Watch Video]

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