Top 10 Most Disturbing Papal Deaths
#10 - Pope Martin I
Pope Martin I Image

Exiled to the Crimea in 654, Pope Martin I died of "malnutrition and related causes."

#09 - Pope Clement VII
Pope Clement VII Image

Pope Clement VII died in 1534 after eating poisoned mushrooms.

#08 - Pope Urban VII
Pope Urban VII Image

The day after his election, Pope Urban VII contracted malaria and died 12 days later in the year 1590.

#07 - Pope Benedict VI
Pope Benedict VI Image

Pope Benedict VI was thrown into prison and later strangled in 974 by order of Boniface VII.

#06 - Pope John VII
Pope John VII Image

Pope John VII was poisoned and then beaten to death with a hammer in the year 882.

#05 - Pope Saint Clement I
Pope Saint Clement I Image

An anchor tied around his neck, Pope Saint Clement I was thrown into a river in the year 99, according to legend.

#04 - Pope Sixtus II
Pope Sixtus II Image

Pope Sixtus II was arrested and beheaded under the instigation of Roman emperor Valerian in 258.

#03 - Pope John XII
Pope John XII Image

In 964, Pope John XII was either beaten to death by a jealous husband who caught him banging his wife or died of a stroke in the act of banging the wife. He was just 27 years old.

#02 - Pope Callixtus I
Pope Callixtus I Image

Pope Callixtus I was either "thrown down a well" or "murdered by a rioting mob," according to tradition (c. 223).

#01 - Pope Formosus
Pope Formosus Image

After Pope Formosus died in 896, his body was dug up and tried for various crimes in what was known as the Cadaver Synod.

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Julie - 2007-11-08 20:52:20
Man! Those were some rascally Popes!!!
cpetersen - 2008-02-19 22:17:31
What about Pope Leo VII (936–939) who suffered a heart attack and died during sex?
Bob Dobbs, Slacker - 2008-09-26 09:06:39

What about the Borgia Popes? Alexander's daughter, Lucrezia, was also his granddaughter.

a - 2010-05-09 14:23:33

(RESPECT TO ALL PRESENT)Who is pointing to Lifeless Pope Formosus ?

K - 2011-02-27 18:43:13

i wonder how many people have kill a pope in a disturbing way on their to do list

epimoments - 2012-10-07 01:59:56

read "Vicars of Christ" - the only real miracle of the christian faith is that it's still going despite the syphilitic murderous reprobates who've been running it all these years

Splint Chesthair - 2013-03-14 16:04:40

John the VIII was assasinated in 882, not John the VII.

normstradamos - 2013-10-11 17:31:31

consider the popes in(vestments)pope francis coat of arms statements?? IHS With a cross above the H?mirror it? The TRUTH? you cant handle the truth! remember that one? haha papa! arrias piso got us all! YOU HAVE, NO IDEA!

Anonymous - 2015-10-11 21:24:02

@a - you probably won't see this, but that's pope Stephen VI pointing his finger