Top 10 Most Disturbing Movies Of All Time
#10 - FREAKS [1932]
FREAKS [1932] Image

"But for an accident of birth, you might be as they are." Director Tod Browning delves into the depraved world of sideshow circus freaks to reveal that they have more humanity than the average asshole walking the streets. Favorite freak: Prince Randian, "the living torso" (pictured above). Runner-up: Johnny Eck, "the half-boy." Freaks was based on the short story "Spurs" by Tod Robbins. Believe it or not, this masterpiece only runs for a total of 64 minutes! Also released as Forbidden Love, The Monster Show and Nature's Mistakes. Sample Dialogue: "We accept you, one of us! Gooble gobble! Gooble gobble!" [READ THE FULL REVIEW]

#09 - I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE [1978]

I always thought Halloween or Friday the 13th started the trend of "slasher films" that polluted the box office throughout the late '70s and '80s—that is until I watched this extremely low-budget flick about a writer who travels to a cabin in the woods, gets brutally assaulted by a bunch of hillbillies and then exacts her revenge using a series of rather creative methods—including hanging and castration. Also known as Day of the Woman. Sample Dialogue: "You know, sometimes I look at these gorgeous-looking chicks, I mean the ones that look like real knockouts, sexy and all . . . and I wonder . . . I wonder if they gotta take a shit, too."

#08 - EL TOPO [1970]
EL TOPO [1970] Image

Alejandro Jodorowsky's totally bizarre, surrealistic masterpiece follows a gunfighter, El Topo (The Mole), as he makes his way through the desert and encounters one absurd situation after another in his search of enlightenment. One of the only films I'm aware of that has an armless, legless dwarf in the cast. Apparently, El Topo was one of John Lennon's favorite films. David Lynch was also a big fan (see Eraserhead entry below). Jodorowsky once claimed, "I ask of cinema what most North Americans ask of psychedelic drugs." Sample Dialogue: "Too much perfection is a mistake."

#07 - AUDITION [1999]
AUDITION [1999] Image

The friend of a lonely widower sets up a phony audition for a nonexistent film so the poor guy can find a new wife. He gets more than he bargained for - to say the least! Directed by Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike, the film starts out as a traditional romantic drama but gradually devolves into a disturbingly graphic horror flick - definitely not for all tastes! Sample Dialogue: "Words create lies. Pain can be trusted."


Alex (Malcolm McDowell) and his "droogs" go out on the town to partake in a little of the old "ultra-violence." Director Stanley Kubrick brings Anthony Burgess' classic novel to life with this disturbing look at a future populated by teenage gangs. Look for McDowell's stirring rendition of "Singin' in the Rain." Here's what Kubrick said to counter the negative reaction voiced against the film's violence: "Sanitized violence in movies has been accepted for years. What seems to upset everybody now is the showing of the consequences of violence." Sample Dialogue: "What we were after now was the old surprise visit. That was a real kick and good for laughs and lashings of the old ultraviolence."


The Last House on the Left would make a great double feature with I Spit on Your Grave for the truly depraved movie fan of the over-the-top, sadistic, revenge-fantasy flick. Believe it or not, the film was reportedly inspired by Ingmar Bergman's The Virgin Spring, which won an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 1961! The Last House on the Left was directed by Wes Craven, who would go on to direct The Hills Have Eyes and A Nightmare on Elm Street. Sample Dialogue: "We don't wanna off someone first night out. I mean, it'd be a shame to get this floor all messed up with blood."


Based loosely on the life of convicted murderer Henry Lee Lucas, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer follows roaming serial killer, Henry, and his demented buddy Otis, as they go on a random killing spree. Not a good movie to rent on a first date! Sample Dialogue: "If you shoot someone in the head with a .45 every time you kill somebody, it becomes like your fingerprint, see? But if you strangle one, stab another, and one you cut up and one you don't, then the police don't know what to do."

#03 - SALO OR THE 120 DAYS OF SODOM [1975]
SALO OR THE 120 DAYS OF SODOM [1975] Image

Based on the infamous book, The 120 Days of Sodom by the Marquis de Sade, Salo contains its fair share of disturbing imagery and graphic violence. For this reason, it is still banned in some countries even to this day - good luck finding a copy! Director Pier Paolo Pasolini was brutally murdered shortly after the film's release. Sample Dialogue: "We fascists are the only true anarchists."

#02 - IRREVERSIBLE [2002]

"Time destroys everything . . ." Extremely disturbing French film directed by Gaspar Noé, Irreversible features a revenge plot told in reverse chronological order (similar to Memento) - punctuated by extreme violence and a brutally graphic rape scene that runs approximately nine minutes. Sample Dialogue: "Vengeance is a human right."

#01 - ERASERHEAD [1977]
ERASERHEAD [1977] Image

It took David Lynch, a former art student, five years to make Eraserhead, a curious blend of Kafkesque horror and Orwellian nightmare. Jack Nance portrays total loser Henry Spencer (a couple of years ago, I read that Nance was murdered during a fight at a donut shop). After viewing this film, you'll know who served as the inspiration for fight promoter Don King's unique hairstyle. Lynch once revealed in an interview that he had a chocolate shake at Bob's Big Boy at 2:30 PM every day for seven years: "Two-thirty is Bob's time . . . I can think there and draw on napkins and have my shake. Sometimes I have a cup of coffee and sometimes I have a small Coke. They both go great with shakes." Sample Dialogue: "In Heaven, everything is fine. In Heaven, everything is fine. You've got your good things. And I've got mine."

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JB - 2007-11-07 04:01:16
Se7en and The Vanishing are more disturbing than at least two of your choices....

Cinephile - 2007-11-07 04:27:51
See "Gummo." Maybe not in the top 10, but you might place it at 11...

Alex in Toronto - 2007-11-07 07:06:35
I'd add Brazil to this list for a Giuliani 09 11.

trafopajka - 2007-11-07 10:05:12
where's the cement garden?

Alf - 2007-11-07 10:16:45
My personal most disturbing movie was certainly "Requiem for a Dream", by Darren Aronofsky.

MJ - 2007-11-07 10:32:32
Add Bad Boy Bubby to the list - there is something in there to move everybody... (except the truly insane)

Azurith - 2007-11-07 11:15:21
Pretty sure Zombie Holocaust is worse than some of these...

CANNIBAL - 2007-11-07 11:30:07
me - 2007-11-07 11:53:43
Gummo should definitely be in Top 10.
Krank - 2007-11-07 12:10:28
JB, if you think Se7en is more disturbing than these films, then you just plain haven't seen these films. Compared to the majority of these, Se7en is basically ill-written predictable crap. Try Audition.
epsd101 - 2007-11-07 12:22:02
Yeah, "Irreversible" is messed up (besides the rape, the one-shot head crushing too leaves a lasting impression), but do check out Noé's "I Stand Alone," which follows a bored and disgruntled 50-something man who gives in to his violent side...There is literally a screen that warns viewers that they have 30 seconds until all hell breaks loose, then counts down. What happens next makes the "Irreversible" rape scene seem like a vacation at Sandals.
Mike H - 2007-11-07 12:47:00
Is "I Stand Alone" all-inclusive?
Jim - 2007-11-07 12:47:20
Johnny Got His Gun
wib - 2007-11-07 12:49:01
man bites dog (or original: C'est arrivé près de chez vous) is rather disturbing, too
Ino - 2007-11-07 12:57:50
"The act of seeing with one's own eyes" by Stan Brackage
Alex Tanguay - 2007-11-07 12:57:58
Although "Audition" is more disturbing, Takashi Miike's "Gozu" and "Ichi the Killer" are pretty close runners-up.
Tim - 2007-11-07 13:00:55
I was surprized not to see "Requiem for a Dream" on here. I found that much more disturbing than "A Clockwork Orange". Another would be "Vulgar". The only movie I know of where a clown in drag is "Made hate" to. It is produced by Kevin Smith, but is definitely no "Clerks". I found "Kids" pretty disturbing, and I know some people who were really disturbed by "The Wall"
Threads - 2007-11-07 13:06:03
Threads is by far the most disturbing film I've ever seen. Largely because it's so realistic, so possible, and so very bleak.
Wyatt - 2007-11-07 13:06:40
What about all the "Faces of Death" movies? Remember the monkey brain eating scene? Yikes!
Tim Ball - 2007-11-07 13:08:14
Man Bites Dog surely, the only film that has truely disturbed me.
HRC - 2007-11-07 13:10:40
I'd include "Un Chien Andalou" and "A Zed and Two Noughts" in the list.
tv - 2007-11-07 13:13:07
Gummo.... now THAT'S an f-ed up movie!
anonymous - 2007-11-07 13:18:12
the most disturbing movie of all time is the Entity because it's a true story and the women continues to experience poltergeist activity.
simon - 2007-11-07 13:22:13
any movie with ben afflek in......truely horrible
de Haan - 2007-11-07 13:48:59
'ex drummer' this new film from Belgium fits into this list perfectly:
Kristen - 2007-11-07 13:50:13
Clockwork and The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover were the two most disturbing movies I've seen.
thinair - 2007-11-07 13:50:54
I really don't see how any of these movies are disturbing. Except for freaks they are all fictional, and seem to focus on sensational violence. Maybe cause I've lived in NYC, or maybe cause I've seen too much violence in American cinema, I dunno. I just don't see how these characters in this movie are really that disturbing, and perhaps it's just that I have a good way of rationalizing what I'm seeing as simply entertainment What I do find disturbing is those people that kill millions without ever lifting a finger. Those people that consciously make decisions for their own selfish greed and private gain at the cost of society, humanity, the environment, as well as political stability. These are the people I find most disturbing, and those they surround themselves with that advise them and help to perpetuate their ideologies. So the types of movies I have found most disturbing are typically documentaries.
DJ Jazzy Cock Master - 2007-11-07 13:52:23
"Cars" was more disturbing than any of these.
me - 2007-11-07 13:53:16
Seriously, as someone else already pointed out, Requiem for a Dream should be in this list. Some of your picks seem to be based on "hey, it's a little wierd and it's got some gore". Movies like Requiem are in a completely different category, something more like "permanently scars your psyche".
Luke M. - 2007-11-07 13:56:50
I think Oldboy definately deserves a spot in this list. If you haven't seen it, you need to.
shawn - 2007-11-07 13:58:25
Has no one ever seen Kids??? "Dont worry its just me casper"
gunther - 2007-11-07 14:03:44
most disturbing movie? air bud
Bedtime Champ - 2007-11-07 14:47:07
I guess I am one of the only ones who is glad that Requiem For A Dream is not on this list. What a stinker. I would add Sleepaway Camp as #11 simply because of the total WTF moment that comes after an hour and a half of cheesy slasher stuff.
jerard - 2007-11-07 14:52:04
Boxing Helena?
craig - 2007-11-07 15:12:41
+1 on Oldboy, and also Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance. If utter and complete despair disturbs you, stay away from A Time for Drunken Horses.
Willie - 2007-11-07 15:26:23
"Kids" is right up there too. Nothing like a movie-ending rape scene when the girl has the HIV.
dan - 2007-11-07 15:30:06
Whoever said seven belongs on this list is on crack. That movie was predictable and drivel.
Anonymous - 2007-11-07 15:30:58
While The Cell wouldn't really belong in the top ten, if you ever add Honorable Mentions...
apiaryist - 2007-11-07 15:40:06
All of these are great choices. I might put Naked Lunch on there somewhere. Actually, Videodrome may be a better Cronenberg choice.
Old Boy - 2007-11-07 15:47:57
What about Old Boy? A guy sleeping with his daughter is pretty disturbing.
me - 2007-11-07 15:58:49
Woman in a box? Guts of a Virgin? Miike isn't the only messed-up Japanese director.
DAR - 2007-11-07 16:02:08
Some other pretty disturbing ones: Last Exit to Brooklyn (horrible rape scene) Happiness (Todd Solenz film that made me want to puke) Dead Ringers Also, as someone already mentioned, Requiem For A Dream. Just a thoroughly depressing movie.
InfiniteZero - 2007-11-07 16:06:41
"Make Them Die Slowly" is curiously absent from this list.
rondertaker - 2007-11-07 16:15:29
requiem for a dream? please, that movie is the reefer madness of our generation.
Pietro - 2007-11-07 16:33:54
that scene in oldboy where he eats the live octopus, it doesn't get any more disturbing than that!
mimcar - 2007-11-07 16:34:32
What about Naked Lunch ?
Literacity - 2007-11-07 16:35:51
Where are... In My Skin? Taxidermia? Nekromantik? The Devil's Experiment? ...and, as someone else wisely mentioned, Cannibal Holocaust or any of the Mondo Cane series? I don't want to come across as a snob, but I really think the creators of this list need to expand their knowledge of the "most disturbing" films. While Irreversible, Salo, and Freaks definitely qualify within the realm of ordinary cinema, there's a whole world of vastly more upsetting material out there.
Anonymous - 2007-11-07 16:36:35
armleg - 2007-11-07 16:37:04
Vistor Q by Miike is probably the most disturbing movie I've seen. Much more disturbing than several of the movies mentioned. Not horror, but a movie that will stick with you for a long time. Not a first date movie.
Jon - 2007-11-07 16:46:35
Hm... How about Suicide Club?
eustatic - 2007-11-07 16:51:09
"Requiem for a Dream" is hardly disturbing because it is so predictable and heavy-handed. It's an after-school special with the volume turned up too loud. the characters are paper thin, so you can hardly care about their (excessively foreshadowed) downfall. the montages hit you over the dead with the theme: "Drugs are bad, okay?" The characters aspire to success and wind up in sickness, death and disfigurement because of drug abuse. A movie is disturbing if the characters aspire to sickness, death, and disfigurement--and wind up at success.
Salo - 2007-11-07 16:52:43
Salo or the 120 Days of Sodom: "it is still banned in some countries even to this day - good luck finding a copy!" Yeah, Amazon, 17 copies, three seconds to find.
HWingo - 2007-11-07 16:55:47
Spank the Monkey
diamond dave - 2007-11-07 17:03:07
Reflecting Skin and Funny Games are the 2 most disturbing movies I've seen. Funny Games is one of those movies that you never want to watch it a second time but you want to make everyone you know watch it.
wwwcre8r - 2007-11-07 17:21:05
Tetsuo: The Iron Man
C.S. - 2007-11-07 17:27:06
Begotten. More disturbing than all ten of these combined. It's on Google video for those that wish to check it out.
quoquo - 2007-11-07 17:36:21
Caligula is pretty disturbing too
topolino - 2007-11-07 17:38:57
most disturbing movie is "Bambi".
Gonzo - 2007-11-07 17:57:02
"requiem for a dream? please, that movie is the reefer madness of our generation." Naaah. That would be "Half Baked". And "Audition", is indeed disturbing.
brad mann - 2007-11-07 18:02:39
If "El Topo" made it, I think Jodorowsky's "The Holy Mountain" deserves to be on there too. and speaking of Todd Solondz' "Happiness" (which I second) I might also add his much-too-short "Storytelling" to the list as well.
Cody - 2007-11-07 18:15:30
I've never seen any of these, but I was really disturbed by The Butterfly Effect. If these are worse, I'd rather not see any of them.
Ferox13 - 2007-11-07 18:32:42
LOL@That list. No Guinea pig: Flower of Flesh and Blood No August Underdround/Mordum/Penace No Men behind the Sun No Tumbling Doll of Flesh.
Lari - 2007-11-07 19:00:12
Nice list. Eraserhead #1 ─ hell yeah!
steph - 2007-11-07 19:08:22
pink flamingos...only film i ever walked out on
khamer - 2007-11-07 19:17:11
Votes for "Pi", "Se7en", and "Saw 2".
bookworm - 2007-11-07 19:28:51
come on, where's "Caligula"?
mnlg - 2007-11-07 19:35:54
Funny Games. A bit too fictional at times (a guy finds a john zorn CD in a lakeside villa supposedly used as a vacation place for families and kids) but it is disturbing. Eraserhead is well deserved as #1. Don't watch it. Half of those who watch it wish to hell they could un-see it.
bort - 2007-11-07 19:39:23
I think you could easily fill half the list with Miike films.
krandal - 2007-11-07 20:00:54
I saw Salo after a movie buff friend of mine lent it to me. He said it was the most effed movie he'd ever seen and nothing else came close. I watched it and almost vomited 3 or 4 times. when I started reading this post, this was the first movie that came into my mind. I was very surprised to see it on the list and agree that it belongs so close to #1
Prefect_1 - 2007-11-07 20:07:07
Pink Flamingos and Event Horrizon. The latter only because I am a pussy and have only ever watched it late at night all alone and drunk in the dark.
Anonymous - 2007-11-07 20:08:00
Blue Velvet for the Isabella Rosellini rape scene; Un Chien Andalou for the eyeball slashing scene; Resevoir Dogs for the ear slashing scene; Deliverance for the Ned Beatty rape scene
Glonorobert - 2007-11-07 20:21:44
Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance is definitely a good vote. The stomach turning violence sets the mood but there is always a last second twist that really drives it home. i.e. a revenge bludgeoning of organ thieves, witnessed by their mother. A more beautiful, but not less disturbing movie is Masumura's "Môjû", aka Blind Beast
Greg - 2007-11-07 20:29:35
"Blue Velvet" put the zap on me pretty bad the first time I saw it. I still can't listen to that song.
Rattmouth - 2007-11-07 20:48:55
+1 for my personal favorite, Johnny Got His Gun.
Me - 2007-11-07 20:49:50
"Arachnophobia" was seriously the most horrifying movie for people who were about 8 years old when it came out.
Blancheflower - 2007-11-07 20:50:00
Cannibal Holocaust should be on this list.
bob - 2007-11-07 20:50:10
I vote for "Grave of the Fireflies"
Alessandro BAM - 2007-11-07 20:50:58
Pi should definitely on the list. Very f'king....disturbing. Réquien for a dream should be on also
Anonymous - 2007-11-07 20:52:26
I can't believe none of John Waters' films made the list, I'd add Pink Flamingos to the list.
sly - 2007-11-07 20:53:32
MUST add "When the Wind Blows", a 1986 animation with music by Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, which follows a sweet elderly couple living in the country as they survive a nuclear attack and then slowly suffer from radiation poisoning. Check out the imdb synopsis here:
bucketbot - 2007-11-07 20:54:07
Ttetsuo (the Iron Man) is wwaayyy more messed up than any movie on the list other than Eraserhead, which I think it ties for just over the top "what the hell?" moments.
Shawn Q [] - 2007-11-07 20:55:15
you utter..putz...why in the sam hell did you Not include "Event Horizon" - one of the only films to give people the worst case of noticable shakes while leaving the theater...
Steve-0 - 2007-11-07 20:55:16
See the movie Anatomy... pretty messed up.
DJ_Eric - 2007-11-07 20:56:02
Probably not one of the top 10, but "Cat Soup". Think Hello Kitty on acid with a slightly bloodless violence factor.
Centinel - 2007-11-07 20:56:18
Oldboy is far more disturbing than several on this list.
brad mann - 2007-11-07 20:57:13
oh! i almost forgot (since no one has mentioned it): Ichi the Killer. fist-gnawing, tongue-slicing, absolutely focked.
dh - 2007-11-07 20:57:22
If you r gonna go david lynch then dont forget Inland Empire...if any movie is disturbing that one is!!!!
Satan - 2007-11-07 20:58:51
Exorcist is my #1. How can anyone sit there and watch a little girl getting tortured?!
Greggy - 2007-11-07 21:01:12
What about Meet the Feebles or Braindead aka Dead Alive...Peter Jackson is a sick effer.
Brad Dickason - 2007-11-07 21:01:22
I have to agree with the Threads comment. Tons of radiation poisoning, rape, and abortions. Generally the most horrifying and realistic scenario that humanity could ever face.
Jim - 2007-11-07 21:02:22
A third vote for Man Bites Dog. A classic.
Jane - 2007-11-07 21:05:57
I'd add Pink Flamingos, Oldboy, Requiem for a Dream (as everyone else has already said), and May. Good list though, I'll definitely check out some of those movies. :)
MS - 2007-11-07 21:06:39
this should be entitled the top 10 rape movies. i seriously don't understand the draw. can anyone explain the desire to watch it? i'm only asking because it's unwatchable to me.
Essobee - 2007-11-07 21:08:13
while not gory or very violent, i think Happiness is easily the most disturbing film i've ever seen.
GaryB - 2007-11-07 21:09:39
Naked lunch -- takes you along on a spiral into insanity.
Jon - 2007-11-07 21:11:34
You can watch Freaks here:
tumor - 2007-11-07 21:13:00
toy story
Scarab893 - 2007-11-07 21:13:59
Why isnt Nacho Cerdas Aftermath up there or Jorgs Schram(sp. I do agree, the creators of this list need to do some more research and watch a few more films.
C - 2007-11-07 21:14:26
I remember seeing the Rocky Horror Picture show at about 10 or 11 - my older sister took me in - that still disturbs me to this day. Bad Lieutenant is disturbing, also seeing Dead Ringers while still quite young was pretty disturbing. Speaking of Jeremy Iron - Dungeons & Dragons that was very, very disturbing ...
O'Holy - 2007-11-07 21:14:26
Don't forget about HARD, or forget about it if you can I hould say. The opening scene contains a servered shlong pulled from the mouth of a dead hooker. The movie goes on to follow a homosexual serial killer fucking men and murdering people.
8MM - 2007-11-07 21:14:47
What about 8MM that was pretty damn sick for a movie?
Unit - 2007-11-07 21:15:00
"Se7en" was crap, it pales in comparison to these movies. "Requiem for a Dream is kind of disturbing, but its still got nothing on these. It's the kind of movie that people who haven't seen movies on this think of as a disturbing movie. If you've never seen any of these movies, than "Requiem for a Dream" may very well be the most disturbing movie you've seen. I do think "Pi" may deserve a spot on this list. Very strange movie. But of course there are always other movies you feel get left out on these kind of lists. "Kids" and "Bully" are also quite disturbing, if only for their brutal portrayal of reality and the real world. Overall though, and excellent list. And if "Saw" or "Se7en" disturb you, may I recommend NOT watching any of these movies. They don't even come close. "Saw" is just torture-porn, it's too fake to move you the same way some of these movies do.
BB - 2007-11-07 21:16:51
Nothing more disturbing than "funny games"
Chris Huckeby - 2007-11-07 21:20:05
Happiness. Happiness or Mysterious Skin. Either of these movies would make the top 5, I would think.
Tim - 2007-11-07 21:20:27
Brain Dead and Boxing Helena have to be up there as well.
Ronnie - 2007-11-07 21:22:16
"The Begotten" belongs on this list. What a truly unsettling movie it is...
Skitzo - 2007-11-07 21:24:25
Haha! I'm glad someone mentioned "Nekromantic". Not many people have heard of it. I saw it when I was 12 or 13 and it disturbed the shit outta me. Good times.
Anonymous - 2007-11-07 21:27:31
Show Girls is the most disturbing of all.
AF - 2007-11-07 21:28:38
Bad Boy Bubby is by far the most disturbing film i have ever seen. none of these listed even come close.
don1one - 2007-11-07 21:30:41
On the Beach. Most despairing film I've ever seen.
king krab - 2007-11-07 21:30:46
HAPPINESS - is one of the most disturbing movies, and you can rent it at your local vid store! Make sure you watch it all the way to the very end - even if your girlfriend can't.
Nicholas - 2007-11-07 21:33:25
diamond dave said it: Funny Games. It disturbed me so much that I sent a letter to video store where I rented it and asked them to put a graphic warning on the disc. I was tempted to rent them all and throw them away. It is certainly "one of those movies you never want to watch a second time but you want to make everyone you know watch it." Just horrible.
Jon Denver - 2007-11-07 21:34:10
Lots of good ideas for stuff I need to see - both from the list and from the comments. I prefer the disturbing to the horror or slasher flicks. On that note, let me add another vote for Vulgar.
Seth - 2007-11-07 21:34:56
If we're talkin disturbing here, you must witness "Cannibal Holocaust," terribly disturbing. Animals WERE harmed in the making of this film.
martin - 2007-11-07 21:35:21
i'd like to add my "oldboy" recommendation as well
add funny games - 2007-11-07 21:35:47
add "Funny Games" an austrian movie, brillantly made and funny and cruel - no splatter at all just suspense. the spectator really feels fucked after all
power house - 2007-11-07 21:36:13
Buio Omega
jh - 2007-11-07 21:36:40
The sample quote from the #1 movie is the the lyrics from the pixies song " in heaven" ... now we know where that came from ....
Dumb List - 2007-11-07 21:37:30
Go watch Visitor Q and then go drink some milk while taking a shit and rubbing it on yourself
J - 2007-11-07 21:38:33
Understand that one people's most disturbing movie ever, might be another's "I got bored halfway into". I, for instance, didn't care much for Spoorloos (The Vanishing) I found the ending bland and boring.
Gordon Eick - 2007-11-07 21:40:10
You've forgotten "Begotten"! It's TERRIFYING! Most bizarre movie ever. Just....insane. From E. Elias Merhige....he eventually did Shadow of the Vampire.
Paul - 2007-11-07 21:40:13
Dr. Butcher Medical Deviant BOat motor to the head was pretty disturbing
ryan - 2007-11-07 21:40:29
cannibal holocaust belong at #1.
few - 2007-11-07 21:41:07
Try "Alexandra's project" (2003) by Rolf de Heer. Scary as hell without being even close to a traditional horror film.
Opusinwub - 2007-11-07 21:42:43
After watching Sympathy for Mr. Revenge.... I just sat for about fifteen minutes, not knowing what to do with myself. Every turn of that movie had me clenching my toes, sighing "Oh God...", or not wanting to look but being unable to take my eyes away. I highly suggest all three of the Revenge movies.
KJF - 2007-11-07 21:44:10
Most disturbing. Try Ichi the Killer.
JR - 2007-11-07 21:45:34
I completely forgot about Men Behind the Sun until I read Ferox13's comment. Thanks, asshole. That's my vote for #1.
Coherent - 2007-11-07 21:46:41
I would have put Videodrome on the list for sure. That movie is F*cked up, and I don't mean in a good way. :)
sam - 2007-11-07 21:48:02
Event Horizon for sure should be on this list. Also: Cannibal Holocaust.
el cid - 2007-11-07 21:49:03
i'd have to go with Tommy.
TA - 2007-11-07 21:49:32
My vote is for Crispin Glover's "What Is It?" (
sarah - 2007-11-07 21:50:11
Yup, I agree with the users that nominated Tetsuo: The Iron Man and, to a lesser degree, Oldboy. It's been over a decade since I saw Tetsuo, but it's impossible to forget.
Matt - 2007-11-07 21:50:58
Check out "Bad boy Bubby", definitely deserves a place on the list.
mcgoverp - 2007-11-07 21:52:53
wib - 2007-11-07 07:49:01 man bites dog (or original: C'est arrivé près de chez vous) is rather disturbing, too Man bites dog is far worse than salo, i have seen both.
gbelanger - 2007-11-07 21:53:35
Soilent Green anyone?
cineaste - 2007-11-07 21:54:30
mentioned only once already -- probably because very few have ever seen it -- THE REFLECTING SKIN. And, if i may add another that was "disturbing" as opposed to, say, "disgusting" -- RIVER'S EDGE.
Gerard - 2007-11-07 21:54:48
Ever seen a movie called, "THURSDAY" ???
dooh - 2007-11-07 21:57:22
yes yes funny games is a disturbing and Man Bites Dog had me thinking about it for weeks and i own AUDITION but have yet to sit down and watch it. and base on some interviews the joker in the new batman movie is truly one of the most deprived disturbing in modern cinama i know that seems far fetch but hay joker is like an orginal
Marcus - 2007-11-07 21:58:36
Two words: Cannibal holocaust Beats everything on this list by a mile.
Evil Inside - 2007-11-07 21:58:45
I found "Dead Ringers" and "Pin" to be highly disturbing.
John - 2007-11-07 22:00:42
Why would a guy want to see "Audition" unless he's a faggot? There's nothing hot about torturing a dude.
the dreaded flange - 2007-11-07 22:08:30
Pan's Labyrinth. The scene where the Captain captures the suspected poachers. *shudder* "Mute Witness" still makes me feel like I'm suffocating on clingfilm too. Great film.
king - 2007-11-07 22:10:19
I'll agree half-heartedly with calls for "Oldboy"'s inclusion. "Audition" certainly has its place, Miike is a master of turning your brain (and stomach) around. The "Three Extremes.. " series isn't too shabby, either (has vignettes by Miike, Fruit Chan, and Chan-Wook Park). "Requiem for a Dream" was just depressing, I wouldn't say it was particularly disturbing. "Suspiria" (Dario Argento) should get honourable mentions.
Girlsansshoes - 2007-11-07 22:12:32
You missed Palindromes, which is really out there.
Anonymous - 2007-11-07 22:16:09
have you seen pink flamingoes?
joe - 2007-11-07 22:20:11
Totally agree with the people who think Requiem for a Dream is a average to bad movie, I watched it and found it boring and pretentious, if they had have hocked their multi-thousand dollar leather couch they could of bought lots more heroin! (joke.) But seriously, 'heavy handed' 'after school special' is dead right. next, totally agree with they guy who voted for 'Grave of the Fireflies' about a pair of children in post WWII Japan who slowly starve to death in the countryside as a result of the war.its a Cartoon form Studio Ghibli in Japan and would be more disturbing than most on the list and many of the films nominated. Also Gummo was not disturbing, it took a disturbing subject and made it eerily beautiful and evocative, I really liked that movie, also really liked Mysterious Skin which was a bit more of a gen Y take on a similar theme. Also what about some of the war psychosis movies like the first Manchurian Candidate or Jacobs Ladder? Finally, as an Australian, I must suggest you go out and watch 'Ghosts of the Civil Dead' about the effects of prison, if you are not disturbed at the last scene of the protagonist riding the escalator at the train station there is something wrong with you.
Jason - 2007-11-07 22:24:21
Somebody mentioned Crispin Hellion Glover's "What Is It?" I didn't catch that one, but I have to add the second installment: "It is Fine. Everything is Fine." Watching scenes of graphic sex and violence with a paraplegic 'actor' has definitely left it's mark on my psyche. I DON'T recommend watching it. :P
Tiodidi - 2007-11-07 22:35:20
I think Happiness, Man Bites Dog, Kids, Baxter, and Romper Stomper were all more disturbing that several of the films on this list. No Exorcist or Jaws? I couldn't swim, even in a pool, for a year after I saw Jaws. Crash? Blue Velvet? Deliverance? Surely your list has 10 somewhat disturbing films on it but the criteria for "most disturbing of all time" seems pretty weak.
BJ - 2007-11-07 22:42:10
@jh - just so we're clear, Eraserhead came first (1977), and the Pixies came second (1985).
Matt - 2007-11-07 22:42:11
Santa Sangre... pretty strange
Jim Philips - 2007-11-07 22:42:56
I would add "10 Rillington Place" to the list. Probably, it's recognition suffers because it isn't on DVD. But it still creeps me out and I saw it more than twenty uears ago. A must see, if you can locate it.
Gusto - 2007-11-07 22:47:41
I think it's a good list. Of course it will never be unanimous. It seems many reponses here indicate that gratuitous gore = disturbing.
Bhargav - 2007-11-07 22:49:31
Ken Park... Hands Down the most messed up movie I have ever seen. It is by director Larry Clark (also did Gummo) but it is harder to obtain. Although it may not be "banned" in the U.S. no distrubition company has yet to agree to put it out there to be found.
slow - 2007-11-07 22:51:48
It should be noted that the Salo you find on Amazon or elsewhere online is a highly edited/cut version. It's nearly impossible to obtain the unedited version as I suspect it no longer distributed. The unedited Salo is hands down the most disturbing film I've ever seen. Good luck finding it.
Geddy - 2007-11-07 22:53:22
Cannibal Holocaust FTW!
Anonymous Coward - 2007-11-07 22:56:33
There are a few films which should be included in here as they are similarly disturbing. Cannibal ferox aka make them die slowly and Cannibal holocaust i think both deserve a mention Irreversible is possibly both the most sickening thing i have ever seen. and you can find this Rape/Disfigurement movie in your local blockbuster. The uncut i spit on your grave was another nasty film but it has nothing on the likes of Salo or Cannibal Ferox
Frell - 2007-11-07 22:59:41
I'm surprised nobody mentioned "The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things" (Asia Argento). May not be a stellar movie but I found it to be one of the most disturbing movies I have ever seen. I've seen a fair amount of the movies on the list and that movie ranks right up there. Se7en and Requiem definitely shouldn't be on the list. I would put my vote in for the Vengeance Series as well.
Anonymous - 2007-11-07 23:06:04
War Zone by Tim Roth. Great film, but I will never watch it again. One viewing was more than enough..
MovieFace - 2007-11-07 23:10:36
come on gotta call out "Gozu" or "Caligula" and "Naked Lunch" is a must. This list needs some work done to it.
Anonymous - 2007-11-07 23:23:48
Natural Born Killers
David - 2007-11-07 23:32:49
Eraserhead, while not violent, gory, or even that scary, is by far the most disturbing movie I have ever seen. Requiem for a Dream is extremely disturbing but doesn't not even come close to Eraserhead. I have wanted to see Last House on the Left, but the majority of movies on the list might be a little too much for me. There is no way I would ever sit down to watch Salo, after everything I have read about it.
Knowledge - 2007-11-07 23:36:20
Gummo Should Most Defiantly be on this list.
Jack - 2007-11-07 23:37:46
Another Alejandro Jodorowsky film "The Holy Mountain" should be considered as a runner-up. It has everything; religion, violence, toads in Conquistador armour...
Jamithy - 2007-11-07 23:47:07
Oh man, nobody said 'Murder Set Pieces'.
. - 2007-11-07 23:49:16
cannibal holocaust number one, and visitor q definitely beats audition.
P - 2007-11-07 23:57:32
todd - 2007-11-07 23:58:21
What about "Ma Mere"? +1 for "Visitor Q".
Mingelover - 2007-11-08 00:02:18
Anyone who thinks "Requiem for a Dream" should be in this list is a moron. Kudos to whoever mentioned "Bad Boy Bubby". That is all.
DG - 2007-11-08 00:11:46
101 Dalmations
Bob - 2007-11-08 00:19:26
Welcome to the Dollhouse, Story Telling and Happiness by Todd Solondz or Kids, Ken Park and Wassup Rockers by Larry Clark Vulgar was also very disturbing.
Dustynutsak - 2007-11-08 00:31:22
Hard Candy
JC - 2007-11-08 00:33:43
Little known film called The Devils, check it out right up there with audition in terms of its ability to disturb...
Anonymous - 2007-11-08 00:34:39
No Cannibal Holocaust? This fails.
Elmo - 2007-11-08 00:37:35
Nekromantic. I don't recommend watching it but I'm sure that won't stop anyone.
Phlieger - 2007-11-08 00:38:21
A Clockwork Orange is a good movie.
viju - 2007-11-08 00:51:59
You have missed Cannibal Holocaust(1980)
Lifemare - 2007-11-08 00:54:08
i should say HOLY MOUNTAIN by jodorowsky tops his EL TOPO in the vomite-inducing scale. Elias Merhige's BEGOTTEN is pretty insane aswell. Fellini's SATYRICON should be in there somewhere and you might aswell include every movie Pasolini ever made (lol). I just disagree with AUDITION, if you're going to list japanese gorish, Tsukamoto's masterpiece TETSUO is way more deserving. Or maybe you'd rather include something every Tarantino fan ought to watch - ICHI THE KILLER. but hey, i could go on for ever and it wouldn't be the top 10 list anymore, would it? so, good work on compiling these pearls of weirdness.
twistingheart - 2007-11-08 00:56:19
Disturbing...I do not go to see horror flicks. Just not into seeing women raped and slashed I guess - the usual plot line. Did see Freaks back in college but I didn't find it disturbing - just interesting in a Museum of Natural History sort of way. But there was a movie I saw in the early 80's and it still haunts me almost 25 years later. Sophie's Choice. (spoiler - The idea of being forced, by armed Nazi soldiers, to choose between your two children - one will die immediately and the other you can take with you to the concentration camp makes me grow cold even today.) The film caused me to identify with the character and her forced choice. I'll never forget it.
PiL - 2007-11-08 00:57:13
we've all got personal faves - this is a pretty decent list... i've seen 6 of these... but... Peeping Tom is missing. i agree on santa sangre and man bites dog too
ellick - 2007-11-08 00:57:15
Here's a couple I didn't see listed. "Harold and Maude" and "Tideland"
Patrick - 2007-11-08 01:04:53
Eraserhead's heaven quote is actualy used in a Pixies song...thats neats.
Jonathan - 2007-11-08 01:40:35
Happiness should be near this list. Anyone who said seven or sawI,II,III needs to branch out.
John - 2007-11-08 01:41:04
Eraserhead ruined the list for me. I found that movie very annoying.
RipRap - 2007-11-08 01:43:47
Nice list. Thank you. This is a list of films DELIBERATELY disturbing. I would like to see another similar list of films which are deeply disturbing, but intended to be far otherwise, such as Mariah Careys "Glitter". or that early -mid 80s Gene Wilder film called "Duffys World" (if I remember it aright.) Any suggestions? (Judge Dredd is too obvious. Irony should be avoided for the candidates. Only REAL psychic discomfiture please?) Thank you.
jho - 2007-11-08 01:47:27
Emerald Jungle.
PoisonWaffle - 2007-11-08 02:07:52
What about Guinea Pig?
jonesy - 2007-11-08 02:10:20
Add the movie Gummo to the list real horrifying hillbilly sadness
zoombait - 2007-11-08 02:11:12
To the person who suggested Begotten. Scary fuck creepy not gonna sleep weird ass flick. I think I'm scarred, and I've sat through Salo twice. Jesus.
ByeByeKitty - 2007-11-08 02:22:05
Well i think the Men Behind the Sun series are really disturbing, especially because the events portrayed were real, and happened constantly during the Sino-Japanese War. Theyre pretty gross, even though their special effects arent super, if they were, i would be puking my guts out.
Reboot - 2007-11-08 02:44:17
I'd have to say that the early works of Peter Jackson rate pretty high on the freak-o-meter. Check out Dead Alive and Meet the Feebles...
dave - 2007-11-08 02:46:01
I'm not sure why everyone mentions Requiem as disturbing. I've seen it a dozen times and don't get the disturbing from it. But aside from that this list is implausible. You can't make a top 10 most disturbing list. Disturbing needs definition. Are these films emotionally or physically disturbing? I haven't actually seen any of these films and can't exactly comment on any of them, but it seems to me that what is disturbing to the author of this list might not be disturbing to me. Like I said, "Requiem" isn't disturbing to me, but everyone I know that has watched it disagrees. This is too subjective of an idea to make a top ten list. All this list can accomplish is to spur conversation.
Andrew - 2007-11-08 02:48:01
This list has to include "Men behind the Sun". This is one of the most disturbing movies of all time i feel. I could not watch it all. Also for me Hellraiser 1 was pretty heavy & full metal jacket was another for its time
captain cracklins - 2007-11-08 02:49:46
Eraserhead #1. No problem. As mentioned above, Cannibal Holocaust and Santa Sangre should definitely be on this list. The uncut version of Caligula as well, for many reasons, but mostly for the scene of the penis cutting and feeding to the dogs. "Requiem" was total crap. Event Horizon was good, but it struck me as a Hellraiser ripoff (particularly if you've read the comics).
armoth - 2007-11-08 02:51:02
you forgot cannibal holocaust, banned in new zealand because they couldnt prove it was fake
what about - 2007-11-08 03:04:17
Sweet Movie? No, really, a movie called "Sweet Movie"... check it out.
Halliwell - 2007-11-08 03:05:30
Begotten should be in there, although it would require some background research to fully understand why the film is so disturbing.
JB - 2007-11-08 03:13:36
i don't know about right now but i watched elephant man when i was 15 and that fuck my head up nicely.
cb - 2007-11-08 03:46:11
"man bites dog" should be on this list... that film made me question stepping outside ever again...
PSYENCE - 2007-11-08 03:48:08
MG - 2007-11-08 03:52:46
Night of the Hunter
pleh boy - 2007-11-08 03:54:10
somebody - 2007-11-08 04:07:36
like many said, Oldboy is a good honorable mention, but i highly doubt it's as disturbing as these 10, i'll definitely try them though. also -- another honorable mention that no one mentioned is Altered States. it's based on some russian psychologist's novel, where the main character does some crazy Indian meditation drug (peyote?) and then later does tests on himself by locking himself in a silence chamber for several hour sessions. somehow he unlocks the secrets of dna itself and starts to regree his body, which is just weird, but by the last five minutes of the movie it gets really kind of freaky. not top ten material, but more odd than oldboy.
Barney Buttmunch - 2007-11-08 04:41:57
NO no no, if you want to see the most disturbing thing ever, just google "Two girls and one cup" I promise you, if you can sit through the whole thing, you are one fucked up individual.
somebody - 2007-11-08 04:49:14
Battlefield Earth, Waterworld maybe, "Dude, where's my car?"
echojoe - 2007-11-08 04:53:11
Yes, Gummo needs to be on this list. If you have not see Gummo, rent it now! Exceedingly disturbing on many levels and with Chloe Sevigny looking super creepy. Linda Manz is unrecognizeble. Remeber her from days of heaven and the wanderers?
Limbo - 2007-11-08 05:34:08
Tally another vote for "Ichi The Killer" from me!
Billy in the attic - 2007-11-08 05:34:54
"I always thought Halloween or Friday the 13th started the trend of "slasher films" that polluted the box office throughout the late '70s and '80s—that is until I watched this extremely low-budget flick..." 1978? You're four years too late. Black Christmas, 1974.
Reservoir Dog - 2007-11-08 05:37:44
It's a good list but Clockwork Orange? Hey, I LOVE Kubrick but it is hardly in the league for "disturbing" as Eraserhead or Freaks. Where is Cronenberg? If nothing else Videodrome or Rabid. Someone else already mentioned Un Chien Andalou and it deserves a look by anyone reading this. It's probably on youtube. And where's Ken Russell's Crimes of Passion? Or his Whore? He even hired John Nance who last time I had checked had been in every David Lynch project for that one. And yes, Shinya Tsukamoto's Tetsuo : The Iron Man deserves to be here. That film will mess with you but GOOD.
James - 2007-11-08 05:41:18
JB - Se7en?? Are you kidding me? That's like a children's show compared to most of the films listed here.
C.S. - 2007-11-08 05:50:23
I reply with the following links... Read the plot first (so you "Requiem" fans won't be all freaked out.) Understand what steps a writer/director will go through to attain a flick which you (if you watch all the way through) will never forget. Then watch the film... And to those who appreciate the Jodorowski stuff,... Thanks. So do I. Mucho. El Topo being tops, followed by "Holy Mountain". P.S. Did I mention that "Se7en" or whatever you douchhats call it, sucks donkey balls? I mean, good movie on a Friday night when it only cost 4 (7?) bucks to get in (minus the fingerbang), but it belongs nowhere on this list. Anything involvin g the "Caligula" of our day, Mr. Brad Pitt, is not disturbing. Unless you're up for adoption... P.P.S. Eraserhead; classic, though a little too much effort on the "Hey, I make fucked up movies" stamp. Lynch is great, but come on, "Twin Peaks" was the pinnacle and the plateau... "Special effects" don't mean shit when it comes to fucking with your head. That's why "Freaks" will live in infamy. "Cannibal Holocaust" is good only if you believe it's real. Otherwise, it's shite. Oh, yeah. "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure" belongs at the top spot...
CSG - 2007-11-08 06:47:54
Kudos to the Peeping Tom mention. Great film. Not disturbing as alot of these films, but still pretty messed up.
Sarzec - 2007-11-08 06:57:33
watch Necromantik
Mike - 2007-11-08 06:57:55
I don't know if it screwed me up or anything, but I remember seeing "Hannibal" in the theaters. On the whole, it's pretty practical compared to everything here. But that scene near the end in the dining room, with Hopkins', Liotta's, and Moore's flushed all the blood from my head. I was sicked to the point of having blurred vision and my friend had to tilt my body forward so I can get some color back in my skin. It's the extreme focus on what happens and how if forces you to analyze it in detail
kurb - 2007-11-08 07:28:58
It's disturbing in a different way, but "Spanking the Monkey" springs immediately to mind. "Grave of the Fireflies" is more heartbreaking than disturbing. "Carnival of Souls" is seriously weirding-out. As for brilliant movies that were too emotionally grueling to watch more than once, "Leaving Las Vegas" and "Breaking the Waves".
CJ - 2007-11-08 07:35:33 mans freak show is another mans boredom....I think these top 10 are pretty interesting picks....of course i would have to put Pink Flamingos up there simply for being a disturbing film for its time....Some would say JackAss because its pick would be The Forbidden Zone....what a trip..but problably not the most disturbing film of all time...its up there for being so weird though....Evil Dead part 2 and Reanimator as well as From Beyond are great shockers!!
Showna - 2007-11-08 08:01:37
You OBVIOUSLY need to see the movie, "Aftermath/Genesis". Nacho Cerde.
Slaughter - 2007-11-08 08:02:27
I'm so impressed at the fact that nobody has mentioned the only movie that had me running out of the cinema in a nervous crisis when the end credits started rolling... "Das experiment". Many of the movies you mention are gory and grotesque, visually demanding, you only have to have a strong stomach and be ready for baroque ways of hurting and bleeding, but "Das experiment" takes the viewer into deeply psychological disturbance without any of the "visual" elements I mention. It just freaked me out. I also agree with someone mentioning "The suicide club". Saw Salo and I don't consider that as heavy as you guys say, Passolini was a master. And of course don't agree with Seven and Requiem or any of that crap, I mean, they're good, but you have to recognize them as subproducts of the true hardcore disturbing cinema... Why don't we all work in the Top 100 list better than this? I confess: Haven't seen that "Cannibal holocaust", heard of it and I know from the heart that's got to be No. 1
Ringling - 2007-11-08 08:08:53
I found JC`s 'The Thing' also very disturbing. Absolutely fucked up creature. Scared me as a little kid and still does.
Reel Disturbing - 2007-11-08 08:11:20
Go grab Come And See ! A russian weird war film ! Want to know more about this crazy movie ? Check the trailer : Man, I can tell you, this is the most disturbing film I've ever seen !
oats - 2007-11-08 08:21:48
I agree with the cook, the thief, his wife, and her lover
Jazzman - 2007-11-08 08:23:42
The only misstep I see here is Audition. This is not Takashi's most disturbing film, and nor are Gozu and Itchi the Killer, as others pointed to. No, it's Visitor Q, and not only is it by far his most disturbing, it's also the most disturbing film I have ever seen period. That should by number one. Other than that, great list.
Boonji - 2007-11-08 08:25:34
Has anyone ever finished "Sloughtered vomit dolls"? I had read some freaky shit about it on the web and tried watching it on a hung over sunday... truly the most effed up minutes of my movie experience. not scary, just truly fuuuuuuuckt up. I think maybe the director was trying to make the most horrible movie experience ever. i think he succeeded. I only watched 5 minutes or so, skipped ahead for about an hour and the same shit was still rolling. wouldn't recommend it. I doubt anyone has ever finished it. one i would recommend: the brood
Bunny Rabbit - 2007-11-08 08:35:26
I think a lot of it is to do with context - I watched Watership Down when I was 6 and it scared the sh*t out of me - Bugs Bunny still gives me the creeps. Anyway I vote for Nightmare in a Damaged Brain mainly because its tone is all over the place - interspersing weak gags with lashings and lashings of claret. Very odd.
Anonymous - 2007-11-08 08:39:36
"funny games" was disturbing. "in a glass cage" was pretty effed up. "men behind the sun" made me squirm. other disturbing films "cannibal holocaust" "deranged" "suspiria" and the end of "in the realm of the senses" (ouch!)
Neil - 2007-11-08 08:42:01
The Isle - for its depiction of sexual sado-masochism and self-harm (the fish-hooks swallowing scene is one of the most squirm-inducing things I've seen). The Night Porter - nothing overly graphic, but it's just the whole concept of the film. It disturbs intellectually and emotionally rather than viscerally). Straw Dogs - for the clinical manner in which the Dustin Hoffman character segues from pacificity to violence.
kellyanne - 2007-11-08 08:49:53
wow - what about "American Psycho"? I also was freaked out after "Session 9."
pf - 2007-11-08 08:52:01
oldboy has got to be in there surely
Move E Buff - 2007-11-08 09:03:33
Boxing Helena - goes from surreal to bizzare to frightening!!
guzzi1975 - 2007-11-08 09:05:34
CAPTURING THE FRIEDMANS-- all the other movies are fiction, and this is REAL... f#cking little boys is about as sick as it gets... and this is all TRUE
Sarah - 2007-11-08 09:06:48
I would have to agree with whoever suggested TAXIDERMIA. I saw it at an international film festival earlier this year and still feel ill thinking about it. I read a review saying that it contained the most disturbing thing the writer had seen on celluloid, and foolishly thought they were being dramatic. My god, was I wrong. A man in the row in front of mine actually HAD A SEIZURE during the horrible last scene. Full on convulsions. My 2 friends and I were somehow united that day by the trauma of Taxidermia. They will never let me pick a movie again. Ever.
Tony - 2007-11-08 09:10:18
By far the most disturbing film that i have ever seen the fockers! What happened to you deNiro, will you not do anything for money?
guymar - 2007-11-08 09:11:54
What about French movie "Demon Lover" with Connie Nielsen - pretty disturbing as well and would beat Irréversible in my list ....
Luca - 2007-11-08 09:14:11
I can't stand the vision of Ken Russell "Altered States": terror from the inside of your own brain!!!
Varjak - 2007-11-08 09:17:12
"1900" by Bertolucci - the uncut version. it's a sick movie. and also "Breaking the Waves" by Lars von Trier tops the pervert director genre.
AJ - 2007-11-08 09:21:30
Tim had it dead on.. the two films I expected to see on this list among many that were... Requiem For a Dream literally fucked me up so bad when I watched it that I cancelled dinner plans that night for fear of randomly driving into a tree or something... And Vulgar was just flat out scary... and not in a good way.
Damaged Goods - 2007-11-08 09:36:19
Funny Games was one fucked up movie. That kind of psychological thriller messes with you much worse than some guts and blood flicks. Watch it! People say Ichi the Killer (Koroshiya 1) was fun, but I thought it was the most gruesome shit I've ever seen. Can't recommend to anyone.
CD - 2007-11-08 09:51:55
bad boy bubby now that was pretty messed up...
Turbo - 2007-11-08 09:52:23
Surely you're forgetting that Bugsy Malone is actually number 1 on this list. The evidence against: 1) Little english children pretending to be American Gangsters 2) Jodie Foster, at least a foot taller than any of the boys and I'm guessing 5 years older, as the lust-object, aged something totally mind-fuckingly-obscene like 12 when she did it - so, what is she supposed to have sex with some of the others? Ewww... 3) Splurge guns - I'm sorry, I think you mean Spunk guns, am I wrong? 4) Dexter Fletcher. 5) Kids singing in adult voices all told, it's even more disturbing than Pete's Dragon, Innerspace or Vice Versa. All 3 scared the crap out of me when I was a kid. The upshot is now I find very few films scary. Eraserhead? A bunch of black and white arty wank about a guy whose wife births a chickeny thing. Bugsy Malone? = Hell. On. Earth.
rob - 2007-11-08 10:09:31
What about "naked lunch", I'm still having nightmares about it
wang - 2007-11-08 10:17:53
I've never seen any of these, but I was really disturbed by The Butterfly Effect. If these are worse, I'd rather not see any of them.
Anonymous - 2007-11-08 10:19:18
And a second vote for 'Santa Sangre' - now that is one f***ed up movie!
J. Warner - 2007-11-08 10:23:56
"The Exorcist" certainly deserves a spot on the list.
Lee Nicholson - 2007-11-08 10:49:32
Jaws Threads ¿Quién puede matar a un niño? The Vanishing Irreversible Funny Games Deliverance Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer Aftermath
Anonymous - 2007-11-08 11:11:11
definitely Bad Boy Bubby and Gummo
sarebear - 2007-11-08 11:17:38
Of all the films on the list that I've seen, Irreversible stands out as the most disturbing for me. The fire extinguisher scene..just wrong. One of few films i've found truly uncomfortable to sit through. Also, mentioned a lot but deservedly so - Funny Games. Hard to watch and incredibly creepy at times. Bet the hollywood remake's gonna be terrible. Why couldn't they just leave it alone??
Justin - 2007-11-08 11:24:14
What about Freddy got fingered, that movie made me feel ill. Also maybe blood sucking creeps with the tooth pulling scene and maybe driller killer?
Anonymous - 2007-11-08 11:28:33
"Un Chien Andalou" and "Requiem for a Dream" at least deserve honorable mentions, but anyone who thinks "Se7en" is ill-written predictable crap has surely obscured the organ that perceives a difference between good and bad, between disgusting and good, and between crap and brilliant, which must leave a shattered feeling of impotence.
Simmerl - 2007-11-08 11:29:44
FESTEN The Celebration)by Thomas Vinterberg - first film of the Dogma 95 convention. I found it very disturbing because of its extreme authenticity and incredibily realistic story telling..
Matthew modd - 2007-11-08 12:00:47
The Evil dead is the best, scariest and goriest film i have ever seen
rissou - 2007-11-08 12:02:16
Good list but you have forgotten the most disturbing movie : Tetsuo and the man who became a machine
Anonymous - 2007-11-08 12:14:58
Ken Park--the scene where Wade William's (Prison BreaK) character goes into his son's bedroom and proceeds to...Well, this movie is banned in a lot of places anyway The entire premise of Old Boy is pretty messed up too... maybe it's just me but none of these films are necessarily "disturbing," just a bit f*d up.
Sefa - 2007-11-08 12:40:20
"Hundstage" ("canicular days") by Ulrich Seidl. Really disturbing is only everyday life.
Moses - 2007-11-08 12:46:18
I agree - Se7en has to be on this list. And Natural Born Killers??
ruthie - 2007-11-08 13:10:00
Actually, I have an alternate for #6: American Psycho. A Clockwork Orange was an amazing movie, and plenty violent and unsettling. But as far as purely demented goes, look only to the scene with Patrick Bateman having some disturbing 'fun' with some hookers and spends the rest of the film in a bloodbath that may or may not be made-up. That's disturbing.
Gigaherc - 2007-11-08 13:15:02
Haha - Seven is not disturbing at all when you've seen all above movies. They make Seven a bedtime story.
ARD - 2007-11-08 13:21:58
"In the Realm of the Senses" - which is bases on a true story!
Good Choices - 2007-11-08 13:26:25
I'm impressed with this list. Vanishing and Seven? Cmon - these blow those away. Irreversible will definitely mess with your head. The opening underground bar scene with the fire extinguisher and tunnel rape are pretty extreme.
sfazz - 2007-11-08 13:27:35
"Pi" is the most annoying film i think.
Mart - 2007-11-08 13:35:32
I have seen all of them on this list - Men Behind The Sun beats them all. A movie i recommend you not to watch !!!
Jane - 2007-11-08 13:40:22
Jack Nance did not die in a barroom fight - he died of cancer.
charlimara - 2007-11-08 13:45:16
no Men Behind the Sun??
Anpnympus - 2007-11-08 13:45:28
Bad boy bubby was an excellent flick, but to be fair the majority of the movie was pretty 'feel good' (seriously, it was heartwarming). I've seen most of the movies here (and many of those suggested in the comments) and I have to say I'm amazed that Wolf Creek (2005) hasn't even rated a mention. Read the comments here (or just go see it, if you don't want to spoil it): Wolf Creek This movie raised the 'disturbing' bar a few notches for me, and for everyone I know who's seen it.
Brent - 2007-11-08 13:47:11
Happiness + Mysterious Skin + Your Friends & Neighbors = one great marathon of pain
yiannis - 2007-11-08 13:47:33
Tetsuo was left out and so was La grande buffet
Lalle - 2007-11-08 13:49:33
I have to suggest Luis Buñuel's "Un chien andalau" (An Andalusian Dog) - the close-up scene of a scalpel cutting into an eye is the quintessence of disturbing.
Neil O - 2007-11-08 13:54:06
Good choices on the list. I would nominate "Ma Mere" (2004) a French film by Christophe Honore as a runner-up. Isabelle Huppert one-ups her performance in "La Pianiste" with her portrayal of one of the most inappropriate mothers ever.
httam - 2007-11-08 13:55:55
Yeah...I'm not getting the Requiem for a Dream comments either. Not in comparison to the rest of these movies. "The Cook, the Thief.." terrified me as a teenager. I'll never forget the button scene. Also, "Jesus Camp" scared the hell out of me! I had nightmares about those people.
Sorry, YOU ARE ALL WRONG........ PROMISE....... The absolute most F**ked up film you will see is " In a glass cage " by Agustín Villaronga, I promise you, 95% of you will not be able to watch past the first 10 minutes, it is NOT a low budget film, it will make you quite sick.
llamasonic - 2007-11-08 13:59:01
i have to second tetsuo for this list. damage was done.
pravin - 2007-11-08 14:01:07
Se7en, Identity
attaboy - 2007-11-08 14:01:24
"Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" It doesn't get any more disturbing that that.
Marty - 2007-11-08 14:04:49
"Kids" was one that was absolutely horrific to watch...I saw it in the theatre in 1996, and it still is in the forefront as a film I doubt I could ever watch again. "Mysterious Skin" is another that was very "heavy" on me after I saw it.
Krawchi - 2007-11-08 14:10:23
Ichi the Killer
boomboom - 2007-11-08 14:15:07
Bad Lieutenant was another movie that skeeved me out quite a bit. A man's flirtation with chaos that ends up consuming him.
And while Goodfellas is a pretty good movie overall, it does have it's moments thanks to Joe Pesci. The icepick scene still makes me shudder.
Victor E - 2007-11-08 14:16:30
Seven Beauties - unfortunately I saw this on a first date.
tourniquetspun - 2007-11-08 14:22:19
How about Pink Flamingoes by John Waters....?
So Lost - 2007-11-08 14:24:07
Blue Velvet has my vote
adam - 2007-11-08 14:25:35
el topo translates as "the mouse" or "the rat" not as "the mole".
chainsaw - 2007-11-08 14:32:25
The original Texas Chainsaw massacre was really a huge blow against females, made a lot of controversy if anyone remembers, should have made the list.
And there is allways Battlefield Earth..
EBD - 2007-11-08 14:32:28
For me as a kid Lord of the Flies flipped me.
lala - 2007-11-08 14:37:39
there is a spanish film called ACCIÓN MUTANTE (Mutant action)where in the future people are perfect. Then a terrorist group of imperfect people rapes a VIP girl.
Jay - 2007-11-08 14:39:20
How about Titicut's Folly? That was totally disturbing considering it was a documentry at a psych hospital
Ferry - 2007-11-08 14:41:30
Why the hell would anyone think that Pink Flamingos is disturbing? Its so over the top and campy that anything that happens in it has to be taken as a joke. Not to say that its a bad movie, but its certainly not disturbing.
Harry - 2007-11-08 14:44:18
none of these movies equals the horror of "Savior" to me. I will never see that movie again, I still have nightmares today.
Prim - 2007-11-08 14:47:05
what about FUNNY GAMES?!
Horror Freak - 2007-11-08 15:07:17
Bookworm, it's funny you mention Saw II. I went to it the day after I watched Audition, and couldn't believe how tame it was. I told my boyfriend, "that was nothing, you should have seen what I saw last night." So I'm going to have to disagree with you there. Also, it sucked.
dbixxle - 2007-11-08 15:11:22
umm...has anyone ever seen "sick" or "Trouble every Day"(starring the great Vincent Gallo)??? These will make you stay in bed for a few days for sure.
the greg - 2007-11-08 15:11:54
I've seen seven of the ten; that's what disturbs me... My personal #1 is "Salo". The guy who lent me the tape said, "You'll watch it, you'll think it's a great movie, and you'll never want to watch it again." And he was right. most of the movies i'd add are already listed here in the comments, but have to give props to THE EXORCIST and CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST. also, keep hearing way too much about TAXIDERMIA.
JKB - 2007-11-08 15:17:06
What about "May"? Also, whoever said "Dead Ringers"-- I agree.
Neutrino - 2007-11-08 15:47:17
The least disturbing Jodorowsky movie makes the list? Wow.
TMo - 2007-11-08 15:49:18
what about Man Bites Dog? I found that infinitely more disturbing than Henry.
Eric - 2007-11-08 15:55:38
I found The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause to be the most disturbing movie I've ever seen.
Pooter - 2007-11-08 15:56:07
Has anyone seen "Sheitan" with Vincent Cassel? Creepy French hillbilly flick....Very, very, very disturbing...
Dave - 2007-11-08 16:01:24
I to this day am creeped out by "Capturing the Friedman's" which is still the only movie I have had to get up and leave during. It was disturbing because it was true in my opinion.
Daniel - 2007-11-08 16:06:26
What about "Faces of Death"?
Anonymous - 2007-11-08 16:08:55
I think American History X should be on this list. Outright violence is not the only disturbing thing around, and is usually so ridiculous as to not be disturbing anymore. Happiness and Palindromes are also super disturbing. You just feel kind of dirty after watching them.
Choice - 2007-11-08 16:13:22
I did not see any of these being mentioned: singapore sling haute tentsion, switchblade romance, high tension - all the same movie the devil's rejects I felt all were well made and quite wrong.
Rick - 2007-11-08 16:20:53
"Goodbye Girl" disturbed me more than any of these...
Matt Plastik - 2007-11-08 16:22:36
Now I've seen ALMOST every "disturbing" movie on the List and in the comments, and I only saw one or maybe two comments(didn't go through ALL the comments)that hit the nail on the head (pun intended..) The ONLY movies I've seen in my entire life (I'm 36) that disturbed me to the point of almost truly vomiting and wouldn't let me sleep (the shocking images would flash in my mind..) Are: AUGUST UNDERGROUND, AUGUST UNDERGROUND'S MORDUM, and AUGUST UNDERGROUND'S PENANCE... These movies are absolutely disturbingly BRILLIANT!!! I love these movies because they are the first to really mess me up!! (it takes ALOT to do that!!) They are NOT for entertainment... A strength of will, a test to see how long you can stand it!! I have friends that love messed up horror movies that can't make it through even the first one.. Be warned, these movies are ONLY for strong stomached and strong willed people... TRULY DISTURBING.
ejb - 2007-11-08 16:25:42
I would add the Kiwi film "Once were Warriors" to the list.
anonymous - 2007-11-08 16:37:41
Yawn, Sad fucking list. You guys must be really bored. Where the hell is twentynine palms or for that matter, any of Bruno Dumont's filmography? Men behind the sun, anyone? The Bridge? In my Skin? Tideland? Happiness? Do some more homework instead of garnering your pics off some other person's top ten page.
Randall - 2007-11-08 16:48:00
How about Der Todesking?
ghbbrown - 2007-11-08 16:56:41
There are a couple of threads running here, one for psycho-disturbing movies and another for disgusting ones that induce puking. I thought ERASERHEAD was pretentious and boring, and never understood why anybody thought the premise of SOYLENT GREEN was a bad idea. THREADS blows THE DAY AFTER out of the water. HAPPINESS is wonderfully creepy--esp when the chubby son asks Dad if he'd fuck HIM. Here's one nobody seems to have noticed, a recent one called THIRTEEN (I think the title is spelled TSEMETI).
Creepy Uncle Steve - 2007-11-08 16:59:55
I agree with whoever mentioned John Carpenter's "The Thing". That movie is disturbing in many levels - yes, it has some extreme gore, and is widely known for how bizarre and violent the death scenes are, but the real reason it is disturbing is because of the very well-done theme of paranoia. The fact that the men in the film are isolated way out in the middle of nowhere, and it is almost impossible to know who is human, and who is infected by the Thing makes it tense and believable. This is an actual scary movie, not just a gore flick.
HHHODGE - 2007-11-08 17:01:30
I've seen every film on this list except "Last House On The Left." And I agree w/ other posts re: "Cannibal Holocaust" (that movie is the reason I am now a vegetarian). But the most disturbing movie I've ever seen (and "Salo" is a close 2nd) is "Isla: She-Wolf of the SS". Inexcusable violence and brutality (although the budget is so miniscule that some of it is hard to take seriously, the intention behind it overwhelms the corniness). This movie is the godfather of torture porn.
Ella Blue - 2007-11-08 17:07:26
I saw someone mentioned Brazil. Surreal yes, disturbing no. And then Zed & Two Noughts -- my fave film of all time -- and no where near disturbing. The first movie I saw that left me feeling dirty afterwards was Trainspotting, the whole dive in the filthy toilet and dead babies on the ceiling. Disturbing though, Camp 731 (based on Unit 731) it is from Hong Kong I believe. You want disturbing -- find this film. And no, it is not disturbing in a gory manner but shit like this really happened in these experimental camps disturbing. Reality -- now that is disturbing
k - 2007-11-08 17:08:58
how about cannibal holocaust?
Old Ben - 2007-11-08 17:14:37

It sounds like most of the commenters are actually not into shocking cinema.You guys are giving the Lamest suggestions. Se7en? Reqium? Pink Floyd? You're probably the types that get weepy watching a bubblegum/torture porn flick like Hostel.The above is a great list. I don't agree with every film, but it's still very well thought out. Disturbing doesn't necessary mean horrific. I would recommend these flicks to people looking to experience strange emotions.

For depair and isolation: "The heart is deceitful above all things"

For depraved inhumanity, immaturity, and torture: "August Underground"

For Sociopathic disconnection from the human race: "I stand alone"

Ouso - 2007-11-08 17:18:57
"Cannibal Ferox" - I haven't seen it but from what I've HEARD it sounds like it's more disturbing than most of those choices. I agree with "Salo" but out of the films listed I don't see how it isn't number one - they rape kids and force them to eat feces, in "Eraserhead" there's the dinner scene and the baby If I had to make a list I would include "L'Humanite," "Twentynine Palms"
antinous - 2007-11-08 17:26:51
I didn't eat for about a week after Eraserhead. I lost ten pounds.
Byron - 2007-11-08 17:33:07
One of the most distrubing things on this blog? Some of the snobbish a**holes making comments. While I don't completly argee with the list. I don't argee on insulting choices merely because your opinion is different. Overall. There's some good choices on the list. For further viewing however I do recommend Funny Games, Oldboy, Salo, Happiness. Storytelling. Someone also brought about the good point that horrific may not mean distrubing.
jojo the rag man - 2007-11-08 17:41:19
im sure everyone has their own idea of disturbing. i believe the truest form of disturbing is reality. look all around you, hell, watch the news. we live in a very disturbed world and know movie will ever be true enough to display that. there are movies ive seen where its close but not close enough. though they all display violence that we read about everyday, none of them have actually put you in the victims position. once someone achieves that, theyll be #1.
Kresho - 2007-11-08 17:42:59
"Biography of DJ Yagi: Happy Hardcore Stardom" should be up there!
Anonymous - 2007-11-08 17:57:27
You forgot Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory!
kei - 2007-11-08 17:57:52
BS - 2007-11-08 17:58:58
Happiness and Mysterious Skin - there's a double bill to watch just before hanging yourself. But Dawn of the Dead is still the scariest in my book.
Dutchguy - 2007-11-08 18:06:07
@ ghbbrown: 13 Tzameti is definitely a disturbing (and excellent) movie that could have made this list. Nice list, though. Does it say something about me, when I have 9 out of 10 on dvd?
allenchampagne - 2007-11-08 18:18:33
There's a film called "Blind Beast" by wrongfully obscure Japanese director Yasuzo Masumura which I recommend. This movie just gets more disturbing as it goes on until it reaches the end. I don't easily get bothered by anything fictitious (unless it's written by Harlan Ellison), but after watching this, I had to instantly put a comedy in my DVD player.
Rob - 2007-11-08 18:20:05
I agree with the person who said FUNNY GAMES. Jeez, it really kind of upset me. Esp. the cruel murder of the heroine at the end, in a casual, almost flip fashion. I guess they are remaking it.
Dave - 2007-11-08 18:22:05
Blue Velvet was real creepy. isabella rossalini was very beautiful.
Dave - 2007-11-08 18:24:57
The Cook The Thief His Wife and Her Lover. Nekromantik.
Jay - 2007-11-08 18:30:41
Mysterious Skin seriously destroys everything on the list. I've seen everything on the list and most of the ones listed in the comments. Not even close. Thinking of the movie still makes me want to vomit.
r_d_finch - 2007-11-08 18:36:53
I would have to add Peter Jackson's early film "Dead Alive" to this list, although after a while the gore is so over-the-top that it becomes bizarrely humorous in a way--is it a send-up of the genre or truly sick?
coppermouse - 2007-11-08 18:36:57
Kristinna Kafka - 2007-11-08 18:38:35
try TAXIDERMIA, by Gyorgy Palfy
Igor - 2007-11-08 18:43:32
the cook the wife the thief her lover, whatever the hell its called... it defines this subject
ImDboy - 2007-11-08 19:06:35
the most disturbing movie of all time is Barely Legal
Istvan - 2007-11-08 19:08:44
"Sweet Movie" can be included on this list. Thought the film is supposed to be a light surrealistic comedy satire, it contains some seriously disturbing imagery and scenes: 1. The naked lady on the boat who seduces young children with sugar 2. Actors defecating onto plates - in graphic detail!! 3. A man pretends to be a baby and rolls around, soiling himself like one. 4. During dinner, one of the actors begins to urinate on the food, while another drinks from his pee strain. 5. A girl continuously holds a penis to her face, letting the foreskin rub all over her - ok not disturbing, but still very very graphic. What a strange movie, this Sweet Movie. It made the audience shriek and howl, was very bizarre, and some of the imagery lingered for days - whether I wanted it in my hear or not.....
thesteelmaker - 2007-11-08 19:16:17
2 girls 1 cup
rip - 2007-11-08 19:30:35
why didn't home alone 3 make this list?
trik - 2007-11-08 19:31:59
tetsuo :the iron man...
Diane - 2007-11-08 19:42:49
Great list! I have seen most of the listed films and they are disturbing, but Russ Meyer's, Supervixens puts them all in the shade. Although often regarded as a comedy, the imagery of its brutal protagonist murdering the woman early in the film is truly haunting and upsetting. This is the only film that I ever walked out on before the end.
jm - 2007-11-08 19:49:12
Cannibal Holocaust. I watched "Freaks" in Film & Lit class (in high school), by the way, and very soon we'll also be watching "A Clockwork Orange." ACO is my favorite movie of all time. LOVE IT!
The Man - 2007-11-08 19:50:04
TITICUT FOLLIES: The only American film banned from release for reasons other than obscenity or national security, Titicut Follies was filmed inside the Massachusetts Correctional Institution at Bridgewater, a prison hospital for the criminally insane. After the Commonwealth of Massachusetts sued the filmmakers, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that the film constituted was an invasion of inmate privacy and ordered the withdrawal of the film from circulation.
Jean-Luc God - 2007-11-08 19:52:14
Peeping Tom? And Blue Velvet should definitely be in place of Eraserhead! This list is screwed up!
enazwo - 2007-11-08 19:55:42
Got to put my vote in for "The Naked Lunch". Made my brain squirm. The soundtrack with the abstract sax riff is quite memorable. I've had a few of my friends watch "The Naked Lunch" and they haven't spoken to me since.
pook - 2007-11-08 20:11:05
WHERE IS HONG KONG. I had a friend WHO SURVIVED BATTLE COMBAT walk out of The Untold Story halfway through, pale as a ghost. Ebola Syndrome, also w/ Anthony Wong, ain't no walk in the park either if you can find it uncut. In fact the only truly disturbing film on yr list in probably the Passolini.
Goonie - 2007-11-08 20:25:53
Mullholland Drive or Lost Highway.
Ray - 2007-11-08 20:30:28
I vote for Begotten...seriouly twisted flick.
odishon - 2007-11-08 20:35:13
Ken Park is pretty disturbing as well
GG - 2007-11-08 20:42:41
+10: man bites dog +1: tetsuo, videodrome (existenz is not too bad either) also the innocents (but that's maybe because I saw that as a kid, home alone...)
bratface - 2007-11-08 20:43:09
I don't get why anyone would name Event Horizon as disturbing. I have seen it a couple of times and thought is was rather boring.
Downchez - 2007-11-08 20:55:43
Personal Vote for:House of 1000 corpses and Requiem for a Dream
Anonymous - 2007-11-08 21:01:39
Cannibal Holocaust.
gbowles - 2007-11-08 21:15:27
decent list, kudos for including henry: portrait of a serial killer. definitely would have picked holy mountain or santa sangre over el topo. requiem for a dream detractors forget the end of the american dream factor and the performance of the old lady (which is more disturbing than the drug side of the story) and the genius sound design of this movie... guess i'd still just give it an honorable mention. like dead alive, too funny to be on this list but honorable amounts of gore to be sure. mainstream slock like 7 and the vanishing, etc. is pretty laughable compared to some on this list. faces of death 4 should be here though. and after reading the comments i'll definitely be checking out cannibal holocaust. happiness was too good a movie to be that disturbing, guess i'm a weird dude, heh. also thought that audition is pretty overrated, shouldn't have made it. tetsuo is way better. i'm sure there's more we're forgetting too...
spiralmc - 2007-11-08 21:18:56
what about miike's DUMPLINGS....truly gruesome...the end is the more disturbing than any nine minute rape or deformity of nature...i'll never eat dumplings again...i'd rather watch exorcist or I spit on your grave or salo then watch DUMPLINGS again...
mrsthuro - 2007-11-08 21:42:49
Watched "Eraserhead" for the first time this past week. Can't remember the last time I laughed so hard. Stupid movie. Not scary or disturbing.
Anonymous - 2007-11-08 21:47:35
Interesting List. Perhaps what's most disturbing is how many of these movies I've seen. That said, let me add a second for "Once Were Warriors." It had some of the most graphic, realistic violence I've seen on film. The scene where the lead character beats his wife was stomach-turning. Also, a shout-out to "Videodrome." Saw it when I was about 11 or 12, it messed my head up and I've never watched it since.
valla - 2007-11-08 21:55:19
fear and loathing in las vegas. if you want disturbing shit, read the book american psycho by bret easton ellis, do NOT see the movie. also read haunted by chuck palahniuk. the devils rejects by rob zombie is also a very good movie. as well as house of 1000 corpses.
Phalanx666 - 2007-11-08 22:00:26
Thriller: En Grym Film
murry - 2007-11-08 22:16:48
lainiediamond - 2007-11-08 22:27:17
A few more that have freaked me out over the years - "Night of the Living Dead", "Maniac", "Frenzy", "The Tin Drum", "Sybil". I usually don't watch hardcore horror/gore though.
Tommy - 2007-11-08 22:48:42
I agree that "Kids" should be on this list as well as "Gummo"
fooch - 2007-11-08 23:01:13
What about Goodbye Uncle Tom or some other crap by Prosperi and Jacopetti?
jds68 - 2007-11-08 23:51:42
Has anyone seen "Pixote" by Hector Babenco?! This movie is by far the most disturbing film I have ever seen. Find it and watch it. This film will truly bum you out for weeks.
Gra - 2007-11-08 23:52:50
For mine in no particular order: Jacobs Ladder - It never let you get settled with the constant reality shifts. Meet the Feebles - Muppet snuff film that was hysterical for all the wrong reasons. Toxic Avenger - Classic incorrect yet funny film (shooting the guide dog etc)
AnyKeyz - 2007-11-08 23:53:27
Very nice list, you know your stuff. Forget about the trolls who mentioned Seven or House of 1000 corpses. Crematorium and Cannibal Holocaust may have been on my list, but great work around
Katy - 2007-11-08 23:54:24
Funny Games disturbing? i must be f** up then because i found it pretty light. Pinocchio 964 on the other hand..ahh i just wanted it to finish is not like graphical disturbing..but it plays with your mind
Battle Royale? - 2007-11-08 23:54:56
Wonder why Battle Royale didn't make it on the top ten list? Whoever said Saw II needs to be shot.
mp - 2007-11-09 00:12:00
1. Great list ... I've missed a couple of these. 2. Man Bites Dog? Disturbing? That was one of the funniest movies I remember from college.
MPD - 2007-11-09 00:49:02
What? No Tideland?
Tim - 2007-11-09 00:49:37
I'm with Diamond Dave. " Funny Games is one of those movies that you never want to watch it a second time but you want to make everyone you know watch it." One of the most disturbing I've seen.
JohnM - 2007-11-09 00:51:16
Wolf Creek and The Proposition would have to be Aussie nominations too. Both pretty disturbing.
cory greenwell - 2007-11-09 01:05:47
i was hoping i'd see henry: portrait of a serial killer on here. just saw it & it was amazing. Requiem is disturbing, but manageable. I've been wanting to see irreversible & you've resparked my interest.
ALi - 2007-11-09 01:08:23
Does anyone ever remember the movie "Society" ? now that was a pretty disturbing movie when they eat people alive.
my anus is bleeding! - 2007-11-09 01:13:50
the ending of haneke's 'seventh continent' is pretty messed up. of all miike's i'd second visitor q. tetsuo iron man will definitely leave an impression. chris cunningham's short 'rubber johnny' is creepy. bunuel's discreet charm of the bourgeoisie, jeunet's city of lost children, hertzfeldt's rejected, & fantastic planet.
White Rabbbit - 2007-11-09 01:15:58
Lots of great ones that you already suggested, but I would STILL like to highly recommend "Buddy Boy", which is extremely disturbing. Also "Festen" (also known as "The Celebration"). as well as "Eyes Wide Shut." And let's certainly add "The Shining."
Noel Lysen - 2007-11-09 01:17:25
Wow. Now I know what movies NOT to watch. Seriously. I read every single post, and was disgusted even by some of the descriptions you guys made. Are any of these movies disturbing without all the rape and sick violence and pooping on stuff? I would never want to see anything worse than The Shining or What Lies Beneath (I freaked out after watching The Ring). I guess I'm wondering if any of these films you guys mentioned are tame enough in that sense - disturbing because of how well they're made, not because of some cheap pornagraphic sickness.
4kali - 2007-11-09 01:29:18
I'd vote for "Whore", "Bad Lieutenant", "Videodrome" and "Caligula" but if we're talking maybe the top 20 Most Disturbing films, the I'd definitely add "Straw Dogs"
JimMelloan - 2007-11-09 01:35:33
Wow - no mention yet of Herschell Gordon Lewis. I was waiting to see 2000 Maniacs on the list. To me it's a must. And Lewis's Wizard of Gor is a contender. Also for your consideration...Tokyo Decadence.
Ed - 2007-11-09 02:02:31
Haven't seen a lot of the films mentioned, but I gotta say The Bridge (a film about suicides on the Golden Gate Bridge) takes the cake for me. I wish I had never seen that film. After that film, Visitor Q, Come and See, and Salo are the films are probably the ones that disturbed me the most. Somebody mentioned Capturing the Friedmans. Yes, this one definitely ranks high as well. But it's so tragic and sad as much as it is disturbing. Man Bites Dog? Tetsu: Iron Man? These films are twisted black comedies. I can't see how anyone really finds them disturbing. In a Glass Cage is a good suggestion, but I didn't find it nearly as bad as people say. The film tries a bit too hard. Nobody mentioned Repulsion by Roman Polanski. That one ranks up there for me. Irreversible is pretty disturbing, but 90% of the film is quite boring. The director's previous film, I Stand Alone, is a better film, and it's just as freaky. I love The Holy Mountain and El Topo. I found them more arresting and amazing than disturbing. Same goes for films by David Lynch and Maya Deren. Cronenberg films can be pretty freaky. For me the freakiest film of his is The Brood, but his films affect everyone differently. Some of the films mentioned are just gory. There is a difference between disturbing and disgusting.
Crimson Rat - 2007-11-09 02:24:49
Krank, you fucking stupid cunt. Back in 1995, when "Se7en" first came out, there was no way anybody in the audience, even you, in all your insight and genius, could have known what was going to happen out in that barren desert with the high tension towers. No movie had ever ended it's story with evil triumphing so completely and devastatingly. Sure, "The Vanishing" ends badly, but at least the guy is still alive inside the coffin. No such luck for poor Gwyneth. Krank, do everyone a favor and stop sharing your lobotomized droolings on the internet for all to see.
EJL - 2007-11-09 02:41:47
Here's my top 10, in no particular order: "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" - The sheer randomness of it all made it bleaker than more traditional horror movies. Plus the title itself warns you what is to come, so there is absolute transparency to the suspense. "Salo" - I did see the unedited version in a theatre, as part of a Passolini retrospective, and it was the closest I've ever been to fainting in a theatre. Almost certainly #1 on my list, were I to rank them. "Funny Games" - Again, the bleak, random, essentially motiveless maliciousness gets me here, combined with the expertly played absense of morality from the actors who play the villains. "Battle Royale" - One of the only times I can think of when I've rooted for people to die quickly, so that I don't have to linger with their inevitable deaths, which is a clever manipulation of the audience methinks. "American Psycho" - I had read the book first, which is better/worse, but Christian Bale also perfectly captures that vacancy of morality that is chilling. "Twentynine Palms" - The most unsettling depiction of the similarities between violent and sexual passions. "Blair Witch Project" - You can argue whether the film is actually scary or not, but the filmmakers purposefully do nothing to make the film pretty or pleasant. The faux documentary style is done so well, it should make you wonder about any other "real" documentary you've ever seen. "Cries and Whispers" - The most "modern" of Bergman's fantasies, thus the most unsettling. "1984" - The 1984 version, in great part because John Hurt so excells at creating pained, disturbed characters. Even the sex scenes were depressing (again, on purpose). "Seconds" - A somewhat overlooked classic of paranoia and hopelessness. You can never go home again, and you can't take it with you, so you might as well just give up. Even something so "pleasurable" as the grape-stomping scene left me disoriented. And a bonus film: "Passion of the Christ" - Whether you take it as an honest depiction of a Biblical story or as Church-sanctioned torture porn, it isn't meant to make you feel good about much of anything. I believe an effort to disturb the viewer is as equally valid a motivation for filmmakers as is the urge to please them. In fact maybe more, as it is more likely to provoke thought as to why they were disturbed or why the filmmaker thought it was a good idea to tell this story in the first place (happy, pleasant movies tend to go in one ear, maybe warm the heart for a few minutes, then go right out the other). Although I didn't find a film like "Man Bites Dog" to be disturbing per se, it has a brilliantly purposeful message to make about the way modern viewers react to violence and murder, as do most of the other films I cited. At least I think so. "Saw II" or "Requeium for a Dream," not so much, at least not in my book, disturbing and unpleasant though they may be.
Welle Hung - 2007-11-09 02:51:16
Good list...a few I was not even familiar with...good job.
Film Fan - 2007-11-09 03:05:13
Can't believe no one has mentioned 8mm.
Me - 2007-11-09 03:07:17
Wolf Creek - Australian Movie - 2005 "head on a stick"
tripe fontaine - 2007-11-09 03:18:47
Begotten is number one most disturbing.
NickFlix - 2007-11-09 03:46:23
The Reflecting Skin, anyone?
Anonymous - 2007-11-09 04:00:10
I too vote for Funny Games... Gave me a headache for days :/
DJ Small Fry Like The Rest - 2007-11-09 04:33:53
I'd add Basic Instinct, The Crying Game, and last but not least Silence of The Lambs. A smart person will figure out how f-ed up this movies are!!! And even more, they all went on to win Academy Awards!! Just goes to show...
Dave - 2007-11-09 04:46:59
I can't wait until y'all check out the new French shocker "Al'intérieur" (Inside). Unrelentingly gruesome, brutal and of the most disturbing, unnerving movies I've seen in years...
Evan - 2007-11-09 04:50:53
Here are a few I'd mention that are absent from the list -- Pink Flamingos, Page of Madness, Inland Empire (more disturbing for me than Eraser Head) and Murnau's Nosferatu. The fact that it's 85 years old somehow makes it stranger and more disturbing.
another guy with an opinion - 2007-11-09 05:04:51
i know top ten lists are always debated and no one is ever happy about them but there is no way eraserhead is more disturbing than salo. eraserhead is hard to take seriously as a creepy movie. it's quite funny in my opinion. but salo, my god. i can't wash the horror of that film from my head. as i was watching it i thought it couldn't get worse than when they feed the youths glass or the endless shit eating and yet, somehow it does. it gets much worse. i wish i could unwatch it. besides that, great list. there's a few i still have to watch. "sweet movie" has some more grotesqueries for those interested.
ROFLMFAO - 2007-11-09 06:08:50
Ken Pinyan - 2007-11-09 06:30:08
I would have to add "Zoo" (2007) to this list. It's disturbing, yet touching, at the same time.
eucalyptus - 2007-11-09 06:55:43
"The Woodsman" was mildly disturbing - a basically decent guy who couldn't recognise that what he'd done had ever hurt anyone. "Henry" definitely deserves to be on this list, and "Turtles Can Fly" was disturbing to me - a graphic account of kids in a Kurdish refugee camp.
crazy - 2007-11-09 07:01:04
i don't understand why some people say "seven" is poor or predictable. i think it was a great movie, not particulary disturbing. the same for "requiem for a dream". i would say jacob's ladder", "exorcist" or "funny games"."oldboy" was crap in my opinion and so was that 2 girls1cup shit. as for the other movies, kids, salo, begotten and the others that were suggested by some really-into-this-kind-of-movies disturbed people, just reading the reviews convinced me that there are some subjects that i really don't wanna know nothing about
MACEDONIAN - 2007-11-09 07:35:52
Stouns, "Natural born killers" should definitely enter this list, pure rage and anarchy.
Irena - 2007-11-09 08:00:38
Where is "Parents"?
Chris Talbot - 2007-11-09 11:35:52
By far the most disturbing movies of all time were the Police Academy collection. Terrifying to think that they achieved any level of success whatsoever.
The Macedon - 2007-11-09 17:56:19
Uplow - 2007-11-09 22:01:50
Jakob's Ladder freaked me out.
HTG - 2007-11-10 06:02:24
This list doesn't make sense, the most disturbing movie of all time is "Blow". all of that cocaine wasted, brought tears to my eyes.
p - 2007-11-10 08:54:10
As nobody mentioned, I have to add a comment : - Lilja 4Ever (Lukas Moodyson). No gory but make you think and possibly cry - and for short films, check out Jean-Louis Costes' website ( Hearing his music, I never dared to buy his videos, but for all thoses people looking for disturbing videos, here you have a disturbing (-ed ?) person.
Anonymous - 2007-11-10 14:02:11
Larry Clark did NOT direct "Gummo." Harmony Korine, who wrote "KIDS" directed "Gummo." Takashi Miike did NOT direct the "DUMPLINGS" segment of "3 Extremes." Fruit Chan directed "DUMPLINGS." Many of the films mentioned are disturbing because of explicit depictions of aberrant sex, rape (hetero and homosexual), eating shit, heinous cruel torture and violence, slicing and mistreatment of genitals, gore, etc. Anyone could film a disgusting scene of geek-show transgression or a violent rape and provoke a disturbed reaction. I could film a pair of hermaphrodite Siamese twin harelip child rapists fucking the dead body of a toddler, and I would be successful in disturbing people. But that doesn't make me clever or sophisticated. What I'm interested in is disturbing an audience psychologically, not viscerally. No one has mentioned or would even think to mention "2001: A Space Odyssey"-it's rated G for Christ's sakes! But the scene where HAL coldly, efficiently, silently turns off the sleeping chambers of three of the five guys onboard while they are asleep, is more chilling than a thousand bloody rapes or John Waters shit-eating extravaganzas. Only one other person has mentioned Michael Haneke's "THE SEVENTH CONTINENT," which may be the single most spirit-crushing, and thus, quite upsetting i.e. disturbing, film made since it came out in 1989. No blunt displays of sickening perversions. Just a series of daily mundane habits and activities in the empty routine of the lives of a typical family. No one can shine a light on the horror of banality and monotony like Michael Haneke. The only thing more depressing and upsetting than a funeral are the conversations about football, "American Idol," Britney Spears, the weather, etc. at the wake. See also Michael Haneke's "71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance," Todd Field's "In the Bedroom," Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining," and Cristi Puiu's "The Death of Mr. Lazarescu." Or don't see, if you are clinically depressed.
CJ - 2007-11-10 16:07:48
what about "man bites dog"? That one should be on this list as well.
Distal Marrow - 2007-11-10 16:16:41
So much talk of El Topo? Has anyone seen his other film "THE HOLY MOUNTAIN" ! By far one of the bravest film experiences committed to celluloid ! Also one should indeed check out "Begotten", "Aftermath", "Nekromantik 1&2", "The Death king" and the surreal and compelling "Le Poem"
THESORROW - 2007-11-10 16:25:50
ok first off audition shouldnt be on there it isnt even that disturbing add oldboy, izo, itchi the killer, sucide club, and battle royal and this would be a good list
maxwellnottosmart - 2007-11-10 16:29:47
xanadu, more disturbing than all the above
Moo - 2007-11-10 18:01:21
"Naked" by Mike Leigh. Good stuff.
Adri - 2007-11-10 18:16:50
Irreversible is italian, not french.
bunnyfrog - 2007-11-10 18:52:50
I've seen a number of the films mentioned, but "TITANIC" disturbed the hell out of me. When the boy wonder hollers "I'm king of the world!" I ran from the theatre, screaming.
Andy - 2007-11-10 21:39:43
"Begotten" should be #1. Absolutely disturbing.
artist61968 - 2007-11-11 01:14:26
..what's disturbing, is that I have seen all of them.
Anonymous - 2007-11-11 02:04:42
Out of all the movies I've seen, the most disturbing has to be "Strangeland".
Matt Peckum - 2007-11-11 02:15:03
Dead Ringers all the way. Could be #1. It's one of those movies that makes your skin crawl. Twin Gynecologists who "invent" horrific "devices" to "treat" their patients. Some brotherly love aluded to, some very disturbing "exams", and generally, the creepiest role ever for Jeremy Irons.
Steph - 2007-11-11 04:30:15
"Cannibal Holocaust" should be no. 1. Incredibly hard to find, but the most disturbing movie I've ever seen, hands down.
monete - 2007-11-11 05:59:49
i was able to borrow a copy of "salo" from a friend... i never got though the first 30 minutes. its really really disturbing.
RJ - 2007-11-11 06:10:24
Wow, some of these posts come off as really wimpy or uninformed. The 'Cannibal' films are only disturbing because of the very real animal killings, I found 'Salo' to be pretty campy (only one step above the old 'SS Nazi Camp blah e.t.c.' type of movie) and as for modern uber-crap like Saw.... and if 'Se7en (decent film, not disturbing, anyone who says they predicted the end is a liar) disturbed you, I urge you not to watch 'Tetsuo: The Iron Man', 'Men Behind The Sun' or 'Eat the Schoolgirl'.
ELBSeattle - 2007-11-11 07:27:12
The actual quote from Eraserhead is, "You've got your good thing and I've got mine." (Singular thing) You didn't mention how incredibly funny Eraserhead is, as well as disturbing. Two other disturbing flicks: Visitor Q, by 'Audition' director Takashi Miike and 'Ichi the Killer,' also by Miike. Either of these out-disturb 'Audition' by a factor of at least 10.
HL - 2007-11-11 09:31:57
I saw Salo in the early 90s when - for some strange reason - it was shown in Melbourne. In all my years of movie watching, this film really freaked me out, and I was nearly on the verge of vomiting a few times. I'm no conservative, but this is one film which should be banned. Ugh! Clockwork is pretty weird too - and way too long!
enc - 2007-11-11 10:30:55
Someone should seriously screen comments. I think thinair took the cake. Yeah, Salo isn't disturbing because you're from New York. Naked Lunch? Gummo? Faces of Death?
K9srCool - 2007-11-11 13:03:25
I'm not exactly sure what your criteria was for "most disturbing movies", but after seeing on 'the big' screen twice - a year apart, I have to nominate Apocalypes Now. Came out both times shell shocked. Not sure how it would play on the DVD player though.
parker - 2007-11-11 15:40:41
there are worst movies out there but they are shit ie canable holocaust... these are well done flicks and true classics
Hardcorebrat - 2007-11-11 17:44:38
How about Terry Gilliams 'Tideland'. It was hard not to keep watching it but made my skin crawl on so many levels.
Just a Guy - 2007-11-12 00:10:27
I've seen all of those movies, and I would have to agree. One more: What Is It? (2005)
TechMetalChapel - 2007-11-12 03:59:48
ELBSeattle: I wouldn't say Ichi "out-disturbs" Audition. Sure, it's more graphically violent, but also a lot more unrealistic. Audition is a pretty plausible film, making it that much freakier. Plus, the camera angles during the torture scene sort of make you feel like you're the one being tortured.
lonesoullost - 2007-11-13 00:44:03
I agree Audition is a disturbing movie - mostly because if you don't know what you're getting into it comes absolutely out of the blue. The first 3/4th of the film is a bit slow imo, but then suddenly you're pounded with visual/aural imagery that completely turns the main character's world (and yours as a viewer) upside down. But, Takeshi Miike has also directed some beautiful films, including "The Bird People in China" (Tyuugoku no Tyouzin 中国の鳥人), which definitely are not disturbing.
Heywood U. Cuddleme - 2007-11-13 02:30:48
Smh, they dont have Gummo on the list!
Sam - 2007-11-13 02:42:06
Two words: Shindler's List Maybe it's only because I know any of those bodies could have been my great grandparents.
[KwZ] - 2007-11-13 05:01:26
"Of all time" yeah, right... you, sir, need to watch more movies. There are at least 5 way more disturbing.
katie - 2007-11-13 07:02:23
all Kids, Gummo, Mysterious Skin, and L'inondation ( i think in english its "the flood" but it entails an old man having sex with his adopted pre-teen daughter and a graphic, disgusting murder..). there's a lot of disturbing movies out there
meh - 2007-11-13 15:03:56
Pretty much anything with Jim Carey in it should be on that list. Its disturbing how he never shuts up and keeps talking and making weird faces and noises. But seriously, "The Bad Lieutenant" should be on the list. That movie was messed up.
Ann - 2007-11-13 21:35:09
I think you should check out "Dancer in the Dark" seriously changed my life..
renascent - 2007-11-14 20:01:39
The Cook The Thief His Wife and Her Lover was disturbing but Xtro was also up there. Pure shite.
Mirco - 2007-11-14 23:34:34
What about Pink Flamingos:, Tetsuo:, Taxidermia:
The metamathemagician - 2007-11-15 07:33:55
Koyaanisqatsi has changed my life ia way no other work of art has....
Jlz - 2007-11-15 14:34:00
man bites dog (a.k.a. C'est arrivé près de chez vous) is satire and humor. twisted kind of humor, but humor nevertheless... irréversible is totally in it's place at second.
meniak - 2007-11-15 15:36:11
I saw Nekromantic 1&2 at an underground rave some ten years ago, after the first movie half of the room was empty, when I went outside I found most of them being sick and puking their guts out...respect to guy who put up the picture in room full of acid munchers...
JB - 2007-11-15 17:45:33
I'd definitely add 'Pink Flamingos' to this list too.
Jeebus - 2007-11-16 01:47:06
What, Happiness was forgotten?
jj - 2007-11-16 05:17:41
What, no Cronenberg?
noimorti - 2007-11-16 15:56:54
Marebito, I found particularly disturbing, you dont really understand exactly what hes doing till the credits role (dont want to spoil the film) and then you realize you where sucked into the reality of a delusional psychopath and once they do you get a bit of a chill.
upel - 2007-11-17 10:00:32
'C'est arrivé près de chez vous' with a really disturbing Benoit Poelvoorde
Peter - 2007-11-17 17:44:00
Check out GG Allin (or Allen?). Disturbing because the guy really existed.
Cannibal - 2007-11-17 20:50:18
Lots of disturbing movies here, but there's still one that is not mentioned and is highly recommended : that is "CANNIBAL" from director Marian Dora, based on the true story that actually happened in Germany. One of the few movies that manages to combine the explicit (the gore is disturbingly real and the camera NEVER moves away) and the implicit (the dark and dirty atmosphere, the constant tension). It is scary and dirty, and the fact that it really happened makes this one a ultimate horror experience. Check it out!
Me, myself - 2007-11-18 01:27:21
You are missing Begotten, which I think has to be the most disturbing movie I've seen (though I haven't seen all of the ones on here yet).
Anthony - 2007-11-18 02:31:21
Whether something is disturbing or not is relative to the viewer's point of view. Of all the movies in the list that I have seen, all were disturbing. However, Bambi was the most disturbing moving I have ever seen (at the time I saw it). 20 years later when I saw Blue Velvet in a screening room, I laughed out loud and saw it as comedy. Point is, once you have started viewing disturbing movies, it becomes a "top this" exercise. The "top this" exercise is ultimately a very personal thing. My feeling is that if you took a viewer who has not seen any "disturbing" movies, they would likely rate the first such movie they see very highly, because each subsequent movie becomes less "disturbing" over time. No different than the resistance to the effect of any shock over time.
Kyle - 2007-11-18 13:40:47
"Saw 2" Fuck off. Neither with Requiem for a Dream. I don't think any mainstream movie has been disturbing in the last decade. It's mostly the ones that fall a little south of the mark that get you. There's a difference between 'disturbing' and " LOL that's dead weird and surreeeal, what's going on?? I don't know!"
Brian Dub - 2007-11-20 00:08:32
I'm glad people mentioned so many movies because now I'm gonna go see them all. But enough of this hating on movies... there have been some good choices picked out -- I personally love David Lynch films and have no problem with Eraserhead, but what really freaked me out recently was "Rabbits" by David Lynch -- a short film that if watched alone in the dark is a bit unsettling. Also, the 1960s era film adaptation of Franz Kafka's "The Trial" was the only film that made me contemplate suicide immediately afterward.
mark - 2007-11-20 11:42:08
my top 5 would be : The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Maniac The New York Ripper Shivers Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer
Bill Hicks - 2007-11-21 06:35:45
I would add Jesus Camp.
Raymond - 2007-11-21 16:46:30
If you like Japanese films: Ichi, Id, Marebito, Last Supper.
urmumfuckedme alex - 2007-11-22 17:06:51
hostel 1 and 2 r much sicker than all of dem and er new
Acv - 2007-11-22 18:17:07
I will tell you the top 5 most disturbing of all time.
  • 4. SALO
  • 5. KEN PARK
buñuel - 2007-11-23 11:58:53
"un chien andalou" for Dali&Buñuel
Steve - 2007-11-23 18:07:39
Is anyone else wondering where "Requiem for a Dream" is? Definitely the most disturbing movie ever. You can't watch that movie and leave with a smile...
fraser - 2007-11-24 05:19:14
what about The Hills have Eyes? any movie where a zombie rapes a girl deserves a place on this list.
Frank - 2007-11-25 00:06:04
I think the list here is quite alright but personally I'd add "The Night Porter", a sado-masochistic relationship between an ex nazi campguard and his ex jewish prisoner...Dirk Bogarde and Charlotte Rampling playing the leads...and Ken Russel's very powerful "The Devils" based on the true story of mass-hysteria (demonic possession)in Loudun, France during the realm of Louis Treize starring Oliver Reed and Vanessa Redgrave...check it out, chilling stuff!
Ramond - 2007-11-26 02:24:19
OMG! This past few days I saw irreversible pretty weird crap. I liked Audition but there are sicker Japanese movies out there. ID: My policeman don't help the transexual high school teen. Last Supper: Lipo-suction body fat anyone? Rompo Noir: this is a compilation of stories. French: "Baise Moi", "Sheitan" and "High Tension" I would recommend "Broken."
Beastie - 2007-11-26 03:55:29
I agree with Cinephile - Gummo is definately the most disturbing movie I've ever seen, but then again I only saw a few of these listed
Peabah Las Vegas - 2007-11-26 17:52:33
s - 2007-11-27 04:47:50
Se7en is like a a disney compared to irreversible and Salo. That's what makes me like se7ven much more :-). After seeing salo and irriversible I felt sick for a week.
izzy - 2007-11-28 04:31:17
yeah tetsuo: the iron man and ebola syndrome should seriously be on the list.
serge a. storms - 2007-11-28 17:03:41
i haven't been quite right since i saw gummo. =/
gfunk - 2007-12-05 04:48:21
man bites dog > henry
MF - 2007-12-08 00:29:35
The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things
Rambo - 2007-12-09 03:11:02
"Requiem for a Dream" definitely belongs up there. I've seen "A Clockwork Orange" and "Irreversible" and just recently seen Requiem and have to say it is the most f@cked up movie I have seen.
peerpressure - 2007-12-09 16:26:05
It all depends on what disturbs you, a really disturbing film is the 'Hairdressers Husband' but only the lass ten seconds, the rest is a gentle, quiet romance/love story. 'The year of living dangerously' might disturb the politically naive, as would several other true or semi-true accounts of Realpolitik during the 60's, 70's, & 80's. Sex disturbs some, violence disturbs others, ideas disturb most. I agree with the bloke who voted for 'The Wall' when you get into it it's a bleak message on the frailty of the human mind/sanity. 'The cook, the thief, his wife, her lover' is another that leaves you looking at the screen for five minutes thinking WTF! 'Caligula' cut or uncut is puerile shit. As this is the authors list rather than yours or mine, I think it is a valid list of ten disturbing films
iorcan - 2007-12-11 08:48:55
requiem for a dream
abstract plain - 2007-12-12 09:34:10
ha, i can top your number 1. both disturbing and grotesque. anybody ever watched "FEED"?? i guarantee you will not forget this movie. it's about as out there as it gets. - 2007-12-12 19:22:09
Here are the films i find scary, disturbing, and so stupid its disturbing: Ive Rated them, 10 being the freakiest 1 being the least: A Clockwork Orange (7) (worth watching) The Exorcist (7) (ok) House of 1000 corpses (8) (almost wet myself LOL) Return Of the living dead (5) (freaky scenes) Ice Cream Man (4) (FUNNY AS HELL but disturbing) The Devils Rejects (5) (A Little Freaky) The Ring (4) ( a few freaky images ) Final Destination Triology (6) (disturbing pics) Freaks (3-4) ( a bit stupid, hardly scary at all) Jaws (4) (puts u off going into the sea dont it?) The GingerDead Man (4) (funny but a bit freaky)
Anna Nimous - 2007-12-13 07:04:30
Forgive me, but I can't see how Audition is more disturbing than Suicide Club or Battle Royale, though it *is* a very good film. I would also like to add my vote for Cannibal Holocaust and Caligula (the original version). Just saying...
amanda - 2007-12-13 15:57:35
i thought that "visitor q" was more disturbing than "audition".
Christopher R. of Philadelphia - 2007-12-13 21:59:36
"The Mist." The premise, the possibilities, the main setting (a supermarket, an embodiment of the everyday aspect of life), the evil that is organized religion, the mind-raping terror. And the ending. "Host of the Seraphim" + parking lot, highway from hell, Drayton house, and LandCruiser scenes = a visual and aural roundhouse to the psyche and and an emotional sledgehammer to our little gossamer personal realities constructed of nothing more than trying not to think about what is truly out there.
me - 2007-12-13 22:20:26
se7en wasn't disturbing you pussy. Mysterious Skin and KIDS were really disturbing
espitia2000 - 2007-12-14 05:41:59
I agree with you, coppermouse, re: the French film Calvaire AKA The Ordeal( I was so freaked out by so many scenes in this movie that do this day I feel like I was a witnessing a crime unfolding but I never called the cops. This film both me and my husband speechless.
Reingold - 2007-12-14 06:46:49
I watched out some of these movies and many are just artsie or gay (el topo) but that does not make them disturbing just because they played in an indie movie house. Although quite mainstream, you should see Skeleton Key if you have'nt. FREAKY movie!
Raymond - 2007-12-19 19:06:41
Thanks all of you, for your feedback, I have recently watched the following and came up with the following: 1)Irreversible (French) 2)Cannibal Holocaust (English) 3)Dans Ma Peau, In my Skin (French) 4)Last Supper(Japanese) 5)I Stand Alone (French) 6)Funny Games (German) 7)Ebola Syndrome (Chinese) 8)Ichi (Japanese) 9)The last house on the Left (English) 10)Heavenly Creatures (English)
Matt - 2007-12-20 21:30:52
How about Jacob's Ladder??
WalterGrove - 2007-12-21 22:36:07
No Country for Old Men
Duffle bag girl. - 2007-12-22 03:00:08
i say put visitor q on here too. that shit's hella disturbin. its like seriously the most fucked up asian movie ive ever seen
Hales - 2007-12-22 04:39:01
The Brazilian film Cidade de Deus or City of God in English left a huge impression on me. Also, Frankenfish because it was disturbingly awful.
Jewcakes - 2007-12-22 23:55:57
Pink Flamingoes. And Requiem for a Dream? If you enjoyed DARE in elementary school you might think Requiem for a Dream was disturbing. It's so preachy. And the soundtrack is total crap.
crclhed - 2007-12-23 14:17:16
I saw Beyond the Valley of the Dolls and Naked Lunch when I was 14, some one should have been monitoring me because that messed me up for a while. Also Elsa; She Wolf of the SS was pretty brutal if you have never seen something like that. But it is true that the first disturbing movie you see is your number one and the rest loose their edge. It's the shock of the unexpected or twisted nature you never even considered that gets to you, but familiarity breeds contempt and similar movies become tame. I think disturbing movies are the ones that make you rethink you life, ideals, reality, or even your existence. Mindless blood and gore cannot compare with losing your grip or perspective on reality.
Cris - 2007-12-23 15:15:22
Exorcist was disturbing for me. The scene where she does.... with the Rosary.... scarred for life by that. Requiem For a Dream should be on here. I mean, you're hoping for a happy ending where they all come to their senses and everything's happy and jolly but at some point you'll realise that the ending isn't pleasant, at that point you can predict it's gonna turn out badly but the detail shown at how BADLY it really is is shocking and revolting. The level that the girl sinks to, absolutely gut-stirring. I puked a couple of times at this..... (and i laughed during saw). Rosemary's Baby was also pretty disturbing, demon-child - definitely a scare. Spine chilling. I still stand on the fact that RfaD should be up there.
Drew - 2007-12-23 23:13:00
dammit. I get all the way to the bottom and here it is, Visitor Q. This movie is Fucking fantastic/odd. (Who wants to get their dick stuck inside their daughters corpse?)And for Requiem, i seen that movie over 100 times and love it, but it is not top 10 disturbing at all, maybe i'm desensitized.
Visitor Q - 2007-12-24 06:51:58
Audition and Visitor Q whilst both great films neither are Miike's most disturbing that would have to be Ichi The Killer. Gummo needs to be in here and please replace El Topo with Holy Mountain (Both by Jodorowsky). How can there be no Herzog, try Fitzcarraldo or Aguirre. Then take a step back and realize that Henry: Portrait of a serial killer is not disturbing neither is A Clockwork Orange. But then I could go on....
Anthony Ramirez - 2007-12-24 08:50:48
Why are rape scenes ranked so highly disturbing? What's wrong with rape?
Raymond - 2007-12-24 23:59:32
I agree with Q Visitor. The movie "Q Visitor" is absolutely fantastic as far disturbing movies is concerned. Since you like Gummo, have you seen “The Heart is Deceitful above all Thing”? What’s so disturbing about A Clockwork Orange? Hales if you are into Brazilian movies rent Pixote. How about Cronicas definitely disturbing with John Leguizamo?
Damond Jiniya - 2007-12-26 03:38:55
Hostile, Pink Flamingos ,Gummo and Kids made America uncontrollably fart from fear..
phyllis - 2007-12-29 21:25:01
I would have to say Bad Boy Bubby... it has incest, torturing a cat, prison rape, serial killing that makes you think was that really wrong? And a guy that was locked in the house for 35's disturbing. The main character becomes know as the cling wrap killer.
does any one remember? - 2007-12-30 01:16:31
This movie was on HBO about 10 years ago it was about 2 killers. the one scene i remember was they both went to this lady's trailer to fix her air conditioning. she becomes a little wary and goes into the bedroom to see how it is going and the two killers rap and murder her. They also said something about a convulsion F---? I'm thinking it was Henry Lee Lucas but after watching that film that scene was not there.. Thanks.
Anonymous - 2007-12-31 15:03:17
check out little otik a weird live action movie about a stump that becomes a baby, really really really odd
Alyssa - 2007-12-31 16:40:57
I agree that Requiem for a Dream is very disturbing. I never want to do hardcore drugs...
joeblo - 2008-01-01 22:20:43
if anybody has seen the movie "Two Girls One Cup" it is probably the only movie in which disturbed me to the point of almost puking.
Julien - 2008-01-02 00:18:24
I'd add the serie "Oz" and the film "Izo" by Takashi Miike
yo momma - 2008-01-02 10:18:01
the most disturbing movie of all time is definitely HATCHET! a must see
bloodybook - 2008-01-02 20:10:53
The original "The Vanishing" is the most disturbing film I've ever seen. Also, "May" and three by Cronenberg: "The Brood", "Videodrome" and "The Spider". On the whole, this is a good list.
bluemax - 2008-01-03 17:10:23
i'm going to cast my vote for killer klowns from outer space. i'd rather give myself a lobotomy
Erock - 2008-01-04 15:14:22
Dude. "Maximum Overdrive" is as horrific as it gets.
Matt - 2008-01-06 06:19:02
I think you should re-write your entry for A Clockwork Orange. I don't think the violence is what is truly disturbing about this movie, at least not in comparison to some of the other movies on the list and mentioned in the comments. The whole mind-control concept and extreme psychological conditioning, as has been proven possible with the Baby Albert experiments is what is truly disturbing. And the disturbance is compounded when you realize that not only are governments not beyond actually doing such things, but they do it every day on massive scales.
matt - 2008-01-06 19:02:54
Anonymous - 2008-01-07 00:00:17
cannibal holocaust. THAT's disturbing.
Chronus. - 2008-01-07 01:44:45
And what about Tideland? Little girl lives in what amounts to desert with the corpse of her heroin-overdosed father, thinking he's just having one of his "trips". Throw in a psychotic woman who sews up corpses in front of her and a lobotomized pedophile and you have the most horrifying movie ever conceived by a human mind.
Anonymous - 2008-01-07 06:40:44
Two words: Cannibal Holocaust When you see a man get his penis cut off with a rock, it becomes hard to forget.
james - 2008-01-10 10:01:17
firstly seven wasnt scary at all nore was clockwork orange but the nastiest film i saw was the deliverance that was just wrong
Anonymous - 2008-01-10 13:17:02
Grave of the Fireflies has to be on the list. It should be watched by everyone over the age of 15 - although it is so affecting that you will possibly only ever want to see it once. Same goes for Schindler's List.
Alien Andy - 2008-01-11 02:25:58
I agree with many of your choices here. Considering how subjective this is you have hit on quite a few great and disturbing flicks. Have you seen: Day of the Locusts Series 7: The Contenders 3 Extremes Ichi The Killer [Live action or cartoon] Just a few more to consider. Personally I found a few of those more disturbing than some on your list. Enjoy them if you haven't seen them!! -Alien Andy
Anonymous - 2008-01-12 04:46:50
The Begotten
Cody - 2008-01-15 07:43:02
Some of the 'Faces of Death' series clips were quite disturbing...I haven't seen them in years but one that really stuck in my mind showed a real cat being boiled until all of it's hair fell off, etc. That was just plain sick, especially seeing the animal and hearing it scream in pain.
Darrell Kern - 2008-01-15 22:51:06
I agree with this list- but am surprised "Blood Feast" was not on this list. Kudos to those who gave The Vanishing a mention- but you forgot which version. So I'll assume you mean the Dutch film "Spoorloos" aka: Vanishing. Extremely disturbing film. The remake with Kiefer Sutherland was stupid.
Lucifer - 2008-01-18 04:26:38
I have my own list Guinea Pig: Flower of Flesh and Blood Visitor Q Pink Flamingos The War Zone Antibodies Broken ID Ichi the Killer Last supper Baise Moi Funny Games
Anonymous - 2008-01-18 18:13:56
Man Bites Dog:
Soren - 2008-01-24 01:50:16
I can't believe people are actually suggesting crap like Se7en, Saw and Hostel. Se7en was okay but by no means disturbing, and the other two are simply gore, which is so commercialized that you can't even call it disturbing anymore. No, it's gotta put you in a bad state of mind. Hostel could've done that, but they decided to throw plot and mindfuckery out the window for pointless sex and gore. Last House On the Left definitely would've gotten my vote. One of those movies that makes me feel uncomfortable just thinking about. The Audition... Um, maybe you have to be a guy to get what makes that so utterly disturbing. I thought it was a pretty good, but pretty basic, J-horror flick. Kairo, the original Japanese version of Pulse, was really fucked up if you ask me. Halfway through I didn't know what the hell was going on anymore, but not in a "this movie sucks, let's watch something else" kind of way. Like a "I don't know why but I feel really uneasy" kind of way. And I'm glad that The Cell, Hard Candy and Battle Royale got mentioned in the comments... Not crazy-disturbing, but honorable mentions, I think. I would also have to say that Heavenly Creatures disturbed me a good deal. AND WHOEVER SAID CAT SOUP, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, MY FRIEND. MOST DISTURBING MOVIE EVER.
Brent - 2008-01-24 17:34:30
Cannibal Holocaust would definitely be a candidate for the list. Terrible movie, but disturbing none the less.
Lucifer - 2008-01-25 02:04:50
If you like The Last house on the Left you should see Chaos which is a new version. Here are my recommendations: Guinea Pig: Flower of Flesh and Blood Visitor Q Pink Flamingos Broken (2006) ID Ichi the Killer Last Supper Baise Moi Funny Games Chaos Bad Boy Bubby Calvaire
Aspect_Zero - 2008-01-29 01:03:08
I've seen most of the movies mentioned and many of them are truly disturbing. That said the MOST disturbing productions I've seen are both made for TV films. "The War Game" and Takashi Miike's "Imprint" If you want stay up for a few nights and don't want to drink a gallon of coffee then check those out :D
Anonymous - 2008-01-30 02:55:11
JACK KETCHUMS- the girl next door was pretty fucking good also- FEED
Lamont Coleman - 2008-01-31 18:10:51
Cannibal Holocaust Hands down most disturbing
Lucifer - 2008-01-31 23:55:58
Oh yes The Girl Next Door by Jack Ketchums is very disturbing and to think that it was based on a true story. Chaos by David Defalco is brutal and inhuman. Not for the squeamish let me tell you.
Jay - 2008-02-03 08:14:54
Irreversible - I have seen disturbing and this is one that takes the cake. It is sooo hectic that it wont affect you as you sitting there watching it but rather when you think about it after you have seen it. What a shocker.
dfa - 2008-02-04 20:32:13
bug. bug. BUG. BUG. bug with harry conick jr. the most disturbing movie ive ever had the displeasure of watching.
Gary - 2008-02-06 04:28:07
Cannibal Holocaust is pretty damn disturbing. Should definitely be up on that list as well.
milosimpatica - 2008-02-07 04:56:39
El topo is indeed quite disturbing. I haven't seen Holy Mountain, but I would dare to say that Jodorowsky's Santa Sangre (literal translation: Holy Blood) is one of the most disturbing films ever. Honestly, I'm still afraid of going to the circus, and I couldn't eat for a day when I saw it. I just wanted to puke my guts out. There's also a series of movies called Guinea Pigs (japanese, though I don't know the name of the director). Really messed up.
CD - 2008-02-08 12:29:24
personally, i don't find any of them disturbing. there are worse i've seen. x
stone - 2008-02-09 16:53:36
After the movie midnight express, which i saw about 25 years ago, i´m still disturbed. I swore myself never to go to turkey and except one stoppover in Istanbul airport, I kept my oath.
KurlLurve - 2008-02-10 04:47:50
I plan on checking out many of these as soon as possible. I loved Oldboy, didn't care for Audition, but The Manson Family (mind you I got this at my public library) was pretty twisted not only in a movie sense, but also in the way that it is loosely based on true events (allegedly). Oh, and Kids f***ing rocked, while being provocative, was also hilarious. I kind of felt disturbed, but the line "Don't worry, its me, Casper." was funny as hell being drunk. I won't cast votes until I've seen Eraserhead, Salo, and Cannibal Holocaust.
you - 2008-02-12 04:38:03
cannibal holocaust!!!!
A.H. - 2008-02-14 18:11:26
Have to agree'Irreversible'as most disturbing.
tst1 - 2008-02-15 19:19:02
CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST is the most disturbing movie... it has been banned in over 33 countries
JaneaneTheAcerbicGoblin - 2008-02-15 23:44:42
Sweet Movie was pretty f***ed up and disturbing. In a Glass Cage was incredibly disturbing. Irreversible was a crappy movie, it shouldn't be on the list.
james - 2008-02-16 00:20:02
Cronenberg's "The Brood." Absolutely the stuff real nightmares are made of.
gresky - 2008-02-17 21:44:31
if you like 'kids' and 'gummo' then check out this movie called '15'. not sure who directied it, its a movie from singapore and it absolutly twisted, like kids times 100.
Beth - 2008-02-18 20:32:07
Cannibal Holocaust! VERY effed up documentary...
Gallico - 2008-02-19 16:55:15
Amazing that this is now being commented for more than three months... Most of the mentioned films are not that disturbing to me because they are purely fictitious. An exception might be "Irreversible" which is truly believable. By far the most disturbing movie is Kieslowski's "A short film about killing" (,
Angie - 2008-02-19 19:36:22
You totally forgot about "Naked Lunch" This movie it nothing short of wack!
Tagzman619 - 2008-02-20 14:53:14
what about saw or any of them films
chiqui - 2008-02-21 02:55:57
i read salo (120 days of sodom) & it is indeed the most disturbing. it turns your stomach & makes you think... "does a real person does these despicable things?" the book describes stuff too bizarre and SICK to imagine.
Fedor - 2008-02-25 17:56:06
"Earthlings" (2003)
kookoobung - 2008-02-29 06:51:34
Lord of the Flies, Bum Fights, Trainspotting, May, The Matrix, Ken Park, Alice in Wonderland, Strangeland & Spun to name a few more.
just a grrl - 2008-02-29 07:29:28
i totally agree with everyone that felt disturbed "Requiem for a Dream" although I have to admit some parts were much more enternaining than they were disturbing, and "Pi", ok, after an hour and 20 minutes of disturbing shit going on,**spoiler** the guy drills a fucking hole in his own head and then the movie is pretty much over, VERY disturbing. "Event Horizon", oh god, I don't even want to remember, When everyone left the theatre, NO ONE was talking, with the exception of a few hushed and shaking whispers. i also think that "The Emerald Forest", "Enemy mine" (REALLY disturbed me, but I was very young when it came to the theatres and have been disinclined to reevaluate it), deserve an honorable mention, the first "Pet Cemetary" and "The Prince of Darkness" (the one with all the bugs and Alice Cooper, I think it was Carpenter's)... oh lament: so much sick, and troubling media available, and so little time....
Peter L - 2008-03-01 22:00:10
In no particular order, these are all disturbing but also really good movies- some of my personal favorites: Bad Lieutenant, Kids, The Shining, Welcome to The Dollhouse, In The Company of Men, Happiness, Julien Donkey-Boy, Storytelling, L.I.E., Frailty, May, I Stand Alone, Irreversible, Ken Park, Bully, Oldboy, Imprint (Masters of Horror short movie from Takashi Miike).
Apache24 - 2008-03-09 18:22:20
You forgot to add Dr. Strangelove and Rosemary's Baby. Both films will give you nightmares.
capital - 2008-03-14 00:37:22
"suicide club" maybe not more disturbing than some of these, but pretty messed up. i'd put it in at 7.
SeanO - 2008-03-14 07:39:39
My idea of disturbing requires some sort of nihilistic malice. So Eraserhead and Requiem don't count as "disturbing" in my book. 1. Caligula 2. Hostel 3. Battle Royale 4. Bully 5. Audition 6. The Wicker Man (original) 7. Kids 8. Alexandra's Project 9. Bad Lieutenant 10. Lord of the Flies (the remake) American Psycho is too damn funny to be disturbing. City of God is too good. Killing Fields is too medicinal. And Tideland is too awful to be on any list. I have not seen Cannibal Holocaust, but I will check it out.
mark hen - 2008-03-14 14:15:14
Has nobody here seen Wolf Creek?
deseed - 2008-03-15 05:51:22
Here is a more realistic "Most Disturbing Movies" Top 10: 1. Ice from the Sun- 2. August Underground Mortum- 3. Guinea Pig- 4. Salo 5. Human Porkchop- 6. I Spit on your Grave 7. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer 8. Eraser Head 9. A Clock Work Orange 10. Tide Land I can think of a great deal more, but these should be enough. I left off a lot that have already been mentioned.
Fedor - 2008-03-17 04:09:15
..."Snuff 102"....
jim - 2008-03-18 19:46:59
What about "Who's Afraid of Virgina Woolf"?
mark hen - 2008-03-19 14:05:13
in terms of sheer sadism as well as graphic nature add The Passion of the Christ to the list.
some fool - 2008-04-03 23:18:31
You all seem to have forgotten Schramm:
Glenn - 2008-04-04 06:23:55
There are alot of great movies listed here, i'm going to add one not yet mentioned which is disturbing in an entirely different way: "Shortbus" Alot of people don't make it through the first minute.
Dixon of Dock Green - 2008-04-04 17:57:30
Mary Poppins
Grandfather Time - 2008-04-04 23:45:08
The Guinea Pig Films.
Ali - 2008-04-24 00:17:33
Dunno what has been said - too many comments, not enough attention span - but 'Inside' (À l'intérieur) is a DEFINITE candidate. Psycho La Femme terrorizes pregnant young widow because she wants the baby... and oh the lengths she goes through to get it. Bone-chilling brutality and an impressive body count for such an isolated setting. Shocked Cannibal Holocaust/Ferox were omitted but glad to see so many mention them. *shudder* Also found 'Mother's Day' to be on par with 'Last House on the Left' and 'I Spit On Your Grave' and 'Wolf Creek' really shook me to the core with it's realism to the characters and unexpected brutality.
jim - 2008-04-26 19:15:15
I don't understand why The Mummy isn't up there. That mummy frickin kills people in that movie and sucks up their life force.
Danny - 2008-04-28 15:13:54
I read through most of the comments and I don't think I've seen anyone mention "The Great Ecstasy of Robert Charmichael." It's a pretty recent British film that has been noticed for its highly graphic rape scene at the conclusion of the film. I actually managed to download it and it was pretty messed up, but I think I've been desensitized to all of this stuff, because like many before me have said, nothing really disturbs me anymore. Irreversible is definitely a disturbing film, as my father said "It's the worst thing I've ever seen." What he meant was the whole story is just really tragic - definitely see it, you will never forget it.
Dixon of Dock Green - 2008-05-05 11:15:24
Barbie goes to America?
Scott - 2008-05-06 02:04:04
Begotten has got to be on this list. Way more disturbing than Eraserhead. Scott
mb - 2008-06-01 16:05:34
Avere vent'anni is pretty out there just for the "jump on that shark and ride it bareback" shocking non sequitur of a final scene. The whole movie is a breezy, vapid, sex romp following two free loving 70s Italian chicks looking for cock. Then in the last 5 minutes they get brutally raped and murdered. Roll credits. You're all, "What the fuck just happened!"
snail7 - 2008-06-02 23:57:26
I would say: Terrorama by Edwin Brienen( A Christ figure masturbates on a cross, a woman with amputated breasts walks around on a graveyard, an old guy gets tortured and mouthf*cked, a girl gets raped by a pig, etc. Only film I ever walked out!
james - 2008-06-09 03:16:50
in a glass cage? men behind the sun? johnny got his gun? ken park? and there is one short film by guinea pig that portrays a mortician fucking, disemboweling, fucking again and more disemboweling a corpse. not much diologue but a whole lot of blood and corpse fucking.
dustin - 2008-06-20 21:01:04
what did you about funny games? I found it way more disturbing than even audition. - 2008-06-26 00:13:56
looks like 90% of the comments people never Never Watch Cannibal Hollocaust this movie it is just F**K UP ! no movie can`t be compared to this one this movie got crazy rapes real animal killing pregnant woman killing all kinds of sick shit ! wanna have a REAL disturbing time?? try to find it! Good Luck
touch the note - 2008-06-29 07:23:30
waaaaay of dunkofs !!! you want NECROMANTIC and UROTSUKIDOJI haha you guys sux (not personaly)
Hldn1977 - 2008-07-03 18:33:44
I think "Audition" is actually just a great movie. I think "Visitor Q" is far more disturbing. It makes "Ichi The Killer" look tame. Even "Gozu" is up there, but "Visitor Q" was one of the few movies I've watched (and no I haven't watched every movie on the list in fairness) that I was almost kind of sick in my stomach.
sludgehammer rob - 2008-07-15 01:19:23
some guy here had a good point ,what's disturbing you know ,seen some 'snuff' stuff like 'august underground mordum' (wich is very sick) but is this all what we gorehounds want ? i think the movie (whatever you wanna call it,art maybe) is if any movie freak like me is reading this ,check Begotten
Horndog - 2008-07-17 01:17:27
My top 10 most disturbing: 1. Visitor Q - Takaski Miike 2. I Stand Alone - Gaspard Noe 3. Terrorama - Edwin Brienen 4. Aftermath - Nacho Cerda 5. Man Bites Dog - Belvaux/Bonzel/Poelvoorde 6. Begotten - E. Elias Merhige 7. Salo - Pier Paolo Pasolini 8. Schramm - Jörg Buttgereit 9. Doom Generation - Gregg Araki 10. Tenderness of Wolves - Ulli Lommel
JK - 2008-07-17 22:42:20
No one yet as far as I know mentioned Untraceable. Not because of the violence, which is actually quite tame compared to some of the other films mentioned. This movie is disturbing because of what it made me think about myself, other people, and human psychology in general.
Corvmatt - 2008-07-19 01:22:45
-> topolino - 2007-11-07 12:38:57 -> most disturbing movie is "Bambi". LOL! I would add: Cannibal Holocaust, Taxidermia, Tetsuo: The Iron Man
monica h. - 2008-07-20 17:46:29
American psycho was so disturbing especially the part where hes hacking the guys head off with a saw while "hip to be square" is playing
Tarhonda - 2008-07-23 17:42:38
In A Glass Cage
mee2 - 2008-08-26 16:45:09

I would add "The Andromeda Strain" to this list. The scene where they obviously gassed a live monkey to death still bothers me. And I agree with Caligula.

cube - 2008-08-29 19:20:45

i really think the movie cube should be on this list

brian - 2008-08-30 19:13:13

I've been slowly gathering and watching a BUNCH of the movies that you guys are recommending, and I have to say I'm not feeling some of them. "Johnny Got His Gun"? Seriously? That had to be the most ridiculous movie ever. Sure, I like Hitchcock style movies where sometimes NOT seeing any gore can be worse than actually seeing it, but this was stupid. The dude's narration bothered me so much. I couldn't put myself in his situation at all because I wouldn't talk like that. "Gummo" - I just felt bad for these kids and their environment. I don't think it was disturbing. It was just kind of sad. But all those that recommended it, I appreciate it. This movie was worth watching. "The Cook, The Thief, The Lover and His Wife" - I disagree. This wasn't disturbing. This was almost like a typical hollywood style ending, where good prevails in the end. Disturbing to ME (and I know we're all in agreement that disturbing is a relative term) is when I, as the viewer, feel helpless and hopeless. Like I'm sitting there watching in disgust and WISHING I could do something about the situation, but I can't, but like human's morbid curiousity, I just sit there and watch it unfold. THAT is disturbing. With that being said, and I haven't finished watching ALL the movies you guys are throwing out yet, here are my most disturbing movies thus far: (in no particular order) The Girl Next Door - I'm not ashamed to say I teared up on this one. Extremely helpless feeling. Irreversible Funny Games (original) - again with the helplessness. I also felt VERY vulnerable on this one. Like this could happen to ANYONE, and that freaks the hell out of me. The Cube - I just thought this was a REALLY neat movie, and I appreciated the artistic qualities of it. It also left me feeling like I had no control. August Underground trilogy - These were definitely disturbing. There were times that I really couldn't tell for sure if it was real or not. The only thing I'd say was fake about it was the acting. Being in some of those situations, I'm sure I would have had a much different reaction to things, whether I was the victim or the predator. Salo - This movie was definitely disturbing. Also disgusting, which I think some people are using synonymously on this forum. Slasher style movies do NOT, in my opinion, always constitute "disturbing". This movie had both, and I will never forget what I watched. EVER. Thanks for listening. I appreciate all who took the time to comment, as i have HOURS of new movies to watch during my downtime.

Misha - 2008-09-01 17:29:33

Girl Next Door suuuucked. Maybe it's because I've read the book a few times, but I found myself fast forwarding through the movie. The acting is HORRIBLE, they don't get into a lot of detail and it skips some of the best parts of the book. Ruth is no where near as evil in the movie as she is in the book. It's based on the story of Sylvia Likens, which is much more accurately portrayed (and better acted I might add) in An American Crime. Ellen Paige plays Sylvia and your heart truly breaks for that poor girl. If you only watch one, skip TGND.

certifiedx - 2008-09-02 03:10:25

i've seen all these movies and the only one i actually felt guilty about watching is salo - fucked up beyond words. the movie is borderline criminal and i'm no prude

superdog - 2008-09-06 21:00:14

the Exorcist - 2008-09-09 08:02:39

honestly, alot of you are pussies. Saw and hostel? Are you joking? They're pointless gore. Don't get me wrong I love gore as much as the next person but its just horrbile. You wanna know the really sad thing. I'm 17 and I can name movies that would make you sick. High Tension is one. Amazing movie but very hard to figure out till the very end. A must see definately. As well as Inside. I believe someone already mentioned that and kudos to them because that movies NUTS. Sick and wrong. But I definately think you guys should have out cannibal holocaust one. Gory as F**K!!

James - 2008-09-16 08:56:22

Alright-- Whoever made this list is TRIPPING ---THIS IS MY VERSION OF THE MOST DISTURBING MOVIES (not in order, particularly). 1.) Requiem For a Dream - Hands down, this movie has given ever 2.) Gummo - Shooting cats for cat meat, sniffing glue, retards shaving their eyebrows off and dancing--- this definately deserves a spot here! 3.) Ken Park by Larry Clark - This movie gave my friend an anxiety attack--- such classic scenes as beating three legged dogs, choking oneself half to death while masturbating, father/daughter incest, suicides------ thats just the quarter of it. 4.) The Shining - This is simply the best horror movie of all time--- not because of blood and guts, but because of awesome directing and the sheer creepiness. 5.) Trainspotting - This movie is depraved, and is definately one of the more disturbing movies i've seen. 6.) The Hills Have Eyes - Sure, it is a typical blood and guts hollywood film in some respect, but some of the scenes in this movie are undoubtedly over the top disturbing--- such as burning the father alive while raping the sister and shooting the mother in the head.... it just goes further then what you'd expect out of hollywood and and mutants look insane. 7.) Kids - This movie leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of anyone who watches it... HIV positive virgin poppers, rapists, fiendish children huffing nitrous oxide until they turn blue---- 8.) Silence of the Lambs - Not only is this movie incredible, but it is also incredibly disturbing. Buffalo Bill is simply deranged, and then we have Anthony Hopkins playing Hannibal Lector the psycopathic cannibal. I find it worthy of this list. 9.) Machinist - Christian Bale got so skinny for this roll, it looks like he is on the verge of collapsing. All in all, its a great movie and has this dark vibe to it that makes it worthy of this list. 10.) Saw Series - I hesitated putting it on here because a lot of its disturbing qualities are from shock value--- But watching these movies made me feel uneasy, and with all the movies I watch, that is generally hard to do. There is enough pscyological torment and gruesomeness to make this worthy. Other Near Choices: Clockwork Orange? I thought this movie was great, but it didnt really "disturb me". Also, Natural Born Killers was more funny and trippy than it was disturbing. Oldboy had its moments, but not enough to be listed. Hills have Eyes, Texas Chainsaw Massacre,and Se7en were close but they were too disturbing in the "typical" sense-- blood, guts, and horror.

anarchy17 - 2008-09-16 21:59:39

young poisioners handbook is pretty disturbing

AbNbDdI - 2008-09-19 12:13:35

anyone already mentioned Ken Park by Larry Clark? what makes this film so disturbing/sick is, that Clark manages to make his films look rather like a documentary. i don´t care about any slpatter/gore/torture effects. although there are a few in the film.

edge - 2008-09-27 09:54:54

what about Videodrome? thats pretty disturbing. and also Dirty Sanchez - whats more disturbing than a guy drinking fat from another guys liposuction?

lachlan - 2008-09-28 02:24:56

where is bad boy bubby?

Shade - 2008-10-05 14:47:48

Ookay, well, Audition, Gummo, Eraserhead, Bad Boy Bubby, and Cannibal Holocaust have been knocked off my list, and not one of them made me flinch in the least. There's either something wrong with me, or you guys are all way too sensitive for your own good. Eraserhead was pretty silly. Gummo was okay, but not disturbing. Audition was bloody lame, and I'm shocked that so many people on this forum recommended it to each other. The other two have become two of my favorite movies ever, not disturbing, not scary, but absolutely wonderful works of art. Is there anything that will actually get under my skin? Somebody shock me, please. - 2008-10-05 16:05:51

I changed my opinion about Cannibal Holocaust I saw SALO OR THE 120 DAYS OF SODOM yesterday. Definitely the most disturbing and sick movie ever made. I felt guilty and sick to watch this fucking movie It's not a porn!!It's a Sadistic and fuck up flick. Cannibal Holocaust is Sesame Street compared to this Sick fucking movie !!do yourself a favor do not watch this piece of shit ! waste of time! or enjoy and eat shit !

TETSUO RULES - 2008-10-13 01:15:19

tetsuo the iron man is very disturbing, you must see that movie

Anonymous - 2008-10-13 11:18:01

the last trailer posted isn't canniball holocaust but "dr butcher md"

TETSUO SUCKS - 2008-10-14 18:56:22

There's nothing disturbing about it you wimp, and the movie is terrible. There's about 10 lines of dialogue in the whole film and if you saw it you'd know why. They can't write anything good. Here's an example: "Let's turn the whole world into metal with our love!" "Sounds fun" Btw, if you can call that an ending, I just ruined it for you. But trust me - there's nothing to ruin, no characters, plot, nothing. It's a bunch of stupid shots thrown together to make the worst movie ever. It makes no sense and they don't explain it, but they do bother to explain why one guy turning into metal is rusty and the other guy isn't - the one guy cut himself with something rusty and the other guy put a clean piece of metal into his skin. Stupid, stupid movie.

Mr. C - 2008-10-15 10:01:55

Great thread, there's still alot I have to see. I would say this film is by far the most disturbing because it's real. "Earthlings" at I would guess not many of you would able to finish the full 95 minutes. I would recommend it though.

BlastTyrant - 2008-10-17 11:37:52

Enough is Enough.. SCHRAAM Owns ALL of these! If you have not seen it, you better Act Like You Know!

Peter - 2008-10-20 21:51:59

Great list but probably need to distinguish between... A. Gross B. Disturbing & C. Weird. D. Just Plain Boring!!! 10. Freaks = Weird 9. I Spit on your Grave = A little Disturbing but bad acting, boring movie 8. El Topo = Weird but good 7. Audition = Boring, def not disturbing 6. Clockwork = Weird but good 5. Last House = Really Boring, bad acting 4. Henry = OK movie, def not disturbing 3. Salo = Very Gross & Disturbing 2. Irreversible = Good movie, very disturbing. 1. Eraserhead = Good movie, only weird tho. I had to turn Gummo off as it was such a crappy movie. I stand alone is def not disturbing and is a frustrating movie. Bad Boy Bubby is probably more funny then disturbing. Movies such as Seven, Requium & Happiness are interesting but they never let you forget you are still just watching a movie, plus they are pretty mild except for the kiddy lover in Happiness.

irene - 2008-10-26 06:52:22

I think that PINK FLAMINGOS should be on this list.

Angelheart - 2008-10-26 23:15:44

Edwin Brienen's TERRORAMA! should be on the list, disturbing shit

Kev - 2008-10-28 01:57:19

Hey id just like to add one too the list that i seen not to long ago....Im a huge horror and chop em up movie fan and for the first time in my life i really regreted saying "I cant wait to see these people get choped the fuck up" in the beggining of the movie. The movie name is "The Girl Next Door." No not the comedy porn flick....Im talking about the one made in 2007 directed by Gregory Wilson It really starts off slow and looks like a B movie, but the B movie angle really gives it a real feel....Its one that i personally will never watch again and is the first movie to actually 100% disturb me and bring me nightmares....Warning it not for the faint of hart....

antoine - 2008-10-29 09:59:01

anything cronenberg or tsukamoto did is far more disturbing.

Hmmm - 2008-10-30 06:34:46

Videodrome? Mondo Cane? Faces of Death?

Lukemrley - 2008-11-02 10:47:52

American History X is by far the most disturbing movie I ever saw, after seeing it i immediately felt like I could never watch it again. It forces you to confront much more disturbing elements of life than any horror or fantastical movie I've ever seen.

acidfishendorphins - 2008-11-04 06:31:47

Begotten should be on this list, if there was an honorable mention slot, I'd vouch for Gummo, Blood Sucking Freaks and Man Bites Dog. The first thing that pops into my head as disturbing is The Green Mile tho.

Sarah - 2008-11-06 23:33:54

A bit of a local hit for Australia and New Zealand was "Once were warriors". Its far too realistic not to affect you. I could only watch it once ever

N. Hamilton - 2008-11-12 04:48:05

Seriously? Nobody mentioned Todd Solondz? Happiness? Palindromes? And seriously, no Cronenberg? Videodrome? Dead Ringers? Naked Lunch? Don't get me wrong, having Jodorowsky on here is a plus, but there are much more disturbing movies than Freaks! Shit, not even a bit of Ken Russel or Dario Argento? Still though, good list.

ED - 2008-11-14 06:10:28

House of a Thousand Corpses, Ichi the Killer, and Imprint, and Cannibal holocaust are the four most disturbing movies I have seen that are not on this list. Two of which were directed by the same guy who directed Audition.

sorry sight - 2008-11-14 07:57:20

has anyone heard of movies (mondo koni, mondo koni 2, and echo?) very freaky movies. i don't think they're spelt right.

Julie - 2008-11-17 22:41:52

Im suprised nobody has said anything about August Underground’s Mordum. I dare you to watch it in one sitting.

dog - 2008-11-17 23:00:16

Bully is a screwed up and extreamly disterbing movie

Cannibal Holocaust - 2008-11-21 21:46:58

Cannibal Holocaust is the only movie I could not stand to finish. I got about thirty minutes into it and had to turn if off. They killed real animals on camera and there was some speculation as to if some of the human killings were real too.

movielover - 2008-11-26 22:13:01

What about Revulsion? Truly creepy, I thought.

niko suavee - 2008-11-28 14:39:09

i loved irreversible, but i didnt think i stand alone was disturbing at all...if i was to make a list of the top ten, salo would b at the top,pink flamingos,gummo,men behind the sun,lucker the necrophogus,last house on the left, eraserhead(anything lynch for that matter lol), human porkcop, riki-oh,and el topo, not in any particular order other than salo on that movie is bonkers!!!

Anonymous - 2008-11-29 20:09:59

Necromantik Salo

Why oh why are we facinated by the sick twisted and morbid - 2008-12-03 09:05:36

There are some good documenataries, but some of the film that is posted on here is pointless to watch it makes anyone with a consciencous wonder why they were even interested in watching something that left them feeling so empty and sick.

ding dong - 2008-12-04 04:01:37

The Great Ecstasy of Robert Carmichael" should be on this list. Auditions a great movie, but Ecstasy's much more disturbing than that... Anyone else seen it that agrees?

DEAd23 - 2008-12-05 15:17:04

nekromantik thouh it was forbidden film...

pzach007 - 2008-12-05 20:32:49

I agree crank....se7en was not really disturbing at all compared to the ones I've seen on this list...

infernal catharsis - 2008-12-07 18:14:01

I must say that the reviewer has not still seen "Disturbing Films". If Cannibal Holocaust isnt included(it shud be at #1), then the whole list is uZeless......rape killing brutal murder chopping off is all seen...but Cannibal. has some truly devastataing and terrible scenes.....maybe u shud do a rerun of this list..... Cannibal Holocaust--> Highly deplorable and disturbing film Period.


[Editor's Note: Cannibal Holocaust is No. 1 on our list of the Top 10 Banned Films of the 20th Century.]

Here - 2008-12-10 18:54:47

No Man Bites Dog? That truly left me feeling sick.

Oz - 2008-12-12 22:37:17

"The Girl Next Door" needs to be on this list... Totally f***ed up movie. An hour and a half of a girl getting tortured. She has the words "F*ck Me" burned into her skin, she gets raped by many neighborhood boys, and she takes a blowtorch to the vagina.

AD - 2008-12-17 07:02:30

Jack Ketchum's Girl Next Door is definitely the most disturbing movie I think I've ever seen. Some pretty horrible things happen in that movie.

Crack Head - 2008-12-18 02:21:54

Gummo should be up there. and Requiem For A Dream

Peter - 2008-12-18 14:06:27

C.H. is crap. The hype was so much I didn't want to watch it! I found it tame... you don't like the turtle scene...become a vego. A house of a thousand corpses...I could watch but I didn't like it all!! Irreversible or Salo...they are the worst.

FemaleFaceBasher - 2008-12-22 02:51:11

I don't recommend Cannibal Holocaust. Its just another tragically over-hyped, and epicly boring, waste of time. THEY ARE DESHELLING A TURTLE, OMG!@#!!! Dont believe the hype!

Glenn - 2008-12-23 10:43:18

I'm glad that there are some people who realise what a horrible film CH is, B grade 80's horror garbage. After two viewings, i was left dissapointed, if you were to find out that the animals used weren't living, then would this film deserve a place on the list? I highly doubt it. If you think seeing an actual animal killing is disturbing, then 'Earthlings' would be far more distrubing than CH and would be have to be rated #1.

MondoMoan - 2008-12-27 19:46:44

Edwin Brienen's Hysteria 

Powerlifter4455 - 2008-12-29 05:04:38

Ravenous is no where to be found on this list>? wft?

hey - 2008-12-31 03:10:23

for the person who added shortbus, you sent chills down my back. i have seen all the movies on the list without any real impact, but shortbus messed my head up, i never seen anything like it and didnt no what it was prior to starting the movie with a friend. i would give anything to get those images out of my head and i enjoy disturbing movies, but this movie was way too much for me. i still cant believe i watched the whole thing...the movie made me feel so uncomfortable from start to finish. just one messed up movie for someone as narrowminded as myself.

Jayman - 2009-01-04 23:15:49

You want phukked?? Watch Pink Flamingos, trannies, asshole gaping, chicken raping, name it

Chemistj - 2009-01-10 16:40:27

Cannibal Holocaust (1980), should be in the numer one!

Okada Izo - 2009-01-15 13:13:54

Philosophy of the knife - Andrey Iskanov

eskimoposh - 2009-01-21 11:21:37

Though being pretty much spot on with most of these, I was pretty dissapointed not to see Necromantic on the list. I bought it in Bangkok (for a buck!) and my wife and I only got through about 35 minutes. It is by far the most disturbing and disgusting film i've ever seen! And,yes, I've seen Irreversible / Requiem / Society / I stand alone / Freaks yadayadyada... NECROMANTIC should have been in the list!!!!

George of the Jungle - 2009-01-23 22:16:54

Good List Jimmy. Audition sucked though, It almost had me snoozin and that litle cat noise she makes at the end got on my nerves. Cannibal Holocauat is not disturbing, just violent to a point of "stupid" Requiem is boring as hell, Gummo is just goofy, Se7en and Saw and such are ok but not disturbing. Never watched Bad Boy Bubba but the name kinda throws it off for me. Nekromantic sounds cool, I'll check it out. Also Dave, you CAN make a top 10 list of disturbing films. Jimmy just did. It might not be disturbing to you but that's with any list. A lot of horror list rat Night of the Living Dead as #1 and im thinkin "YEAH RIGHT?" It was good a thousand years ago but let's be real about this. Alas, everyone has diff. opinions I guess. Ok I wanna mention a film that NO ONE has listed, which is kinda odd. Definitely Mean Girls. Oh, and I agree about Bambi. That was some serious craziness, and Lion King. Mufassa died for crying out loud. The Happening was kinda disturbing, NOT A GOOD MOVIE, but kinda disturbing in some parts.

paulo - 2009-02-01 01:35:26

have to agree with 'ding dong' the last great ectasy of robert carmichael was a very gut wrenching film, something for everyone here also out around the same time was 'London to Brighton' not the most disturbing film ever but definately worth a watch if only for the performances.

EH? - 2009-02-02 23:24:27

For the retard who said the guy in visitor Q got his dick stuck in his daughters corps?? You clearly were not watching the film.... He fucks his daughter at the start....the woman who he gets his dick stuck in is a work colleague not his daughter.... retard!!!

Mugen - 2009-02-06 14:54:15

I kind of agree with the Man behind the sun comments. But Philosophy of a knife is far more disturbing and it sets a much darker atmosphere. They are both based on unit 731. August Undergrounds Mordum was a waste of my time & money you cant even see whats going on half the time. Theres a ugly tramp puking up everywhere laughing like a twat and 2 dick heads screaming and giggling while they are chopping people up in a cellar or something and filming it on a mobile phone.....I know the directors are trying to make it feel as real as possible but its annoying. The make up and effects are quite good but it is just a boring film.......

No-No-7 - 2009-02-13 11:36:12

Hysteria - Edwin Brienen

J Slick - 2009-03-11 13:35:05

you guys are not looking in the basement. Cannibal Holocaust is worse than all of these. Sweet Movie is pretty disturbing as well. Perfume of the Lady in Black is pretty disturbing too. Baby of Maccon is disturbing also. A lot of people on here must only know Blockbuster and Hollywood Video. There are tons of little known films out there that exist you just have to look harder.

Dafullclip - 2009-03-17 22:30:34

If you've never seen "Ken Park", "Rikki-Oh", or Miike's "Dead or Alive" then you have no idea of how disturbing cinema can really get. The rest is all childs-play!

islandofcrete - 2009-03-19 08:00:23

i don't know what's more entertaining: gathering up peoples good movie suggestions or just sitting back and reading the douchebag-ish condescending fucks that shun the writers of this list because they didn't include (insert movie here). pfft, you just look lame. and your pedestals are blocking the sunlight so piss off.

Dan D - 2009-03-25 23:59:48

Anyone here seen Naked Blood a couple of scenes made me dump my pants

Anonymous - 2009-04-08 12:48:03

Did anyone ever see Julien Donkey-Boy? same person who directed Gummo. It was the only film I've ever stopped watching at night, so that I could watch it sometime during daylight hours. The first scene turned from nice and tame to frightening without me expecting it. overall, pretty disturbing film.

Anonymous - 2009-04-13 00:26:47

Suicide club anyone? Cmon on now, that opening scene is pretty brutal.

coffeeaddict - 2009-04-13 15:05:16

No doubt about Salo and Irreversible, but Begotten should definitely be on this list along with Scrapbook and Man Bites Dog.

killingtime93 - 2009-04-14 14:52:24

i havent looked at all of the comments but the ones i have have said audition is really fucked up. i havent seen it but sounds fucked but if people hace seen society they will no that it is really fucked but sadly it is a forgotten classic so not many people have seen and if u get the chance watch it is a good film but really fucked up

Cali Girl - 2009-04-15 23:50:52

I am so happy I came across this list... I can't wait to start watching a lot of the movies listed here!!! I can see by the list that everyone has a different definition for what is disturbing to them. I am not one that likes a lot of blood, i dont like the friday the 13th, saw... things like that. i like disturbing in the the sense that its creepy, weird, odd and true stories are the best! criminal minds is my favorite tv show.. so anything like that too! here are some movies that i like... if you can think of any others like this, PLEASE let me know! Thanks! Eden Lake Wolf Creek Funny Games The Strangers Vacancy Joy Ride Break Down i just watched "inside" and i didnt like it at all. i dont know what people think is disturbing about it.. its just a lot of blood. please email me if you can think of any other movies like the ones i listed above... thank you so much! brandarooo at gmail dot com

Bryan - 2009-04-16 03:19:10

I'd put Dead Ringers on the list. Some of the dialogue in that film is a real downer. Last Exit to Brooklyn is great but depressing. I would also include In a Glass Cage. Very few murder scenes make me cringe, but that film did just that. Last House is a good choice- it just *feels so real*. To the few people recommending Kids- Kids is a crap film. It's just boring if you value memorable characters with at least a few interesting lines. Don't settle for shit like Kids, watch River's Edge instead.

Owen - 2009-04-17 12:45:37

"Mysterious Skin" definitely should be on this list.

nicole - 2009-04-17 16:03:30

first: great list.........AND TO "JB": Seven and The Vanishing?? just mediocre Hollywood COPYCAT films.....nothing disturbing as what u will find in thIS list..have u seen most of the films on this list?? Id probably laugh to hear about what u consider fun... since your "disturbing" choices are (yawn)! thanks....the Bitch....

Hannibal - 2009-04-19 10:10:49

for Cannibal Holocaust to not be included is a travesty! without a doubt thats the most disturbing movie of all time

dude - 2009-04-29 23:12:45

add Martyrs to the list.

frederick - 2009-04-30 13:54:00

Pretty good list but missing cannibal holocaust

mazemind - 2009-05-02 18:06:08

??????? Guinea Pig series...Flower of Flesh and Blood, Mermaid in a Manhole? These should be top of the list!

HumanSnatcher - 2009-05-14 16:29:50

If you want a movie to permanently damage your psyche, look into Andrey Iskanov's Visions of Suffering. Do not, under ANY circumstances, watch this under the influence of anything. I'm dead series. Same kinda goes for his 4 hour Philosophy of a Knife. I've read that his movie Nails is really messed up as well, but its been on my Netflix que for about a year and it never seems to be in stock

B-Dod the estranged - 2009-05-14 17:34:33

I agree with most on the list. "The Begotten" is hard to watch also "Tetsuo the Iron Man" is like an Asian Eraserhead. Saw Irreversible in the theater and most people left at the beginning of the long long rape scene. I do agree that "Requiem" should be on there. The soundtrack by the Kronos Quartet is just as disturbing as the movie. For recent films "There will be Blood" comes to mind (although many people I know didn't like this or find it disturbing). Se7en Was good but not that disturbing, The vanishing also a bit disturbing but neither list worthy. One to see if you are a fan of Disturbing movies is "The Reflecting Skin". It would be on my list.

Pabzdabz - 2009-05-18 23:46:51

ive seen a lot of the films added here an i would have to say i havnt really found any of them really disturbing im going to watch a few movies people have said was good an get back to you but if i had to pick now i would say aughust underground mourdem for the scene at the end in the bath tub with was just WRONG xxxxxxx

begotten is garbage - 2009-05-20 01:59:21

The credits are 5 seconds long and there are only 3 actors named. Only they're not named b/c no one in the movie has names, the just describe each "role" and list an actor. The credits end 10 seconds later b/c there was no work put into this "movie." The only sound through the entire movie is crickets, you have to listen to crickets for 2 freakin hours. That's not a movie you retards. Oh and if you've seen 5 mintutes you've literally seen the entire thing b/c they just do the same bullshit through the entire movie. That dumb shit disturbs you? It's boring, stop comparing it to eraserhead (maybe not disturbing so much as it is depressing). You want to know truly sick and disgusting movies? I'd name them but I really do feel it is sinful to say their names and get anyone to watch them. Others have mentioned some of the worse ones anyway here, with every other dumbass saying "SAW, OMG!" Clowns, I like those movies and there is literally nothing even slightly unsettling about them, I would let my little sister watch those, they aren't gory or anything.

angry internet guy - 2009-05-21 01:42:12

so, you're saying begotten sucks, am i hearing you right?

Pabzdabz - 2009-05-21 03:13:33

i would agree with this fine chap above me the begotten was not a bisturbing infact it was shit i remember when i was young an i watched this film were a man had a arm that was alive an could run about on its own an a lot of people an things were getting put in blenders anyone know what that was called id love to see that film again xxxxxxxxx

XanderHarris - 2009-05-26 22:55:57

I went out and bought 8 movies in attempt to watch the most disturbing movie of all time. Visitor Q, Cannibal Holocaust, Last House on the Left, Happiness, Irreversable, The Girl Next Door, Inside and Funny Games. I tried to get Salo but it was too expensive off Amazon. I will post later when I watch them all!

Inji - 2009-06-02 03:29:17

I am very surprised Salo is #3 in the list...It's banned in many european countries...I've seen it in Finland, at an underground movie theatre...I walked out 2 times to bathroom trying not to vomit...It's the most disturbing film I've ever seen...nothing can top it...U can find copies in ebay...goodluck sitting thru to the's my list: 1-salo 2-journey of hope 3-boxing helena 4-seven 5-devil's back bone 6-Barda 7-requiem for a dream 8-boys don't cry 9-irreversable 10-fratricide

red eye jedi - 2009-06-03 21:47:33

Lot's of provoking movies on this list and in the comments following. My contribution to this list is "The Girl Next Door". Equal parts "Stand By Me", "Lord Of The Flies", "The Last House On The Left" and "Hostel. It's based on the 1965 torture murder of Sylvia Likens by the neighborhood "cool" mom and a group of neighborhood kids who stop by regularly to to torture the girl in the basement in what they call "the game". No, it's not as hardcore as many on this list, but I have to admit there were parts that had me wondering if I could continue watching. I have "An American Crime" in my Netflix queue right now. Apparently it's a completely faithful version of the Sylvia Likens case written off court transcripts.

another one - 2009-06-04 14:14:11

throw most of these out the window, all night long 2, i was forced to watch it for a class and am still going through therapy to deal with it. seriously i have been through the tsunami, finding a neighbor murdered, starving refugees and my mother suicide and this still has got to me more than all of that, it is not even the graphics, i mean i have seen bloated bodies i can handle it, it is just the decent of insanity. some things once they are seen cannot be unseen, and i say stay well away from this f*ed up japanese horror flick, the movie is subpar and no plot, but having to deal with the thoughts of it afterwards trying to wrap you head around what happened, if you are one of those who exxamines everything keep this thing far away.

Real - 2009-06-06 09:52:37

The most disturbing films are the ones about real life. Documentaries, or internet shock clips depicting real gore/torture for example. Movies and special effects try to emulate REAL LIFE because it's so terribly shocking. When you see a special effect movie and a guy gets his head cut off it's mildly amusing, but when you see it in real life it really hits home and makes you truly love your life. I've seen many of these films everyone has listed and all are pretty lame because (with the exception of a few scenes in some) they're all fake. Disturbing is what happens in the real world. Earthlings The Bridge Jesus Camp Try those.

Shanannigans - 2009-06-08 01:44:37

None of these movies is more disturbing than the latest french films "Martyrs" "Frontier(s)" & "Inside"...I suggest you take a look at those and then update your list. I guarantee you those will leave you squirming in your seat and thinking about them all night long.

Tony - 2009-06-13 00:32:42

The uncut version of "Inside" is an absolutely ferocious film. But it cannot top the big hitters here : Irreversible,Salo,Cannibal Holocaust and Begotten are the stuff of satans nightmares.

Cody - 2009-06-15 05:56:48

I did'nt think Last House On The Left was disturbing at all except the dream weasel had. Jacob's Ladder and Blue Velvet are good;]

Case - 2009-06-16 13:22:52

Two movies not mentioned which have a different kind of horror - the slow, insidious buildup - the atmosphere. 1: The Nightcomers 2: The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With the Sea. The Nightcomers, with no less than Brando in it is a prequel to The Turn of the Screw. The Sailor.... has Kristoffeson (Yeah....I know), but it also has Sarah Miles getting on pretty good terms with herself in it. Both of them somewhat similar in approach to The Wicker Man. Nightcomers has a torrent, but haven't seen The Sailor around since I saw it at the movies years ago.

mas - 2009-06-27 23:13:03

martyrs is pretty creepy, done in french subtitles

CineNatoning - 2009-07-12 06:05:51

these are my favorite movies deemed disturbing: Irreversible Men Behind the Sun Salò the act of seeing with one's own eyes Ichi the Killer Sick: the life and death of bob flanagan The Untold Story Bad Boy Bubby Cannibal Holocaust The Piano Teacher Ken Park Pink Flamingos Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer Visitor Q Mysterious Skin Martyrs Ebola Syndrome Fat Girl Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance Audition Cannibal anyone know of any upcoming ones? or if Noe's Enter the Void is hardcore?

ixnayontheupidstay - 2009-07-21 12:11:03

Salo sounds pretty effin' disturbing from those who have actually watched it. Don't think I could watch it. That has to be pretty serious to be banned in various countries. I think there's genres or degrees of disturbing movies: High Tension/Hostel were GOREY Gummo/Eraserhead were WEIRD Deliverance/Calvaire were CREEPY/GROSS [That's all I can really think of].

Nat Turner - 2009-07-22 07:23:57

Addio zio Tom - Seriously is *beep* up.

Bree - 2009-07-24 14:53:16

If you truly want to watch a disturbing movie here is one (Seed directed and written by Uwe Boll) If this one doesn’t get you then you are screwed up in the head I love gory, disgusting movies and this one I had to stop I still can’t finish it. It’s way to disturbing.

emma - 2009-07-30 17:45:01

the most disturbing films i ever saw were suicide club, cube, old boy ,taxidermia, 8 and half women (Peter Greenway) the son and father sleep together just to try it out , ninja scroll, legend of the overfiend, innocence (lucile Hadz), love me if you dare and tideland gets my number one spot the most disturbing film i have ever seen

Anonymous - 2009-08-01 14:06:40

Bloodsucking Freaks would be another horror movie to check out. This was one of my favorites in my younger days.

Kirvic - 2009-08-04 04:43:47

Lord of Flies, Natural Born Killers, House of 1000 Corpses, Feast (Trilogy), Trainsppoting (Danny Boyle), The Signal (David Bruckner & Dan Bush), The Day After (1980), Rabbits (David Lynch Short Film), Scanners, Schramm, The Brood (David Cronenberg), The Forgotten, Cannibal (Daniel Roby), Dark City, The Mist, Ed Gein (by Chuck Parello), In The Mouth Of Madness (John Carpenter), Progeny (Bryan Yuzna), Hannibal Rising, Wax Mask (Sergio Stivaletti), Phantom of the Opera (Dario Argento), Severed Ties, Frailty, Cube (Trilogy), The Pit (Peter Manoogian), Sleepwalkers, Ravenous plus the others you all said...Hey The One who said something about Butterfly Effect, that movie is like some comedy thing in front of all of other movies. Salud!

S.D. - 2009-08-08 02:17:19

GREAT THREAD!!! I'm putting my two cents in for "Titus." It is a stunning adaptation of Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus, starring Anthony Hopkins, Jessica Lange, and Alan Cumming. It is full of depraved acts of violence. Just one example (so as not to spoil anything)... some men take a girl, cut her hands off, and shove sticks into the ends of her arms so it looks like she has stick/twig hands.

The Duh Duh Duh Duh man - 2009-08-11 11:07:06

Seriously some of you guys arn't at all real... So many lame Hollywood suggestions. Watch SHOCKING AFRICA the last Mondo film by the Castiglioni brothers. This is by far the most disturbing film on this list.....See ya!

Audra - 2009-08-24 04:05:17

The most F**ED up movies for me is, I stand alone, Irreversible, Kids, Doom Generation, Pulp Fiction, Requiem for a dream, Natural Born killers, Last house on the left, the shining, Basket ball diaries, Fear in loathing in las vegas, butterful effect, clockwork orange, house of a thousand corps, american history X, From Hell, Audition, Gummo, Man bites dog!! Hostel was ok too I guess

dco - 2009-08-24 18:07:55

anyone ever seen death note?

LD - 2009-08-24 20:52:08

1)Titicut Follies 2)The Sweet Hereafter 3)Once Were Warriors 4)Pan's Labyrinth

Scott - 2009-09-02 04:52:43


forkeh - 2009-09-06 00:31:02

I've seen some of those, disturbing, yes, but this is one of the most disturbing movies I've ever seen. A French film called Dans ma Peau (In my Skin).

Richard Cranium - 2009-09-06 20:55:52

OK, so can the OP gather information and make like a check list for all of the mentioned movies? It would organize the stack of post after post and maybe we could make polls and measure the intensities of movies??? Just throwing it out there.

Satanika - 2009-09-11 11:44:36

The most disturbing movie, by far, is Cannibal. It's a German film. If you haven't seen it, watch it. You won't be the same. Matyrs was up there too.

Mit? - 2009-09-16 21:05:03

Inland Empire. Especially when watched in theater. You guys seeking Salo should come to Finland. We have it right there in the video rental store near by.

o88r - 2009-09-22 07:24:15


Maybe it's just me...I don't know - 2009-09-25 06:10:06

It takes alot to freak me out but I have to say I was quite disturbed by Behind the Wall of Sleep. I know there were some cheesy elements to it but, the whole idea just creeped me out...alot.

Taser - 2009-09-30 12:02:17

Not sure when this list was complied, but I found "The Great Exctasy of Robert Carmichael" extremely distrubing. Its shockingly graphic...pretty much like "Irreversible".

Locomotive - 2009-10-03 00:19:12

Check out the movie "Pshilosophy of a Knife" by russian director Andrey Iskanov. Came out in 2008. Its a gore pic, shows all the torture and brutality that happened in Japanese Army Unit 713, located in Machuria, during the Second Wolrd War. The movie last 4 hours, got to have a solid stomach to watch the 4 hours straight. Its the gore masterpiece, if you like blood, graphic violence, non sense torture, sadist experiments, this is your movie. One of the most disturbing ive seen. Cheers

Burr - 2009-10-03 08:38:36

Eraserhead isn't disturbing, just annoying.

markymarc - 2009-10-05 15:11:05

any one ever see a film called seed?

Pato - 2009-10-06 14:10:46

Good thread. I've seen most of the movies mentioned and some suffer from being bad movies which just contain some gratuitous scenes. Context is all important, so my list contains good or competent movies only - where the disturbing elements are contextualised within a good narrative and enhanced by competent acting and decent camerawork. 1. Hotel Rwanda Thank God I live in a peaceful, politically stable country 2. Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer Horrific in its simplicity and psychological realism 3. Wolf Creek The ultimate hillbilly slasher 4. The Hills Have Eyes (remake) The dad burning scene stayed with me for days 5. Mum and Dad Obviously based on Cromwell Street murders 6. Audition The fraility and beauty of the killer makes it all the more disturbing 7. The Shining OK, we've seen it many times, but do you remember the first time!!?? 8. When the Wind Blows The fact that it's a cartoon makes it even more disturbing 9. Taxi to the Dark Side IT REALLY HAPPENED!! What could be more disturbing? 10. 10 Riddlington Place Make me feel physically sick Honorable mentions: The Last King of Scotland The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Open Water

bob_hopeless - 2009-10-09 21:08:29

Martyrs must definitely be added to this list. Also Inside. Runners up: High Tension and Frontier(s).

vagrant_hippo - 2009-10-14 02:59:57

- Requiem for a Dream, but that film is brilliant - French films "Inside" and "High Tension" -- seriously, only topped by the leg removal scene in Audition - Hills Have Eyes remake unrated (mainly for the rape scene) - the Guinea Pig films, especially the second one--they're fake snuff films, and the filmmakers were actually investigated because people thought they were real-- I had to stop watching once the actual torture started (starting with knifing through someone's hand realistically)

The - 2009-10-16 23:17:47

Watch all the Top Most DISTURBING Movies here at Watch all the Top Most CONTROVERSIAL Movies here at Thanks,

annetta - 2009-10-30 02:26:25

i saw Antichrist a few days ago and it was the most disturbing film i have ever seen-everyone in the theater kept gasping at sertain moments and my jaw dropped to the floor when i was the ending-if you are into gory,creepy hardcore stuff you should defenetly check out Antichrist

drifter61375 - 2009-10-31 02:48:15

Your list was disturbing due to the fact most of those movies suck. Far and away the most holy s**t movies...The four sickos and its predecessor, the red room (japanese). The guinea pig series, also japanese. There's about ten different versions of this one, each more watered down then the next, but if your lucky enough to find the original....braindead (english), watered down version would be dead/alive. And one last one off the top of my head, angel of death (f**k) or die. (english). Then there's comic gore such as story of rikki (japanese, eng. subs) or th torture chamber also japanese english subs. What can I say, them japenese are some disturbed individuals.

And the winner is...... - 2009-11-09 11:55:44

OK, call me a saddo, but I counted all the comments and have come up with a definative list. Based on the premise that 1 positive comment equals a point... 1. Salo (37 points) 2. Irreversible (34 points) 3. Rerquiem (31) 4. Gummo (26) 5. I stand alone (25 points) 6. Nekromantik (25) 7. Cannibal Holocaust (24) 8. Audition (22) 9. Kids (20) 10. Eraserhead (19) 11. Men Behind the Sun (18) 12. El Topo (18) 13. Henry / Serial Killer(17) 14. Ken Park (15) 15. Funny Games (15) 16. Visitor Q (13) 17. Ichi (12) 18. Bad Boy Bubby (12) 19. Clockwork Orange (11) 20. Happiness (10) So there you go. In a nutshell....

Johnnyboymcgee - 2009-11-09 22:14:11

Well, this list clearly shows that it's different strokes for different folks. I've always been fascinated in cinema that has the power to disturb but I have little time for mindless, obvious shockers. I've picked a few here, some of which are violent, some depressing, some sexually explicit, and some just creepy. I wouldn't say they all disturbed me necessarily, but maybe once upon a time they might have. In my lifetime I've only ever truly been disturbed by The Shining (when I was a kid) and Irreversible (and maybe Requiem for a Dream)... • I Stand Alone (depressing) • Irreversible (violent & deeply depressing) • Requiem For A Dream (deeply depressing) • Twentynine Palms (violent, eerie & depressing) • The Seventh Continent (depressing) • Benny's Video (violent & depressing) • Kids (depressing) • Trouble Every Day (violent & eerie) • Anatomy Of Hell (sexually explicit & depressing) • Intimacy (sexually explicit & depressing) • Julien Donkey Boy (depressing) • Martyrs (violent, eerie & depressing) • The Ordeal (violent, eerie & funny!) • Audition (Violent & eerie) • The Shining (eerie) • Uzumaki (eerie) • Happiness (depressing & strangely funny) • Ring (the original - eerie) This thread has alerted me to some interesting films that I'm now gonna check out including, Bad Boy Bubby, Alexandra's Project, El Topo, Vulgar, Aftermath, and Gummo. Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

Ramiro Garcia - 2009-11-26 21:13:05

Amores Perros, does not have terribly violent or otherwise scenes, but the whole thing just leaves you exhausted.. Might not belong in the list, but I recommend it nevertheless. A personal favorite of mine is Altered States, a bit hollywoodesque, but great nevertheless.

wakky - 2009-12-10 04:14:38

Watch Martyrs. Most fucked up thing ever. Inside is definitely up there. It actually made me throw up and I'm not kidding. Not good to watch with someone pregnant though.

Danni - 2009-12-19 15:11:38

Funny games is by far the most shocking film ive seen. Danni

bullshit - 2009-12-19 22:46:28

irreversible was not the least bit disturbing. at all. kill yourself author. kill yourslef.

awhite84 - 2009-12-26 07:54:44

not saying these are the tops, but a couple of my favs: Caligula, Mulholland Drive, Old Boy, Bad Biology, Funny Games, Pink Flamingo i don't like, but its definitely disturbing. Um.. The Devils Rejects isn't as disturbing as many mentioned here, but is my fav horror movie.

DJPAULY - 2009-12-27 17:14:42

The woman from Lars Von Trier's ANTICHRIST was truly disturbing . i thought i saw it all until she performs a clitorectomy on herself with a pair of rusty scissors. that image will stick with me...

Pesky Sushi - 2010-01-05 22:36:38

Besides Audition, Visitor Q might be one of the most disturbing and surreal films of all time. Add to that it comes from Japan. "Bascially a father, who is a failed former television reporter tries to mount a documentary about violence and sex among youths. He proceeds to have sex with his daughter who is now a prostitute and films his son being humiliated and hit by classmates. "Q", a perfect stranger somehow gets involved and enter the bizzare family who's son beats his mom, who in turn is also a prostitute and a heroin addict." In one scene she fills the kitchen with her own breast milk. Cool.

hksdkf - 2010-01-06 01:31:08

try hunger made in 2008 it made me puke

Joe Terror - 2010-01-06 18:23:21

I know I'm really grasping here, oh and this is a great list!, but does anyone recall a movie, it may have been foreign, and all I remeber were some real bizarre scenes with a cross and a guy in a hospital or prison. He may even nail himself to it?

Anonymous - 2010-01-06 18:33:56

August Undergrounds Mordum is all I have to say. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

hunger boy - 2010-01-07 20:13:21

Hunger was very good, thanks for the recommendation. though i'm not sure why it would make you puke. if you really want to puke AND leave a nice little stain on your soul, watch the above referenced Mordum. Irreversible def had its moments also, contrary to toughest guy in the world's opinion. kids are funny. ha, my verification word is 'butchery.'

tazmin simmons - 2010-01-11 20:18:42

this some bull i cant believe humanbeans do these kind of things to other HUMANBEANS ITS IS FUCKING OFFAL

lobo - 2010-01-14 22:50:40

I would put Earthlings as the most disturbing film I've seen, one because is real, second because it shows what humans are capable of doing without regret. Although not the most disturbing I would put caligula in that top 10 list

Rachel - 2010-01-18 04:04:45

I completely agree that Eraserhead should be number one. But i also agree that Gummo should be in here. I was terrified of bunny suits for weeks after that. and cats.

fanz1337 - 2010-01-21 10:23:19

Need to add: Dear Zachary: A Letter to a son about his father It's the most beautiful, depressing, disturbing documentary....

Tedunjaiye segun - 2010-01-25 20:21:06

none of your top 10 most disturding movies of all time meet me ranking. Try watching: Escape form sobibor The killing field Sometime in april Saw II The skeletion key

Hardcore cinephile - 2010-01-31 15:47:56

Its hard to make a top list about disturbing movies because many things can be disturbing, there can be non disturbing movies with disturbing scenes. For me the most disturbing are documentaries usually dealing with raw images from a non bias point of views about extreme human behavior, followed by real snuff videos like beheading, mutilations,rapes,kidnaps etc.and Extreme behaviors like cannibalism, child abuse, animal abuse, self destructing activities drug abuse, self harm/cut and other aberrant sexual movies and videos, showing wild orgies, coprophilia, pedophilia, necrophilia, zoophilia, masochism, etc. Then I would put exploitation movies about torture towards other humans and animals or self inflicting violence, war crimes, religious and satanic extreme practices, and others alike. I would then put non documentary films, Since movies are fictional, gore and violent scenes do not provoke the same feeling, but a disturbing movie is usually psychologically disturbing and morally provoking one, pushing thoughts and point of views. Then I would put horror films, gore films, zombie films, postapocaliptic futuristic films and then depressing and psychodelic surreal films. All this type of films are perceived different from person to person depending on age, gender, life experience moral and religious beliefs, cultural background, social views, etc. This is why for some people the most disturbing movies could be raging from bambi and the wizard of Oz to the most hardcore movies, some samples of this range are seven, saw and gummo, to more mature oldboy,videodrome, suspiria, holly mountain, el topo, the wall, cat soup and other bizarre anime to naked lunch, tetsuo iron man, cutting moments, Jack.Ketchums.The.Girl.Next.Door, funny games, peeping tom, eraserhead, clockwork orange , the passion of the christ, bad boy buddy, martyrs, pink flamingos, freaks, taxidermia, guinea pig series, aftermath, august underground series, to salo and cannibal holocaust, mondo cinema, Sangue das Bestas, Africa Addio, good buy uncle sam, begotten, man bites dog, men behind the sun, nekromantik, visitor Q, audition, irreversible, to droga viaje sin regreso, earthlings, apocalypse war crimes just to metion a random few, so you could see the wide range of movies that can be disturbing for some people but not to others. Or movies that once seemed disturbing now they are not. Or disturbing movies that stay with you for life. I haven't found the most disturbing FoR ME movie yet although I'm still searching for the ultimate soul breaking experience, Not because I am sick but because is just human nature and just plain curiosity. Although I don't think it has been made yet or at least widely made public, And i suspect not because of lack of imagination but because of the media control, regulation and legislation about film making. So still waiting for a real trip. Keep posting Ideas and don't be afraid to explore and go beyond what your mind and stomach can handle

Susiejean - 2010-02-03 04:07:24

I'm by no means an expert (I mean, seriously, I found 'The Fourth Kind' to be very unsettling),but of the movies I've seen here's what I found the most disturbing: I'm glad a few of you mentioned 'May'. I mean that freaked me out, but it also made me seriously depressed for a few days. As many of you have said, I would NEVER watch it again, although I do recommend it:) 'Gummo' and 'Kids', they both depict a side of America that's depraved, but also hyper-realistic. I think realizing that the messed up shit depicted in both movies is the daily reality for many, many people is why both movies are so disturbing. An aspect of American culture that's usually white-washed over, so it's odd to have it presented before us. 'Jimmy and Judy' freaked me out, so did 'Trainspotting', 'Requiem for a Dream', and many others. Has anyone seen 'Society'? I had nightmares...

VITOR - 2010-02-04 19:31:40

Truly Disturbing Cinema For a movie to be here, it has to shock. Either for it's depiction of gore, sex or any other theme, it's all about taking things to EXTREMES. These are not to be viewed by people with weak stomaches, sensible hearts, or narrow moralistic taboos. After watching them, you'll probably need therapy or a vomit bag, so better think twice before pressing "play"! Everything you never thought you'd see on film can definately be found on any of these titles. (in no particular order): djroxygen's Rating 1 Nekromantik 1987, Unrated) Nekromantik 2 1991, Unrated) Taxidermia 2009, Unrated) Salo (Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma) 1979, NC-17) August Underground 2001, Unrated) Ken Park 2002, Unrated) Martyrs 2008, R) Za ginipiggu: Akuma no jikken (Guinea Pig: Devil's Experiment) 1985, NC-17) Za ginipiggu 2: Chiniku no hana (Guinea Pig 2: Flowers of Flesh and Blood) 1985, Unrated) Za ginipiggu 3: Senritsu! Shinanai otoko (Guinea Pig 3: He Never Dies) 1986, Unrated) Za ginipiggu 4: Manhoru no naka no ningyo (Guinea Pig 4: Mermaid in the Manhole) 1988, Unrated) Za ginipiggu 5: Notorudamu no andoroido (Guinea Pig 5: Android of Notre Dame) 1988, Unrated) Za ginipiggu 6: Peter no akuma no joi-san (Guinea Pig 6: Peter's Devil Woman Doctor) 1990, Unrated) Cannibal Holocaust 1979, NC-17) Dead Alive (Braindead) 1993, R) Cannibal 2008, R) Lik Wong, (Riki-Oh - The Story of Ricky) 2002, R) Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV 2000, Unrated) Das Komabrutale Duell (The Coma-Brutal Duel) 1999, Unrated) Salon Kitty (Edited Version) 1976, Unrated) À l'intérieur (Inside) 2007, R) Frontière(s) (Frontier(s)) 2007, NC-17) Men Behind the Sun 1988, Unrated) Baat sin faan dim ji yan yuk cha siu baau (The Untold Story) (Human Pork Chop) 1993, Unrated) Versus 2001, Unrated) Yi boh laai beng duk (Ebola Syndrome) 1996, Unrated) Terror Firmer 1999, R) Bone Sickness 2004, Unrated) Live Feed 2005, Unrated) Zombie Holocaust 1980, R) May 2003, R) Visitor Q (Bijitâ Q) 2002, R) Ilsa - She Wolf of the SS 1974, R) 100 Tears 2007, Unrated) High Tension (Switchblade Romance) 2004, R) Pink Flamingos 1972, NC-17) Aftermath 1994, Unrated) August Underground's Mordum 2003, Unrated) August Underground's Penance 2007, Unrated) C'est arrivé près de chez vous (Man Bites Dog) (It Happened in Your Neighborhood) 1992, NC-17) The Last House on the Left 1972, Unrated) Cannibal Ferox 1981, R) La bestia in calore (SS Hell Camp)(The Beast in Heat) 2005, Unrated) Africa Addio (Adios Africa) (Africa Blood and Guts) 1966, Unrated) Murder-Set-Pieces 2004, R) Mysterious Skin 2005, NC-17) Cutting Moments 1997, Unrated) L.I.E. 2001, NC-17) Faces of Gore 1972, Unrated) Faces of Death IV 1990, Unrated) Zombi 2 (Zombie) (Zombie Flesh Eaters) (Zombie 2: The Dead are Among Us)(Island of the Flesh-Eaters) 1979, R) I Spit on Your Grave (Day of the Woman) 1978, R) Emanuelle in America (Brutal Nights) 1977, Unrated) Irreversible 2002, Unrated) Happiness 1998, Unrated) Poison 1991, NC-17) Sweet Movie 1974, Unrated) Caligola (Caligula) (Edited Version) 1979, R) In the Realm of the Senses 1976, NC-17) Hard Candy 2006, R) Elevator Movie 2004, Unrated) Santa sangre (Holy Blood) 1990, NC-17)

Disturbing experience. - 2010-02-05 22:07:37

If you are looking for a disturbing movie experience, you can warm up with men behind the sun 1988, then get mentally prepared with Cannibal 2006 and if you can survive the 4 hours of Philosophy of knife then I am pretty sure you can handle any disturbing movie ever made without any problem.

Just me - 2010-02-16 09:11:31

It's impossible to make a "top 10" list of anything that would please everyone. We all define disturbing a little different, and a movie is called disturbing on different grounds.

jack - 2010-02-17 04:10:19

august underground mordum

----Ethan---- - 2010-02-18 15:03:52

Movies that disturbed me include Meet The Feebles (which was funny in a strange and awkward way), Mysterious Skin(the pedophile baseball coach and the scenes with the flashbacks really freak me out in a way), Man Bites Dog because the film has some truly disturbing imagery (especially the violent rape scene and the bloody aftermath), and The Fourth Kind (it was realistic and was insanely disturbing for me, although it is PG-13 rated).I cannot leave out Jacob's Ladder-- now THAT is a freaky movie. From beginning to end, it is just insane (especially the violence in the war flashbacks and those demon faces that Jacob sees evrywhere). the party scene in Jacob's Ladder may stick with you. Oh yeah, and GUMMO is pretty extreme. David Lynch's Lost Highway, too. I found Lost Highway more disturbing than Eraserhead. I put Hard Candy on my list as well. I have yet to see Henry, and I haven't finished watching El Topo, but I'm pretty sure theyll have a spot on my list as well.

kezzii - 2010-02-25 09:23:00

the last house on the left should of been number 1

vlad - 2010-03-04 15:11:47

not disturbing but great...this is the word.True message filled with true graphic detail

paxiuba - 2010-03-09 14:20:32

'Disturbing' means different things to different people. I don't count mere gore-fests as disturbing, although they can be brilliant movies in their own right. I think the French (Martyrs, Calvaire, Irreversible, Haute Tension, a l'interieur) and the Japanese (Suicide Club, Dumplings etc) make riveting and thrillingly gory films, but not really disturbing. Seven/Hostel/Saw are great for a Hollywood take on the horror genre, but for me, nothing more. My top ten list, which are nearly all very tame on the gore side, have very strange attributes, are emotionally troubling and all leave strong images in the mind for a long time after; Videodrome City of God Freaks American Psycho The Game A Clockwork Orange Salo Fellini's Satyricon The Butterfly Effect, and, my top ten favourite: In the Mouth of Madness

-----Ethan------ - 2010-03-12 20:26:51

I forgot THE DOOM GENERATION dang, a guy licks his own sperm off his hand! plus, theres a psychotic neo-nazi who has a tube-sock around his penis and he rapes a girl on top of an american flag! afterwards, he and his buddies cut a dude's penis off and blood is spurting everywhere. the whole scene is extremely intense and somewhat graphic. also, try the film "Nowhere", from the same director as THE DOOM GENERATION. In NOWHERE, not only is there a weird blue clown-guy holding a dead dog popping out of nowhere, but theres also bisexual relationships, a guy who killed himself by sticking his head in a hot oven, random appearances by alien monsters, a nipple-twisting fetish, and a teenager exploding and blood splattering everywhere.

Reingold - 2010-03-14 07:33:18

Most of the movies on: are pretty disturbing.

movie_lover - 2010-03-28 23:02:15

Good list, I think it may need a change. Taxideria deserves to be very high on the list.

MrBrainz - 2010-03-30 21:22:50

Watch Martyrs. Very disturbing french Movie

Trappajon - 2010-04-05 05:29:36

Blue Velvet sucked! As a matter of fact all David Lynch movies suck to me. It's one thing to be weird, but to make no sense at all like Maholland Dr....cmon man.

maniac - 2010-04-07 16:14:54

And what about this creepy freaky disturbing part of Adventures of Mark Twain? [youtube]q29CmMHSQ3M[/youtube] ( )

JohnLevi - 2010-04-09 18:24:51

1. Terrorama! 2. Last House on Dead End Street 3. Seul contre tous

Nick - 2010-04-10 02:24:45

The Girl Next Door should be on this list. Not the teen comedy. It's based on a true events and I own it but have no desire to watch it again. Also Martyrs, Inside, and The Butcher are all brutal.

Dan The man Pepall - 2010-04-10 19:11:02

A serbian film reaches a new high and dups over all these, its so wrong think saw meets hostal meets the others meets porn 100% worse-a retired porn star forced to come out of retirement an shag for his life amongst other things! this film is vile, disterbing and f*cking awsome!!!

Syndicalist - 2010-04-12 03:45:09

August Undergrounds Mortum, plainly put DONT WATCH IT

Anonymous - 2010-04-12 22:36:26

@DanThemAN - and what film might that be? Another Brienen film I suddenly thought of, pretty disturbing ending, freakshow all the way:

geeza - 2010-04-13 01:40:52

i havent watched any of the top 10, ive watched the new version of last house on the left good film but more brutal than distrbing i thought cannibal hollocaust was quite disturbing the animal scenes were sickening. Also lake mungo and the cove freaked me out abit.

blah - 2010-04-13 07:06:37

Serbian Movie, or Srpski Film is actually the name of the movie that guy was talking about. yeah, I heard it's fucked up.

Feed Me - 2010-04-17 04:48:32

1 very disturbing film is "Feed" that is some f^$Ked up shit

Candy - 2010-04-19 17:15:13

"perdita durango" - 1997. first fucked up flick ive ever seen, so it gets a special spot in my...heart? even if its not on the top 10, it still contains rape, cannibalism, and weird voodoo Santeria shit. no where near as graphic as some movies but, i guarantee you if anyone were to take a picture of me watching this movie you'd see a contorted face full of suspense, disgust, and anticipation. its even got its funny moments. everyone knows how amazing dark comedies are. Also, for 2 cents. list was alright, but there are worse movies mentioned in the comments. Oh, and for those thinking of watching salo, its gross, and vile but i feel as if the monotony of it all takes away from it. i found myself more bored that disgusted (even though there were a few scenes where i gagged and even one where i had to pause it). anyways. perdita durango. watch it. good movie.

Anonymous - 2010-04-20 01:49:15

Cannibal holocaust tops all of these real animal deaths rape murder gore and cannibals it's on google video

ReAnimator! - 2010-04-20 03:04:39

The scene where the body is holding his own head while trying to .....a girl. Nuff Said

The list maker - 2010-04-20 11:25:59

Cant believe no1 done this then after 2 hours of making this im not suprissed why there is probelly plenty of doubles etc plus i tried to take out all the "funny" comments like toy story etc but i aint perfect disturbing "to cause distress or worry or anxiety" Seriously the most f&$king disturbing media that everyone watches is the news seriously how many wars are going on right now these movies are nothing compared to real life. any how im sure u dont really give a shiet here is the list of movies commented on in no particular order FREAKS I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE EL TOPO AUDITION A CLOCKWORK ORANGE THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT [1972] HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER SALO OR THE 120 DAYS OF SODOM IRREVERSIBLE ERASERHEAD Se7en The Vanishing Gummo Brazil the cement garden Requiem for a Dream Bad Boy Bubby Zombie Holocaust CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST I Stand Alone Johnny Got His Gun man bites dog (or original: C'est arrivé près de chez vous) The act of seeing with one's own eyes Vulgar Kids The Wall Threads Faces of Death Un Chien Andalou A Zed and Two Noughts the Entity ex drummer The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover Oldboy Sleepaway Camp Boxing Helena Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance A Time for Drunken Horses The Cell Naked Lunch Videodrome Last Exit to Brooklyn Aftermath Schramm Rocky Horror Picture show Bad Lieutenant HARD 8MM Bully Happiness Dead Ringers Make Them Die Slowly In My Skin Taxidermia Nekromantik The Devil's Experiment any of the Mondo Cane series Vistor Q Suicide Club Spank the Monkey Reflecting Skin Funny Games Tetsuo: The Iron Man Begotten Caligula The Holy Mountain Storytelling The Butterfly Effect Resevoir Dogs Deliverance Môjû aka Blind Beast Guinea pig: Flower of Flesh and Blood August Underdround/Mordum/Penace Men behind the Sun Tumbling Doll of Flesh. pink flamingos Pi Saw Event Horrizon Blue Velvet Arachnophobia Grave of the Fireflies When the Wind Blows Anatomy Cat Soup Ichi the Killer Inland Empire Exorcist Meet the Feebles Braindead aka Dead Alive Mysterious Skin On the Beach 1959 Buio Omega Dr. Butcher MD Alexandra's project What Is It Soilent Green RIVER'S EDGE THURSDAY Pin Pan's Labyrinth Three Extremes series Suspiria Palindromes The Manchurian Candidate Jacobs Ladder Ghosts of the Civil Dead It is Fine. Everything is Fine Baxter Romper Stomper Jaws Crash Santa Sangre 10 Rillington Place Ken Park Cannibal ferox aka make them die slowly The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things Vengeance Series War Zone Gozu Natural Born Killers The Holy Mountain Murder Set Pieces Hostel Welcome to the Dollhouse Story Telling Wassup Rockers Hard Candy The Devils Nekromantic SATYRICON Sophie's Choice Peeping Tom Harold and Maude Tideland Hellraiser full metal jacket Sweet Movie elephant man The Emerald Forest Night of the Hunter Altered States Two girls and one cup Black Christmas Halloween Friday the 13th Rabid Crimes of Passion Whore Hannibal Carnival of Souls Leaving Las Vegas Breaking the Waves JackAss The Forbidden Zone Evil Dead part 2 Reanimator From Beyond Aftermath Genesis Das experiment The Thing Sloughtered vomit dolls the brood in a glass cage deranged in the realm of the senses The Isle The Night Porter Straw Dogs American Psycho Session 9 CAPTURING THE FRIEDMANS Demon Lover Altered States 1900 The Butterfly Effect Quién puede matar a un niño Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer Freddy got fingered blood sucking creeps driller killer FESTEN The Celebration Tetsuo and the man who became a machine Hundstage" ("canicular days") American Psycho Natural Born Killers In the Realm of the Senses Wolf Creek Your Friends & Neighbors La grande buffet Ma Mere La Pianiste Jesus Camp Identity Goodfellas Bad Lieutenant Seven Beauties Blue Velvet Texas Chainsaw massacre Lord of the Flies Battlefield Earth ACCIÓN MUTANTE (Mutant action) Titicut's Folly Savior sick Trouble every Day May Sheitan American History X switchblade romance the devil's rejects AUGUST UNDERGROUND AUGUST UNDERGROUND'S MORDUM AUGUST UNDERGROUND'S PENANCE Once were Warriors twentynine palms The Bridge In my Skin Der Todesking SOYLENT GREEN THE DAY AFTER 13 Tzameti Isla: She-Wolf of the SS Zed & Two Noughts Trainspotting Camp 731 I stand alone L'Humanite Twentynine Palms Storytelling Biography of DJ Yagi: Happy Hardcore Stardom Dawn of the Dead Blind Beast Dead Alive Calvaire Supervixens Ebola Syndrome The Untold Story Mullholland Drive Lost Highway the innocents House of 1000 corpses DUMPLINGS fear and loathing in las vegas Thriller: En Grym Film DAHMER Night of the Living Dead Maniac Frenzy The Tin Drum Sybil Goodbye Uncle Tom Pixote Toxic Avenger Crematorium Pinocchio 964 Battle Royale The Proposition Society seventh continent rubber johnny discreet charm of the bourgeoisie city of lost children rejected fantastic planet Buddy Boy Eyes Wide Shut The Shining What Lies Beneath Wizard of Gor Tokyo Decadence Come and See Repulsion Blair Witch Project Cries and Whispers Seconds Passion of the Christ Basic Instinct The Crying Game Silence of The Lambs Al'intérieur (Inside) Page of Madness Inland Empire Murnau's Nosferatu Zoo The Woodsman Henry Turtles Can Fly Parents TROUBLE EVERY DAY Lilja 4Ever 2001: A Space Odyssey THE SEVENTH CONTINENT 71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance In the Bedroom The Death of Mr. Lazarescu The Death king Le Poem Naked Strangeland Eat the Schoolgirl Apocalypes Now The Bird People in China Shindler's List L'inondation Dancer in the Dark Xtro Koyaanisqatsi Marebito Hated GG Allin CANNIBAL Rabbits The Trial Maniac The New York Ripper Shivers Id Last Supper The Hills have Eyes The Devils Rompo Noir Broken Hairdressers Husband The year of living dangerously FEED Return Of the living dead Ice Cream Man The Ring Final Destination Triology The GingerDead Man The Mist Calvaire AKA The Ordeal Skeleton Key Heavenly Creatures No Country for Old Men Cidade de Deus aka City of God Beyond the Valley of the Dolls Rosemary's Baby Fitzcarraldo Aguirre Cronicas little otik Oz Izo HATCHET The Spider killer klowns from outer space Maximum Overdrive Day of the Locusts Series 7: The Contenders 3 Extremes Blood Feast Spoorloos" aka: Vanishing Antibodies Broken Baise Moi Kairo Chaos Imprint the girl next door bug midnight express The Manson Family 15 A short film about killing Earthlings Bum Fights The Matrix Alice in Wonderland Strangeland Spun The Emerald Forest Pet Cemetary the Prince of Darkness In The Company of Men Julien Donkey-Boy L.I.E Dr. Strangelove The Wicker Man Killing Fields Ice from the Sun Human Porkchop Snuff 102 Who's Afraid of Virgina Woolf Schramm Shortbus Mother's Day The Great Ecstasy of Robert Charmichael Avere vent'anni Terrorama UROTSUKIDOJI Doom Generation Tenderness of Wolves Untraceable The Andromeda Strain cube Inside Machinist young poisioners handbook Mondo Cane The Green Mile echo Revulsion lucker the necrophogus riki-oh Hysteria Ravenous Philosophy of the knife London to Brighton Perfume of the Lady in Black Baby of Maccon Naked Blood The Strangers Vacancy Joy Ride Break Down Martyrs Visions of Suffering Nails There will be Blood An American Crime all night long 2 Frontier(s) The Nightcomers 2 The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With the Sea The Piano Teacher Fat Girl Sympathy Addio zio Tom Seed 8 and half women ninja scroll legend of the overfiend innocence love me if you dare Feast (Trilogy) The Signal The Day After Scanners The Forgotten Dark City Ed Gein Progeny Hannibal Rising Wax Mask Phantom of the Opera Severed Ties The Pit Sleepwalkers Titus The Last Savage The Last Savage Part 2: Shocking Africa Doom Generation Basket ball diaries From Hell death note The Sweet Hereafter Antichrist Dans Inland Empire Teeth Behind the Wall of Sleep Hotel Rwanda Mum and Dad When the Wind Blows Taxi to the Dark Side Riddlington Place The Last King of Scotland Open Water The four sickos the red room angel of death (f**k) or die story of rikki The Seventh Continent Benny's Video Trouble Every Day Anatomy Of Hell Intimacy The Ordeal Uzumaki Ring Amores Perros Mulholland Drive Bad Biology hunger Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father Escape from sobibor The killing field Sometimes in april mondo cinema Sangue das Bestas Africa Addio good buy uncle sam to droga viaje sin regreso The Fourth Kind Jimmy and Judy Society Das Komabrutale Duell (The Coma-Brutal Duel) Salon Kitty Baat sin faan dim ji yan yuk cha siu baau (The Untold Story) 100 Tears Elevator Movie A serbian film perdita durango

entropy1120 - 2010-04-29 00:50:03

Begotten, written and directed by E. Elias Merhige is by far the most disturbing film out there. Salo, a close second.

leatherjeff - 2010-05-03 21:09:48

Andrzej Zulawski's Possession, moody, arty and disturbing in an early 80's way, surprised it hasn't been mentioned.

new movie - 2010-05-05 13:32:18

just watched The Human Centipede (first sequence) and I found it pretty disturbing, although at the end I was still craving for more. I also recommend "Imprint". Watched the trailer for that new movie Splicing, looks pretty cool too.

sam - 2010-05-06 04:23:38

Traces of Death. Not sure if anyone wrote about it, but everything in the movie is real. I regret ever watching it. I only watched some parts. It's 100% real, a sex change,bodies being carved,a pig being burned alive,an obese woman screaming lol. It's sick, I just can't get it out of my head.

rosh - 2010-05-08 17:35:25

a british film called mum & dad

Marly - 2010-05-16 00:40:05

Human Centepede should be on here

EmilyLinnea - 2010-05-16 06:18:12

Ken Park is DEFINATLY in the top 10. A Larry Clark film.

Paige - 2010-05-20 23:22:25

Strange circus! HANDS DOWN <3

Todd - 2010-05-26 08:57:17

I have to say that I can understand where people are coming from when then say "Requiem for a Dream" should be on the list. It's obviously not the same type of disturbing as the rest of the films on the list, but its one of those films that makes you feel really shitty after watching it. As for the people who look at Requiem for a Dream and think that it was made to be some sort of sensationalized B.S. anti-drug movie like Reefer Madness, you are plain WRONG! I lived as a junkie for over 3 years and there is NOTHING in that movie that is even close to being sensationalized, and anyone who has lived as a heroin addict will tell you the same. I love drugs as much as the next guy, but people need to know what kind of life they are choosing when they choose drugs, and a movie like Requiem for a Dream shows exactly whats its like to live as a junkie, and living as a junkie is indeed DISTURBING!

David - 2010-05-29 13:50:58

I didn't see Visitor Q on the list that had to be one of the most disturbing things I have seen.I remember The Serpent and the Rainbow giving me some crazy dreams.My guess is you just never saw Visitor Q I would have to rank it top 5 at least though.

Anonymous - 2010-05-30 20:53:23

Saw Salo, was nothing. I don't think a movie can be disturbing, they can be creepy if they mess with your head but the only thing that ever disturbed me was the Chinese Fur Farm video, and I saw 3 Guys 1 Hammer with a straight face so that should tell you something

Tiozinho - 2010-06-01 10:33:03

Natural Born Killers is very disturbing if you are very religious lol it shows rape, murder, torture, murder, drugs, murder hehe

Justin - 2010-06-06 22:35:33

This isnt disturbing to the sense of clockwork orange for that matter but its pretty fucked up and one of the goriest films ive seen... this trailer doesnt do much for it but watch it if you can...

dlsmith - 2010-06-12 21:21:38

I'd go for Vertigo myself, but then it plays on a particular phobia of mine (being changed into someone other than who I am -- I even found the Disney Shaggy Dog movie frightening as a kid!) Repulsion and the original The Vanishing I also found very disturbing.

mindfuckmovielover32 - 2010-06-13 18:47:04

ok so everyone is probably going to laugh at me but fuck it. I have seen a few of these "most disturbing" movies as well as several of those suggested in others' comments and believe Antichrist by Lars Von Trier is more disturbing than many of these other films. Perhaps being a psychology major gives me a biased opinion? Either way, this movie is not only disturbing due to extreme gore(self genital mutilation), but even more so through psychological damage and despair. The whole "Chaos Reigns" deal was, I'll admit, a bit ridiculous though...

stuntman mozzarella - 2010-06-14 18:41:41

dude visitor q and the human centipede are flippin crazy. and check out inside, its a french film i believe. check 'em out!

tweena - 2010-06-15 19:16:24
Superfreak - 2010-06-17 05:18:11

As for all the retards who say seven is shit, you have no idea about good films. Granted it shouldn't be in the list and it isn't disturbing but its a great film. Requiem for a dream is a very overated film just because the ideas good doesn't make the film good. When the film finished i could of swore it was 5hrs long it was that boring its worth watching the end tho to see jennifer connelys arse. Plus like 1 other guy said there more disturbing shit we all see every day these films just play on fears and situations.

doi - 2010-06-19 07:58:29

seven was shit. requiem for a dream rules. retard.

Lila - 2010-06-22 06:29:30

Visitor Q from South Korea. Screwed up from minute one to the very last second.

Anonymous - 2010-06-22 20:16:01

Gonna have to watch a few of these... havn't seen them. I love watching horror movies, gore movies and movies that are just wrong! lol. I couple I just watched that afterwards made me say: "why the fuck did I watch that??" were DEADGIRL, and AUGUST'S UNDERGROUND and AUGUST'S UNDERGROUND MORDUM...

Beazo - 2010-06-22 22:19:34

no movie on this list is disturbing or scary in any way ur wasting ur time looking at this list

Tucker - 2010-06-24 09:13:44

To you 10 most disturbing movies of all time you have truly not seen or simply overlooked a film that disturbs me to this day, two years after seeing it on TV no less. "The Girl Next Door" (based on a true life incident) should never have aired or been made into a movie at all, and I feel it should be banned from ever being aired again. Not only is it's content horrific but having children act out the scenes should have been criminal. These are actual children from age 12 and up to 16 being placed in these situations with nudity, sexual assault and torture. They could have clothed the female actress instead of just pixelating her body parts. Is this what it has all come down to with society?! I cannot escape the images burned into my mind nor the distress and anger they generate. I do not know how this movie got permission to be aired over cable. It should have been burned right after the last strip was developed.

brown - 2010-06-25 12:14:52

Districted, must be one of the wierdest most disturbed film made, only if you can stomach the sexual content, which i couldnt

StevenX - 2010-06-26 06:06:50

I came here because I could not remember the name of a movie whose trailer I had seen once, thought it might be on this list. Thank you thank you for listing "The Begotten" was driving me crazy.

me - 2010-06-27 03:49:40

only got through about half of the comments, but I'm surprised that no one mentioned "Jacob's Ladder." After the first time I saw it, I haven't been able to get through it again... It's like hitting the serious phased of a bad acid trip without needing acid to get there... It fucks with your head that much. I agree with many that Peter Jackson's early stuff should be around somewhere. Requiem for a dream should only be really disturbing for heroin addicts. (I should know, I was one for a while.) Another one I hadn't heard mentioned (but doesn't really belong in the top ten) was Headwig and the angry inch. wasting space with shit like gigli and air bud is just rude to those that take the topic seriously. Thanks to all who made decent comments, I now have more suggestions than I believe I'll ever need for the times I feel like giving my brain a good long screw.

ay_cocuk - 2010-06-27 15:11:40

hey!anyone can help me to how can i get these films-srpski film 2009 and terrorama! 2001 ..:)

David - 2010-07-09 00:58:40

i kant say too mch about the list because i hav not seen them all what i kan say about the ones i have seen (Salo, Last House, Irreversible) is only salo belongs on here last house was kinda cheesy and irreversible only had one disturbing scene and that is when pierre smashes a mans head with a fire extinguisher the rape scene is nothing its more gruesome to me when he is beating her in the face as it looks more realistic and in the rape scene hes jus humping her from the back like a dog for nine minutes pfft i will check the rest out asap btw LETMEWATCHTHIS.COM is a great site fr movies that is where i watched all of these previous stated films

KinoJarman - 2010-07-09 22:32:06

I feel the same way about JB...if you think Se7en is too much for your tastes, than you really only have a dim understanding of how messy film can get. Enjoy your Hollywood features.

psyc - 2010-07-11 07:58:34

wat the ****. mentally disturbing...go to hell

"The War Zone " - 2010-07-12 02:07:14

this movie is sick an the rape scene is just wrong!!

blah - 2010-07-13 00:19:54

Strange Circus

shorty - 2010-07-16 06:07:04

'The Piano Teacher' or any of Michael Haneke's movies

light a candle don't curse the dark - 2010-07-17 23:39:30

the jerkoff scene in Ken Park is prob like top ten most disturbing things I have scene in feature film. Ken Park nomination?

Night Wolf - 2010-08-04 06:57:19

What about The Brood where the woman licks her bloody baby clean after giving birth to it,and Cannibal Holocaust has to be on the top 10 the most realistic film ever made,actually thought those actors where killed,so did the people who put Ruggero Deodato on trial almost went to prison because of that film,that would be my number #1followed up by number,#2.The Brood,#3.Beyond The Door,#4.Zombie,#5.CUJO because that could actually happen, #6.House On The Left Original not crappy remake,#7.The Hills Have Eye's Original not remake #8.Texas Chainsaw Massacre Original not remake,#9.JAWS because that could actually happen, #10.The Exorcists because that could happen also,followed up by #11.The Poltergeist that could also happen "there here".

TD - 2010-08-20 19:11:17

One disturbing movie I think has been looked over is Imprint that is a comepletely cracked out and messed up movie. I mean seriously a 6 year old dumping aborted fetus's into a river. Another good one is Rise of the Dead where a teen fucks her boyfriend who is possessed by the spirit of her aborted child. Basically really wrong incest.

Anonymous - 2010-08-22 23:03:13

crap List when I was 11 These movies bord me The wrong Turn is better then this craP.

Foolish Fool - 2010-09-07 16:41:02

I've only seen Eraserhead (a few hours ago, in fact) and it was very weird and surreal, but even alone in the dark didn't really disturb or scare. But still interesting. My friend saw Cannibal Holocaust and refuses to even listen to it from another room, haha. She's totally into f'd up movies, but that was apparently too much. I saw Splice with this same friend, we were both totally grossed out with the twist towards the end as well as the thing Brody's character does towards the middle...blehg, frickin' weirdo.

Mike V - 2010-09-08 20:31:53

August Underground's Mordum. Intent is to make u say WTF?! Theres rlly no plot but this is a very disturbing movie. Some fucked up shit.

SCRIPT_KID - 2010-09-11 07:06:37

(DES ORDER) 1.AUGUST U MORDUM - no story only crap 2.CANNIBAL H - fake yet seems real 3.REQ 4 A DREAM - dont do drugs 4.MEN BEHIND D SUN - one time only 5.3 GUYS 1 HAMMER - VIDEO (real brutality) 6.FACES OF DEATH - gore 7.G PIG SERIES - wtf 8.KIDS,GUMMO - hmmmmmm 9.SAW SERIES - innovative killing 10.NEKROMANTIK - okay

poker ghost - 2010-09-11 19:26:30

Great thread, I've downloaded about 30 movies I've never even heard of from this. Even though its a mainstream movie, one that "disturbed" me more than any of these is "The Road". Actually, it bothered me for about three days. Probably just because I have a 10 year old son and the whole time I'm watching it, I'm imagining myself in this guys dilemma. So fucked up...

luzazul - 2010-09-12 14:29:46

this movies r ok, some are gore, some just weird but if u really want DISTURBING watch macon's baby by peter greenaway

powder - 2010-09-14 06:28:33

I have seen all these film most when they came ot and ondi cinemas in the 80's and so on. You all shh all see 'MARTYRS' (2008) very disturbing - very awesome

eric in chicago - 2010-09-15 22:04:18

you all forgot The Sound Of Music!

Katherine - 2010-09-15 22:56:05

Hey! So here are some to add: 1. Old Boy 2. Requiem for a Dream 3. Salo is definitely right 4. The Three Extremes (It is a compilation of three totally separate messed up stories) 5. The Virgin Suicides

Jesse is a friend - 2010-09-28 16:23:10

The Girl Next Door. About 3/4 of the way through all I could think was for fucks sake kid, just die. It was terrible torture flick, conflicted on a kid by other kids, and a mother.

Mr Johnson - 2010-09-29 13:47:29

Irreversible was my favorite. Not only was it very disturbing, it was actually a good movie

Tim - 2010-10-12 05:13:22

irreversible was very disturbing the head crushing scene left a lasting impression. the music at the end was great with spinning camera, I thought the camera view was annoying must the film.

Ian - 2010-10-14 23:52:09

I recently did a Top 7 of my most disturbing movies. Some from my own list I don't see here but you may find interesting are the August Underground Trilogy, Slaughtered Vomit Dolls and even Gummo.

vasudep - 2010-10-24 05:49:19

the omen exorcist the clockwork orange Requiem for a Dream

Jazzyjess - 2010-11-07 19:09:24


micah - 2010-11-12 04:56:50

splice is f@cked up movie #1

Ernie - 2010-11-21 08:06:34

Maybe not so much disturbing, but definitely rather creepy is the French movie "Une Vraie Jeune Fille" (A Real Young Girl), full of bizarre sexual experimentation by a very beautiful teenage girl (including a scene where she really fucks herself with a bottle of suntan lotion, and another scene where a guy shoves a worm [a real worm, not his dick] into her vagina). The only reason this flick wasn't rated X was that it was French and viewed as an "art" movie. Lots of scenes in there that will appeal to people who like to see girls peeing. Not often one gets to see a girl peeing in a non-porno flick.

blah blah - 2010-12-03 16:26:50

I think Pink Flamingos creeped me out way more than any of the movies on this list did. Every scene in audition looks fake as hell and I got bored watching Eraser Head.

John10 - 2010-12-03 21:28:49

Visitor Q If you like this top 10 list, go watch Visitor Q.

guy - 2010-12-08 20:54:44

I think by far cannibal Holocaust is the worse most disgusting movie ever. It is just a snuff film where you witness the actual death of more than 4 people and a number of animals. It is sick and twisted.

sylvain - 2010-12-12 16:10:13

listen i thing it's all a question of individual perçeption and everyone could be right or wrong but i will tell you this and i know my stuff ...every visual that creates discomfort or shockes you emotionaly will do that job of being disturbing , atmosphericaly speaking it's a combination of visual and sound with great direction , good casting ,nice set up and sincro .....try to see "BEGOTTEN" or "the girl next door" based on a true event ! Actually all sort of violent and depravity on children on women on animals (rapes,murder,torture,submission,humiliation,sexual fantasy with children and animal and even shit,war in itself is distubing with all king of isolated act of crualty ,drugs can be very disturbing ,the news and all king of magazine even the net is the most disturbing thing ever !

Mallory - 2010-12-16 02:25:08

You people obviously haven't seen Eraserhead. It's COMPLETELY valid as film #1. That movie disturbed me beyond comprehension.

Anonymous - 2010-12-26 14:17:29

If you want a rundown on the most disturbing, twisted, gory, sick movies, have a look at this blog. Copy/paste the link on a new window.

iudwmtdu - 2010-12-29 15:13:59

I would have to say that 1985 film "Come and See" (Idi i smotri). dir. E. Klimov. is definatly a contender for this list, it is also argueably the greatest war movie ever made. Also i recently saw a (pretty awful) US movie called 'Dead girl' that was pretty sick.

Mr Burns - 2010-12-30 10:45:20

I think that you can add The Forth Kind to that list too

PattySoo - 2010-12-30 21:17:51

Now that its 2010...whoa. Antichrist (2009) by Lars von Trier

Bananasg - 2011-01-12 05:55:22

Nobody mentioned Chuck and Buck.

anthony s - 2011-01-12 23:38:04

you have to add "A Serbian Film" to this as at least top 5

Bacteria - 2011-01-13 05:57:40

The most disturbing movie I have ever watched....

elljot - 2011-01-14 18:10:14

I think this should definiatelt be considered

Alex - 2011-01-22 22:20:35

KIDS, though mildly disturbing, is quite entertaining. I would also put out Requiem for a Dream, Happiness and Gummo. Watching Requiem for A Dream while baked is quite the combination. Also disturbing, Justin Beiber music videos, they'll give you nightmares.

hay - 2011-01-27 06:15:53

SERBIAN FILM most wont ever forget that movie guaranteed

Jason Power - 2011-02-01 02:07:24

There is no way this is in order from least to most disturbing. If so, how in the world would Eraserhead beat Salo? Are you kidding? And why would Freaks be here at all?

Red DVD - 2011-02-02 15:17:32

Hey there :) What was the best and most terrible movie of 2010 in your oppinion? In my view it might have to be: Greatest: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One Worst: A Nightmare on Elm Street Thx :) <3

eli - 2011-02-02 18:59:07

Funny Games

William - 2011-02-03 05:01:20

Found this thread last night. Pretty much just watched or attempted to watch any of the films I hadn't seen. Some of the lower budget ones, I didn't find disturbing at all, they just seemed like a bunch of idiots doing things they thought would be shocking, but it looked hokey and came across as goofy. (August Underground i.e.)Not that indie or low budget can't be good, but alot of the stuff that was mentioned really just came across as trite and uninspired. Now for the stuff I did like... I did think Funny Game (original version) was really good, I'm sure I'll sleep fine, but the film overall really had me thinking during it, really felt helpless. The Japanese stuff is okay, but I end up liking the overall look more than the stories. The Korean stuff is great for the most part, you get drawn in and your own feelings betray you. Happiness left me feeling icky. I've seen Eraserhead several times, never disturbed me at all, I find alot of the characters likable. Begotten didn't disturb me, but I LOVED it, BUT knowing the symbology behind it probably helped. Alot of the films that have been labelled disturbing were actually unappealing to me, alot of them I started to watch, but was ultimately disinterested, not due to being disturbed or grossed out, they just seemed stupid or uninspired, violence for the sake of violence and not in an anarchic way either. The Hollywood films (saw, requiem, hostel, etc.) weren't cerebral at all and I never once felt like I wasn't watching a movie with famous actors. Even with remakes like I Spit on Your Grave, you end up pulling for the hero and actually come away with a gratifying feeling at their success. I know alot of people say Requiem, but after you've known real life junkies and seen firsthand what heroin can do, Requiem just looks stupid and fake. So I got to watch and learn about alot of great films and some not so great. Was I disturbed? Sure, I guess so, while I was watching them. Did I see anything that is permanently burned into my mind and that'll I never get out? Nah, I don't think so. If anything, there were films I wished had ended differently or had plot twist that blew my mind, and if that makes them disturbing, then my top five would be.... 1. Old Boy 2. Happiness 3. Funny Game 4. I Stand Alone 5. Grave of the FireFlies Thanks for sharing this great list and everyone who mentioned their favorites. Pretty impressive that this thread is going on FOUR YEARS NOW!

Save the rave - 2011-02-03 15:16:10

So glad that the threads still going very impressive.only got into the extreme movies a couple of months ago but seen most of them now a Serbian film,the gateway meat,men behind the sun,Gutterballs (great laugh),grotesque,inside,cannibal holocaust,cannibal ferox,I could continue but I've seen loads more just wondering what other people have watched lately .more extreme the better I've recently got hold of philosophy of a knife I will write as soon as watched my 4hr gore fest

snakehands - 2011-02-04 00:23:35

Ichi the Killer

Anonymous - 2011-02-13 04:11:22

The Life and Death of a Porn Gang A Serbian Film Guinea Pig 2 August Underground 2

Brittany - 2011-02-16 21:54:24

I've seen a lot of these movies and I love a good slasher/beastiality/necrophilia/torture/rape/depressing movie just as much as the next chick - I'm just wondering if anyone has seen Dogtooth. It is seriously fucked up and really really disturbing. Hardly any gore - just messed up. Thoughts?

Dwic - 2011-02-17 13:36:57

A disturbing movie is easy to define: when you see it, you say 'whoa. WTF was that?' That might a a gore scene, a brutal scene, a mind-bender - anything that, for a moment, fucks you up inside. Rarely in an immediate good way, but certainly something that makes an impression on you. Almost no death, no gore but Eraserhead gives you that in spades. Same with Salo, Cannibal holocaust, Men Behind the Sun, Man Bites dog and Necromantic. In all these films I had moments of 'am I really seeing this?" Oh yeah, and Xtro - that was pretty fucked up.

yayayay - 2011-02-17 20:55:40

Thanks for all the great ideas! Haven't seen many of these. Imprint disturbed me, as did Dark Corners, Sublime...& Slaughtered Vomit Dolls.

NinjaCobra - 2011-02-19 19:47:08

Films such as Philosophy of a Knife (2008), Martyrs (2008) and The Human Centipede (2009) should be among those.

Justin Bieber - 2011-02-22 00:36:52

The Human Centipede? Just think about it? The idea itself is fucked up. Also Antichrist, I'm sorry but watching a woman cut off her own clitoris is so fucked up I felt like ripping my eyes out and washing them in bleach to get the image out of my head.

Brian - 2011-02-23 14:14:22

Have setting on my DVD player for this weekend, "Begotten", "Canibal Hallocaust", "Martyrs" & "Antichrist", not bad for a weekend marathon, will give an update......"Requiem" did nothing for me, guess i have seen this in real life is possibly why. I will put a plug in for one that hasn't been mentioned yet "Eden Lake", makes you want to pound the living s**t out of some Britt Brats...

Tony - 2011-02-23 17:05:48

You should definitely update your list to include "A Serbian Film" as #1. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is more disturbing than this film to date.

Brian - 2011-02-24 10:10:59

Until "A Serbian Film" is available some Freaking where it's just going to hang out there and should be down on the list. This film is not available yet....

tom.o - 2011-03-02 19:06:23

I think disturbing films are all well and good. But what I'm looking for is a genuinely scary film. By that I don't necessarily mean a film that gives you nightmares, but a film that IS a nightmare. An actual nightmare, your most fucked up nightmare on screen. The closest things that I have seen to this have been David Lynch work, the end scene of Mullholand DR (with the old people)struck a nerve, as did a few scenes in the last half of Inland Empire. I'm looking for a non stop nightmare though. Does anyone know what I mean and have any suggestions?

tuonetar - 2011-03-23 20:18:08

I thought "The last house on the left" was the most disturbing movie I'd ever seen til I saw "Antichrist". Not scary. Plain perturbing.

Desensitized - 2011-03-27 13:20:41

A Serbian film,Ghosts of the Civil Dead,Nekromatik,Tetsuo,Santa Sangre,Shoguns Sadism,Bad Boy Bubby,Antichrist are all good films worth seeing.

Bubba - 2011-04-14 14:51:18

Eraserhead...totally overrated. Irreversible is easily on the list. If you want a crazy scene, try watching the Tudors series for the one with the dude getting red hot pokered. That was pretty damn crazy.

BUDDY EVANS - 2011-04-19 05:26:09

How on earth could a list of 10 or 100 truly disturbing films be complete without the "jaw- dropper" of all time.... "NAKED LUNCH"??? Depending on my state of mind, this film along with "Eraserhead" can leave me with my mouth wide open, or just changing the channel, or even on certain occasions, puking my guts out!!! "Naked Lunch" should be #1 on ANY such list.

Anonymous - 2011-04-24 00:22:47

umm hello clearly the most disturbing movie of all time is not even on this list. everyone needs to go search Cannibal Holocaust and I think you will then know the real number one.

dhsoi - 2011-04-28 15:11:04

about 50 people have already mentioned cannibal holocaust. I don't think anyone has mentioned À l'intérieur. Incredibly violent and nasty, and the victim is a pregnant woman. Not pleasant.

Shaina - 2011-04-30 22:40:52
One of the most disturbing movies I´ve ever seen is `The Wild Wild World of MissAsssnatch´, a collection of short films by the astonishing female performance and video artist MissAsssnatch. Especially the ones called `No Free Lunch´ (with a 7 minutes long brutal face rape scene) and `Wash Away My Sins´which contain scenes I won´t even mention in detail. Nothing in this film is acting or faked in any way, and strangely that makes it seem even more fictional. The film is impossible to shake off, and keeps growing on you. I don´t think it´s in distribution, but it was shown on the CPH PIX film festival a week ago, and will probably appear on other independent film festivals soon.
Dude - 2011-05-01 08:44:08

Hard Candy is pretty squeamish

Brayden Cranson - 2011-05-08 21:53:38

I find it disturbing that I either own or have watched all the movies on the list, except Irreversible (though I have seen I Stand Alone, which is just as worthy). I would add Martyrs - a French film that takes horror to a different level - and another Takashi Miike film, Ichi the Killer insanely violent and disturbingly hilarious. You can find my personal top movies at

boo4231 - 2011-05-12 21:52:24

as much as i love irreversible i find that salo should have been #2 theres just as much rape in it, theres a whole section of eating shit:X and a whole section of gory torture i can watch irrerersible a thousands times over that movie.oh yah salo is really easy to buy i bought it on chapters its the criterion collection for 40 bucks the orignial production goes for 400 plus dollers very rare because they messed up the printing and the film had a blue tint to it there was only like 100 copys and then it was released later on :P and clockwork orange really its a cult movie its not disturbing to me at all! and it made it on here but cannible holocaust didnt or any of the guinea pig movies. oh and all the saw movies are effen terrible they shouldnt even be mentioned they neeed to be all burned.

MarieJane - 2011-05-16 00:44:35
So i got like halfway down the page & was unhappy to see begotten on this list, its crap.... thats time of my life i wish i could get back... But anyways thats not why im typing people wanna talk about disturbing movies? Watch Baby Blues... dont want to give anything away but the reason why this movie is so scary/disturbing is because what happens in it is something that is ACTUALLY going on w/ families that have 2 parents but one is on the road 24/7 watch it for yourself & you will totally understand; & it shouldnt be hard to find either cuz its only a few years old
dav - 2011-05-31 04:36:31

The Holy Mountain is so fucked up it should be up there

Rhino - 2011-06-05 21:41:47
To me, disturbing means it makes me feel odd or disconnected from reality, not necessarily scared or grossed out. Santa Sangre was the first title I thought of when I stumbled across this page. I also agree that Natural Born Killers made me uneasy. What about the movie Parents (the one with Randy Quade as cannibal, not Parenthood with Steve Martin as perplexed father), that was weird. I don't agree that the first strange movie you see will be the most unsettling of all time, but Chitty Chitty Bang Bang freaked me out as a child.
harmony - 2011-06-11 17:19:08

a Serbian Film is the most effed up movie i have ever seen! and Megan is Missing is pretty crazy too.

Taboo - 2011-06-23 14:12:24
Seen most of the films listed here. Definitely Cannibal Halocaust for me! Baned from an aledged 50 countries, director was arrested for murder as the authorities thought the footage of the deaths of the actors were real and they actually killed 7 animals in the film. They have only just realesed the 'FULL UNCUT' version (and even now still has a scene cut) in the UK in May 2011, 31 years after it was made! He had to make the original cast appear on an Italian TV show to prove they were still alive as he made them all sign a contract stating they would stay out of the media for one year.
Funny Games - 2011-07-13 16:54:11
A Deeply Disturbing German Movie.
Prepare To be Freaked - 2011-07-15 01:21:05 'Ju-on'

Ande79 - 2011-07-17 08:00:24

Hi guys just read all the comments finally and some i have seen and some not so ive got a new list of sick movies to get thanks alot i dont think reqium seven etc should be on here they are a different mainstream kind of film although good and everybody likes diferent things. My personal favs are A serbian film Bad boy bubby Inside Cannible holocaust Salo And along the same lines of tetsuo ironman is a short called horse hair Irreversable I stand alone aka carne lol Alot of the jap films memtioned are very good but i wouldnt say are stick or disturbing A clockwork and eraserhead are crazy but wont disturb u lol Also try macarbe But thanks again for all the input got lots of viewing to do

Gosh - 2011-08-07 20:52:46
Please just STOP mentioning Requiem, it's just monotonous, depressing and melodramatic, not disturbing. And who mentioned Saw, Rob Zombie films or other recent mainstream teen movies is clearly just a kid.
sCRIPT_KID - 2011-08-09 21:58:38
1. TUMBLING DOLL OF FLESH *** 2. gPIG2 *** 3. NAKED LUNCH *** 4. MEN BEHIND D SUN *** 5. A SERBIAN MOVIE*** 6. AUGUST U MORDUM **** 7. 3 GUYS 1 HAMMER(google it) **** 8 . CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST **** 9. CUTTING MOMENTS **** 10 . NEKROMANTIC (P1). *** 11. SAW SERIES. ****************dONT WATCH**************** pink flamingos,funny games,begotten,threads,kids etc..these movies r fucking boring********************* i ve pretty much seen all of em, nothin has made me think any different, i guess fucked up real life cannot be decribed in reel life.
DawL - 2011-09-17 02:49:18
I have seen the good majority of the films listed here, and I would like to give my opinion on the most "disturbing" movies that I have seen more recently. A Serbian Film is absolutely on my list, and also the Vomit Gore Trilogy (ReGOREgitated Sacrifice, Slaughtered Vomit Dolls, and Slow Torture Puke Chamber). While A Serbian Film is most definitely disturbing, I think the Vomit Gore trilogy will get to people a bit more. Please know, if you decide to watch these movies, everything that happens in these films (besides the torture scenes) is completely real, and very graphic. These people subject themselves to some very crazy things over a time period of years to make just one film. I don't want to go into it too much, I just want to give fair warning. I have seen all 3, and I think Slow Torture Puke Chamber is the worst one. I love this trilogy, but if you do not have a strong stomach, I DO NOT recommend them. Watch at your own risk!
hoho56 - 2011-10-22 19:37:52
the most sick movie i've seen so far is "a serbian film". seriously, that movie is just ....sick. for information, it has been banned in several countries
DJ - 2011-10-23 04:30:54

Look up ReGOREgitated Sacrifice. Never has there been a more disturbing film. 1 hour and 7 minutes of truly realistic looking rape, gore and vomiting. Described as "Splatter Porn," the amount of nudity and gore is unimaginable. Only released online, it becomes clear in the first 10 minutes that this movie is NOT for most viewers. Watch at own risk.

rahul K - 2011-11-07 14:44:15

who can we miss Inside in the list

jgood - 2011-11-09 04:25:07
dead ringers, and jack ketchum's the girl next door !!
middlezwald - 2011-11-20 23:41:48

"TESTAMENT"-1983, directed by Lynne Littman, starring Jane Alexander!!

Mark - 2011-11-23 00:48:48
This is an old list so obviously some newer films won't be on here. Serbian Film is pretty good, Vomit Gore Trilogy is a waste of time, not worth watching. Might be worthwhile watching the August Underground Trilogy if you can stand the shaky camera. Personally thought Megan is Missing was crap but I know a few people liked it. Human Centipede 2 is a lot more gory and "horror" than the first. Top of my list would be Martyrs. Just got through watching it and felt like I'd been hit by a bus.
hellboar - 2011-11-28 22:03:54

dumplings is quite edgy, i must say. if yer down with baby eating, then the movie will seam fine. if yer not down with eating babies, prepare the puke bucket

ACE22 - 2011-12-15 14:42:06
This is a great list... Thanks. I will now have many new movies to watch. I'm not going to do as most people here and rename all the same movies that are disturbing or judge other peoples preferences.... I will add "SEVEN DAYS". it's not the most disturbing movie but it's up there... A few other disturbing ones coming out of Québec are: "Evil Words" , "Whoever Dies, Dies in Pain" , 5150 Elm's Way. Not as disturbing as "Salo" , "Oldboy" or "Suicide Club" but great movies all around!!!!
ACE22 - 2011-12-16 18:36:14

Oh I almost forgot.. "Janghwa, Hongryeon" (A tale of two Sisters). Was very good/Disturbing! Oh and Why not.. Here are some of my favorites: "Suicide club" - "The shining" - "Oldboy" - "Inside" - "Martyrs" - "Irreversible" - "Marebito" - "Visitor Q" - "The last hosue on the left" - "The mist" - "3 extremes"... just to name a few.. I still have a lot of viewing to do!!!! Peace!

anon - 2012-01-07 23:12:00

Cannibal Holocaust easily trumps every one of these movies. It's banned in most western countries, but you can watch the trailer on youtube. the trailer itself is really fucked up. apparently, when the film was being shot, the directer made the actors torture and kill a turtle, filmed it, and then put it in the movie. that's the only confirmed mistreatment, but there are rumors that the cast and crew did some really mean stuff to the locals while they were shooting the movie.

Anonymous - 2012-01-09 15:56:27
Caligula with peter 'o toole and malcom macdowell: check it out!
lucy - 2012-01-23 08:10:32
the only movie i'm familiar with is eraserhead and it is my favorite movie of all time. it really is terrific. now i'm going to give all the other movies mentioned on this page a try.
Anonymous - 2012-01-26 01:24:02

Jennifer should definitely be on the list

Winkylife - 2012-01-27 10:29:21
Necromantic has them all beat! I've seen most of the films listed. Necrosis is about a couple that cleans up accident sites and take home body parts including a whole corpse. The corpse rots over a few days while they perform sex acts on/to it. There are some others like Lucer which follow a necrosis theme. Necromantic is German, Lucer French. Both were made in the early 1990. Necromantic is an art film in many ways, Lucer is crap. Your list on this site should be titled "main streamish shocking movies". Most entries are very pedestrian. Do your homework, there are some really sick movies out there.
Sandy - 2012-02-07 15:06:45

I saw the devil .... havent any of you seen it ?

Sick bastard - 2012-02-11 23:33:28
here my top ten 1) Nekromantik 2) Slaughtered Vomit Dolls 3) Naked lunch 4) CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST 5) August Underground's Mordum 6) Scrapbook 7) Altered States 8) Breaking Her Will 9) Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 10) Itchi the killer ( I wanna finish with at least 1 good movie)
Jochen - 2012-02-15 11:38:55
ENTER THE VOID - not all that graphic but the most disturbing film I have ever seen!
Brian - 2012-02-21 18:00:32
Most recient "Seed", Real footage of animal cruelty from yes PETA, has a baby episode, Electric chair gone bad, hammer taken to some lady for 4 minutes..... Not that I liked is so much but Dusturbing yes, made me feel real unesy for a bit. Alway looking for that what the F**k just happened moment. Uwe Boll director. Check it out.
breakherlegs - 2012-03-18 22:24:53
My top 10 disturbing would be like, (in no particular order) *'Cannibal Holocaust': The whole thing was shot very realistically, and I had to look away at the actual animal cruelty. The sadism of the American's was very disturbing, also. *'Tideland': Not gorey at all, but never the less, left me feeling very, very disturbed. A good film though. *'Sheitan': Horrible. It's like a bad acid trip, and the whole thing was so unsettling. Left me traumatized for days afterwards. *'State's Evidence': The child rape/murder scene. Enough said. *'Antichrist': Whilst I found most of the film very boring, the distressed animals were very eery, and the genital mutilation scene actually made me cringe. I have a strong stomach for gore, so when a film manages to do that to me, it stays with me. *'Salo': Nearly vomited. Can not un-see. *'Leaving Las Vegas': Very good movie. Horrifically brutal rape scene, which was more unbearable to watch then any other I've seen. Ending was disturbing, in a beautiful way. *'Dark Corners': Just a whole bunch of f**ked up. *'Sublime': The only film which has actually frightened me since I was a child. Very scarey concepts. *'Requim for a Dream': Regardless of what others say about it not being disturbing, I was very troubled by it. The 'Ass to ass' scene in particular. Ultimate 'don't do drugs' film. On saying that, I've only seen 5 of the listed films, and have not seen many of the ones mentioned in the comments. Also, many people's idea of 'Disturbing' is just a whole lot of blood & guts, and many of the films which have disturbed me aren't very gorey, but really upset my psyche.
Ryan - 2012-04-10 00:45:54

A Serbian Film...anyone?

greatone - 2012-04-15 14:07:51
never heard of it... oh, unless you mean the same serbian film that's been mentioned ten times or so already then yes, we've all heard of it.
Lydia - 2012-05-02 03:25:08
I would just like to mention that the snippet of dialogue from "A Clockwork Orange" is inaccurate, the final word "ultraviolence" is actually "ultraviolet." Burgess made great use of colloquialism, and although it is somewhat hard to follow at times, he often used such words to describe the feelings or actions of his wonderfully bizarre characters. Just thought I'd mention it. Enjoyed reading the list!
lovable.weirdo - 2012-05-02 06:19:50
try to watch august underground mordum.
Melicia - 2012-05-07 11:09:19

i keep looking up list like this and never see brain dead (dead alive) WTF

Eileen - 2012-06-08 15:23:38

Perfume !!!

Eileen - 2012-07-20 03:12:42

Shout out to "Grimm Love" holy #$&* the true ones are always the most messed up!!!

rascal - 2012-07-22 20:54:50

ok , since i think this list needs updates i'll do my best #1 MOST DISTURBED : IRRIVERSIBLE #2 MOST DISTURBED : CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST but i wouldn't recommend any of the two , irriversible: in the first scene we see a gay bar called the rectum and they its just goes on , if you are interested check out the first 10minutes to get a taste cannibal holocaust : director had been accused of making a snuff movie till he proved everything was fake . Then they still tried to charge him . since rape is a discomford for any sane person to watch i wont list any other films with this kind of sceneries . . . OTHER MOVIES -INLAND EMPIRE , 3 hour film of DAVID LYNCH , he had over 300hours of film en 200 more on handycam befor making this movie , there also wasnt a script before filming ...... check it out ! -ENTER THE VOID , dopies -AUDITION , litlle sick girl intensly kills lots of people -KEN PARK from the director of kids , answer to where were the parents in kids , when i first saw the movie i didnt really get it all , this shit is focked -c'est arrive pres de chez vous or english title man bites dog good film , voilence but no extreme gore -TETSUO the iron man , to be this old tetsuo should be on #3 -since EL TOPO is on the list HOLY MOUNTAIN should be too , but maybe these alejandro jodorowsky movies are a bit outdated -OLD BOY (well known movie) -AMERCIAN PSYCHO (well known movie) -i though ALYCE was pretty cool too watch , bout a girl why started killing -havent seen i stand alone -too many

Requiem for a nap - 2012-09-21 20:59:29

If you honestly think requiem for a dream is disturbing, you clearly have no experience with prolonged (2-12 times daily for multiple years) IV injection drug addict. Especially add on top of that an addiction to something that is both psychedelic and almost immediately physically incapacitating and requiem seems like vacation time....

Holliana - 2012-10-28 03:28:09

ok human centipede has got NOTHING on HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2! Totally unreal but so f*cking wrong i could only watch it under the influence every time i try and watch it sober i have to stop. the uncut version has everything from sandpaper masturbation to squashed babies to a virtually naked fat bloke raping his 12 person long face to ass centipede. if thats not wrong as hell, i dont know what is!!! :D

Eileen - 2012-11-07 05:25:15

Megan is Missing - Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

Anonymous - 2012-11-07 07:30:38

It's all fake nonsense. How can it be disturbing? With all the real deaths you see on the News these days, and some of the real war documentaries, that stuff is just youths having fun with special effects and cameras. It proves some of these amateur directors have sick, bizarre imaginations, but so did I as a youth. The death of real animals is just sick and evil, and R. Deodato is a perverted dirt bag for filming that kind of thing. Movies like Men Behind The Sun, Schindler's List, and Saving Private Ryan are unsettling because those things happened in WWII. The Passion is disturbing for similar reasons. But the movies on the list are just a bunch of fake crap. How can anyone be disturbed over something so fake? Snore.

Eileen - 2012-12-31 07:13:07

The Tortured - couple decides to kidnap and torture man who did the same to their son.

Luke - 2013-02-05 03:04:07

This is missing Cannibal Holocaust.

steve - 2013-02-05 12:52:17

What about a serbian film ?

Eileen - 2013-02-27 20:43:30

I have only see one person mention this one so far and WOW OMG HOLY @#$$% the movie "Grotesque" whoaaaaa!!!!!

Anonymous - 2013-07-23 02:34:35

Ummmmm....You MIGHT wanna slide "A Serbian Film" in there somewhere. Once you see that DOOZY....You can't UN-SEE it.

Anonymous - 2013-09-26 09:14:04

Stoic and rampage?

Anonymous - 2014-03-10 20:49:04

Little children and American gothic I haven't seen mentioned.

hudson - 2014-06-24 07:22:41

what is the one where God castrates, bleeds and kills himself to create the world?

Paul Dennis Hammond, Artist, designer ,writer & novelist. ( ) - 2014-08-11 00:30:49

This guy `Jack Nance` was actually an incredibly `under-rated talent` ,.....and this is testimony, by the way he showed those `awkward, under emotional expressions, at various stages of this movie !! No one will now, ever know < but he was about to make it `big, big, big -time !,......if only he had followed this very `weird and abstract, indeed `extreme fringe movie, with a more main-stream role, in a follow-up project, i.e. a chance for `Mr Nance` to play a corrupt detective or solicitor etc. , but alas he was killed in a tragic incident, involving some `petty argument over who was next in the queue for some `fast food order` !! .......the hand of fate, ending this incredible actors` life, before he was about to be the next big star, or `Harrison Ford` type star !! If I was a big enough `player` in the movie game, I would definitely have `test-casted` him in the role of a forthcoming `block-buster` of a project, about the `classical Greeks` and the so far, forgotten, ( by the film industry, Hollywood in particular ) and this would be about the under-appreciated, and thus mysterious Spartan `hero of the moment`,.......Pasanious, the saviour of the Greeks !! , this would have become a movie to reach the same notoriety as Gladiator`, or `Troy`, as it would have been an `un-explored story` of the most vulnerable period, in the history of the Athenians, against the might of Xerxes` Persian fleets . But he never got the chance, to become the next `epic movie star, as the tragedy of his life, was just like a `tragedy from a Sophocles play !!

norquay - 2014-09-17 03:39:35

A Serbian Film - very disturbing

Disturbed - 2014-10-20 01:26:10

These ain't disturbing, how about Glitter with Mariah "Fathead" Carey?

No - 2015-06-30 06:28:24

No "The Holy Mountain"? This list is for shit...

[Editor's Note: Come on, I only had 10 spots, have to leave SOME DISTURBING MOVIES off the list so you can add them to comments!]

Anonymous - 2015-10-03 16:22:14

I recommend two more: "The Vanishing" (Not the US version, but the original Dutch version) "The Skeleton Key" Very creepy ending.

frankie smales - 2016-01-11 09:55:54

Urotsukidoji pushed the boundaries of the art of animation with it's grotesque narratives about cleansing the world in the absurd manor of threatening to wipe-out humanity and reset the balance of having piece and harmony as it was explained in the chilling opening moments of the film by showing an haunting visions of hell and reprise the narration again before the end credits rolled with again an haunting picture of the city burning however the film refused an certificate in Australia and was heavenly cut in England and was voted in an 2001 channel 4 poll of the hundred greatest cartoons of all-time but the soundtrack is still iconic today. frankie smales smales television uk

frank - 2017-09-12 21:23:55
My vote goes to Gummo and Kids
nite - 2017-09-13 01:10:34
anything with Madonna has to be in here somewhere