Top 10 Quotes on Film by Jim Morrison
#10 - The World
The World Image

"The World, a film which men devise . . ."

#09 - Chance
Chance Image

"Chance is a survival of religion in the modern city, as is theater, more often cinema, the religion of possession."

#08 - Obsessed with Heroes
Obsessed with Heroes Image

"We are obsessed with heroes who live for us and whom we punish."

#07 - Psychology of the Voyeur
Psychology of the Voyeur Image

"More or less, we're all afflicted with the psychology of the voyeur."

#06 - Dead Pictures
Dead Pictures Image

"Films are collections of dead pictures which are given artificial insemination."

#05 - Totalitarian
Totalitarian Image

"Cinema is most totalitarian of the arts."

#04 - Drives You
Drives You Image

"Each film depends upon all others and drives you on to others."

#03 - Fear of Death
Fear of Death Image

"The appeal of cinema lies in the fear of death."

#02 - Without Eyes
Without Eyes Image

"The film runs on without any eyes."

#01 - Erotic Science
Erotic Science Image

"Cinema, heir of alchemy, last of an erotic science."

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