Top 10 Most Notorious Quotes About Elvis
#10 - Derogatory Word
Derogatory Word Image

"Son, if you ever say another derogatory word about Elvis Aron Presley in my presence again, I will kick the living shit out of you."

—Sheriff John Quincy Wydell, The Devil's Rejects, 2005

#09 - No Discernible Singing Ability
No Discernible Singing Ability Image

"Mr. Presley has no discernible singing ability . . . For the ear he is an unutterable bore, not nearly so talented as Frank Sinatra back in the latter’s rather hysterical days at the Paramount Theater."

—Jay Gould, New York Times Critic

#08 - If My Life Depended On It
If My Life Depended On It Image

"I always said, if I had to fuck a guy . . . I mean had to, if my life depended on it . . . I'd fuck Elvis."

—Clarence Worley, True Romance, 1993

#07 - Big Fat Beer Gut
Big Fat Beer Gut Image

"That's why I'm glad Jesus died when he did. Because if he lived to be 40, he would have ended up like Elvis. He was famous already at that point. If he lived to be 40, he'd be walking around Jerusalem with a big fat beer gut and black side burns going, 'Damn, I'm the son of God. Give me a cheeseburger and french fries right now.'"

—Denis Leary

#06 - The King
The King Image

"John Holmes was to the adult film industry what Elvis Presley was to rock and roll. He simply was the king."

—Bob Vosse, quoted in Wadd: The Life and Times of John C. Holmes, 1998

#05 - He Can't Last
He Can't Last Image

"He can't last. I tell you flatly, he can't last."

—Jackie Gleason

#04 - Castrated
Castrated Image

"[Elvis] died when he went into the army. That's when they killed him, that's when they castrated him."

—John Lennon

#03 - Bloated
Bloated Image

"Elvis Presley—bloated, over the hill, adolescent entertainer—had nothing to do with excellence, just myth."

—Marlon Brando

#02 - Rancid Smelling Aphrodisiac
Rancid Smelling Aphrodisiac Image

"His kind of music is deplorable, a rancid smelling aphrodisiac . . . It fosters almost totally negative and destructive reactions in young people."

—Frank Sinatra


#01 - Impersonators
Impersonators Image

"If life was fair, Elvis would be alive and all the impersonators would be dead."

—Johnny Carson

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heart - 2009-03-16 23:54:03

that was great

Ben Smith - 2009-10-07 03:37:39

Hail to the king, baby.

Samy - 2011-04-11 01:28:16

Elvis is part of the aroma of the 60's. When perfumes came only from France and watches only from Switzerland. Now we live in a world of imitation; even humans are full of silicon and everything is made in china..Elvis times that we cherish; and wish were never gone.

ross ferguson - 2014-03-26 09:41:43

....I like cake :)

David Gibbs - 2015-06-03 01:13:02

I think Marlon Brando was talking about himself.He only made 3 or 4 decent movies in his entire career.

[Editor's Note: Oh yeah, how about The Godfather, Last Tango in Paris, Apocalypse Now, On the Waterfront ... okay you're right!]

The Stain - 2015-10-09 20:32:21

Streetcar Named Desire, Mutiny on the Bounty etc. No. 6 is a quote about John Holmes, not Elvis.