Top 10 Most Obnoxious Films Ever
#10 - Tie: CON AIR [1997] and FACE/OFF [1997]
Tie: CON AIR [1997] and FACE/OFF [1997] Image

Perhaps the dumbest premise for an action film in the history of the genre, Face/Off stars Nicolas Cage as a terrorist named "Castor Troy" (no, I’m not kidding) who changes identities with Sean Archer, an FBI agent played by John Travolta. We’re supposed to believe that these guys actually change faces through a complicated surgical procedure. The rest of the film involves a series of dull action sequences that lead nowhere. Hats off to director John Woo, a director of Hong Kong cheapies, who somehow managed to fool Hollywood into taking his work seriously. Con Air is just as bad if not worse and also stars Cage (as "Cameron Poe"!). I'm sensing a trend here . . . Sample Dialogue: "Nothing like having your face cut off to disturb your sleep."

#09 - ON DEADLY GROUND [1994]

Simply one of the most pretentious films ever made, On Deadly Ground is an "environmental action-adventure film" that features Steven Seagal as the Messianic "Forrest Taft" who battles evil oil executive Michael Caine (in one of his worst performances ever!). A third-rate Billy Jack ripoff! Sample Dialogue: "You wanna know who he is? Try this . . . delve down into the deepest bowels of your soul. Try to imagine the ultimate fucking nightmare. And that won't come close to that son of a bitch when he gets pissed."


Jar-Jar Binks . . . Enough said! Sample Dialogue: "Monsters out there, leaking in here. Weesa all sinking and no power. Whena yousa thinking we are in trouble?"

#07 - SCENES FROM A MALL [1991]

The casting of Woody Allen and Bette Midler was supposed to produce fireworks. Instead, this flat comedy creates waves of nausea and boredom. Imagine two yuppies engaged in a hateful argument during an endless day at the mall. That’s the entire premise of this absolutely bone-dry script. It’s a totally boring excursion through the hollow world of cellular phones, bottled water and BMW’s. Allen is even cast as a sports agent, of all things. Worst of all, there's actually a mime in the cast! I’ve had better times strolling through the mall on a Saturday night (and I despise the mall). Sample Dialogue: "Where's my fucking Saab?"

#06 - BILLY MADISON [1995]
BILLY MADISON [1995] Image

Occasionally Adam Sandler can pull off some funny scenes by playing a total idiot. This isn’t one of those times. The plot, such as it is, concerns a moron who must complete all 12 grades of school in a couple of weeks in order to inherit $600 million. If that isn’t enough to scare you away, how about this: second-rate character actor Darren McGavin plays Billy’s father. Sample Dialogue: "Sometimes I feel like an idiot. But I am an idiot, so it kind of works out."

#05 - Tie: IT'S PAT [1994] and MR. HOLLAND'S OPUS [1995]
Tie: IT'S PAT [1994] and MR. HOLLAND'S OPUS [1995] Image

One of the many "Saturday Night Live" sketches turned into a full-blown movie, this winner details a day in the life of Pat, an androgynous loser out to find love. It’s as bad as it sounds and had me running for the exit signs after only three minutes. As for Mr. Holland's Opus, if you’re intrigued by 30 years in the life of a high school music teacher (Richard Dreyfuss), than this totally boring, overly sentimental piece of crap is just the thing for you. Dreyfuss’ rendition of John Lennon’s "Beautiful Boy" brought tears (of pain) to my eyes. Sample Dialogue: And I need some feminine napkins . . . You never know when Aunt Wilma's gonna stop by for lunch!"

#04 - CLIFFORD [1994]
CLIFFORD [1994] Image

Martin Short has appeared in a myriad of terrible movies but Clifford has to be the absolute worst of the bunch. In this total piece of shit, Short plays a 10-year-old kid (I'm not kidding!) whose dream is to visit the Dinosaur World theme park in California. Sample Dialogue: "I'd say I'm the happiest boy in the whole wide world, Uncle Mental Case."

#03 - TOMMY [1975]
TOMMY [1975] Image

Great music . . . crappy, overblown flick with an all-star cast that includes Ann-Margret, Jack Nicholson, Oliver Reed, Tina Turner (Acid Queen), Roger Daltrey, Eric Clapton, Keith Moon, Pete Townshend and Elton John. Sample Dialogue: "He seems to be completely unreceptive. The tests I gave him showed no sense at all. His eyes react to light . . . the dials detect it. He hears but cannot answer to your call."

#02 - PROBLEM CHILD 2 [1991]
PROBLEM CHILD 2 [1991] Image

John Ritter stars in this witless comedy, a sequel to the equally obnoxious Problem Child, which makes "Three’s Company" seem like a masterpiece in comparison. How the hell did they sign Jack Warden for this movie? The cast also includes Buffalo Bob Smith, Charlene Tilton and Gilbert Gottfried. Sample Dialogue: "No way, I'd rather eat a turd!"

#01 - THE FAN [1996]
THE FAN  [1996] Image

Robert DeNiro takes on the role of a psychopath with full gusto (as he did in the mediocre Cape Fear remake); this time he’s a demented knife salesman who stalks a baseball superstar (Wesley Snipes). A thoroughly unpleasant moviegoing experience! Sample Dialogue: "Don't you talk back to me! You show me some respect! Without people like me, you're nothing! We're the ones that get you your 40 fuckin' million!"

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Chronus - 2008-01-07 01:57:25
And where's 2001: A Space Odyssey? That movie's pacing was clearly a cruel prank by Stanley Kubrick. If that's no obnoxious I don't know what is.
Spir - 2008-02-08 16:51:22 all time favorite movie is in there :( What does that say about me?
Todd Hageman - 2008-02-16 03:08:04
"Titanic" At well over $100 Million to produce it has to be the most expensive piece of trash in film history. For this reason alone I say it belongs at Number One.
I think you missed a few - 2008-03-21 11:00:35
Some of the ones you mentioned weren't really annoying at all, and you missed some of the absolute most annoying. How about Howard the Duck? How about every horror movie in the last 10 years? And that stupid assed movie about the people at the cafe... "coffee and cigarettes" maybe? Not worth remembering.
Daniel - 2008-03-21 18:16:34
Whoever compiled this list has no idea what Obnoxious or Pretentious means. Fail.
kates805 - 2008-03-22 04:03:07
OMG, The Fan was the worst, horrible, depressing, piece of crap ever made, right after Fargo. I know this isn't a popular opinion but I think Fargo is by far the worst movie ever made! I don't understand the appeal of that piece of crap. So they all have funny accents...big f#$## deal!
CG - 2008-03-22 04:05:05
Easily the worst list I have ever seen. While I'd agree that some of these movies are stupid, they hardly qualify as "Obnoxious". How about Borat? Stupid movie and caused every fat college kid who thought he was cool to start talking like Borat to pick up chicks. How about "Napoleon Dynamite"?
Complainer - 2008-03-22 04:06:46
9 out of the 10 most obnoxious movies just happened to come out in the 90s? What a coincidence...
God - 2008-03-22 04:10:28
Con Air and Face Off the list is wrong on both accounts. Both films are excellent, andWoo is one of the best action directors of our time.
Anonymous - 2008-03-22 04:13:10
EPIC FAIL! (as mentioned earlier) Where's "Howard the Duck"? Wizard of Oz 2? The Charlie and the Chocolate factory remake? Gigli? How about Pearl Harbor? wasn't even about Pearl Harbor! Failure to Launch? The Notebook? How about any of the newer "parody" movies? "Mask"!? How is that not on this list? Batman Forever? Batman and Robin? Seriously! Billy Madison wasn't obnoxious. You knew what you were getting when you sat down to watch it, typical Sandler boob and fart jokes. That's like going to an Avril Lavigne concert and being pissed that she's not a hardcore punk rocker. Please! I've been thinking of writing a blog. Please let me know if you find my rants (and occasional insights) amusing. Thanks.
you suck, give up - 2008-03-22 04:32:15
you are a moron Billy Madison is sandler's greatest movie, its an easily accessible slapstick and filthy comedy. its the opposite of obnoxious you half wit. Problem child is a movie for kids and teenagers, how can you say it is obnoxious. holy crap, the only thing obnoxious about this article is the pretentious way you think people give a damn about your horribly conceived opinions.
salgud - 2008-03-22 04:36:08
Pretty fair list. Many I didn't go see, only one I'd mildly disagree with which is "Scenes from a Mall". Certainly not one of Woody's best by a long shot. As for someone's suggestion about 2001, you need to understand that some of us prefer sci-fi movies that aren't just westerns set in the future. If there weren't enough explosions for you, there are at least a hundred so-called sci-fi movies with everyone running everywhere that you should leave one alone that went over your head.
Jared - 2008-03-22 04:38:12
High School Musical, end of story. I can never regain those two hours of my life.
Kevin - 2008-03-22 04:41:07
FAIL! for not including 'There will be blood'
NOTHX - 2008-03-22 04:43:42
"Quietly redefining the worst site I've ever been linked to on Digg" Massive failure, even though all the movies are actually terrible. And yes, you have no idea what pretentious or obnoxious means.
Shane - 2008-03-22 04:45:24
You know what's obnoxious about top ten lists? When they actually have 12 items because the author couldn't grow a set and either stick with 10 or up the ante to a top-15 list.
FPM - 2008-03-22 04:47:21
I used to watch obnoxious films when I was a homeless rodeo clown but not anymore. Now I am a world class magician !
SpOrAdIc - 2008-03-22 04:47:52
This guy ability to judge movies is horrible. The majority of the movies are bad, but Billy Madison? Come on, that's a classic and I actually liked Con Air. You want obnoxious check out these movies Nothing like really stupid people who think there good actors.
superman2385 - 2008-03-22 04:54:07
Uhm, what about The Brothers Grimm and WIndchill. If those aren't a waste of time I don't know what is.
John Van Hamdencamber - 2008-03-22 04:57:19
You blew it by having Billy Madison on the list. FAIL.
Ron - 2008-03-22 05:01:01
So, who died and made you king of obnoxious films? You know what I find obnoxious? When some random internet user decides he is suddenly an expert in something completely objective. Obnoxious fanbases? That could be a good list. But what the hell makes a film itself obnoxious? One that forces you to watch it every week? If you think a film is bad, don't watch it. You don't need to proudly preach about it.
tonyC - 2008-03-22 05:12:24
you are idiots every movie made here is a cinematic masterpiece!
you suck ass - 2008-03-22 05:14:31
your list sucks...Dude Where's my Car isnt even on your list, neither is Pretty Woman (who in their right mind turns a whore into a housewife?), nad Howard the Duck who gives a damn about alien ducks. Your list sucks
Matt - 2008-03-22 05:17:22
Agreed, Mr. Holland's Opus was a great movie. OP has no clue.
the adam - 2008-03-22 05:18:29
this list gets 2 spicy meatballs out of 10
CJS - 2008-03-22 05:19:28
Billy Madison...hilarious. The Fan...not great, but certainly not deserving of the number one slot here. Shouldn't even be on the list. And whats with calling Cape Fear a mediocre remake? Have you seen the original? Titanic should be on this list.
Ji - 2008-03-22 05:22:19
No cookie for you.... IMO these movies are far from the most obnoxious... all mediocre.... Where is .... alone in the dark, bloodrayne, lawnmower man, house of the dead, Santa with Muscles.. ect
beavis - 2008-03-22 05:22:34
"On Deadly Ground"? I love the movie. There is not, IMHO, a better case of a movie taking itself way too seriously. It even beats "The Trial of Billy Jack" (I'm still pissed about getting talked into paying good money to see that and that was over 30 years ago). This makes it a classic. Steven Seagal; what a jackass.
Shannon - 2008-03-22 05:27:17
Wow. Lame list.
Third Degree Burns - 2008-03-22 05:27:47
I have to say that I disagree wholeheartedly with at least a few of your selections. Billy Madison is a cult classic, the comedy of my childhood. How can you say that you didn't watch it and laugh at least a few times? Con-Air and Mr. Holland's Opus are nowhere near as "annoying" as you say they are. I stumbled upon this list hoping to nod my head in agreement for at least a couple of minutes, but have been forced to write a lengthy comment instead. Thanks for wasting my time.
GOD - 2008-03-22 05:30:57
You're stupid.
Sheamus - 2008-03-22 05:31:31
Who wrote this - a five-year old?
Rob - 2008-03-22 05:37:17
This list is retarded. Clifford and Billy Madison were HILARIOUS!!!!!
barricus - 2008-03-22 05:40:02
I'd have to disagree with the list maker's opinion of "Tommy". Sure is flat out weird, but bad? No. Plus the fact that the list maker did not back up his/her opinion with any information at all is bad form for a critic. Take a high school English class, then come back to and rewrite this.
ra - 2008-03-22 05:43:30
get the stick out of your ass and stop taking things so seriously. how can you place "its pat" and "mr hollands opus" on the same list. you probably only enjoy what the critics tell you to enjoy.
worstarticleever - 2008-03-22 05:47:39
wow....this is by far the worst list of "obnoxious" movies ever. Whoever wrote this article needs to hold on to their day job because they are by NO means a movie critic or a writer for that matter. Oh but good attempts at witty sarcasm...solid A for effort - solid F for content. garbage, just pure garbage. you have quietly redefined my opinion on what a bad movie-related article is. Congrats.
eXi - 2008-03-22 05:49:49
Gummo? Gummo anyone? the worst film ever.
GOOCHFACE - 2008-03-22 05:57:41
the guy that made this is retarded half the movies on there are ok movies they are not great but there not obnoxious. THIS IS OBNOXIOUS WRITING IN ALL CAPS.
what - 2008-03-22 05:58:36
billy madison are you fucking serious
John - 2008-03-22 06:03:37
what's that fuckin movie about that stupid little blond shit who fights off robbers and shit? that movie was the worst piece of shit ever made. for realz.
Fail - 2008-03-22 06:06:45
I gotta tell you, Billy Madison and Clifford are some of the funniest movies of all time. Makes me kind of want to watch the other movies you've listed on here to make sure I'm not missing out on other comedy greats.
blah - 2008-03-22 06:24:58
Anonymous - 2008-03-22 06:25:09
There were like two obnoxious movies in there, and no mention of Troll in Central Park. Fail.
BIlly Madison - 2008-03-22 06:28:18
I call bullshit!!!
Seraph - 2008-03-22 06:40:31
You could fill this list without ever going farther back than 2000. What about every "______ Movie" ever made? I'd say there're almost ten of those. Plus a couple of the above movies were pretty good. I daresay that a good number of them were not "obnoxious". ob·nox·ious adj. odiously or disgustingly objectionable : highly offensive No, I think not.
Steve - 2008-03-22 06:57:44
Way off.
Chris J - 2008-03-22 06:59:04
Wow, you have a lot to learn about movies to say. This list, to say the list, is no way complete. And to call John Woo a creator of Hong Kong cheapies? psssh. Look up Hard-Boiled, such an influence to many modern action movies. You seriously need to learn about films in general; many more obnoxious movies than those.
Anonymous - 2008-03-22 07:04:09
The quality of this piece's writing is indicative of the shoddy appearance of this website. Keep seething over the fact that you'll never me able to make a living at this.
youre fucking stupid - 2008-03-22 07:28:18
clifford is hilarious, you have no sense of humor you must be over 30. youre an old loser. hg is funny what is wrong with you seriously
Jesus - 2008-03-22 07:45:56
Pootie Tang, anyone?
Thomas - 2008-03-22 07:45:59
Actually Con Air rules
Marius - 2008-03-22 08:02:41
By what means did you compiled this list? Had a bad dream?
Barn E. Fife - 2008-03-22 08:04:41
Only a tard would put tommy in this list.
Anonymous - 2008-03-22 08:24:55
Face off is one good movie for me. It shows how great Travolta and Cage can act whether it's a good guy or a bad guy. I guess a 10 year old wrote this list.
moviefan - 2008-03-22 08:29:18
HI! - 2008-03-22 08:31:24
Stupid list. Author is an idiot.
William - 2008-03-22 08:57:24
Like what's already been said, under what definition(s) are half of these movies considered "obnoxious"? If you're going to make a list of movies you can't stand, NAME IT THAT ("10 movies I can't stand"). How did this end up on digg? Kind of fucked up when you feel like you've completely wasted 2 minutes of your life that could've been spent better searching other articles -WORTHWHILE articles at that, then an additional 3 minutes to bitch about the article some ignorant dumbfuck composed
Russ - 2008-03-22 11:09:59
First off: You suck ass at ton twelve (wtf?) lists. I'd certainly switch a number of movies on your list for: -Romeo and Juliet (90s version with DiCaprio)Only movie I've ever walked out on. And yes I've read every major Shakespeare play. -The Thin Red Line. Enormous piece of pretentious drivel. Would have been the second movie I walked out only I was in the center of an enormous row and felt a little trapped. - Selena. That is all I have to say about that.
Jason - 2008-03-22 12:41:03
I would definitely add Juno to the list. DEFINITELY obnoxious, very pretentious, and horrible dialog. Worst movie I've seen in ages. And I've seen Sunshine (ugh).
PV - 2008-03-23 12:40:59
I think you're wrong about Con Air. I think it was done as a put on and a send up of all action films. Anyway I take it as a big joke.
Matt - 2008-05-06 20:27:54
oleanna... hands down
Film Noir - 2008-06-22 03:49:17
I can't believe the number of people defending Billy Madison! What a piece of crap. Actually, this list would have been very, very easy to write: 10-6 (with plenty of ties)-any movie either Adam Sandler or Will Ferrell has ever been in; 5-Alexander the Great; 4-ALL the Saw movies; 3,2,1-LOTR.
jane - 2009-03-16 21:22:18

you forgot "house of sand and fog." show me someone who wasn't completely suicidal after that movie, and i'll show you someone who needs to re-prioritize their ethos.

Darbo - 2009-04-28 00:49:53

A bunch of these movies are awesome. Your list is utter shit

with regards to kate805 - 2010-02-19 17:14:01

If you only managed to pick up on the 'funny' accents from Fargo, you must have been conceived from a weak sperm.