Top 10 Worst Seinfeld Episodes
#10 - Shopping Mall Parking Lot
Shopping Mall Parking Lot Image

I hate the one in the mall parking lot when they were looking for Kramer's car. And Elaine's goldfish was dying. And Jerry took a piss. And got caught. And George took a piss. And he got caught too. And Kramer couldn't find the air conditioner. And George missed out on the anniversary dinner with his parents. And the goldfish died. I hate that one.

#09 - The Pie
The Pie Image

Jerry's girlfriend doesn't want to share a taste of her pie (no pun intended). The show is partly redeemed by Poppy, who doesn't wash his hands after visiting the men's room before he is about the prepare a special meal for Jerry. A mannequin looks exactly like Elaine and Kramer actually starts making out with it.

#08 - The Mom-and-Pop Store
The Mom-and-Pop Store Image

Kramer tries to help this older couple with their shoe store and he brings all of Jerry's shoes down. And then he's checking out the place and realizes it's a fire hazard. George supposedly buys a car that belongs to actor Jon Voight and then finds out that it was really "John" Voight.

#07 - The Big Salad
The Big Salad Image

George's girlfriend takes credit for a salad he bought Elaine. That's about it!

#06 - The Baby Shower
The Baby Shower Image

Kramer engineers an illegal cable hookup. George is mad because some chick humiliated him by spilling chocolate syrup all over him years ago. He shows up at the baby shower with the same shirt, complete with stain.

#05 - The Shoes
The Shoes Image

Seinfeld and George go in to talk about the pilot for NBC. The president of NBC is really sick. In walks his daughter with her huge chest. George is staring at her chest. In walks the father and they get thrown out of the office.

#04 - Chinese Restaurant
Chinese Restaurant Image

They're sitting around waiting for a table. The Chinese guy keeps saying, "Five, 10 minute. Five, 10 minute." They head out in disgust. The Chinese guy says, "Seinfeld party of three!" That's it.

#03 - The Showerhead
The Showerhead Image

Kramer has a low flow on his showerhead and it ruins everybody's hair. The Costanzas and Seinfelds keep threatening who will move to a condo in Florida called "Del Boca Vista." Elaine is supposed to join Peterman in Africa and they think she's been taking drugs because she's been eating these poppyseed muffins.

#02 - The Slicer
The Slicer Image

George sees a picture of himself in the family photo of his new boss, Mr. Kruger, and remembers that he yelled at him on the beach. He tries to airbrush himself out of the picture and ends up airbrushing Mr. Kruger from the picture. So he puts a smiley face there.

#01 - The Trip
The Trip Image

The gang goes out to Los Angeles and Kramer gets mistaken for a serial killer. George Wendt costars. Meanwhile, the humor falls flat in just about every way imaginable.

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Anonymous - 2007-12-14 05:28:11
Except for #1, which isn't one of my favourites, I don't know how you can list the rest of these. They're all great!
Chinese restaurant - 2008-01-11 14:19:16
Chinese restaurant is hands down the worst Seinfeld episode EVER!@! No others compare.
bags - 2008-01-21 17:24:31
big salad and the slicer? are you crazy? those are two of the best. the worst one ever is the backwards episode
Marc - 2008-02-02 00:02:22
Oh god, I'm commenting about this... Dude, say what you want about the Chinese restaurant episode, but give it props for doing something no other sitcom ever did, and for setting the tone of the show in general: NOTHING happens. The characters talk, have their little freak-outs, and... talk. And wait. And, good or bad, that episode and the parking lot episode shaped the show and prepared audiences used to "situation" rather than "comedy".
bat - 2008-02-19 20:46:59
Baby shower wins... Don't exactly know why, but it feels so stale and dry. No rhythm and no funny jokes... at least for Seinfeld's standards.
Eric - 2008-04-02 05:05:17
I liked all of these episodes...
Jules - 2008-04-17 21:04:46
Cartwright!! CARTWRIGHT!!!!!!!! The Chinese restaurant episode is awesome!
mr_spoons - 2008-05-29 03:31:43
he says "Seinfeld four" not three...douchebag...
seinfeldfan - 2008-10-09 01:35:34

Are you joking!? I've seen every episode about 100 times, and I wouldn't agree with any of these! The Big Salad? I love that one. How about The Dog, The Stand-In, The Strongbox? These were definitely some of the worst episodes. Sorry, but I think your list is way off.

Jetze - 2008-10-19 10:54:15

The Dog, definitely the worst. Other bad ones are Male Unbonding, The Stranded, The Couch, The Doorman, and $The Finale

Chaosinmotion - 2008-11-14 03:40:06

The Chinese Restaurant episode is also "real time" in that there's no cutting to fast forward the events. Also never been done before.

Buzz - 2008-12-05 09:30:47


Anon - 2008-12-12 23:29:45

Isn't the "Top 10 Worst Seinfeld Episodes" like the "Top 10 Worst Nazis"? There's no such thing as a GOOD Seinfeld episode.

Anon - 2009-01-06 05:57:18

I just saw the worst one tonight. It's the pilot episode where the lady comes into town and stays with Jerry but Jerry doesn't know she has a fiance'. George acts too much like Woody Allen. Kramer is underdeveloped. Blah. It's horrible, plus the first season featured WAY too much stand-up. This was not a funny episode.

N. Hamilton - 2009-01-13 05:16:45

Nobody is going to mention the AWFUL last episode?

Mel - 2009-04-04 03:12:16

You clearly have no clue what you are talking about...

Elvis - 2009-04-20 00:02:10

I hate that backwards episode and the final show was pretty lame, too.

Caspy - 2009-04-20 16:28:18

You can’t be serious! Chinese Restaurant is my favorite, it’s hilarious!

Stove - 2009-05-07 14:47:06

I don't know how you came up with that list. If I was coming up with a list of the 10 worst episodes they'd all be coming out of series 8 and 9. The show lost its direction a bit at that stage.

Kurtis - 2009-06-04 03:13:32

The Slicer #2...are you kidding me...the opening scene alone when Kramer complains about his sandwich makes the episode alone...what about the whole dermatologist/skin cancer thing??...the shower head is a good episode too

silko - 2009-06-04 11:59:03

omg all of those episodes were awesome i reckon lol this is a horrible list. The Big Salad...The Chinese Restaurant....The Shopping Mall Parking Lot!!!!!!!!!! are you kidding me, those were like the greatest episodes, and the best seinfeld episodes list was atrocious as well, those three mentioned above i reckon should all be in that list. MG!!! ridiculous list!

Jacob ANs - 2009-06-16 17:08:03

This is a real list of the top 10 worst Seinfeld episodes #10 The Seinfeld Chronicles (the pilot) the idea is there except the acting is weak and even Larry David has problems with the pilot's comedic direction #9 The Junk Mail Kramer's antics are amusing and puddy and Elaine's dialogue is good but the store never comes together with Jerry's friend's van #8 The English Patient plot is boring #7 The pool guy Newman's cannonball is great but not enough to make this a good episode #6 The friars club no good plot, acting is forced, jokes are stale, the only redeeming quality is the hotness of Jerry's girl #5 The Puerto Rican Day this is a hard one to put on this list because i love mr. vandaley, pennypacker, and vannostram but the story is weak the laughs are kinda cheap, at this point in the show i'm tired of seeing the "thugs" from the soup nazi episode, and its a weak final (30min) episode #4 The gymnast boring tv, the kidney stone is funny but not enough to make of for the episode and lack of hotness for the gymnast #3 The Betrayal the famous backward episode and a terrible idea #2 The finale completely forced #1 The Money Terrible tv, no interesting points, no funny lines, Jerry's goin back and forth from florida like he can f@#$in teleport Honorary Mentions: the parking garage (only one i like on the list) Favorite episodes: the opposite, the marine biologist, the jimmy, the postponement, the shoes, the soup nazi, the label maker, the rye, the pen

Billy - 2009-06-28 07:41:23

The Susie, the Puerto Rican Day Parade, and the Trip are easily the worst, especially the Susie

James Hanson - 2009-07-02 19:17:07

You got most wrong...except for Chinese Episode and Mall Parking Lot.

p - 2009-07-16 03:28:55

I like "The Trip" no Elaine, it's kind of refreshing.

JoJo - 2009-08-03 07:21:49

"They're sitting around waiting for a table. The Chinese guy keeps saying, "Five, 10 minute. Five, 10 minute." They head out in disgust. The Chinese guy says, "Seinfeld party of three!" That's it. " You know the show is SUPPOSED to be about nothing?

soards - 2009-08-27 21:16:11

this list is atrocious!!! The Chinese Restaurant? r u kidding me? in fact, i love all these episodes. by far my least favorite Seinfeld episode is The Muffin Tops. The Puerto Rican Day isnt to great either, but at least its an homage to the earlier episodes and is truly about nothing much like the GREAT Chinese Restaurant. the pilot episode is bad, but c'mon, that's the great thing about Seinfeld, it grew into what it became. larry david and jerry had no idea what they where doing when they wrote the pilot. it was supposed to be a show about how a comedian comes up with his material. elaine isnt even in it, and kramer is an agoraphobic (scared to leave his apartment) as a fan i find the pilot interesting to watch because of these discrepancies.

Austin - 2009-10-06 02:21:45

I find it almost impossible for me to imagine that a "top ten worst Seinfeld episodes" exists, because every episode is witty, ironic, and over all, schere comedy genious.

Hershell Ludovitz - 2009-11-10 19:32:56

This poster is an absolute buffoon.

doesn't matter - 2009-11-17 05:08:41

You have put on this list the episode where we get a peek at Elaine's chest, in "The Shoes". Somebody at Alternative Reel ought to be fired...

This list sucks - 2009-11-22 01:16:54

The mere fact that not one of the so-called 'top 10 worst Seinfeld episodes' does NOT come from season one shows this person has no idea. Episodes such as 'The Chinese Restaurant' and 'The Parking Garage' are considered amongst the best from critics who actually know what they are talking about. Some of the lists people are mentioning themselves are ridiculous aswell from people with no idea who should write for Alternative Reel.

Zekmonsta - 2009-11-24 04:47:01

Simply, U SUCK!

Anonymous - 2009-12-05 04:00:31

That is a horrible list. Most of those are actually good, and even the ones listed that are aren't good are just merely ok, definitely not the worst in the whole series. I disagree with whoever said most of the worst ones came from seasons 8 and 9. Those episodes were sometimes wacky and absurd, but they were never boring. The worst episodes mostly came from the very beginning of the series--some of those were just flat-out boring. Here's a better list of the worst 10, in no particular order: Male Unbonding The Stock Tip The Statue The Truth The Dog The Alternate Side The Parking Space The Opera The Stand-In The Susie

SSR - 2009-12-09 20:30:11

My least favorite episode is The Kiss Hello. I'm sorry, but I felt so bad for Jerry at the end. The people didn't have to be that rude.

Eduardo Corrochio - 2009-12-28 06:31:08

I have to say, it's an unusual list to find. Taking one of the most revered and original programs in TV history and picking the WORST episodes...not the best ones. That's not redfining the Internet, that's just lazy bitching.

Octavian - 2010-01-20 17:37:42

I really hate the way the story of these episode is narrated. In short, quick sentences, like trying to make them look small. It's Seinfeld people! Let's not forget what this show is all about. So, a selection of the worst episodes looks more likely to be a very subjective faculty.

Alexander Cohen - 2010-02-03 06:23:32

I gotta say, I hate "The Dealership." Jason Alexander at his over-the-top worst. Just yelling the entire episode. What was great about the costanza character is his passive-aggressive nature. In this episode he just chews the scenery in the worst way, no subtlety whatsoever, and it was all centered around a ridiculous "twix candy bar" premise. Stupid!

keanjoja - 2010-02-16 20:22:12

the alltime worst episode has to be the backward episode...this show made absolutely no sense...i wonder if NBC has ever thought about putting in its proper sequence and airing it some twelve plus years later. - 2010-02-20 20:46:06

This list is poorly compiled, as you are basing this off your own ideas of what's funny. Some people think that episodes like The Parking Garage and The Chinese Restaraunt are great in their dry, nihilist humor. They are the unltimate definition of what Jerry and Larry were going for when they pitched thier "show about nothing." These episodes are considered to be classics. Wikipedia that crap. Also, you did an awful job of writting summaries for some of these. The Slicer has a lot more to it than the George plotline, which was pretty good on its own. To the other bloggers who hated the finale: This list has shown us that seinfeld uses a lot of different types of comedy, so by the time the final season rolled around, everyone had different expectations. They couldn't please everyone, so they just wrote something conclusive. Also, Anon - 2008-12-12 18:29:45 "Isn't the "Top 10 Worst Seinfeld Episodes" like the "Top 10 Worst Nazis"? There's no such thing as a GOOD Seinfeld episode." Seinfeld stayed on air for nine seasons and was labled as one of the best sit-coms of all time. It never showed a dip in ratings and was stopped when Jerry decided that it couldn't top what it had done, so he shut it down. And the worst Nazi was Hitler you retard.

N/a - 2010-06-15 14:56:15

No offense mate, but these are the worst best and worst lists I have ever seen. That is all.

JB - 2010-06-25 04:53:52

the pilot was the worst episode for me, even though i liked the pilot, it was just slow and it really was about "nothing" just good writing with a couple of funny conversations. i dnt think there are any bad episodes

John - 2010-07-06 16:34:45

I totally disagree with this list.

John - 2010-09-25 22:17:24

You're a fucking retard, you obviously don't know what you're talking about. Fucking plug.

rama - 2010-11-13 21:03:22

there is no bad episode on seinfeld.

David S - 2010-12-01 00:02:10

While I don't agree w/ most of the episodes on this list ("The Slicer" is one of my favorites, and in general I don't really think that they made many bad episodes), I give you props for listing "The Trip" as the all-time worst episode. I couldn't agree more. Just a terrible all-around episode w/ lame jokes and bad acting. The scene with Jerry and George in the police car is about as bad as it gets...absolutely dreadful writing. It just doesn't feel like a Seinfeld episode and is an embarrassment to the series.

Anonymous - 2011-01-01 00:22:00

The understudy is the worst :/

916 - 2011-01-18 05:19:09

The Limo has always been one of my least favorites -- there's nothing funny enough to get me to overlook the absurdity of the premise. I never cared for The Busboy either. The whole episode is built around an uninteresting character that's never mentioned again. The episodes where Jerry's parents and their friends are the main story, like The Pen, usually get me to change the channel, too ...

spv - 2011-02-07 11:55:33

the library is THE WORST... in my opinion

chegga - 2011-03-18 02:46:03

I think the latter episodes are the worst series 8 and 9 and agree the dealership with George shouting was poor and serenity now was crap

Kruger - 2011-03-19 01:43:23
The Slicer at #2? I thought you were making a 'Top 10' list. 'The Slicer' was a classic! Saw it yesterday on tv in fact.
WHAT IDIOT CREATED THIS LIST?!? - 2011-08-17 02:21:00
Whomever sculpted this list OBVIOUSLY doesn't understand the sense of humor that IS Seinfeld. 90% of the stuff mentioned in this list is EXACTLY the comedy that makes up this show. Honestly, everything that is listed here is what defines these characters. Kramer making out with the mannequin? BRILLIANT. Kramer getting an elephant shower head? BRILLIANT. This is the sort of thing that DEFINES Kramer. George being deceitful and trying to get himself out of a situation? CLASSIC GEORGE. In my opinion, whomever made this list doesn't understand OR appreciate this Seinfeld humor, and therefore is no fan of the show. That is all.
TayDix - 2012-06-24 04:59:04

By far the worst was the one when Joey did that thing with Phoebe, oh wait wrong show. No such thing as a bad Seinfeld episode!!!!!!!!!!!

The Real Peterman - 2012-09-14 10:36:54

The Slicer and The Shower Head do NOT belong on this list! Come on, Kramer posing as dermatologist Dr. Van Nostrum wanting to take a DELI SLICER to George's new boss to get a biopsy sample and feeling a passionate duty as a Julliard trained dermatologist to deal with the "patient" himself? It's one of my favorite episodes! And "The Showerhead"?!! Just the mere sight gag of all the flattened hairdos of Kramer, Newman, and Jerry alone make this episode an instant classic (not to mention the "black market" elephant grade shower head knocking Cosmo Kramer head over heels in the tub during the closing credits LOL!). The antics of Kramer on his quest for a "full flow" shower showing up at Elaine's office and the eccentric Peterman hearing the tail end of their talk of course prompting the egotistical Peterman to automatically assume the worst and classic Seinfeld hilarity ensues. So IN SHORT, numbers 3 and 2 DO NOT BELONG HERE! NO SOUP FOR YOU!

db - 2012-12-26 06:29:07

wow, what an awful list. on top of that you have commenters rightly criticizing the list, and then naming genius episodes like The Muffin Tops as their personal worst. very confusing. i'll continue the cycle by naming The Bris. awful episode, aside from the scene where George is trying to get compensation for the guy landing on his car. maybe you disagree. I also think seasons 8 and 9 of Seinfeld are pretty much the pinnacle of television.

Zep - 2013-02-16 03:44:19

Worst ep ever? Not sure of the title, but they were stuck in traffic for the Puerto Rican festival.

Spoon - 2013-02-28 12:56:23

You have no concept of what "worst" means. Seems like most people think you are wrong about your list, yet here it remains. This tells me that you posted it merely to be a troll and get on other people's nerves. You won. Now delete this whole big mistake before we collectively find out who you are and gather to kick your ass back to your mother.

Fran - 2013-04-08 16:36:54

I love Seinfeld but no offence I don't like the shows with Kramer's "little guy" side kick Mickey and I agree with others that the last shows were not as good as the earlier seasons' shows.

Anonymous - 2013-04-12 17:51:05

This list resides in an alternate universe. Most of these episodes are in fact classics. The worst by far is the moronic, meandering "Pig Man" episode - completely unwatchable.

asscricket - 2013-04-25 19:55:53

The Chinese rest. There can be no worse

Anonymous - 2013-06-20 17:14:18

The WORST episode I've seen is the one where and parrot dies and Jerry and Kramer decide to dig it out. What the hell were the writers thinking?

The Betrayal - 2013-11-06 16:27:31

I think some of you Fans forgot about "the betrayal" the episode shot backwards in india.....That is way worse than chinese restaurant!!!

super_slav - 2014-01-02 17:29:54

I hate the subway episode.

Mickeygreeneyes - 2014-03-17 00:24:34

No offense to you, but it's incredible how different people's tastes can be. Of your list I agree only with the Slicer. Chinese restaurant, parking garage, and Trip are classics. I hate the episodes of the last two seasons, the ones after Larry David left the show, and the new writers tried to imitate him but failed. It's like trying to write and sing like the Beatles. Can't be done. I record all eps but eraser those later ones. Painful to watch. My list of favorites doesn't include ANYTHING from the last 2 seasons, when the show should have been re-titled "We're only doing it for the Money." Everything feels forced and just falls flat. The laugh track loves it but I don't. Some real clunkers include the Susie, the one where George tries to live by "Downtown," the backwards one about a trip to India, the absolute worst : The Puerto Rican Day parade. Even the big finale, even though it was written by Larry, suffers because it's not realistic. Networks don't pick up old failed pilots. They don't offer their plane to the lowest people in the pecking order. It doesn't just happen to land in a town that has a Good Samaritan law. Not believable that they see a carjacking right in the middle of the public square at midday and they just stand there making stupid comments while no one else does anything either. Then everybody they ever knew goes to the trial, even Babu, who went back to Pakistan, and the Soup Nazi, who allegedly moved to Argentina. Jackie puts up no defense, doesn't even call a witness. Then they're all in one cell. There are NO co-ed cells. Anywhere. Just doesn't happen. I like Seinfeld but it's NOT the greatest sitcom ever. Lucy, All in the Family, Curb, Mary Tyler Moore, and Raymond are all better.

Anonymous - 2014-04-05 16:38:26

I thought I had seen all the Seinfeld episodes until I came across "The Betrayal" just last night. I generally find SOMETHING to like in 99% of them, but the Betrayal one was absolutely the worst in my opinion. Shot in "reverse time" (you see the end first), confusing and with a ridiculously far fetched sub plot about Kramer trying to undo a "Stink eye" someone ("FDR") had cast on him, by trading one of Newman's birthday wishes for his (Kramer's) next 48, it was not clever at all and just plain unfunny. I guess there's a reason It doesn't come up that often... (Up until now I thought The Finale was the worst...)

Ryan - 2014-07-21 04:11:04

The Betrayal is by far the worst episode ever of the show. It sucks. It's so annoying. I love seinfeld, and it's my favorite show,but this one was so bad.

Bugs Orton - 2014-08-11 02:09:35

The one where Kramer murders and dismembers Puddy was lame. And the one where Newman farts so loud that he loses his hearing was brutal. Yawwwwnnnn.

Excelsior - 2014-08-12 03:48:50

I can't believe that people are actually arguing about the parking garage episode and the Chinese restaurant episode. Absolute pure garbage. I don't care whether it was "never done before" or not. No humor. Tedious. Everything taking place in a confined space with the characters getting more and more frustrated -- just like the viewers. When I go to watch Seinfeld, and I see it is either of those episodes -- I change the channel. The baby shower one was pretty bad, too, because it tried to draw on the tired notion of a female being some sort of superhuman just because she's female, and the finale was a disappointment with a depressing ending. Those episodes are also usually channel-changing material.

Are you CRAZY?? - 2014-09-13 22:00:54

I really couldn't disagree more with this list. Every one of these episodes, while not the best episodes, are all pretty good. Seinfeld itself is an overall awesome show. The one episode that I never liked and always thought was stupid isn't on this list. The worst episode was "The Betrayal", also known as the backwards episode, was really dumb...sorta. I mean, the backwards thing was stupid, and pointless. If you watch the episode forwards, its actually kinda good...btw, on a random note, the screen shot you used for "The Pie" is the wrong episode. That was a picture from "The Couch" episode, not "The Pie".

Cartwright - 2014-09-16 09:50:46

There are no bad Seinfeld episodes. Every single episode splits my guts. The Chinese Restaurant is one of the best. The so called "worst" episodes were in season one when they haven't honed their skills yet and even those were really good.

deuce - 2014-10-14 08:29:21

the worst episode is : the dog season 3

Anonymous - 2014-11-12 08:40:30

yes, THE PIE, CHINESE RESTAURANT, THE SHOES, KRAMER'S TRIP (but Richards' acting is brilliant), are very, very bad. all the rest listed, I found very funny and watchable. as far as "bad Seinfeld", all we need is to look at most of the episodes until "not that there's anything wrong with it". I'll say there are very few exceptions as to "bad Seinfeld" until Pederman, Frank & Estelle, Susan, came on the scene. off the top of my head, a particularly disgusting episode was THE BUBBLE BOY. like "Kramer in LA", with the girl getting killed, etc., it is for nightmares.

Rick - 2015-01-30 01:29:04

I'm glad to see you listed "The Trip" as number 1 because i've just watched it and it was so bad i decided to google "worst seinfeld episode the trip" and this list came up. At least i know the rest of the series won't be so bad. To be fair there are some really funny parts, Kramer's audition etc. But i'd love to know why this one was so weak in places because the first 3 seasons have been strong throughout.

Derek - 2015-03-23 03:12:28

Yeah, of all the things to crap on... Seinfeld? Gimme a break! But generally speaking, since I'm in Rome... the very early episodes were the weakest, and Mickey sucked in every scene he did. I always hated the way Jerry pronounced "cookie" in the bakery with Elaine. SIDENOTE: Notice how different the cast's "vibe" got once they started getting REALLY rich? It's night and day, or hungry to make it vs. VERY set for life! SEINOTE 2: (See what I did there? ... yeah...) Best characters #1 George #2 Neuman

Krangelbär - 2015-03-24 21:55:24

Honestly I don't think you're getting what the show is really about. Kind of like when people laughs to the wrong things on the Simpsons. - 2015-05-09 12:20:43

You can go to imdb, put in my e-mail address, and read a more thorough review. "The Chinese Woman" stinks. And the final scene during the credits is appalling. A woman (possibly) impregnated by Kramer is about to jump off a bridge. Loads of laughs, huh? If you're anything like me, when you think comedy, you think--suicide. Then Larry David just happens to show up-- wearing a cape-- talks her out of doing it, and explains that he's Frank Costanza's attorney. Question... How the hell would this woman know who Frank Costanza is?

[Editor's Note: Yeah, the whole cape thing was kind of dumb. Ranks up there with the "Van Buren Boys" for sheer stupidity. Forgot about the ending, pretty tasteless!]

low talker - 2015-06-19 04:11:14

Don't agree with this list at all. If a list of worst Seinfeld episodes was made, it would have to include the god awful episodes "The Betrayal", "The Puerto Rican Day" and "The Finale", all from season 9 when the show was in rapid decline. Season 1 isn't very good relative to the incredible quality of the middle seasons (from 3-7, depending on one's personal taste), but in comparison to some of the season 9 stuff, at least they are sensible and disciplined and not full of non stop yelling from George and Elaine, or Kramer just spouting gibberish in every scene he's in. Why do a lot of people hate "The Trip" so much?-I think it's funny and it was written in the show's prime. On that point, essentially every episode made in the show's prime is good in my opinion. Just compare those you don't like from seasons 3-7 with all those normal, stupid sitcoms of dysfunctional families or couples living in New York or whatever hackneyed, predictable premise so many shows use. Seinfeld is so much better than that because the writers stuck with this "golden rule"-"no learning, no hugging." That philosophy is part of what made the show so great, and sitcoms now and in the future should adopt that philosophy. Lastly, to reiterate my opening line-this list got it wrong.

Costanza - 2015-11-12 04:18:12

There is one an only one worst Seinfeld episode - The Betrayal, the infamous backward episode. As for the Puerto Rican Day episode, I only saw it once, and was distracted through half of it, but figured "hey, I will catch it on rerun." Did not think there would be such a freak out that I would never see it again on tv. Sure, you can tell me it is bad, but unless you recognize the unique awfulness that is "The Betrayal," Then I cannot take your opinion seriously.

David - 2015-12-13 10:53:19

The statue is worse than most of these.

me - 2016-01-06 02:43:11

I didn't care much for the "Big Salad" one either, but the only one I really didn't like was the one where Mel Torme thinks Kramer is retarded because he has had a novocaine shot. I just thought Michael Richards was a bit TOO over the top,and the whole premise was juvenile-it was like watching a ten year old imitate some retarded kid-not particularly funny.

Herb Slojewski - 2016-03-03 22:51:48

If you ever get to see the "Seinfeld" episode of "The Chinese Restaurant," watch it closely. There is not a single black cast member or a background extra who is black...because it was an early episode before Larry David demanded there be blacks in the central background for each and every episode.

Michael - 2016-03-29 19:03:05

Hands down the Shopping Mall parking lot was the worst episode EVER! Followed very closely by the Chinese restaurant. #1 and #2 in my book. If I NEVER see them again I will be happy.

Idk. - 2016-08-22 20:42:02

All these episodes are great tf up with him

Herbert Ess - 2016-11-13 07:40:07

There are some awful episodes, but these eps are not among them. Can you forget the Library Policeman episode doing Joe Friday?

Lois Quinn - 2016-12-20 18:44:22

I think "The Bris" was one of the funniest episodes on any comedy show. He was soooooooo funny i don't know how anyone could say it was one on the worst!!

Diddy Dav - 2018-02-01 21:26:08
Every episode on this list is awesome! You have no idea what you're talking about, especially with The Chinese Restaurant. That's what Seinfeld is all about: nothing! They can make a show out of literally nothing! You need to get your facts straight. : (