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Welcome to REEL COOL STUFF, the not-so-secret archives of Alternative Reel. From Hollywood scandals, forgotten movie classics and weird documentaries to roadside attractions, urban legends, stand-up comedians and sideshow freaks, you will find everything here to complete your “reel education” in our frequently updated database. So grab a cheap bottle of wine and stay around for awhile . . . 


101 Offbeat Documentaries

99 Urban Legends

A History of the American Sideshow

American Beauty

Andy Kaufman

Beat Generation

Charles Bukowski

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Cult Fiction Reviews


Deconstructing Bukowski


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Flamingo Sports Bar: Searching for the Ghost of Jack Kerouac

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Hollywood Scandals, Rumors & Tragedies

Jack Kerouac: Safe in Heaven Drunk

Literary Anarchists

Literary Insults

Music Video Trivia

My Dinner with Andre vs. My Breakfast with Blassie

Offbeat Quotes

Out of the Gates, Slowly Bleeding: The Life & Times of Harry Crews

Peace Frog


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Stripes vs. Full Metal Jacket

The Doors: A Retrospective

The Godfather Trilogy

The Sixth Sense

Trivia Wasteland

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