Top 10 Most Tasteless Songs Of All Time
#10 - "I Made Linda Lovelace Gag" - David Allan Coe

A legendary member of the "outlaw" country movement that flourished in the 1970s, David Allan Coe has always managed to spark controversy with his raunchy, misogynistic and sometimes racist lyrics (although Coe claims he is not a racist). In fact, Coe once released a couple of totally X-rated albums that included such classic underground hits as "I Made Linda Lovelace Gag," "Masturbation Blues" and "Cum Stains on My Pillow" that were excusively sold in the back pages of Easyriders magazine. Sample Lyrics: "Well, old Harry Reams fall apart at the seams when he saw me fuck that whore/She sucked my dick and swallowed my nuts, and I still hollered for more/She sucked my asshole, she sucked my toes, she's the suckinest bitch alive/I made her call up two more cunts, and friend that ain't no jive"

#09 - "Dolly Parton's Tits" - Roy 'Chubby' Brown

Billed as "The Most Outrageous Comedian in the World," Roy 'Chubby' Brown has garnered his fair share of controversy over the years. The British comedian usually opens his shows by shouting "Fuck Off!" to his audience (which in turn chants "Fat Bastard" to the rotund, foul-mouthed entertainer). "Dolly Parton's Tits" can be found on Chubby's album, Take Fat and Party, as well as other standards such as "You've Got the Pussy," "Big Boobs Bertha" and "Sick as Fuck." Sample Lyrics: "I'd love to see Madonna in her knickers/Saddam Hussein blown to bits/I'd love to see my tax bills stuck up John Major's arse/But most of all, Dolly Parton's tits . . ./'Cos they're so big and soft and round/And they don't make a sound/And they'll go down great in history/I've a lump inside my pockets/Just thinkin' of Dolly's rockets/Well here it comes again this fantasy"

#08 - "Baby Got Back" - Sir Mix-A-Lot

"Oh my God . . . look at her butt! It's so big!" An extremely popular tune during the summer of 1992, "Baby Got Back" boasted humorous lyrics that were complemented by the hot chicks dancing around in the video. Sir Mix-A-Lot managed to make fun of Madonna (with those cone-shaped tits) and also those anorexic Cosmopolitan models in the process. Great looking chicks and a funny as hell video but did Sir Mix-A-Lot really have to rap atop a huge replica of a fat ass? I guess so . . . "Baby Got Back" spent a total of five weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Charts. Believe it or not, Sir Mix-A-Lot won a Grammy Award for "Best Rap Solo Performance" in 1993. I think Sir Mix-A-Lot might have lost some credibility with the rap community when he sold "Baby Got Back" for that lame Target commercial: "I like backpacks and I cannot lie." Mix hasn't been seen or heard of since . . . Sample Lyrics: "A word to the thick soul sistas/I wanna get with ya/I won't cuss or hit ya/But I gotta be straight when I say I wanna fuck/Til the break of dawn"

#07 - "Too Drunk to Fuck" - Dead Kennedys

As if the band's name wasn't offensive enough, Dead Kennedys have managed to churn out some truly tasteless songs since the late '70s. "Too Drunk to Fuck" was originally released as a single in 1981 and can now be found on the Dead Kennedys' 1987 album, Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death. Apparently, "Too Drunk to Fuck" was actually the first UK Top 40 single to include the word "fuck" in its title (a stellar achievement, indeed!). Sample Lyrics: "I'm too drunk to fuck/You're too drunk to fuck/Too drunk to fuck/It's all I need right now/Oh baby/I'm melting like an ice cream bar/Oh baby/And now I got diarrhea . . ."

#06 - "Not Tonight" - Lil' Kim

Long before she headed to prison on conspiracy and perjury charges, Lil' Kim was an award-winning rap artist and protege of the Notorious B.I.G. "Not Tonight" is from Lil' Kim's debut album, Hard Core, which also features "Queen Bitch," "Big Momma Thang" and "Fuck You," among others. Sample Lyrics: "It was somethin' about this dude I couldn't stand/Somethin' that coulda made his ass a real man/Somethin' I wanted, but I never was pushy/the motherfucker never ate my pussy"

#05 - "Ms. Pinky" - Frank Zappa

"Ms. Pinky" appears on the late, great Frank Zappa's 1976 album, Zoot Allures, alongside such classic titles as "Wind Up Workin' in a Gas Station," "Friendly Little Finger" and "Wonderful Wino." Yes, Zappa recorded a ton of hilarious and tasteless songs but any song that pays homage to an inflatable sex doll definitely belongs on this list. Sample Lyrics: "I got a girl with a little rubber head/Rinse her out every night just before I go to bed/She never talk back like a lady might do/An' she looks like she loves it every time I get through/Her eyes is all shut in an ecstasy face/You can cram it down her throat, people, any old place/Throw the little switch on her battery pack"

#04 - "She Swallowed It" - N.W.A.

Never strangers to controversy, N.W.A. skyrocketed up the rap charts in the late '80s with their hardcore gangsta persona and slew of great songs such as "Dopeman," "Straight Outta Compton" and "Appetite for Destruction." In 1991, N.W.A. released the highly controversial album, Niggaz4Life, which was one of the first albums in history to be branded with a Parental Advisory sticker. In addition to "She Swallowed It," Niggaz4Life includes such tasteless song titles as "One Less Bitch" and "Findum, Fuckum and Flee." Sample Lyrics: "Because bitches suck nutt out of a dick just like dreino/Get the last drop, unclog in de back/Then the stupid bitch is at that with the same shit de next night/Because she just can't quit/Cuz she's addicted, addicted, addicted, addicted she's addicted, addicted, she's addicted to suck a good dick"

#03 - "Bodies" - Sex Pistols

A list of tasteless songs would NEVER be complete without something from the Sex Pistols - truly one of the most tasteless, offensive AND ultimately influential punk bands in history. Picking out the most tasteless Sex Pistols song is ultimately a crap shoot, so I settled on this graphic description of an abortion that contains such lines as "Fuck this and fuck that fuck it all and Fuck the fucking brat." According to Johnny Rotten, "Bodies" was inspired by some demented groupie named Pauline who once showed up at his doorstep holding an aborted fetus in a plastic bag. Believe it or not, National Review magazine ranked "Bodies" No. 8 on its list of "50 Greatest Conservative Rock Songs." Sample Lyrics: "Dragged on a table in a factory/Illegitimate place to be/In a packet in a lavatory/Die little baby screaming/Body screaming fucking bloody mess/It's not an animal/It's an abortion"

#02 - "Lick the Pussy" - The Beatnuts

Just the title alone would rank this Beatnuts classic in the top 10 of tasteless songs but the title is matched by some truly tasteless lyrics as well. Formed in 1989 in Queens, The Beatnuts released their debut album, Street Level in 1994. In addition to "Lick the Pussy," Street Level features such classic hip-hop tunes as "Let Off a Couple," "Straight Jacket" and "Psycho Dwarf." Sample Lyrics: "In and out with the tongue, ain't another brother finer/Cause I can dunk like that fuckin' Harold Miner/After I see you here now you're in for a surprise/My lips are suction cups in a fucking fat disguise/Rise up off the bed in a twist I make your head spin like the fucking Exorcist"

#01 - "Me So Horny" - 2 Live Crew

Miami-based rap group 2 Live Crew (Luke Skyywalker, Fresh Kid Ice, Mr. Mixx, Amazing V and Brother Marquis) managed to generate a decent amount of controversy by padding their 1989 album, "As Nasty as They Wanna Be" with plenty of sexually explicit lyrics in such classic songs as "Me So Horny," "Put Her in the Buck," "The Fuck Shop," "Dick Almighty," "Bad Ass Bitch" and "Dirty Nursery Rhymes." Before you know it, some warped Christian-based group called the American Family Association stepped in and lawsuits started flying around. Believe it or not, some dude working at a Broward County record store was actually arrested for selling the album to an undercover cop. The obscenity verdict was eventually overturned by the United States Court of Appeals. As usual, the controversy generated a lot of interest in the album and 2 Live Crew laughed all the way to the bank. The title and lyrics of "Me So Horny" were "inspired" by the classic 1987 Stanley Kubrick Vietnam flick, Full Metal Jacket, specifically the scene where the Da Nang Hooker exclaims, "Hey, you got girlfriend Vietnam? Me so horny. Me love you long time." The song reached No. 26 on the Billboard Charts. Needless to say, the "Me So Horny" video is full of hot, sweaty, horny bitches - check it out . Sample Lyrics: "You said it yourself, you like it like I do/Put your lips on my dick, and suck my asshole too/I'm a freak in heat, a dog without warning/My appetite is sex, 'cause me so horny"

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bicyclees - 2007-12-05 21:14:02
GG Allin no where on this list?
hmmmm - 2007-12-06 02:26:35
Out of date since it doesn't list "Smell Yo Dick".
insert_name - 2007-12-06 03:05:25
What about Akinyele - Put it in your mouth?
VINNY - 2007-12-06 06:17:17
this is weak, where is the metal slayer - necrophiliac for a start hehe
Notme - 2007-12-06 16:25:55
I think that everyone that has heard it would agree. Immortal Technique - Dance with the Devil. Great song though.
anonymous - 2007-12-08 00:01:07
What about the Fuck a Dog song by blink 182, or Happy Holidays you Bastard by blink. Song Lyrics: I'll never talk to you again, unless your mom will suck me off. I'll never talk to you again, unless your dad will suck my cock. I'll never talk to you again, ejaculate into a sock.
Sambo - 2007-12-08 12:34:17
Surely that Peaches doll should be here somewhere with the filth she comes out with.
backseat_jesus - 2007-12-08 19:39:05
immortal technique - dance with the devil makes the rest of these sound like a joke!
ALex DeLarge - 2007-12-10 05:12:08
Matt - 2007-12-10 23:22:54
Sisqo's Thong Song sure be right up there with those 10.
seriously? - 2007-12-12 04:46:14
those are the best you could do? They saved Hitler's cock - Angry Samoans Death Dyke Dirge - Tesco Vee Crippled Children Suck - The Meatmen Naughty Girl - Statch & the Rapes But are these really tasteless? Or just brilliant?
Bojangles - 2007-12-12 06:27:59
ummm... ICP?
Ididntsayit - 2007-12-16 04:27:56
Johnny Horton's "old n****r's never die,they just smell that way.
batty007 - 2007-12-18 11:50:31
Frank Zappa had much more egregious songs..."Bobby Brown Goes Down"..."I can take about an hour on the tower of power, long as I gets a little Golden Shower".
Kyle - 2007-12-20 06:37:18
It very much seems like you do this at random. I can think of a hundred songs that are more tasteless than most of the songs you mentioned. BTW: Too Drunk to Fuck (Dead Kennedys) is a satirical song - it's making fun of idiots whose life ambition is to party and get drunk.
anonymous - 2008-01-02 18:55:12
Don't forget "Touch My Cum" by the Sweaty Nipples.
Hizzoner - 2008-01-04 20:06:52
There was a song in the 90's about eating shit - anyone remember that one? It was pretty good - you don't hear many songs about shit eating anymore.
Corbin - 2008-01-05 08:44:32
1108 thugz-get on your knees bitch "get on your knees bitch, i ain't saying please bitch, don't be a tease bitch, get on your knees and lick my nuts" thats the chorus
Paul from Durham, Ontario - 2008-01-15 17:51:55
Forgotten Rebels: "Elvis is Dead" Sample Lyrics: "Elvis is dead, Elvis is dead, the big fat goof is dead, dead, dead!" This came out just after the King's passing. or, "Bomb the Boats and Feed the Fish" or, "I left my heart in Iran" or, "Fuck me Dead". That's from the first album. Here's more -
Keri - 2008-01-23 11:04:18
what about everything the bloodhound gang does?
Anonymous - 2008-02-08 16:55:13
I don't think "Dance With The Devil" would fit on here because it's much too serious and sad...and these songs are more funny-tasteless.
VxD - 2008-02-11 20:22:19
Scorpions - THE SAIL OF CHARON , extremely meaningless words ... " Blind man, you're suckin' your own blood , Soon black magic's dying , You'd better start crying ..."
Anonymous - 2008-02-29 09:44:01
caress me down by sublime... destroy the handicapped by fang...sample lyrics (1/2 the song really): "...They drool all over me They don't know how to pee God help me Blind people can't see they bump into me Deaf people can't hear, they have defective ears Line em up against the wall Thow a grenade watch em fall They are so fuckin' lame
Apathy - 2008-03-19 21:36:30
Actually, 'Dolly Parton's Tits' was originally done by Maclean & Maclean wayyyyyyy back in the 80's. Maybe even late 70's. This Chubby guy is just ripping it off. Just so's you know.
Someone - 2008-06-24 20:12:18
"So What", Anti-Nowhere League (later covered by Metallica). Originally banned in the UK.
ww lazerz - 2008-07-08 06:03:37
"Short People" by Randy Newman is hilariously tasteless, unexpectedly bigoted and apparently not that well known. It tops my list. The chorus: "Short people got no reason/short people got no reason/short people got no reason to live"
alister - 2008-09-17 08:49:49

Prison Bitch? Fat Sweaty betty...or any ICP song for that matter, "I want to lick your ass"-Itis "If I Only Had a Dame" Itis...this site really makes crappy lists....

maskedstranger - 2008-12-04 03:43:44

its really retarded how screwed up all these lyrics are assholes these shit songs are tasteless if you want real music listen to Led Zeppelin The Doors etc

Nate Bass - 2008-12-11 14:22:57

Your lyrics for NEW she swallowed it are INCORRECT... IT say unclogging the PIPE not the jack ass!

Harlan Quinn - 2009-02-01 00:35:51

The Dead Kennedy's song is definitely satirical. They're poking fun at stupid frat-boy culture. Also..."Bitches Ain't Shit" by Dre and Snoop should be on this list. I mean come on, "Bitches ain't shit but ho's and tricks/lick on the nuts and suck the dick/get the fuck out after you're done." Certainly those lyrics should warrant a place in the tasteless Hall of Fame.

Ran - 2009-02-27 02:40:24

uhh, yeah you dumb fuckers. the majority of these songs are by artists the vast public as actually, you know, HEARD of. not by some shitty little high school talent show rejects like the bands most of you are mentioning. simpletons.

Bones - 2009-05-21 17:43:45

Wot no Alice Cooper? I should have thought "Cold Ethel" would have made it "she's cool, in bed, she oughta be cos Etherl's dead" And "she's cool, at night, makin love by the refrigerator light" are two choice lines I remember!

FUCK JESUS - 2009-05-21 21:03:54

I agree with the lack of GG Allin he's potentially worse than all the people on this list combined.

Roman - 2009-06-08 04:00:28

Way to completely miss the point of 'Too Drunk to Fuck.' And to you guys mentioning 'Dance With the Devil' as tasteless: do you even understand what 'tasteless' means? Apparently not.

Bryan - 2009-09-03 03:55:58

Like bunches of other people said, the Dead Kennedys song is making fun of douche bags who drink all the time. Also, the Sex Pistols song is against abortion.... Can't really be a tasteless song when it's showing what it sounds like to consider an abortion.

Mike - 2009-09-04 10:57:58

what, no Cannibal Corpse on this list? c'mon, "Addicted to Vaginal Skin", "Entrails Ripped From A Virgins Cunt", Rancid Amputation"?

Rezdog - 2009-09-18 05:53:47

I think One More Time by David Allen Coe is the worst. He talks about fucking his daughter for the last time!!

Karen Kendall - 2010-01-25 21:11:31

Apparently no one from this site every heard the song "You Suck" by the Yeastie Girls...

Mordecai 9000 - 2010-03-29 23:57:03

Chainsaw Gutsfuck by Mayhem, anyone? Bleed down to the fucking core You're going down for fucking more Screw your slimy guts Driving me fucking nuts! Chainsaw in my bleeding hands As I start to cut you in two Your guts are steaming out And I just love the sight! Maggots crawling in her cunt I just love to lick that shit Bury you in a slimy grave You will rot forever there!

Kirk - 2010-07-02 03:40:35

Gwar- I fucked her asshole with a pice of frozen shit!...

Ernie - 2010-11-21 08:14:24

Wow - I was gonna nominate "Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)" by W.A.S.P., but then I saw some of the ones other responders listed and the lyrics of those songs . . . "Animal" looks rather fucking puny by comparison!

digi - 2010-11-28 11:33:56

i agree with top post Where is GG? Expose yourself to Kids

Anonymous - 2011-03-15 01:25:02

Miss me Kiss me Lick me by Cold Flamez, Family reunion by Blink 182, I wanna Fuck a Dog in the Ass by Blink 182, Get Naked You Beezy by the Federation

Anonymous - 2011-04-06 08:24:01
Surprised Bloodrock's D.O.A. was excluded.
Anonymous - 2011-04-28 11:39:59

Pretty much anything by BrokeNCYDE could fit on this list, and miss me kiss me lick me would also work

Axelinger - 2012-09-20 17:42:18

Roy "Chubby" Brown, stole the song, Dolly Parton's Tits from Canadian comics MacLean & MacLean, who wrote and recorded it back in the 80's. Brown changed the original lyrics with a British slant, pandering to mainstream crap with a reference to the over-hyped Madonna, and passed it off as his own creation. The guy should have his nuts sued off. You won't find Brown ever mentioning MacLean & MacLean as the creators of that song - what a jerk.

andres - 2013-09-10 02:21:44

where are the MENTORS???

brbiker - 2014-03-13 03:35:30

Dolly Parton's Tit was originally written by Mclean and Mclean in the early 80s. I have tha album

pronightowl - 2015-01-23 08:29:13

I remember a band in the late 70s/early 80s called The Fugs. One of their "hits" (, not actually a hit) was a song titled Coca-Cola Douche. They had another song titled Saran Wrap that had a bridge with the lyrics "lick lick lick lick lick my dick dick dick dick dick." Classic, tasteless stuff.

agustusson - 2015-05-06 02:23:15

What about Fujiama Mama by Wanda Jackson! Making light of the deaths of tens of thousands of people in a stupid song!

[Editor's Note: Nice addition!]