Top 10 Worst Movie Reviews Of All Time
#10 - Jim Whaley, PBS Cinema Showcase, on MOBSTERS [1994]
Jim Whaley, PBS Cinema Showcase, on MOBSTERS [1994] Image

"One of the best films of the year! . . . Joins The Godfather and Goodfellas as one of the greatest gangster films ever made!"

#09 - Variety, on THE SHINING [1980]
<em>Variety</em>, on THE SHINING [1980] Image

"With everything to work with, director Stanley Kubrick has teamed with jumpy Jack Nicholson to destroy all that was so terrifying about Stephen King's bestseller . . . The crazier Nicholson gets, the more idiotic he looks. Shelley Duvall tranforms the warm sympathetic wife of the book into a simpering, semi-retarded hysteric."

#08 - Garth Bishop, Parent to Parent Magazine, on THE PAGEMASTER [1994]
Garth Bishop, <em>Parent to Parent Magazine</em>, on THE PAGEMASTER [1994] Image

"It's a hit! It's the Wizard of Oz for the '90s. This is a wonderful film."

#07 - Frank Rice, Time, on APOCALYPSE NOW [1979]
Frank Rice, <em>Time</em>, on APOCALYPSE NOW [1979] Image

"While much of the footage is breathtaking, Apocalypse Now is emotionally obtuse and intellectually empty. It is not so much an epic account of a grueling war as an incongruous, extravagant monument to artistic self-defeat."

#06 - John Simon, The New Leader, on 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY [1968]
John Simon, <em>The New Leader</em>, on 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY [1968] Image

"The slab is never explained, leaving 2001, for all of its lively visual and mechanical spectacle, a kind of space-Spartacus and, more pretentious still, a shaggy God story."

#05 - William Whitebait, New Statesman, on CASABLANCA [1942]
William Whitebait, <em>New Statesman</em>, on CASABLANCA [1942] Image

"The love story that takes us from time to time into the past is horribly wooden and cliches everywhere lower the tension."

#04 - Vincent Canby, The New York Times, on THE GODFATHER, PART II [1974]
Vincent Canby, <em>The New York Times</em>, on THE GODFATHER, PART II [1974] Image

"It's a Frankenstein monster stitched together from leftover parts. It talks. It moves in fits and starts but it has no mind of its own . . . Looking very expensive but spiritually desperate, Part II has the air of a very long, very elaborate revue sketch."

#03 - Earl Dittman, Wireless Magazine, on THE ADVENTURES OF SHARKBOY & LAVAGIRL [2005]
Earl Dittman, Wireless Magazine, on THE ADVENTURES OF SHARKBOY & LAVAGIRL [2005] Image

“Spectacular! An eye-popping, action-packed masterpiece!”

#02 - Otis Ferguson, The New Republic, on THE WIZARD OF OZ [1939]
Otis Ferguson, <em>The New Republic</em>, on THE WIZARD OF OZ [1939] Image

"It has dwarfs, music, Technicolor, freak characters and Judy Garland. It can't be expected to have a sense of humor as well—and as for the light touch of fantasy, it weighs like a pound of fruitcake soaking wet."

#01 - Patty Spitler-Wish, TV Indianapolis, on CITY SLICKERS II: THE LEGEND OF CURLEY'S GOLD [1994]
Patty Spitler-Wish, TV Indianapolis, on CITY SLICKERS II: THE LEGEND OF CURLEY'S GOLD [1994] Image

"The best sequel since Godfather II."

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Anonymous - 2008-02-08 00:09:39
Yeah, screw people for having opinions!
Scotty - 2008-05-17 21:52:03
You missed one - Roger Ebert HATED "A Clockwork Orange" - and still holds by that review to this day.
soapboxguy - 2008-12-23 13:07:51

Some of these are right though. The Shining, while a good movie, completely rapes the book. Apocalypse now is alright but that review hit it on the nose. It's another movie that acts like it's saying more than it is, a la Donnie Darko or American Beauty.

Anonymous - 2010-04-07 03:34:49

The shining probably only succeeds to the extent which it rapes the book. Stephen King is a terrible writer.

Chris Salinas - 2013-03-31 23:11:02

About Mobsters it's The Release Date is July 26 1991 Not 1994.

Ernie - 2013-09-21 20:26:59

As for "Apocalypse Now", I always thought the movie missed the mark to a certain extent. Up until Sheen meets Brando, the movie is deserving of Oscars. As soon as Brando starts his long-winded, boring monologue, you can feel all the energy and life being sucked right out of it. Combine that with footage of a ritualistic slaughter of a water buffalo and you have a really bizarre ending to what was to that point a great movie.

Virgoan - 2014-12-08 18:17:28

Jim Whaley's comments about "Mobsters" was NOT a review. It was an opening statement by an interviewer introducing cast members from the film who were visiting Atlanta GA and agreed to be on his show. Perspective is a wonderful thing, but this article has NONE.