Top 10 Quotes Against Work

“It was true that I didn’t have much ambition, but there ought to be a place for people without ambition, I mean a better place than the one usually reserved. How in the hell could a man enjoy being awakened at 6:30 a.m. by an alarm clock, leap out of bed, dress, force-feed, shit, piss, brush teeth and hair, and fight traffic to get to a place where essentially you made lots of money for somebody else and were asked to be grateful for the opportunity to do so?”
Charles Bukowski, Factotum, Black Sparrow Press, 1975


"My job consists of basically masking my contempt for the assholes in charge, and, at least once a day, retiring to the men's room so I can jerk off while I fantasize about a life that doesn't so closely resemble Hell."
American Beauty, 1999


"One of the saddest things is that the only thing that a man can do for eight hours a day, day after day, is work. You can't eat eight hours a day nor drink for eight hours a day nor make love for eight hours—all you can do for eight hours is work. Which is the reason why man makes himself and everybody else so miserable and unhappy."
—William Faulkner, interview in Writers at Work, 1958

#07 - SHIT
SHIT Image

"I was called to the bathroom at the cemetery to take care of something. I walked in the bathroom and in the middle toilet right there . . . somebody didn't shit in the toilet, somebody shat on the toilet. They shat on the wall, they shat on the floor. I had to clean it up, man, but before that, for about 10 to 15 seconds man, I just stared at somebody's shit, man. To be totally honest with you, man, it was a really, really profound moment. Cause I was thinkin', 'I'm 30 years old and in about 10 seconds I gotta start cleaning up somebody's shit, man.'"
American Movie, 1999


"Industrial man—a sentient reciprocating engine having a fluctuating output, coupled to an iron wheel revolving with uniform velocity. And then we wonder why this should be the golden age of revolution and mental derangement."
—Aldous Huxley, Time Must Have a Stop, 1944

#05 - SLAVES

"I see all this potential, and I see squandering. God damn it, an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables—slaves with white collars. Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need. We're the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great War's a spiritual war . . . our Great Depression is our lives. We've all been raised on television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaires and movie gods and rock stars. But we won't. And we're slowly learning that fact. And we're very, very pissed off."
Fight Club, 1999

#04 - REFUGE

“Work is the refuge of people who have nothing better to do.”
—Oscar Wilde

#03 - NO BALLS

"For us to live any other way was nuts. Uh, to us, those goody-good people who worked shitty jobs for bum paychecks and took the subway to work every day, and worried about their bills, were dead. I mean they were suckers. They had no balls. If we wanted something we just took it. If anyone complained twice they got hit so bad, believe me, they never complained again."
Goodfellas, 1990


"But men labor under a mistake. The better part of the man is soon ploughed into the soil for compost. By a seeming fate, commonly called necessity, they are employed, as it says in the old book, laying up treasures which moth and rust will corrupt and thieves break through and steal. It is a fool's life, as they will find when they get to the end of it, if not before."
—Henry David Thoreau, Walden, 1854


"We don't have a lot of time on this earth! We weren't meant to spend it this way. Human beings were not meant to sit in little cubicles staring at computer screens all day, filling out useless forms and listening to eight different bosses drone on about about mission statements."
Office Space, 1999

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billy - 2008-02-23 10:32:49
“Work is the source of nearly all the misery in the world. Almost any evil you'd care to name comes from working or from living in a world designed for work. In order to stop suffering, we have to stop working.” - Bob Black
Tommy Paine - 2008-02-23 12:22:41
There's no shame in working hard on something satisfying - like a piece of music, or to help another out of their pain. Maybe "work" is the wrong word for what we're talking about here - maybe it's capitalism or office jobs or workin-just-to-pay-for-consuming? Whatever you call it, great resource.
Roach - 2008-02-23 14:01:52
Work rivals religion for the #1 spot in mind control techniques.
Anonymous - 2008-02-23 14:09:07
Yeah, because nobody works in socialist countries. They're a real hoot. - 2008-02-23 14:43:26
Karoshi, the japanese term for being worked to death. It happens so often, they had to give it a name. We all have to deal with a little Karoshi in our lives.
Garrett - 2008-02-23 14:58:02
"8 Hours for Work, 8 Hours for Sleep, 8 Hours for What We Will" Motto of the Workers Movement of the 1880's in Chicago. It developed from the Depression of 1873 and what was called the "Gilded Age" that founded "Robber Barons" like Rockefeller and Carnegie. Yep, switch the names to Gates and Buffet and the income distribution is about the same. ...Except today you have to work for 60 hours, not 40.
Stacy - 2008-02-23 15:22:52
"And I saw that all labor and all achievement spring from man's envy of his neighbor. This too is meaningless, a chasing after the wind. The fool folds his hands and ruins himself. Better one hand with tranquility than two handfuls with toil and chasing after the wind." Eccl. 4:4-6 Eccl 2:17-26 holds the solution to the problem.
Ex-Worker - 2008-02-23 15:25:47
"Do they owe us a living? Of course they do!" - Crass I don't work and I live in a capitalist country... Yeah for out smarting those capitalist boss bastards! I encourage everyone that doesn't have to worry about supporting people other than themselves to strongly consider using the system. Live frugally, take out student loans, work temp jobs & collect unemployment... rob a bank if your that daring. Whatever it takes to take back what they owe you!
NYC Bob - 2008-02-23 16:53:15
"My young men shall never work, men who work cannot dream; and wisdom comes to us in dreams. You ask me to plow the ground. Shall I take a knife and tear my mothers breast? Then when I die she will not take me to her bosom to rest. You ask me to dig for stone. Shall I dig under her skin for her bones? Then when I die I cannot enter her body to be born again. You ask me to cut grass and make hay and sell it and be rich like white men. But how dare I cut off my mother's hair." Smohalla, a Native American religious leader (Nez Pierce, I believe)
You're - 2008-02-23 17:11:59
It's you' in you are.
pps - 2008-02-23 17:14:40
We the American working population Hate the fact that eight hours a day Is wasted on chasing the dream of someone that isn't us And we may not hate our jobs But we hate jobs in general That don't have to do with fighting our own causes We the American working population Hate the nine to five day-in day-out But we'd rather be supporting ourselves By being paid to perfect the pasttimes That we have harbored based solely on the fact That it makes us smile if it sounds dope Fumble outta bed and stumble to the kitchen Pour myself a cup of ambition and Yawn and stretch and my life is a mess and If I never make it home today, God bless Fumble outta bed and stumble to the kitchen Pour myself a cup of ambition and Yawn and stretch and my life is a mess and If I never make it home today, God bless -9to5ers Anthem Aesop rock
Adrian - 2008-02-23 17:36:34
Can you lazy asses please get back to work
The Boss - 2008-02-23 18:52:53
Man, you guys have one screwed up view of money and work (and I hate the stuff, too). All of our ancestors belonged to tribes or clans. These were social units, whose members worked together to ensure survival. Individual clan members were expected to contribute value to the community. If they didn't, they are not provided with any of the resources the community shared - including food and shelter. They lived a crappy life or even perished. They were not carried along by the tribe. Further, the quality of the resources individuals received depended on the significance of their contribution. The best hunters got the choice cuts of meat, while crappy or unlucky hunters got the gristly cuts, the bones, and the sinew. And if you were ever caught stealing from the community, you were "dispatched." We are still part of a tribe. We have just come together in a larger social unit because this arrangement offers more protection, more opportunities, and a greater pool of resources. But the work expectation hasn't changed. The tribe/clan owes you shit. You aren't owed anything for being born -- anyone can do that. In fact, most of us have done it! As a tribe member, you owe us some value that contributes to the quality of life in the village. And the monetary system? It's a reflection of the value you offer the tribe: Jacob: Hi, I just moved in down the road. I need some "stuff." Can I have some? John: Umm, no. I've worked alot of hours making this stuff, and I'm not just giving it to you. Jacob: Well, I notice you're a chair-maker, but you don't have any food. I've raised a bunch of hogs. Hows'abouts I trades ya' a hog for some of chairs. John: Now, you're talking. I'll give you a chair for that hog. Jacob: Ah, I don't think so. That's alot 'o pig for a single chair. John: Well, okay. I'll give you twelve chairs for that hog. Jacob: That sounds alot better, but I only need two chairs. John: So, just take the extra chairs down and trade them for other things you need. Jacob: I don't want to be toting ten chairs around town. John: Okay, I'll give you two chairs, and ten tokens that can be traded for chairs. Jacob: That sounds fair. Jacob: Hey, Mary, I hear you have some extra eggs. Mary: Yes I do. But what do you have to trade for them. I don't need a pig...I've got chickens. Jacob: Well, I have these tokens that can be traded down at John's place for a chair. How about I give you one of those for some eggs. But I'll need some smaller "egg tokens" from you because one of these "chair tokens" is worth more than two dozen eggs. And money was born. But make no mistake, it is not pieces gold, silver, or cotton fibre -- it's units of value, which can be traced back to the value that you bring to the tribe. So, Ex-Worker, I'm a furniture builder; that's the value I bring to the tribe. What do you have to trade me for my furniture? If you don't produce anything, what are you going to give me for my furniture? Ex-Worker: I'll sell you eight hours of my time. Me: That's not value. I already have eight hours. What value are you offering to me in those eight hours? What can you do? Can you run a lathe? There's very few good lathe people out there, so I'll give you fifty bucks an hour to do that. Ex-Worker: Nah, I don't really have any skills. I can put on nuts and bolts. Me: Well, that's not much, but it's something. I do need someone to put on nuts and bolts. Ex-Worker: Okay, I'll resent being here, but I'll do it for fifty bucks an hour. Me: Whoa, whoa, whoa! I don't think so. Firstly, the village idiot can put on bolts. You're not offering much value. I'll give you twenty cents for each nut and bolt you put on. If you stick around for eight hours a day, you can make a living. Secondly, if you're bringing a shitty attitude with you, your value just went way down. Ex-Worker: Well, I might as well "play the system," or rob banks. Me: In that case, you're taking the resources of the tribe without offering any value -- you're stealing from us. Why do you think we, as a tribe, have any obligation to carry you along?
Jimmy L - 2008-02-23 19:01:24
Good compilation...
Some Guy - 2008-02-23 19:26:39
@ Ex-Worker: We don't owe you anything. Why does everyone come into this world thinking that the world owes them? The evil bankers of the world stole your money, so rob them personally. Don't take the FDIC money, don't take our tax dollars. Remove the taxes. The world doesn't owe you dick. Why not do something to fix the injustice in the world than use it to justify your laziness? God, you're a fucking parasite.
greentourmaline - 2008-02-23 19:38:51
I don't work either. Neither does my husband. We have never been consumers, have never chased after something expensive to make us feel better, so while we were told that we "had to work", we did and we ended up with enough money stashed away that we don't have to work. We have kids at home. We do whatever makes us happy; we want for nothing. Our anxiety level is zero. We figured out the "work ethic" programming, rejected it, and could not be happier.
Paul Lafargue - 2008-02-23 19:53:11
meh - 2008-02-23 19:54:23
Works sucks. Be a trustifarian!
Michael Sanders - 2008-02-23 20:25:00
This is what makes the Internet worth keeping around. Just a great collection of quotes. Thank you for sharing.
Jack Dylan - 2008-02-23 22:57:13
We're simply in the era of the JOB. It will be a short period in civilization. The official work week used to be 48 hours BTW, till we lowered it because of technical progress. Unfortunately, we've sucked up prior productivity with a bullshit "work". No doubt filled by paper shuffling and nonsense extraction pseudo-work.
Ex-Worker - 2008-02-24 01:32:32
You see Boss, the problem with your statement is that it lacks coherency. You've obviously not done much anthropological research or you wouldn't be comparing tribal societies to capitalism. (Maybe you should take my advice and get some student loans?) According to most anthropological evidence, prior to civilization tribal societies were egalitarian, based on caring for each other because you are a tribe, not how much someone can contribute. (Imagine trying to get compensation from an infant or elder... What an ugly society you imagine Boss) Anyway the fact is that we are capable of producing, and have been for a very long time (like before the dawn of civilization) enough food shelter and comforts for everyone with very little labor. But capitalism creates new jobs because it can't allow people not to slave away, and people like you are to institutionalized to realize that life is so much more fulfilling when actually lived, and not stuffed in an office all day. Oh, well. Too bad for you. If you enjoy working Boss keep it up, because I'll surely keep not working for as long as I can. I am living a life of real physical and emotional involvement, and not slaving away to make some greedy jerk rich, while toiling away my health. The thing is that the people that owe me a living are the people that think that they own everything, and all that I have to say to the rich slimy bastards is, no empire lasts forever and when this all comes crumbling down people will remember who subjugated them and coerced their life and labors from them. Good luck to you greentourmaline, and everyone else that rejects robber-barons & bosses in favor of life :)
Work is a dis-ease (literally) - 2008-02-24 23:19:12 Read it and reclaim your mind.
Jai Lakhabhai - 2008-02-25 12:51:39
Was feeling lonely............great to feel there r people like me.....
Postnbeam - 2008-02-25 14:01:04
Get to work, you losers, if not work, what is it? Alcoholism, Street Fighting, A trust fund? Sometimes, its not about you! Try starving if you think that sloth is better than working. I met a Street Sweeper in London that was more elegant, eloquent and exquisite than the whole lot of you.
Freethinker - 2008-02-25 19:32:16
"Get to work, you losers, if not work, what is it?" Leisure. Freedom to only do things you really want to do (be it music, art, voluntary work etc.) instead of slaving your ass off doing work you hate to line some capitalist jack-off's pocket while only bringing home just enough to subsist. "Alcoholism, Street Fighting" Straw man. I hate alcoholism and street-fighting as much as wage-slavery. "Sometimes, its not about you!" Then who is it about? The society that demands conformity? The asshole bosses willing to exploit the worker bees? The powers that be? Can't honestly see any solid reason why the individual must be adjusted to society, as opposed to adjusting the society to individuals. "Try starving if you think that sloth is better than working." I think leisure is better than working at a job you dislike. And if I have options to circumvent working shitty jobs, then why should I reject them? Work ethic is fucking over-rated. "I met a Street Sweeper in London that was more elegant, eloquent and exquisite than the whole lot of you." Yeah, but was he happy? Was he making living wage with what he did? Again, work ethic is over-fucking-rated and I respect a whole lot of the posters here because they don't feign any damned respect to the ideas I find detrimental.
Un-enslaved - 2008-02-25 21:30:39
Hey postnbeam, you're calling us "losers" (very original BTW), but you're the one who answers to an alarm clock. Sounds you got the shitty end of the stick to me. But don't hate just because you sold yourself. That's not our fault.
awesome list! - 2008-02-25 22:17:00
hahaha, i love this list put together. i've been focusing on getting the fuck out of this trap set by society. soon, soon...
Churdy Toledo - 2008-02-27 12:35:29
Work is...a nessesary malady
Batty_Natty - 2008-02-27 16:04:14
What a beautiful group of people you are. And what an insightful, revolutionary, and oh so necessary reminder of who we really are (in this the dark age of neo-con neo-plantation style neo-colonialism. Don't be too hard on the "haters" as they will never really understand anything, no, not even themselves until they are "unplugged" from the manufactured version of reality created for them by their corporate-criminal masters. "Why do they hate you people so? Beacause we know the difference between the reality of freedom, and the illusion of freedom" - Leonard Peltier (AIM), "Thunderheart"
John D - 2008-02-28 01:02:39
The hated type of work, and the fact that we have to work so much for so little comes from two things: 1. Government. Forced resource-pooling for market manipulation (which never works), light socialism (public goods/services), bureacracy, and, of course, a monopoly on force and death-dealing (aka filling the world with death and big weapons - a REAL waste). 2. Unneeded Consumerism. A lot of false productivity for meaningless tripe. If only industry (in general) focused more on what was needed (artistic expression being one of those), then the world could be a lot more easygoing. But we have many wasteful industries that ramp up the amount of "work" to do, so there is more to sell by those who want more money (and thus more BS to buy and more money "needed" by the citizenry), and of course as these wasteful industries (alongside needed industries) become larger and more complex, there is more and more work needed to maintain everything. Industry does not make life easier... until it reaches a point of self-sustenance. Thus one day, most industry will be fully automated, and let's hope the electricity for all that comes from solar power. The way things are moving, all this increasingly complicated, neverending maintenance (as well as many industries) will be taken over by machines that can beat out any man in terms of labor (it's a trend already occurring which will not stop). At that point, a form of worldwide communism will possibly be the only option. People may receive what they need to survive, and those who strive for more, such as creating art or advancing human technology or knowledge, will be able to get more. Machines to do the work, machines to maintain the machines, and we just sit back and enjoy the fruits of the thousands of years of ancestral labor that got humankind to that point. It's happening, but all these things take a lot of time. I'm looking a good thousand years ahead, personally. Let's just hope the transition is smooth.
Anonymous - 2008-02-28 01:29:34
Work is the scourge of the drinking classes
Sleepy Lemur - 2008-02-28 09:00:23
This ball of rock won't be a suitable place for life forever. To continue existing we must climb the difficult path towards the stars, out of our gravity well spring. One cosmic pebble could end our little experiment on Earth rather suddenly. We can't get there by dreaming or lazing about, so I suggest that those opposed to work consider the alternatives. An irresponsible party will be short lived, but may clear a path for a more worthy creature than Homo Sapiens. Ad Astra Per Aspera: That is why I work.
Anonymous - 2008-02-28 11:44:41
Do something that makes you work less for them and more for you.....Start a garden, open up a business, build your own furniture, cook your own food, anything something that doesn't play their game...But your own.
Kenner - 2008-02-29 05:34:03
work gets in the way...of everything
Lori Ann - 2008-03-01 06:41:56
This site is awesome. I loved reading the quotes about Fight Club and Office Space.
Anonymous - 2008-03-03 22:55:16
I heard on the news today a guy in Seattle had friend shoot him in the shoulder so he wouldn't have to go to work. Seems a little desperate but at least US gun culture has achieved something positive for someone.
Dr OM - 2008-03-07 03:32:39
This planet has a problem, which is this: most of the people on it were unhappy for pretty much of the time. Many solutions were suggested for this problem, but most of these were largely concerned with the movements of small green pieces of paper, which is odd because on the whole it wasn't the small green pieces of paper that were unhappy.
rebs - 2008-03-07 18:51:58
"This planet has - or rather had - a problem, which was this: most of the people on it were unhappy for pretty much of the time. Many solutions were suggested for this problem, but most of these were largely concerned with the movements of small green pieces of paper, which is odd because on the whole it wasn't the small green pieces of paper that were unhappy. And so the problem remained; lots of the people were mean, and most of them were miserable, even the ones with digital watches. Many were increasingly of the opinion that they'd all made a big mistake in coming down from the trees in the first place. And some said that even the trees had been a bad move, and that no one should ever have left the oceans." Douglas Adams
bj - 2008-03-14 18:50:57
The only thing I hate about work is what happens between starting time and quitting time. My cubicle is empty and devoid of any personal property. I refuse to embrace anything but the paycheck.
Hadenough - 2008-03-15 00:35:11
I'm in my mid-forties and have spent most of my adult life working in corporations. What a waste; surrounded by bureaucrats and brownnosers. I've come to the conclusion that the vast majority of people I've worked with were angry and frustrated because they had bought into the whole consumer "keep up with the Joneses" culture. My co-workers were in debt, they were trapped and they realized it too late. I've quite my job, am living on my savings (I have no dependents) and will spend the rest of my life doing temp/part time jobs as I need the money. I don't drink, do drugs or any of that. I've spent the last few months reading good novels, watching good movies and enjoying life. I do not need what I haven't got.
Utopiah - 2008-03-15 09:31:41
some girl - 2008-03-17 02:05:01
I liked reading the earlier postings of "the tribe" how life was centuries ago, and the attempt to compare tribal life to modern day life in the U.S. The schizophrenic convo in the tribal analagy was interesting; to say the least. Why are companies, and men for that matter, using primal feelings in ads? I can't count how many SUV commercials I see where a man/woman in office garp confidently, and excitedly, walk out of their office and step into their gas guzzling SUVs to "melt" the stress of modern civilization. they escape into the forests, and mountains, along curvy winding roads over looking oceanic cliffs. It's quite redundent; the image of the successful, stressed out, over worked office employee escaping their world for a taste of the wild... Personally, I think that the ads are scratching the surface of a more deep seeded feeling, a knowledge that none of us in today's society are capable of surviving outside our Cell phone, starbucks, SUV, Elmo infested world. But, that we secretly long to... we long to work for ourselves and our familes; not in an office, or in a bar, or behind a register for a boss, for a company that believes it's workforce is expendable, but in our homes, and in our fields, breaking our backs to grow food for our families. or elaborating a little more on the "tribe" yes, everyone capable of working in a tribe works: hunting, gathering, cleaning, child rearing, child bearing. but it is all for the greater good of the tribe, in a tribe a good day of hunting feeds many, a great day of hunting feeds many for longer, and unfortunate events are felt throughout the tribe: low food, illness, natural devestation. Now, lets compare that to today's modern "tribe", the job: a fortunate event for a company might mean a bonus for the boss, and the other boss, and their boss, and their boss's boss, but you won't see much of a reward if you are lucky to see one at all. but if their is an unfortunate event for a company, lets say that sales are down; well then the employees become expendable, and layoffs occur... suddenly you are not part of a tribe anymore, you must seek out another tribe and start all over again. you can't pick up a spear and hunt to feed your family, you can't take an ax and cut down a tree to shelter your children. in a tribe you could do all that your mental and physical capabilities could possibly allow you to do in a hard time. but in today's tribe your capabilities, your skills, are determined by your boss, and he doesn't care if you have a family... or if your family has food, or shelter... I don't think that today's humans want to hop in a car and drive off into the woods... but a little more control of lives is a understandable yearning. yeah, you could control your life by the education you recieve, the degrees you earn, the job you work, and the things you buy. but someone else determines how much time you can have to devote towards yourself, and family. someone else decides how much you make and how much you can keep from your earnings. someone you don't even know, or see gets to decide how much you can make, take home, and provide for yourself and family. I just think that we are all a little interested in the idea of seeing, touching, and living off of our own capablities. Instead of allowing a government to decide how much you get to keep, or a boss determining when you work and for how long you do it.
Central Screwtinizer - 2008-03-17 19:07:51
No matter how you slice and dice it...its a simple matter of cold, hard cash! The basics, shelter and food, of course, undeniable. Well, you either build it yourself or someone else builds it for you on someone's land you have to purchase. Food, same, you either grow it yourself or someone else does. Either way you need cash to buy... Everything else just requires more cash. The more cash you have the more you can buy, simple really. The problem everyone encounters at some point in their lives are the seven deadly sins: lust, sloth, greed, gluttony, pride, envy and wrath. Their opposites are chastity, abstinence, temperance, diligence, patience, kindness and humility which we balance in our minds or put simpler, good versus evil. The permutations are endless...its your problem to solve, no one can do it for you. So get over it already!
Richaldo - 2008-03-19 15:07:14
Just taking time to read these not only highlights my contempt for work, but also makes me happy that there are so many like minded individuals out there! Anyways... back too the photocopying : (
bob shabob - 2008-03-20 08:24:53
dude this is great, i need to look for a job tomorrow and i read this. it made me feel ok about myself for not having a job right now. lifes a romantic conquest. sit back relax and look at something in front of you in a way you've never looked at before.
Jonesy - 2008-03-20 14:42:17
Trackback: "For those days you really need an excuse to take the day off, now you can tell your boss in style thanks to the genius who put this Top 10 Quotes list together!" IHeartChaos[dot]com
Lyle - 2008-03-21 09:57:17
"It is my belief that the truth is never told during the hours of 9 to 5" -Hunter S. Thompson
Cindy Wolf - 2008-03-23 00:07:21
Am I volunteering? All work is voluntary. We're only lucky when someone wants to pay us for what we do.
SMoriah - 2008-03-28 00:42:35
"Leisure is my dear divinity; by her favor man learns to understand and to determine himself." "Leisure was his gracious goddess. She teaches man to know and confirm himself." Friedrich Daniel Ernst Schleiermacher, the Father of Romanticism, SOLILOQUIES.
poncho - 2008-04-03 15:38:10
" made me feel ok about myself for not having a job right now." i had a cousin like u, a bump he did nothing but smoke weed eat my food and watch t.v. , i threw him out, he lived outside for a few days then cameback home and he changed, he learned how tough life is out there on th street, he was a freaking bumo nothing else not a thinker not an artist he was just a lazt motherfucker and wanted me to work for him and pay rent and shit, working its not bad, for examle beethoven love music and enjoyed been a composer, working for money and meanngless stuff is whats wrong but working and making an effort in what u love that does makes u happy,i want travel to europe for a year so im working, im sacrificing my time to get the money i need so i can live in europe for a whole year , thats my goal i will have to keep working for a year and a half or so, and i will so i can achieve what i want, i will sacrifice something there is not much option but i have my goals in mind, after that period of time i will quit and travel that is what i want, p.s. my work sucks but its worth it to achieve what i want.
arthur cravan - 2008-04-16 14:11:02
no one ever died thinking "I wish i spent more time at the office."
Gertrude Stein - 2008-04-16 14:17:09
It takes a lot of time to be a genius, you have to sit around so much doing nothing, really doing nothing.
aldous huxley - 2008-04-16 14:21:22
"Within the next generation I believe that the world's leaders will discover that infant conditioning and narco-hypnosis are more efficient, as instruments of government, than clubs and prisons, and that the lust for power can be just as completely satisfied by suggesting people into loving their servitude as by flogging them and kicking them into obedience".
irisheyes - 2008-04-21 21:51:44
Do any of you think it's ironic (and damaging to your cause) that you are sitting somewhere that would not have been built if there were no companies, in a chair that you probably did not build (but was more likely made by a company), looking at a website that is supported by corporate advertisements, that is located on the Internet (another benefit of Capitalist progress), which you accessed via a computer that a company made. I think it's just a bit too hypocritical to be taken seriously. There are few people who truly enjoy work (despite the fact that that is THEIR fault), but hardly anyone ever complains about the fruits of labor.
freethinker - 2008-04-23 08:42:17
To irisheyes: I don't think there's irony. See, the fallacy of your ilk is the idea that work opponents and social dropouts are supposed to be pure and avoid guilt. I disagree with this statement. I don't think there's anything bad with taking advantage of something you despise. Say you were in prison camp; not for a crime, but for, say because of political dissidence in a totalitarian state. Would it be hypocritical to steal food from the guards if you wanted to eat? A metaphor that applies well to us: a swallow lives in a woods. Men come and cut down the trees and all of a sudden, there's no woods for the swallow to live in. The men build a barn. So what does the swallow do? Temporarily, it lives in a barn! Scavenging is a temporary tactic, an adaptation to this wasteful society. I prefer to dodge 9-5 servitude in order to maintain autonomy, not avoid guilt. Ergo, I have no problem using any resource that I can, so long as there are few or no strings attached. Internet is especially good: a powerful tool to find allies and to transform human consciousness. Not only is it ok to use the resources of the present system to build or lay foundation for the next one, ideally, all resources would be used that way. As for work, society is too hung up on puritan work ethic and working too hard. I think quality work is always better than hard work. We find ourselves in society that can only be kept going by forcing/motivating people to do work they'd otherwise refuse to do. Ideal society would be the one where all the work necessary would be enjoyable enough that people would do it voluntarily, without any economic coercion.
KesheR - 2008-05-06 10:44:29
I sit quietly on an office chair eight hours a day and I just wanna die. From bed to noon, there is nothing I like, nothing stimulating, nothing nice. Just a big empty space in my mind filled with characters on screen. I'm not even under stress. I'm just hypnotized. Each day, eight hours of my life just disappear. I can't even complain about it, since other people are having a real bad time, working on factories, hitting rocks, whatever. I don't even have the satisfaction of complaining. I haven't the right to complain, and I know it. So I just sit here, waiting for something to happen, but nothing happens. Just typing and browsing the net and typing and looking at the clock. I can't complain but I can't enjoy it. My soul is kept in formol. If I were a cotton field slave, I could dream about scaping, about killing my master. I have no dreams. Nobody has these days. When I look at my job partners' faces, I just see desire for a new car or a new chick. And beyond that, nothing. A big, massive, infinite void. "This is what it is", their eyes are saying. "There is no scape. We can't kill our master, since everybody around us is our master. Even the car I desire is my master". I don't know what to do. I wanted money for a piano and fixing my teeth, and now it's done. I'd like a home, also, but it's too expensive, I can't afford it working here. So what am I doing? I don't know. Remember, I can't complain, people are starving all over the world.
KesheR - 2008-05-06 16:34:03
By the way, I wasn't talking here about capitalism, socialism, communism or any other bullshit which is just propaganda. I'm talking about "zeitgeist", the flavour of the times we are living. Of course we have to work, we have to produce food, clothes, houses, even computers and phones. But this is not considered in our current society like "something we have to do, sorry", but "something we live for". Everything surrounding us is oriented to make us productive. Work is the goal, not the medium. What is the point of earning 3000$ a month if you just have few hours a week to enjoy it? What is the point of working 40 hours a month? Why do I have to be in office from 9 to 5 even if I'm not feeling productive? Why nobody seems to care about spare time? I prefer spare time to money. For me, life is about reading a book, listening to a song, talking to my friends. I don't care about a car! I don't even want a car! I don't want a new cell phone! I don't desire holidays at Bahamas! But, listen, the big problem here is we have no choice. Here in Spain, house are so amazingly overpriced that we have to work like slaves in order to own... a FUCKING HOUSE! Even farmers at Middle Age owned a house! I have a Mac computer, but I don't have a house! I work 40 FUCKING HOURS a week but I can't buy it! I will only be able to buy it working in a fucking office like this for five years, to say the least. And then I'll have to work 40 YEARS OR SO to pay the house to the bank. I will be completely slaved for the rest of my life just to live IN MY OWN FUCKING HOME! There is something absolutely wrong in our society. Something so rotten we can't find it, something stinking beneath the surface, so deep we can't breath. And again, I'm not talking about economic systems, about capitalism vs socialism vs communism. I'm talking about... men... people out there is in a completely altered state of mind. alvarokesher THIS IS A @ gmail dot com
Julie - 2008-06-24 19:45:47
KesheR honey, I don't think you need a house, I think you need to get laid. Wow. Badly. And an apartment can be home. Any roof over your head is "home". Now, go have some sex and you'll feel much better.
KesheR - 2008-06-25 06:12:59
Fuck you
Julie - 2008-06-26 00:09:50
Wasn't trying to flame you but ...well, point taken!
Amused - 2008-06-26 17:46:36
Oh snap! You told HER!
Joe - 2008-06-29 18:49:42
"Work is he curse of the Drinking Class."
Trev - 2008-06-30 00:48:20
If you haven't yet, check out #2 in the Top Ten George Carlin quotes. Genius If anyone wants to try to get a revolution together i'll gladly join.
KesheR - 2008-06-30 06:40:33
Julie, I got angry because that "you-should-fuck" argument doesn't make any sense to me. And it's seuggested a fucking lot of times. When I fuck, I just feel ok for some minutes, maybe an hour. Then my problems are back. Fucking is a just a patch, and, by the way, drugs and alcohol work better on that subject. Oh, and here in Spain is almost impossible to buy a house if you are a regular proletarian under 30, not even an apartment. It's madness.
Julie - 2008-06-30 14:41:02
No problem, KesheR. I guess it's more of a cultural far as American women go, if you have an insurmountable problem, there is nothing that sex and chocolate can't fix! So actually, I wishing you GOOD things! :)
me - 2008-06-30 19:22:43
I went to hospital with my seven year old son who has a bad arm break and his nerves are damaged - thanks to the (UK) NHS, the specialists who came to work today reassured us that it should repair itself but they may operate and fix it if needs be. I am so glad they went to work today. there is a better way than pure market forces but we should all *work* at identifying it so the majority of us don't lead such a souless existence. BTW I wonder how may of you complain when someone else hasn't done their job?
KesheR - 2008-07-01 06:37:56
@Julie: ok then, excuse me and thanks for your wishes. Maybe we could fix something together, ya know? ;-) @me: we are not talking here about getting things done for society. We are talking about schedules, cubicles, paperwork, men working as robots, stupid bosses, eight hours of work. Society could manage working five or six hours a day in a more relaxed way, but the motherfuckers at the corporations don't want that.
You - 2008-07-10 06:55:42
Hey 'Me',I'm glad doctors go to work but who was ever glad someone in a souless call centre went work? Or the accountant with an eye for a healthy bottom line that makes everyone below him miserable. Well, shareholders may be glad of both those people.
The biggest news you've never heard - 2008-07-15 18:39:42
To all the people who say, "You don't like work? Fine! Then IMAGINE A WORLD WHERE NO ONE EVER DOES ANYTHING, YOU INGRATE! GOD! I HATE MY KIDS SO MUCH!" are missing the point. Consider these facts: * Adjusted for inflation, wages for the bottom 90% of Americans have been declining steadily for at least the past fifteen years. The number of hours worked by the average American has likewise risen, even while material standards of living have declined. * The number one cause of personal bankruptcies in America is debt due to medical expenses. The medical sector consumes a full 1/6th of America's economy and is still growing, but the quality of care for most patients, as well as pay for most nurses and doctors, has declined. Meanwhile, HMOs and insurers report record profits, while state Attorneys General can't keep up with the industry's widespread fraud. * Warren Buffet, the world's second richest man, one day noticed that his secretary pays a greater share of her income in taxes than he does. Despite his wealth, Mr Buffet doesn't use many of the elaborate tax shelters that have been made available to the very wealthy. He's since started campaigning for more equity in America's tax system. * For the past few years, it's been many times more likely for a low-income taxpayer to be audited by the IRS than a wealthy one. Public interest groups and IRS employees are complaining about this change, saying that it's not only unfair, but also bad for public revenue. The IRS's directors have thus far responded only with claims of ignorance or "no comment". * CalPERS, the California Public Employees Retirement System, is one of the world's largest pension funds, and holds a significant stake in many of America's largest corporations. After they lost a lot of money to Enron, Tyco, Worldcom, and others, they and others like them (ex: New York City's equivalent) started pushing for better corporate governance, including basic improvements in financial transparency and the accountability of management to shareholders. The financial press howled in protest, and shortly thereafter, Gov. Schwarzenegger proposed that CalPERS be dismantled and replaced with individually-managed pension accounts. (AFAIK, this proposal went nowhere.)
KesheR - 2008-07-25 23:28:03
I just watched "American Movie" because of your recommendation. Damn. That was a very nice piece of cinema. Uncle Bill is like the best character in a movie I can think of.
KesheR - 2008-07-30 09:53:40
Zorbuddha - 2008-10-17 23:55:29

We should distinguish between work and job. Work, as a skilled expression, can be the fulfillment or edification of life. Wage slavery can be just as crushing as any form of oppression. Highly meaningful work can be as simple the pursuit of knowledge. It hardly matters how lofty or menial the work is that satisfies the inner needs of an individual, a healthy society wisely encourages whatever work its citizens need to be self-realized. Whatever gets the job done.

Soupbone - 2008-10-22 22:41:15

"Work is the blackmail of survival." - Bono of U2

xrix - 2008-10-23 00:48:40

No, we should not distinguish between "job" and "work" since we can't exactly use "job" as a verb. "I job all day, I job all night." Yeah, doesn't work. You already know the difference between making effort and working, why even draw attention to the potential confusion? Those who confuse making effort and working, are idiots who you and I shouldn't even bother considering. I mean if you REALLY think that not working = sloth, you are probably too far gone to ever be reformed. That goes for a huge portion of society, because we're all conditioned to think that non-workers are lazy assholes. Imagine how difficult it is for a homeless person to exist? Do you really think its harder for you to sit in your office for eight hours than it is for a homeless person to avoid violence, to be humiliated, looked down upon, having to scavenge for food all day? Do you wonder why so many of them have alcohol problems? Do you think its due to sloth and gluttony or can you not recognize self-medication? Yet you assholes look down on those people, you get pissed off because they beg for money. I remain unconvinced that certain people even deserve the gift of life, when they squander it on work and neglect their children, people around them, and their own lives. Making money for your family doesn't count as necessary personal involvement in their lives. You aren't learning from them, they aren't learning the right things from you.

g0dd011 - 2008-10-27 10:35:36

So we can all mostly agree that rich greedy people are the problem. It's a reflection of republican ethics to be a greedy blood sucking bastard. Greed is the problem The metaphysics of ethics which allow this problem to persist must be examined. Then there has to be a revolution, those who work don't like it, and those who don't work don't like the fact that working will drive them to a point of instability. If either side could accept the reasoning of the other, perhaps we could work something out. Alas, people don't want solutions. Because when each person dies, they didn't die, it was the world that ended.

penfold - 2008-10-27 16:47:11

The problem is not work. We need work, without it would would become mindless navel gazing people, nations of neurosis forever wrapped up in ourselves unable to get out. The problem is that work no longer involves creative imput. Mostly we sit bathed in the false light of our computer screens, pumping stimulants into our bodies to try and fool the brain that this is what it has evolved for. Blood pressure rises, the papers get passed around and before you know it your 60 and have just been cheated out of your retirement fund by people who, just like you, spend their days defining their existance by the distance between office walls... Let us reclaim our hands and minds, let us swap the neon strip lighting for the sun, our offices for the outdoors, our memos for art. Hermes stole the golden cattle, made the lyre from a tortiose and became god...

jme - 2008-10-28 16:44:07

better oscar wilde quote: work is the curse of the drinking class

johnny - 2008-10-28 17:12:11

The Big Lebowski 'You're young, you've got your health ... Why do you want to get a job?'

Kate - 2008-10-28 22:31:40

One of my favorite songs ever is "All the small things" --Blink 182-- not only because it is an awesome song, but also because one of the simple lyrics used in the song: "Work sucks. I know!" Has to be one of the most genius truths of the universe. me and all my friends sitting in the car, I've noticed, seem to scream that specific lyric when the song gets to it. ^_^

Hans Petter - 2008-10-29 14:32:33

Very good read ! To all of you pro workers : Do they mean that all my time spent in education, assimilation and mastery of consumption and blind belief in the bubble of normative existence was contrived to make me THINK a certain way , make me certain I would voluntarily sacrifice my time in this life to a system designed to destroy the earth, wage war against minds, enslave and abuse every man woman and child under the banner of progress, freedom and development ? Well, wake tha f!"# up and smell the petroleum. Start educating yourself about the very foundations of our program , see through the rhetoric of greed lust and fear. Stop your auto-pilot just one second, see that we have been addicted to perpetual profit through exploitation of our weakness it is as any hard drug seemingly impossible to quit out of pure fear for the painful withdrawal.

KesheR - 2008-10-30 08:42:49

@penfold: that was a very good comment. I'm glad this Top Ten is still alive and people continue expressing their hate for this horrible modern thing known as "work" (which in fact is "wage slavery"). In the past months I have discovered several essays against work: "The Abolition of Work", by Bob Black; " The right to be lazy", by Paul Lafargue; "The soul of man under socialism", by Oscar Wilde... I even wrote an email to Bob Black and he answered... WORKERS OF THE WORLD, UNITE AND THEN... STOP WORKING!

diavla555 - 2008-10-30 08:48:47

Death before employment.

Timmy J - 2008-11-03 07:51:46

Hmmm, work maybe bad, but creativity good!....If you can't make love for 8 hrs, you either need a new definition of love making, or yo are doing it wrong. Pass the wine and put on some tango music.

Fighter for freedom - 2008-11-07 20:29:26

Comes the question, "Okay, we've got a worker's world... how do we get out of it?" Let me make something perfectly clear. In the system we have, it is quite possible for us to maintain (or improve) standards of living and abolish most of work. What keeps this from happening? Those powerful and in control. Factories, automated processes, etc. all produce enough for everyone to have what they want & then some. Without work. However, by selling the stuff, those above the working man retain power. (Most automated systems are not working at capacity, or design their supplies to be easily broken so more have to be bought, rather than supplying most everyone with enough to last.) The resources exist for us to be living in a veritable paradise, instead we're all living in heck.

The 2012 Page - 2008-11-09 16:34:44

Thank you Ex-Worker and others! Yes, we are to work for ourselves, or a greater good, not some Ass like greentormaline and those that think we are un-eloquent! I am not the slave, those who are grinding for the imaginary dollar are the slaves! We are revolutionizing and liberating ourselves! You can feel free to work for the "man" or "yourself" as long as you want. I will cook up some hot-dogs, sell them on the side of the road, and slavers to the dollar can come and give me that imaginary money so I can pay my taxes! Thanks Asses!

Capt57 - 2008-11-14 13:53:33

Quote form "Easy Rider" George: You know, this used to be a helluva good country. I can't understand what's gone wrong with it. Billy: Huh. Man, everybody got chicken, that's what happened, man. Hey, we can't even get into like, uh, second-rate hotel, I mean, a second-rate motel. You dig? They think we're gonna cut their throat or something, man. They're scared, man. George: Oh, they're not scared of you. They're scared of what you represent to 'em. Billy: Hey man. All we represent to them, man, is somebody needs a haircut. George: Oh no. What you represent to them is freedom. Billy: What the hell's wrong with freedom, man? That's what it's all about. George: Oh yeah, that's right, that's what it's all about, all right. But talkin' about it and bein' it - that's two different things. I mean, it's real hard to be free when you are bought and sold in the marketplace. 'Course, don't ever tell anybody that they're not free 'cause then they're gonna get real busy killin' and maimin' to prove to you that they are. Oh yeah, they're gonna talk to you, and talk to you, and talk to you about individual freedom, but they see a free individual, it's gonna scare 'em. Billy: Mmmm, well, that don't make 'em runnin' scared. George: No, it makes 'em dangerous

KesheR - 2008-11-20 16:29:43

I'm reading about Michael Albert's Parecon (PARticipative ECONomics). Check Wikipedia. I've come to realize it's the best economic system I've ever heard of. It's almost entirely libertarian, focused on freeing ourselves from any (I mean ANY) kind of opression. CHECK IT OUT!

Unisomnambulant - 2008-12-10 01:01:12

Seems to me that there are valid points raised by both the pro-work and anti-work sides that seem to have formed in this forum, but there has been no acknowledgement of a fundamental: There are no absolutes. Considering the incredible population density of the planet, and peoples desire for a decent standard of living, someone or something is going to have to produce the required goods. This implies work being done. However, with our level of technology, humans really shouldn't have to do the work. Automate. People get angry when machines take over jobs, but this is only because they've been brainwashed into believing that there isn't enough for all of us. That's bullshit, it's brainwashing, and the vast majority of people in industrialized nations have bought it hook line and sinker which is just fucking sad. The ridiculously fucking greedy people in control of the means of production and resources aren't willing to give out their product, you have to buy it. Money is not an essential, as sooo many people are conditioned into thinking. It was a convenient and stable means of expediting transfer of goods originally, but has mutated into another system of control and exploitation, because after all what's the fun in being rich if there's no one who is poor? The real problem isn't that stuff has to get done, because the important things will always have people willing to do them (i.e. designing new products, researching new technology, saving others' lives), the problem is that there's a select few on top who really enjoy fucking over everyone else and making them miserable. Fortunately, with advances in global communications, production tech, resource conservation, etc. it is more than possible to provide everyone on the planet with all of their basic needs, at virtually no cost. The downside is that implementing a plan to get these resources to the right place is going to require complete global co-operation, and it's going to make the rich people's fortunes null and void... I don't believe that people will stop doing new, creative, and amazing things if their basic needs are met, we're not going to stagnate and die off if there is no mandate to go and do someone else's bidding in order to survive. Most people would just get bored sitting around all day every day doing nothing. What's important is to allow people to choose what kind of 'work' they WANT to do, what drives their passions; get robots and machines to do all the shitty, dangerous, or otherwise undesirable tasks that are nonetheless necessary for metropolises and the like to function. One of the first and most important steps is to de-condition EVERYONE, break down the useless crap that's fed to people since birth, and then INFORM and EDUCATE them. Give people options, not dogma. Give people mentors, not taskmasters. READ A GODDAMN BOOK! (I recommend Buckminster Fuller, Robert Anton Wilson, Dr.Leary, and David Suzuki just as a starting point)

April - 2008-12-24 06:03:37

Let me tell you, its such a rotten life to live somewhere where you have the ability to work and earn fair wages. Bear in mind that there are people in this world who starve to death because they have no food to eat. Think twice about your complaints, and be thankful.

KesheR - 2009-01-20 14:31:40

"Think twice about your complaints, and be thankful." --> That's quite catholic, therefore not my cup of tea. I want to be free NOW and HERE.

Anonymous - 2009-03-06 11:12:19

If girls fucked guys with bus passes, we wouldn't care about work so much. So yea women are to blame, just sayin'

Sprout - 2009-05-13 08:01:52

I think I need to upgrade to Blue Ray because a poster said that it would increase my viewing pleasure. Apparently DVD quality is just not good enough. I now know that my shave isn’t close enough; I need 4 blades. Every morning I have to leave the house smelling of lime and mint because nothing else can wake me up as effectively. I have to drive to work in a car that has at least three letters attached to the engine size; if it’s not GTi, GTX, SRi or TDi it’s not worth having. When I arrive at my place of work, I must perform soul destroying, tedious, meaningless tasks to make obscene amounts of money for people who then hand me an embarrassingly low amount back each month so I can upgrade to Blue Ray, have a close shave, smell of mint and lime and TDi myself to work each day. I have to ask myself: do I really need Blue Ray?

Stuart - 2009-06-09 14:25:18

You people are the problem. You choose the wrong work. I am an astronaut. I get to fly into outer space. I might get to walk on the moon. Work is fun, if you choose your own work. If you are working in a job you don't like then you are the lazy one who will not get up and WORK for your better work/job.

pixy an dude - 2009-06-15 02:09:53

dude told evalution --- they will have enough to do evoluting so provide all they will need to see them through it how ever long it takes. period. this is a true and correct statment - i have the authority to speak for the dude - god to you --- we can deal with alot of things i have the information there is suppose to be like an army of people ready to act -- i just cant find them - there is no manual for what i am suppose to do -- i just thought i would say this here - thanks pixy an dude

Kendra - 2009-08-06 08:02:15

Office space is the ultimate break away from the man movie lol

13 Year old. - 2009-09-13 23:12:02

Work is a part of life, You give effort into life, you get something back. What comes up must come down. Have you ever noticed how easy it is to do something bad and how fucking hard it is to do something good? You will ALWAYS have to work for something and never would you get something for free. Life is not free. You WILL have to work for food, water, etc. Thats how life is. I also understand the underpaying jobs and stuff. If you do good in life, you get good from life. Same with bad things. There could be a murderer having the most fun he has ever had but he will have to pay, mostly his life. Everything is of equal value. Such as a pistol and a automatic-rifle. The rifle can shoot automatically but the pistol only shoots semi, there will always be something to balace two objects. The pistol is more versatile than the rifle, but has less power. The rifle is less versatile but has a big difference in power. Have you ever found a $20 dollarbill on the sidewalk? You most likely deserved it. What I am trying to say is, everyday, you have something good and something bad everyday. You could be good at writing but horrible at speaking, you could be good at speaking and horrible at writing. You can be fair at both. One day, you could get a promotion but trip on the sidewalk and scrape your hands up. You could compare a movie star to a downtown living person. The movie star isnt all good fame and no work. Moviestars get all the luxury but the downtowner gets the crappy small house. How is this fair? Think about it, everything, I mean EVRYTHING is equal.

Jesus - 2009-10-14 00:46:30

Work is not the problem here, wage slavery is. Working for a cure for diseases, working on a beautiful piece of art, working on technology so we don't need to slave away, that is work. Wage slavery is sitting for hours on end, to make a little money for yourself, and a lot of money for your boss.

continued from above - 2009-10-14 02:00:00

also to add, that work is absolutely REQUIRED. Nature wont let you off the hook and give you stuff to live, you have to work to deserve what you get. if you dont work, then you dont live. thats it... thats about as simple as it gets. You really have to think about all this.

Free - 2009-11-14 14:52:42

What most people really need to do is get unplugged from the idea that they have to buy everything they need. You don't have to buy a house, ever thought of saving enough to move out to the country and build your own? Medieval farmers had a house because they built them! Look up cobb building and other alternative ways of building and you will be amazed at how cheap it can be, and so freeing, to know you can build your own shelter. Get friends in on it and let them learn that they can do the same. A dear friend of mine did just that, and now has a beautiful, secure, safe home for herself and her children. Built by the labor of her own hands, the help of good friends, and little money. She has been able to work part time to get what they needed for that. Weekend work parties are most fun, after a hard day of really productive work, at something done for love, a beer and a bonfire and potluck dinner, wonderful!! And no, we don't need the latest car, the latest clothes, the latest stuff. I drive and 1978 Oldsmobile delta88. Great car, great to drive, and just as good as it was when it was new. I don't care that other people might wonder why I am driving such an old car, I don't need the newest $40,000.00 car, that's crazy. I do grow some of my own food, I am looking into getting chickens and raising a pig, and other animals for food. And man! Do what you love, I am an artist, and also raising beautiful dogs that I sell for a little income. When you unplug from the idea of needing more, you will be amazed at how well you can live on a little money.

David - 2009-12-01 18:30:15

From the Daoist master Zhuangzi (Chuang Tzu): "I have a huge tree," said Hui Tzu to Chuang Tzu, "the kind people call shu. Its huge trunk is so gnarled and knotted that no measuring string can guage it, and its branches are so bent and twisted they defy compass and square. It stands right beside the road, and still carpenters never notice it. These words of yours, so vast and useless - everyone ignores them the same way." "Haven't you ever noticed a wildcat or a weasel?" replied Chuang Tzu. "It crouches low, hiding, waiting. Suddenly it springs up and bounds east and west, uphill and downhill, centering its trap, and finally it makes the kill there in its net. Then there's the yak: huge as clouds hung clear across the sky. It's mastered immensity, but it can't even catch a mouse. Now you've got this huge tree, and you agonize over how useless it is. Why not plant it in a village where there's nothing at all, a land where emptiness stretches away forever? Then you could be no one drifting lazily beside it, roam boundless and free as you doze in its shade. It won't die young from the axe. Nothing will harm it. If you have no use, you have no grief."

one voice - 2009-12-20 01:57:04

a lot of problems but no solutions . . . can anyone offer something that would solve the issue . . . I can, but I wait to hear from you first . . . btw my verification words were "kind ghettoes", how appropriate

T. LOA - 2010-01-09 15:23:58

Learn the tune "Big Rock Candy Mountain" Hum it several times a day at your desk.

anon - 2010-01-25 03:22:20

I work 3rd shift and it fucking sucks...

Vlad - 2010-02-16 14:12:00

Anyone heard of an expression "find a job you like and you won't have to work for the rest of your life"? I grew up in a moderately humane socialist/communist economy outside "the iron curtain" and now live/work in a moderately humane capitalist one. They don't differ as much as one would expect and following principles worked well for me in both: - Find the job/line of work/industry you enjoy working at and stick to it. - Don't change careers just because there's more money in a different field/industry. - Balance work/life. If you need to work overtime to afford something - you don't need it. - Don't spend what you haven't earned or are guaranteed to earn in short term. - Control your debt - don't owe more than you can afford to service. Don't borrow from long term needs to satisfy short term desires. - Don't fall for hype. "Lifestyle" is what you make of it, not what infomercials tell you it is. - Never buy anything just to own it. The value of any possession in only in what you can do with it. A house you don't see because you work 12 hours a day is worthless. - Never try to keep up with the Joneses, because Joneses likely lead a very miserable life, despite appearances. No rocket science here - all (un)common sense. Work does not and should not have to be something you dread and do just to pay the bills.

Zimmy - 2010-02-18 12:50:40

"The morality of work is the morality of slaves, and the modern world has no need of slavery." - Bertrand Russell

Joe S. - 2010-02-19 01:01:48

Life's a cycle ain't it? Birth!...School!...Work!...Death! (The Godfathers)

Sybrand Freestad - 2010-02-23 18:18:26

Work is something you do. Work shouldn't define you and should never become you. This is a reality factor for most people. By God, I can think of a million things I'd rather do than work, but thinking of those alternatives make me think of all the things I wouldn't have done if I didn't work. Work is something you do... Be creative and enjoy the things you do do!

TLN - 2010-03-05 22:07:30

work sucks ..... hard to live with it ..... harder to live without it ..... but i have plans to minimize my work ..... such as live within your means ..... you dont need a V8 truck to get around ..... you dont need a 5 bedrooms house when there are only 3 people

A counterpoint? - 2010-06-01 02:55:17

I think the problem here is a much more insidious one than many people seem to think, and that problem has to be the connotations that we've attached to the word "work." When we think of work, we immediately loathe the concept because it immediately brings up images, ingrained in us at a tender young age in elementary school, of sitting at a desk, cubicle, computer, or whatever else, doing pointless, mind-numbing, machine work. This results in an emotional deadness that makes the only satisfying option after a day of work to sit in front of the television and drool on a microwaved dinner. Work doesn't have to be this way, but because of the system we live in, the majority of jobs are going to be like this, and the majority of people are going to do them because they haven't the independence of thought to realize that they hate it, they can't think of it any other way, or they just don't have the honest nads to put in the effort to do something more fulfilling with their lives... this would take "work," and since that word is a dirty word, we just settle with the easy way out. It's not easy to liberate yourself from the machine-labor society of today... society itself seems determined that you remain a dead cog. And they're right about one thing: it does take some level of work to survive, there's no question about that, we haven't reached a resource-plenty society yet. And I say: why not make that work something you actually enjoy, something that actually fulfills you? It takes effort to know what would actually fulfill you, but why not go the extra mile? It's better than the alternatives of remaining a cog in the system, being a welfare-monger, or working in the illegal underground to be just as much of a cog, only with the illusion of being outside of the system. - 2010-06-02 18:54:54

Work casn be good and fulfilling when it is good and fulfilling; otherwise, it is futile and ridiculous.

tripalium - 2010-06-10 14:47:44

more people die due to work then -war -crime -road accidents i think the only 2 things that kill more than a job are alcohol and nicotin... at least i wont die working...

peter in oz - 2010-10-27 11:32:20

It's hard to enjoy time off when friends and family are constantly asking you 'why aren't you working? why aren't you working? i feel i have to make up some lowsy excuse like 'i hurt my wrist' to buy some time off (normally a few months, then back to construction for a few months) I am now out of work and am buying a unit outright close to the beach (tx to inheritance from pop, not from work) and moving away from friends and family to escape city bullshit. Let you guys know how that goes

Phil Smith - 2010-12-06 11:17:50

Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work and driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for - in order to get to the job you need to pay for the clothes and the car, and the house you leave vacant all day so you can afford to live in it.

that stupid child - 2010-12-09 11:35:48

Someone has to "work" so you guys can put your self justified babble up on this site. Rather than imposing people to gain "spiritual freedom", enlighten yourselves to the fact that people have to work for your sorry existence. The world owes you nothing. I do not agree with capitalism and the downfall of america is coming very shortly and it will be glorious and if you want, you can blame it all on Nixon and a generation of self absored consumer idiots. This generation sadly only listens to fear, exactly what the aforementioned quote "warning"(fight club) was trying to point out. Im 21.

Anonymous - 2011-03-21 02:46:49
"What if I told you insane was working fifty hours a week in some office for fifty years at the end of which they tell you to piss off; ending up in some retirement village hoping to die before suffering the indignity of trying to make it to the toilet on time? Wouldn't you consider that to be insane?" -Garland Greene (Steve Buscemi) in 'Con Air' "I don't want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career. I don't want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed. You know, as a career, I don't want to do that." -Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack) in 'Say Anything' "I don't want to work. I just want to bang on the drum all day!" -Todd Rundgren, 'Bang on the Drum' "Workin' in the fields, 'til you get your back burned; workin' 'neath the wheels, 'til you get your facts learned; baby, I got my facts learned real good right now. You better get it straight darling: Poor men wanna be rich; rich men wanna be kings; and a king ain't satisfied 'til he rules everything. I wanna go out tonight, I wanna find out what I got. ... For the ones who had a notion, a notion deep inside, that it ain't no sin to be glad you're alive -- I wanna find one face that ain't looking through me; I wanna find one place, I wanna spit in the face of these Badlands!" -Bruce Springsteen, 'Badlands' (and he's his OWN 'Boss'! :-) )
Matthew - 2011-04-14 13:21:14

I wish I could find work more meaningful to me, because I don't want to live life just for the sake of living; I'd rather accomplish something meaningful or I may as well not exist at all. If I can avoid it, I don't want to work all my days as a cashier at a checkout or sitting in some cubicle filling out forms. I don't want to reach the end and wonder, "why did I bother?"

Cry about it - 2011-05-24 05:16:45

Work isn't work if you love what you're doing. The problem is just like it says in the goodfellas quote. Nobody has balls. Have the balls to go for your dream. What do you LOVE to do? Find a way to make money doing that and you won't work a day in your life.

Knowing - 2011-06-07 04:28:14

I would have to say, as someone who knows, that one of the most emotionally, physically, and mentally draining jobs in America is fast-food. I am a Supervisor/Manager at a fast-food job. I work 9 hrs a day on my feet non-stop without even one half hour break. I did well in High school and graduated college with a 3.5 GPA. I have been applying EVERYWHERE that focus's on my concentration: Writing. I love it. I would take on all the stress of that world, to do something I love. Art is amazing and I continue to read, write, and breathe every aspect of darkness and light relating to art. I have worked at this job to help me through college and now it has become my livelihood. I pay my student loans, electricity,internet,phone,rent, and gas on eight dollars an hour. I have always been responsible with money, but my bills are draining me. Problem is, I have been experiencing job burnout. The symptoms are pretty nasty. I continue to deal with unreasonable and somewhat un-educated assholes that tell me I am stupid when several of the things they complain about are prices or how slow we are when I have to deal with less people to save money on labor. ALL is out of my control.People don't NEED fast-food to survive but America is a service economy. It's disgusting and ridiculous. I came here to find quotes about shitty jobs. Luckily, I found those who relate. I understand that work needs to exist in order for any of us to survive. Let's be honest. We don't need fast-food greasiness. We don't need to buy the best designer clothes. We don't need to serve to greediness while killing ourselves at the same time. If no one believes me, job burnout kills; look it up. When catastrophe's occur on this planet, the ones who will survive will be the farmers who produce food. Not the wealthy corporations that file paperwork and count their millions while exploiting those who destroy themselves for piss poor excuse of a paycheck. You don't like it, take a walk in my shoes for years, and see how strained the fabric of your being truly is. So FUCK our societies. It really just isn't worth giving in.

Darren Kennedy - 2011-07-03 20:29:42
"We should do away with the absolutely specious notion that everybody has to earn a living. It is a fact today that one in ten thousand of us can make a technological breakthrough capable of supporting all the rest. The youth of today are absolutely right in recognizing this nonsense of earning a living. We keep inventing jobs because of this false idea that everybody has to be employed at some kind of drudgery because, according to Malthusian Darwinian theory he must justify his right to exist. So we have inspectors of inspectors and people making instruments for inspectors to inspect inspectors. The true business of people should be to go back to school and think about whatever it was they were thinking about before somebody came along and told them they had to earn a living." R. Buckminster Fuller
paul - 2011-08-31 19:32:31
“All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind” Aristotle
psdh - 2011-09-08 11:31:04
"Having to go to a job is to make yourself a prisonner" -Anonymous "I define a free society as one in which there is no social coercion compelling the individual to work." - Tony Gibson "A strange madness has taken possession of the working-classes of those nations in which capitalist civilisation dominates. This madness brings in its wake the individual and collective sufferings which for two centuries have tortured an unhappy humanity. This madness is the love of work, the destructive desire for labour, carried even to the extent of exhausting the vital forces of the individual and his offspring." Paul Lafargue Very interesting comments, thanks for this website!! @KesheR "I sit quietly on an office chair eight hours a day and I just wanna die. From bed to noon, there is nothing I like, nothing stimulating, nothing nice. Just a big empty space in my mind filled with characters on screen. I'm not even under stress. I'm just hypnotized. Each day, eight hours of my life just disappear. I can't even complain about it, since other people are having a real bad time, working on factories, hitting rocks, whatever. I don't even have the satisfaction of complaining. I haven't the right to complain, and I know it. So I just sit here, waiting for something to happen, but nothing happens. Just typing and browsing the net and typing and looking at the clock. I can't complain but I can't enjoy it. My soul is kept in formol. If I were a cotton field slave, I could dream about scaping, about killing my master. I have no dreams. Nobody has these days…” I totally agree with your post, I feel the same :( As for myself, I cannot tolerate the constraint of having a job. I cannot stand to be owned by anything or having to answer to anyone. I also hate having to do the same routine, namely going to the same place at the same time everyday whether I feel like it or not. It steals my sense of freedom in life. I feel like a prisoner when I am employed and I become depressed from it. I can't stand waiting for the weekend so that I can be free - then it just goes by so fast and I have to repeat the same cycle over again, counting the days until freedom. Even when I'm not at work I get stressed out that I will soon again lose my freedom. I can't take it.
Anonymous - 2011-09-09 21:03:26
“A great deal of harm is being done in the modern world by belief in the virtuosness of work.” Bertrand Russell “Nothing is really work unless you would rather do something else.” Sir James Mathew Barrie “Far from idleness being the root of all evil, it is rather the only true good.” Soren Kierkegaard "Work is the refuge of people who have nothing better to do." - Oscar Wilde" "Like every man of sense and good feeling, I abominate work." - Aldous Huxley It was true that I didn't have much ambition, but there ought to be a place for people without ambition, I mean a better place than the one usually reserved. How in the hell could a man enjoy being awakened at 6:30 a.m. by an alarm clock, leap out of bed, dress, force-feed, shit, piss, brush teeth and hair, and fight traffic to get to a place where essentially you made lots of money for somebody else and were asked to be grateful for the opportunity to do so? If hard work were such a wonderful thing, surely the rich would have kept it all to themselves. Stop working and your life will begin
ann o knee mousse - 2011-09-21 12:18:23
HAPPINESS DOESN'T DEPEND ON HAVING A JOB, STUDY FINDS [URL][/URL] It is not what a government determined to get people off benefits wants to hear, but a study has thrown cold water on the idea that those who don’t work are less happy than those who do. New research has found that although the jobless are generally less satisfied with their lot than people in work, their day-to-day emotional wellbeing remains the same. The paradox, identified by a group of German economists, is published in this week’s Economic Journal. Their study is the first to use the “day reconstruction method”, developed by Nobel economics laureate Daniel Kahneman, that combines a time-use survey with the empirical measurement of people’s happiness. A total of 600 employed and unemployed respondents were asked to construct a diary of the previous day, listing all the activities they engaged in and how they felt during each one. In line with previous research, the study found unemployed people are less satisfied with their life in general. But when it comes to their emotions on a specific day, the unemployed have the same average level of positive and negative feelings as the employed. Or, as the title of the study explains, the unemployed are “dissatisfied with life, but having a good day”. The authors note: “Whether people are in a job or not, they almost all report being happiest during leisure time. The employed, however, are least happy when at work or commuting. Since the unemployed can spend that time on leisure, their unemployment hurts much less emotionally than previously thought.”
Hope - 2011-10-16 12:00:11
I've talked to people who hate and love their work and I think what this really comes down to is enjoyment. Contrary to popular belief, I know you can make money doing jobs you hate- I was a top sales guy for a big company for 5 years, I hated every minute of it and I made big money (well, at least by today's standards) but I had to be emotionally and spiritually disconnected to do my job. I am now unemployed, collecting unemployment but slowly I feel myself coming back to life and to be honest there is a lot of pain, not so much because I was let go- honestly that was a blessing in disguise- but because I wasted so much time and effort doing something that was meaningless and ultimately degrading. I spent a lot of my life 'fitting in' with the rest of the thieves but now I realize that even if I were to die tomorrow, those people could give a rats ass. I don't fault them for that, its how society is designed. Make no mistake, its not the best 'hunter' but the slimiest 'weasel' that gets ahead in today's corporate environment. I am ashamed of myself for buying into this scam, so ashamed I actually became depressed. I never worked for pussy, a big house, or a nice car- to me all that mattered was being the best, I considered all that other shit a worthless distraction and really it was that attitude that pushed me further than most. Don't get me wrong, I saw a lot of guys with families bust their ass but they would fail because they worked under compulsion not desire. They only feared losing everything and people with fear are easy to surpass. My fear finally got the best of me too, but my fear was different. After I paid off my condo, my car, and the other few loans I had, I saw no purpose in what I was doing and I feared being a 9 to 5 loser with no ambition. Now I've come to realize that the very fear of losing my ambition means I still have it. I also realize today, that my ambition should not be squandered on serving the undeserving soulless corporate assholes and two-faced politicians that hide in shadows and profit at our expense. I learned the lesson and am pursuing a lifestyle that will make me happy doing what I want to do and I believe the money will follow because I have ambition. If you have ambition, do not waste it- it is a divine gift that most people never use. Stop working for assholes, you will never have satisfaction. The key to the prison is in your hands but you can't be afraid of what might happen if you turn the key. If you love to write, publish a book. If you love to paint, create a masterpiece. Never think success means pussy, a big house, and a Ferrari or any of the other lies society has sold to you since you were a kid- all that type of success leads to is divorce, a mortgage, a car note, and broken dreams that will result in epic fail 100% of the time. The truth is, success is doing what you want on your own terms for the betterment of yourself and all around you and today that is the direction I am moving in (believe me, from who I've talked too and the things I've read the people who make big money in this world all think this way). No one ever got rich by working for someone else, if you don't believe that try to name one billionaire who made their money working a 9 to 5 job (there isn't even one). Innovation got us through the last Great Depression and I believe it will see us through the end of the world.
SmokeyMcGoogle - 2011-11-14 03:23:11

I just want to have fun and work hasn't been fun yet...

when will it end? - 2012-01-07 19:43:49

"Money is nothing but a small piece of laziness. The more one has, the better one will be able to become acquainted with the bliss of laziness. In capitalism work is organised in such a way that it does not permit everyone equal access to laziness. The only ones who can enjoy this laziness are those who are protected by capital. The capitalist class has liberated itself from the work from which the whole of mankind has to liberate itself." Kazimir Malevich, the painter of "Black Square on White", from his book 'Laziness - the Real Human Truth' that was written in 1921 and that was only published in Russia two years ago.

working class hero - 2012-03-01 13:59:44

wow, this thread has died out. wonder how many of these posters have become unemployed or forced into working three jobs over the last five years. it would be interesting to find out. of course, no one is ever honest on the internet so it would be a mute point. All hail capitalism!

paul - 2012-03-28 18:21:43

QUOTES: "Considering the alternatives, I prefer self-employment to employment. After all, you usually make a lot more when you work for yourself and have much more independence. But my real choice is comfortable and creative unemployment." - Steve Solomon "Perhaps it is time the 'work ethic' was redefined and its idea reclaimed from the banal men who invoke it." - Studs Terkel, Working "The United States desperately needs a public discussion that challenges the prevailing belief that a person's worth and social contribution can and should be measured primarily (or exclusively) by his or her income from paid work." - Katherine McFate, "A Debate we Need," from Philippe Van Parijs' What's Wrong With a Free Lunch? "There is more for us in life than the nine to five work ethic and a life of clocks, finances, and shallow living." - Tom Brown Jr., The Quest "I would like to see people refusing to work in any job they felt was wrong. I would like to see work-dodgers: honourable and brave people who refuse to continue to feed this monstrous culture." - Chris Busby, in his foreword to Molly Scott Cato's book Seven Myths About Work

Anonymous - 2012-05-09 18:45:27

"Every man has a right to decide his own destiny, and in this judgement there is no partiality"- Bob Marley In the end it doesn't matter how much or how little you worked. It's all about how you feel.

Matlock12c - 2012-06-09 02:40:15

I have never seen a herse with a luggage rack that had a damn thing on it...

Evan Lord - 2012-07-14 19:15:58

I totally agree, it'd be the supercool life to just drink some Pepsi and surf the webz. The internet and infrastructure are great examples of chillllllling out. These quotes are an example of pandering. Work is relative. If you can't have dreams and work you are extremely passionless and exceedingly average. You create the way you see your world, you make everything what it is.That is unless you're unimaginative and base your life solely on quotes from people who are completely detached from the subject matter they are commenting on. You all sound like a bunch of victims.

Nostradamus's Niece - 2013-01-15 11:35:09

The book "Four Hour Work Week" by Tim Ferriss formalised and gave a blueprint to many of the sentiments expressed here, especially the genuine futility of embracing hard work for the sake of it, as though it was a moral issue, I highly recommend it. Stress kills more people than RTAs and war combined, and have you noticed that those who argue for harder work usually never mean for themselves? Just like those who bash welfare claimants would never trade for that supposedly cushy lifestyle... My fave quote: "Up in the sky / Is the devil's eye / And he sees a berk / And he makes him work." S'all.

jc georgia - 2013-05-08 03:39:35

Work is like a garden full of cactus you don't want to fall into

Anonymous - 2014-11-06 00:07:31

i still think the mob one is about crime, not work. you can choose to do whatever, but if there is no particular reason to take something you shouldn't. lately, i find, even if there are absolutely particular reasons for taking something you still should not, because you act as tool of God, "saving" his much more powerful wrath

JUSTAMAN - 2015-06-01 15:23:36

Just found this page... it's June, 2015.... still the same world. words are such distractions from meanings! yet the only window.... sigh. not the problem. It is the inability to move forward while working constantly that creates dilemma. Therefor we feel our working is pointless, ...if all we can get is mere existence, ...we accomplished this millions of years ago. Society was supposed to give us more than mere existence. Yet, this is what most of us have to settle on. So the system, no matter it's virtuous beginnings and all the chest beating about hard work and all that, is hopelessly broken and creates our current distopia. and people want out. Our souls scream for out!!!! Do we ignore that? How do we convince a world full of brainwashed drones who can't think for themselves? This is MY quote: "Just because one does not possess the answers does not mean that there is not a problem." Don't worry, the next giant meteor is on it's way.

fred - 2015-06-04 06:17:10

" Your world full of creeps Zombies walk the street 9 to 5 barely alive Have a beer go to sleep And start all over again Same gray suit Same brown shoes Same headache Same pills He goes home thinks about suicide But hes got his diploma Got to give him that .... .... Someday I gotta get outta here Gotta put on a shirt put on a tie Get a job buy a car get some insurance Cuz I'll probably have a heart attack Before I'm 40 .... I guess I'll find the perfect wife And I'll have 2.3 perfect kids And if I work real hard And die real fast They'll all turn out just like me " - Alice Cooper, Sanctuary

[Editor's Note: Best shit ever!]

Future Citizen - 2016-02-19 07:40:34

The concept of work is coming to an end. You really believe these hyper-greedy CEOs won't replace you with AI or robots as soon as they can? Its already happening at Mcdonalds and Panera. And in the future, the high skill jobs will also go. This is all natural of course. Because the concept of work is utterly unnatural. Automation will make us more inline with our 20,000 year old brains and bodies that are not meant to do retarded or mundane things for an arbitrary amount of time per day/week. This whole page is a part of the natural process of returning to our true nature. Work will be eradicated.