Top 10 Banned Films of the 20th Century
#10 - THE OUTLAW [1943]
THE OUTLAW [1943] Image

Notable for bringing sex to the Western genre, Howard Hughes’ The Outlaw was shelved for years before finally receiving approval by the Hollywood Production Code Administration. The whole controversial production seems to have gone forward for one reason: To showcase actress Jane Russell’s magnificent breasts. The film’s slogan was "What are the two biggest reasons for Jane Russell’s success?" During filming, Hughes once commented, "We’re not getting enough production from Jane’s breasts." In her memorable screen debut, Russell portrayed "Rio McDonald." Oh yeah, The Outlaw also starrred Walter Huston (The Treasure of the Sierra Madre), Thomas Mitchell (It's a Wonderful Life) and Jack Buetel as "Billy the Kid." [READ THE FULL REVIEW]


Directed by Lewis Milestone, All Quiet on the Western Front was based on the critically acclaimed Erich Maria Remarque novel, Im Westen nichts Neues, and starred Lew Ayres as the disillusioned soldier, Paul Baumer. The film, which won an Academy Award for Best Picture, was eventually banned in Germany due to its anti-war theme: "You still think it's beautiful to die for your country. The first bombardment taught us better. When it comes to dying for country, it's better not to die at all." However, during the film's brief run in Germany, the Nazis released rats into the theaters to scare off movie patrons. All Quiet on the Western Front was also banned in Italy until 1956.


#08 - I AM CURIOUS (YELLOW) [1967]
I AM CURIOUS (YELLOW) [1967] Image

Banned in Massachusetts for being pornographic, this notorious Swedish film (Jag är nyfiken - gul) faced a landmark court battle in the United States and was eventually found to be not obscene by the United States Court of Appeals. Directed by Vilgot Sjöman, the film starred Lena Nyman and is a companion film to I Am Curious (Blue) (1968). The films were named after the colors of the Swedish flag. I Am Curious (Yellow) contains documentary elements, including an interview with Martin Luther King, Jr.

#07 - THE BIRTH OF A NATION [1915]

Based on Thomas Dixon's novel, The Clansman, D. W. Griffith's controversial and extremely influential silent film classic caused riots in Boston, Philadelphia and other major cities. The NAACP organized protests at the various premieres of the film around the country. In addition, The Birth of a Nation was outright banned in several cities such as Chicago, Pittsburgh and Kansas City due to its racist themes. U.S. President Woodrow Wilson commented that the movie, which starred Lillian Gish and Mae Marsh, was "like writing history with lightning." Griffith's next silent film masterpiece, Intolerance, was made in reaction to the negative response he received from The Birth of a Nation.

#06 - THE TIN DRUM [1979]
THE TIN DRUM [1979] Image

"A savage, sweeping epic of society in chaos." Adapted from the critically acclaimed novel (Die Blechtrommel) by Günter Grass, The Tin Drum won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film and the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. However, the film was banned in several countries, including parts of Canada, as well as in Oklahoma City for a short time, due to a controversial scene that appears to show minors engaging in oral sex.

#05 - HAIL MARY [1985]
HAIL MARY [1985] Image

In Hail Mary (Je vous salue, Marie), the Virgin Mary is a gas station attendant whose boyfriend, Joseph, drives a taxi. Even Pope John Paul II jumped into the battle over this controversial, modern retelling of the virgin birth story from Jean-Luc Godard, claiming that the film "deeply wounds the religious sentiments of believers."

#04 - LAST TANGO IN PARIS [1973]

Directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, Last Tango in Paris (Ultimo tango a Parigi) details the bizarre relationship of an American widower (Marlon Brando) and a young Parisian woman (Maria Schneider). The film caused much controversy for the so-called "butter scene," which is extremely tame by today's standards. Schneider, who claims she is still haunted by the scene, was quoted in the New York Post (July 23, 2007), claiming that the scene wasn't part of the original script: "The truth is it was Marlon who came up with the idea . . . I should have called my agent or had my lawyer come to the set because you can't force someone to do something that isn't in the script . . . I was crying real tears. I felt humiliated and, to be honest, I felt a little raped . . . Thankfully, there was just one take . . . I never use butter to cook anymore - only olive oil." According to a court in Bologna that banned the film: "Obscene content offensive to public decency . . . presented with obsessive self-indulgence, catering to the lowest instincts of the libido, dominated by the idea of stirring unchecked appetites for sexual pleasure, permeated by scurrilous language . . . accompanied off screen by sounds, sighs and shrieks of climax pleasure."


"I am here to set fire to the world!" Martin Scorsese directed this adaption of Nikos Kazantzakis' controversial 1953 novel that is notable for the scandal it caused as well as for its bizarre casting that included Willem Dafoe as Jesus, Barbara Hershey as Mary Magdalene, Harvey Keitel as Judas Iscariot, David Bowie as Pontius Pilate and Harry Dean Stanton as Paul. Numerous religious leaders throughout the United States organized protests against The Last Temptation of Christ (many of whom didn't bother to make an effort to watch the film!) and several Southern cities such as Savannah, Georgia, banned the film. In addition, Blockbuster Video initially refused to carry the title in its stores. Scorsese was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Director for his efforts (Barry Levinson ended up winning the award for Rain Man).

#02 - TITICUT FOLLIES [1967]

"Don't turn your back on this film . . . if you value your mind or your life." A fascinating (and extremely disturbing!) black and white documentary dealing with the mistreatment of patients at the Massachusetts Correctional Institution, a prison hospital for the criminally insane, Titicut Follies was banned in the United States after a ruling by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court determined that the film violated the patients' right to privacy. However, many critics believed that the film was removed from circulation by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to protect its own reputation. Finally, in 1992, the film aired on PBS and is now widely available.


"Oh, good Lord! It's unbelievable. It's horrible. I can't understand the reason for such cruelty!" Directed by Italian filmmaker Ruggero Deodato and filmed in the Amazon Rainforest, Cannibal Holocaust was banned in many countries upon its initial release due to its graphic gore and sexual violence, as well as for several gruesome (and genuine!) animal slayings that appear in the film. Rumors also circulated that it was a snuff film (which at least proved to be untrue!). Countries that banned the movie at one time or another include Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Burma, Norway, South Africa, Finland, Turkey, Singapore, Germany, Iran and Morocco. Believe it or not, Cannibal Holocaust remains banned in several countries to this day . . . "Man is omnipotent; nothing is impossible for him. What seemed like unthinkable undertakings yesterday are history today. The conquest of the moon for example: who really talks about it anymore? Today we are already on the threshold of conquering our galaxy, and in a not too distant tomorrow, we'll be considering the conquest of the universe, and yet man seems to ignore the fact that on this very planet there are still people living in the stone age and practicing cannibalism."

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Anonymous - 2008-04-11 04:49:40
Titicut Follies is a kick in the gut. I saw it last summer and it's a movie that even desensitized people will feel. The utter disregard for humanity that they portray is horrible. It's worth the watch. It may change your life.
john - 2008-04-11 05:00:03
regarding the last temptation of christ: its worth mentioning that nikos kazantzakis, the author on whose book the film was based on, was himself excommunicated by the greek orthodox church.
Anonymous - 2008-04-11 06:20:28
Kazantzakis was indeed excommunicated, but not due to "The Last Temptation of Christ". It was "Christ Recrucified that prompted the church to excommunicate him - and a better novel if you ask me.
Grums - 2008-04-11 09:01:37
Honorable mention: Life of Brian was banned in Norway for being blasphemous.
k - 2008-04-11 18:58:53
not to mention kubrick's "paths of glory," which was banned in france for decades.
David - 2008-04-12 18:07:25
Hasn't Maria Schneider ever heard of the word "NO"? I'm tempted to watch "The Last Tango in Paris" just see what traumatized her for 25 years.
shako - 2008-04-13 02:43:12
Should have definitely made this list.... Luis Bunuel's L'Age d'or (The Age of Gold)
Mike G - 2008-04-15 06:56:47
A drive-in in Wichita used to show the trailer for Cannibal Holocaust (under the title Make Them Die Slowly) before every movie. I don't think they ever showed the movie but someone clearly enjoyed showing castration by machete to passing cars on highway K-42...
Jack Jolis - 2008-04-15 11:21:05
Wasn't Kubrick's version of Anthony Burgess' "A Clockworck Orange" banned? I'm pretty sure it was, at least for awhile in the U.K.
smokes - 2008-04-15 21:21:47
"Sound of Music" should have been banned. I shudder just to recall it...
Oliver Townshend - 2008-04-16 06:00:03
Life of Brian was banned in Scotland as well, prompting a very humourous skit on Not the Nine O'Click News. Should definitely be on the list.
James Shearhart - 2008-04-16 14:48:03
I was always under the impression that Curious Yellow was banned more for the "US out of Vietnam" protests that were seen a few scenes than the sex. Sex is easier to condemn, I suppose....
FMDC - 2008-04-16 16:25:30
What about "Salo"? I think that one is still illegal.
Larry - 2008-04-16 16:33:29
As I understand, The Battle of Algiers is still banned in France.
Anonymous - 2008-04-16 16:33:53
"A drive-in in Wichita used to show the trailer for Cannibal Holocaust (under the title Make Them Die Slowly)" Make Them Die Slowly (aka Cannibal Ferox) is a completely different Cannibal Film.
RikF - 2008-04-16 16:36:03
Clockwork Orange wasn't banned - it was pulled due to fears of copycat crimes. There was however no ban.
snichael - 2008-04-16 16:58:30
I read that "Birth of a Nation" was the most-watched movie of the silent era (more than anything by Chaplin, Rudolph Valentino, etc.) And that President Wilson hosted a screening of it in the White House for cabinet members and Supreme Court Justices - most of whom approved of it heartily (!). Definitely a different time.
Hawkeye - 2008-04-16 17:09:37
Why isn't Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma (Salò or the 120 Days of Sodom)listed?
Anonymous - 2008-04-16 17:22:38
Oh god... I wish I had never seen Salo.. *gag*
Anonymous - 2008-04-16 18:34:10
Some people were so outraged by The Last Temptation that there were a few instances of theaters being firebombed when the film was being shown. For those who don't know, "Birth of a Nation" is essentially a glorification of the KKK. There are scenes where the KKK "heroically" lynches a black man and disenfranchises black voters.
walnut - 2008-04-16 18:53:26
"Birth of a Nation" wasn't just controversial, it was historically inaccurate, pro-confederacy propaganda. It was also responsible for the re-creation of the KKK, from the post-civil war guerilla group it started as, to the intolerant organization we're familiar with today. At the same time, Griffith introduced so many new cinematic techniques in this film that it's still studied by students of film.
Jim - 2008-04-16 21:48:51
Yes, Titicut Follies -- I saw it at a university screening in the early 80's (student IDs were checked by state cops at the door). I was shaking on the way out of the screening room. Probably one of the greatest documentaries that I will ever see, but I haven't had the guts to see it again since it became more widely available. Amazing. Recommended, but only if you're ready for it.
curtis - 2008-04-16 22:00:58
I dont know if it was ever "banned", but the movie caligula was pretty intense for a 70 film even by todays standards, hell it was more of a snuff film than anything, and quite violent.
Anonymous - 2008-04-16 23:14:09
weren't the japanese movies Suicide Club (Suicide Circle) and Battle Royal banned from the US?
Anonymous - 2008-04-16 23:33:52
The author should have mentioned this interesting tidbit about Cannibal Holocaust, From IMDB: The film caused some scandal in Italy at the time of its release. Ten days after premiering in Milan, the film was seized by the courts, and the director, Ruggero Deodato, was arrested and charged with obscenity. He was later charged with murder and faced life in prison on the belief that several of the actors were murdered for the camera. Deodato contacted Luca Barbareschi and told him to contact the three other actors who played the missing film team. He presented the actors, alive and well, to the courts, and thus, the murder charges were dropped. The film remained banned in Italy for another three years.
nigdef - 2008-04-17 01:52:16
the life of Brian wasn't banned in scotland it was banned in one town well a village really by the local council big difference dude
This Fails, doesn't mention Salt of the earth - 2008-04-17 02:48:16
This list fails, it doesn't mention one of the only movies to actually get banned from Hollywood and shoot all the cast into a blacklist. SALT OF THE EARTH
Digger - 2008-04-17 03:11:21
Clockwork Orange was indeed banned in Australia for 20 years, and Lolita was also banned.
Tinderbox - 2008-04-17 11:27:38
"Anonymous - 2008-04-16 18:34:10 Some people were so outraged by The Last Temptation that there were a few instances of theaters being firebombed when the film was being shown." That's nonsense. Either provide a news source for this ridiculous claim or put on lid on your overactive imagination in public.
jmcnally - 2008-04-17 14:04:34
Straw Dogs was banned in the UK for a long time.
Mahoney - 2008-04-17 14:51:34
Tinderbox - 2008-04-17 11:27:38 "That's nonsense. Either provide a news source for this ridiculous claim or put on lid on your overactive imagination in public." A quick Google search will turn up quite a few news articles saying that theaters were in fact firebombed over The Last Temptation of Christ.
Liz - 2008-04-17 18:14:27
@David: It's not as simple as you say to say "no." This woman was very young at the time, and her costar was a legend. Any difficulty on set and you won't get hired again. And many women have a good deal of trouble asserting themselves in such a situation.
Also of note - 2008-04-20 09:42:27
The Dutch film "Fitna" was banned in several Muslim countries this year.
raisedbywolves - 2008-04-20 12:27:11
Ahem, Mahoney-I actually worked at a "box office" of an older theater, back in the 80's. For the duration that we showed "The Last Temptation of Christ" there were folks picketing the theater, although they did never fire-bomb us, things got heated with verbal exchanges from both sides. At the time I had thought how strange, to object to something you've never seen?
Lyndi - 2008-04-20 17:09:48
I enjoyed this list - now I've got some movies to rent on a slow weeknight. I think any Eddie Murphy movie, in which he plays more than one character with the aide of a fat suit, should be banned. Everywhere.
jocko - 2008-04-29 12:03:46
When I was a teen, "Caligula" which was made by Penthouse I believe, was being fought in the courts in MA. I remember the cops going into the theater in my hometown mall and confiscating the film. I don't remember if there was a controversy about that movie elsewhere.
harry - 2008-05-01 22:12:09
El Topo's not listed either (by Alejandro Jodorowsky in 1970).. Really an amazing film, banned for a very long time for it's explicit contents and gore. Ended up becoming a cult movie. It's a dark and mystic western about a mysterious rider in black.
Lori - 2008-05-06 01:21:54
Cannibal Holocaust only rivals Eraserhead in levels of sheer disturbing-ness.
no_subject - 2008-07-10 04:44:06
i find it kinda sad that i havent really seen any of these movies and heard only of a few. looks like i got homework.... oh yeah, anything with britney spears in it should be banned from the entire world.
cat of mude - 2008-07-20 06:55:55
although cannible holocaust is a nasty film,the likes of salo,man behind the sun,untold story,henry,guinea pig series (gross),and the wonderfull nekromantiks dont get a mention
Anonymous - 2008-10-08 19:45:37

Can someone tell me what the hell is wrong with Sweden? They give Salo (uncut) and Caligula a 15 but they ban Tenebre, what the hell is their reasoning? Are they more demented than the films themselves?

casey a benson - 2008-11-02 23:08:35

Come on people its year 2008, get over it show the movies.

luke - 2008-11-19 21:38:43

the last one is crazy i dont know how some one could make a film on this shit

andrew clouet - 2009-01-12 07:30:30

what about the 1975 french movie la bête (the beast) i saw a mere snippet of this movie online and it was enough to make me sick, frankly i think this movie could do with being still banned or at least given a porno rating so you can't easily buy in anywhere. look up the movie guys, unnatural, realistic, sexual content

She - 2009-01-28 05:25:02

What about "Salo, or 120 days of Sodoma"??

Big ding dong - 2009-06-19 09:02:27

hate to say it but this world needs more films like cannibal holocaust, the sheer lack of care for what people would think of the movie just grabs you. If you aint seen it make sure you do. real artisc real kill shoots in it apparently. UK

Killer Klown - 2009-07-27 12:26:19

Salo or 120 days of Sodom is the grossest movie I have ever seen,however it was the worth the watch as it has a interesting take on bringing children through puberty, and the film is based on a book from the 1800s, the director creates the movie to be excatly like the book, very well done for how disturing it is, the torture scene at the end is the worst and the poo! oh the humanity of the poo! Have only seen advertisements for the nekromantiks movies and those look like they are disgusting movies with none or unnecessary artistic merit. Cannibal Holocaust is a good movie defenitely has a legitimate message in it, makes you wonder who the real monsters are, the cannibals or modern man, Alec Balwin agrees with me on that one. And Titicut Follies, i dont know about the rest of you guys but I didnt think the prisoners were that mistreated in that movie, other than they could have had a better facility. Possibly the guards smartened up when the camera was in there. top 3 scenes: when they enter the insane murderer ward, when they are all partying and singing together, and when the badass psychologist tries to study inmates to see if they are fit to re-enter society, one of my favorite documentaries of all time

Gverse - 2009-09-16 09:34:04

Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange was never banned. In the UK after the films release groups of criminals took some queues from the movie, such as a group of teens sexually assaulting a woman while they sang ?Singin' in the Rain? anyway Kubrick began recieving death threats so HE pulled the movie from (and only) the UK... where he lived. btw criminals will comit a crime whether they wear a jason mask or act/dress like someone or sing a certain song movies don't make people commit a crime they're just a ?for dummies? guide for uncreative morons. I actually just watched A Clockwork Orange the other night after not seeing it for years... just wow u really forget what a masterpiece it is. I'm not a Kubrick nut but he did have a few gems no denying his genius and role on movies we see today.

sean murphy - 2009-09-28 14:31:39

can you get cannibal holocaust on dvd in ireland?

The - 2009-11-10 12:51:38

Get all these BANNED Movies here at and other Controversial and non-controversial movies at Thanks!

The Collector 2009 - 2010-02-14 08:03:11

An absolutely degenerated movie. The writers should got to prison or an asylum. These films should be banned. Disgusting actors and actresses. I feel sorry for the little girl to have a role a film like this, sure she has no parents who have to save her from this abnormality. Americans are such idiots,they can make horror movies with incredible cruelty. You have real problems in the mind if you like to watch this brutality.

mood - 2010-04-07 09:09:56

I was always under the impression that Curious Yellow was banned more for the "US out of Vietnam" protests that were seen a few scenes than the sex. Sex is easier to condemn, I suppose....

Anonymous - 2010-04-22 22:40:32

Wasn't Disneys Song of the South banned?

deadrabbits - 2010-04-27 06:56:41

It makes me sick that you Blame Americans for these movies "the Collector" Malot of the most disgusting movies are filmed and Directed by Ameri Why isn't Japan, Italy, and Germany a target of your midless rant?

el - 2010-04-30 17:42:57

The Collector: I Liked it and i'm British. there will always be films people don't like. The good thing is that you have the choice whether to watch it or not, if you don't like it watch something else.

Sicko - 2010-05-06 00:00:23

SALO-120 Days of Sodem,,I just was watching this cause i heard alot of people talking about it and thought it sounded like worth a watch..Well I have got to SHIT EATING part of the movie and i dont think i can watch anymore,,and I like alot of Sick stuff,,Snuff Films,,Hostel 1&2,,etc. But unless u enjoy 30 people with bowls of "full human terds being sliced by spoons and gobbled up then kissing each other with LITERALY shit mouth,,Yes this should be banned and i think it still is,,Unless u like to eat shit and get a blowjob from a shit mouth,,screw this disgusting movie..

jqhiggins - 2010-05-10 21:49:08

If Alec Baldwin agreed with me on any subject - except on a curfew for my teenage daughter - I would immediately re-think my position.

AJAY - 2010-07-05 11:51:36

I read the section of the banned movies.. I only saw "Cannibal Holocaust" as my friends were betting that it is a documentry and i will not be able to see it. I saw it and came to the conclusion that the movie was actualy offensive. Along the movie, all the cast and crew involved in it shud hv been banned. Its totally stupid and insane...

Gary - 2010-08-29 16:42:34

Life is about the experience and learning lessons frm the experiences, so unless you experience everything then how can you learn anything for yourself, we need to always push the boundaries as far as we know how to evolve and move on, same with everything. More is needed to be done.

bobo - 2010-12-22 00:49:53

i have cannible holocaust and its easy to c y the director and producer were arrested upon its release. Other than the dispicable animal cruelty and rape scene i liked it

selanga - 2010-12-25 04:15:56

Actually, I lived in France at the time. There was at least one documented attack on a cinema showing this film in France - which also happened with je vous salue, Marie.

C.J - 2010-12-29 20:21:00

Why is not SleepAway Camp not Banned yet,that Movie should have been banned a long Time ago,that movie was perverted and so sick that who ever watchs it will Be a Pervert for the rest of there lives, Felisa rose is hot or not,SleepAway Camp is a real bad Movie and should be banned for life,No Sorry and No regrets,this movie should be banned.

Anonymous - 2011-04-23 13:56:52

Cannibal Holocaust was so lame and boring that I fell asleep watching it.

Bob - 2011-06-25 10:16:09
So many in competition for this list. How closely did "Goodbye Uncle Tom" miss inclusion?
guy says, - 2011-08-06 14:01:42
MarilynMansonFan - 2011-09-04 01:06:07

why in the blue fuck is phantasmagoria banned? the only movie Marilyn Manson made and i cant even watch it fuck it! fuck it! fuck it!!!!!!

DocProducer - 2011-10-18 12:44:05
The Follies was powerful, disturbing and produced awareness about the horrors of warehousing.
Blix - 2011-12-03 09:36:13

Pure Shit, a film about scoring heroin in Melbourne, Australia was banned for years. However wouldn't make this list to do its relative obscurity in other countries. Another few for Australia would be Salo, Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2, Last House on the Left and, possibly Day of the Dead was also 'refused classification' as they say for a short period.

Cyprian J Bob - 2012-02-11 15:37:30
Should Soldier Blue(1970)be banned,if so,why?,because it is sooo Violent and Savage,because it saved the Native American's from being Stereo-type's any futher,this movie disgraced John Wayne as a American Icon that Year(1970),soo yes and No,Soldier Blue(1970)should and Should not be Banned,I Liked and dis-Liked this Good and bad Movie,so yes,it did save the Native American's from being Dis-graced by the White Man any Further.
Sofianitz - 2012-03-20 02:50:28
"We Were Strangers" a 1949 film about 1933 Cuban political terrorism, directed by John Huston, starring Jennifer Jones, John Garfield, Pedro Armendariz, with an outstanding supporting role performance by Gilbert Roland. This film came out at the start of the McCarthy era political repression, and was never seen again until recently. You can now get the DVD, which you definitely ought to do. Garfield's last role before he was blacklisted.
Jefy - 2012-04-13 15:41:09
I think All Quiet should be listed higher in the list. It was banned in Italy until 1956, yes, but banned in Austria until the 80s! Also seems to have been banned in France, probably during the Vichy period. And, besides, it is one of the few truly good movies on the list.
henry - 2012-06-18 08:45:00

These movies should be entirely banned. and that's very good since they demoralize our generation above all the faith of religion.

Anonymous - 2013-03-28 09:52:43

wooooooooooooooow very gooooooooooooooooooooooood

Amedee - 2013-04-22 19:06:38

I think Salo (120 days of sodom) should also be on this list. Director Pablo Pasolini was beaten to death in the streets of Italy a month after the film was released. Probably beacuse this film is so offensive. It's a must see for those who enjoy contravercial film, if you can stomach it... I was also suprised not to see any John waters on this list... Cheers!

Anon - 2013-05-24 17:51:57

"Fight For Your Life" has never been released in the UK. It contained Racism, Rape and Child Killing. As far as I know its still not available in Europe from legit sources. Same with "Men Behind The Sun" about the Japanese Experiments on the Chinese in WW2. Where real dead bodies were allegedly used. Contained Racism, Gore, Autopsies, and Animal Cruelty with a cat being eaten to death by rats. These two are more controversial than some on the list.

VLm - 2013-06-27 19:49:59

Someone mentioned the name "Henry" among the list here. They are referring to the movie "Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer." A movie I watched twice only. (I couldn't believe what I saw the first time.) This movie is absolutely outrageous and extremely disturbing mostly because the events depicted in it are true. It is the first time I ever saw children killed on-screen (in a scene depicting the torture and murder of a family). I can never watch it again. It is not particularly gory but the idea that such sick people exist and did the things they did is what disturbs me the most.

mike mcgee - 2013-08-05 16:30:03

Even though Deep throats was not a mainstream film,it caused controversy.For a while it was banned in many part of this country.It influenced Hollywood and the prudes ,with the aid of apathetic fans,to influence the supreme court to rule on community standards to prevent deep throats from being shown in a conservative community.It was banned in New York for a time too .Because of the controversy the film continues it's popularity on home video d.v.d and even Blu- ray,I think

Bob Benn - 2013-08-10 16:35:51

To check out the Oscars for Best Breasts from 1969-2013, click here.

Ernie - 2013-09-21 19:01:12

Caligula was banned here in the States upon its release in 1980 (it was released on home video a couple of years later), but if a certain aspiring actress and Penthouse model had not been fired from the project for being underage you would still see it banned to this day. Back in 1979, a young actress and model named Terri Nunn (yes, THAT Terri Nunn from the group Berlin) auditioned for a photo layout in Penthouse magazine, and they thought so much of her that they wanted her to appear in the movie. However, someone checked her background and found out that she was under 17 years of age and, despite her having posed for a photo spread in the magazine, they would not allow her to appear in the movie. Her photos were subsequently kept under wraps for years until someone set up a fan appreciation site for the movie and posted stills from it, and also posted the magazine photos of the Penthouse models who appeared in the movie. The site also posted Nunn's photos for the first time ever, and that may be a major reason why the site is not still up today.

manohar singh bhaaati india - 2013-11-02 07:26:52

I want see this is download ......?? I here about this film this film is very horrible .....

Umashankar - 2013-11-27 19:18:40

Wonder why Hostel sequels weren't added here!!!

Far cry - 2014-02-18 07:52:57

its too haunted.. its director are dead..

ed - 2014-06-05 08:53:39

another interesting tidbit about cannibal holocaust was that the director actually had to recreate the impalement scene in court as the prosecutor said that such a scene could not be tricked (it could). If you look at the movie now, it is hardly scary. Gross yes but not realistic. There are some japanese movies too: the 'autopsy' series, that I stopped watching after 10 seconds. regarding "Fitna" that wasnt really a movie in that sense of the word. It was a short collection of images that was mainly distributed through internet and I do not think it was ever banned with regard to 120 days of sodom. I understand that Markies de Sade was incarcerated for writing that book. Honestly.... I can imagine

elmer bushong - 2015-01-04 14:47:08

I do not think any film should be banned in our FREE nation. we the people shall watch as we know a movie from reality..I will say no more..

Anonymous - 2015-04-11 07:02:07

A bit of Trivia for you, Life of Brian was banned and never shown in the cinemas in Aberystwyth - A small university town in mid wales. Until fairly recently when Sue Jones-Davies who played Judith Iscariot in the the movie, became mayor of the town and lifted the ban!

Authentic - 2015-05-29 19:18:57

I do not think that any of these films should be banned. The 1st Amendment is the only thing between a democratic government and an autocracy.

Ajay Ajnabi - 2015-11-17 07:59:12

the movies are a real fact i think re release they movies ...