Top 10 Trivia About Jim Morrison and The Doors
#10 - Melbourne, Florida
Melbourne, Florida Image

Jim Morrison was born in Melbourne, Florida, and his father was a rear admiral in the United States Navy.

#09 - UCLA Film School
UCLA Film School Image

A film student at UCLA, Morrison took a couple of courses with Francis Ford Coppola.

#08 - Opened & Closed
Opened & Closed Image

The band was originally supposed to be called "The Doors: Opened & Closed."

#07 - Hello, I Love You
Hello, I Love You Image

Rolling Stone called "Hello, I Love You," a "jagged Kinks' rip-off."

#06 - Immoral Exhibition
Immoral Exhibition Image

After Morrison tried to invoke a riot at a concert in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1967, he was arrested for "indecent and immoral exhibition." After a Miami concert in 1969, Morrison was arrested for "indecent exposure," "public drunkenness," "obscenity" and "feigning acts of masturbation and fellatio."

#05 - Light My Fire
Light My Fire Image

During an appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show," The Doors were instructed to delete the word "higher" from the song "Light My Fire." Morrison sang the word anyway and the band was never invited back.

#04 - Brian Jones
Brian Jones Image

Exactly two years to the day before his own death, Morrison penned a tribute to Rolling Stone Brian Jones, who drowned in his swimming pool. The poem was titled "Ode to L.A. While Thinking of Brian Jones - Deceased."

#03 - Heckler
Heckler Image

Reacting to a heckler near the stage, Morrison once said: "You know, sometimes I wish this weren't a democracy, because if it wasn't, we could take this guy out somewhere and beat the shit out of him."

#02 - Cocktail Music
Cocktail Music Image

The Doors' producer Paul Rothchild said "Riders on the Storm" sounded like "cocktail music."

#01 - No. 3
No. 3 Image

After Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin died within weeks of each other, Morrison told his friends, "You're drinking with No. 3."

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RIP Jim Morrison - 2008-12-04 03:49:01

Jim Morrison is the best ever there will never be anyone like him especially the retarded rappers that shit sux

Resurrected? Saucer Seed... - 2009-08-24 03:53:23

Sounds like Saucer Seed! Hey, Saucer Seed is on to their third album.

Socrates - 2009-08-28 17:34:52

Jim was just another flim flam man. He was weak and died young. The great men include Carl Sagan, Albert Einstein, and Voltaire. These men offered deep thoughts. Jim Morrison reveled in deep nonsense.

lindalou5150 - 2009-09-13 20:01:09

Morrision also was a denizen of Venice, kibbutzing with the meat poets on the Boardwalk and inside of Earth Rose. He was always on those streets before he hit the "big time", scoring dope at the pad on 25th Avenue and tearing the walls down at the old Cheetah Club, a short-lived bar with go-go girls dancing in cages. It sat, perched on the burned out skeleton of Pacific Ocean Park...POP, a funny amusement park from the sixties...Morrsion was everywhere in those days...and then he was just ...dead...

Mr Rheems - 2009-12-09 09:48:55

"Jim Morrison is the best ever there will never be anyone like him especially the retarded rappers that shit sux" - Oh god, fucking help us and save us.

Lil_Orphan_Funkhauser'90 - 2011-08-21 00:53:41
Flim flam man?? BULLSHIT! Morrison seems to be one of the only rockstars from that time who was actually aware of what was really relevant. And how can you compare Sagan and Einstein to Morrison?? Each were geniuses in their own fields. Deep nonsense? "They've got the guns but we've got the numbers" Those lyrics are still as relevant as they were when they were written!! And they'll continue being relevant as long as people are ruled. The man was a genius.
SomeGuy - 2012-05-01 06:03:14

Thank you previous comment...he was a fucking artist not a scientist, trying to be a goddamn shaman and a poet. Try actually listening to the songs sometime if you think he was a hack. What have you done with your life?

Pete - 2014-02-13 08:51:21

Jim morrison was a genius and stoned drunken madman,koool

Stoney Starch - 2015-10-09 20:52:22

To be honest, "Hello, I Love You" is a shitty, generic pop song that could well be accused of ripping off any artist left to right.