Top 10 Most Disgusting Scenes in American Cinema
#10 - Nicolas Cage Eats a Live Cockroach in VAMPIRE'S KISS [1989]
Nicolas Cage Eats a Live Cockroach in VAMPIRE'S KISS [1989] Image

"Seduction. Romance. Murder. The thing one does for love."

#09 - Kathy Bates Appears Nude in ABOUT SCHMIDT [2002]
Kathy Bates Appears Nude in ABOUT SCHMIDT [2002] Image

"I'm an extremely sexual person, I can't help it, it's just how I'm wired."

#08 - Divine Eats Dog Shit in PINK FLAMINGOS [1972]
Divine Eats Dog Shit in PINK FLAMINGOS [1972] Image

"Eat shit! Filth is my politics! Filth's my life!"

#07 - Randy Quaid Flosses His Teeth for the First Time in KINGPIN [1996]
Randy Quaid Flosses His Teeth for the First Time in KINGPIN [1996] Image

"The name's Munson, what I'm doin' is flossin' . . ."

#06 - Ray Liotta Gets Fed His Own Brain in HANNIBAL [2001]
Ray Liotta Gets Fed His Own Brain in HANNIBAL [2001] Image

"I told you, if you're going to be rude to our guests you'll have to sit at the kiddie table."

#05 - Charles Hallahan Transforms into "Norris Spider Head" in THE THING [1982]
Charles Hallahan Transforms into

"You gotta be fuckin' kidding . . ."

#04 - Jeff Goldblum Turns Into "Brundlefly" in THE FLY [1986]
Jeff Goldblum Turns Into

"It wants to . . . turn me into something else. That's not too terrible is it? Most people would give anything to be turned into something else."

#03 - Edward Norton "Curb Stomps" in AMERICAN HISTORY X [1998]
Edward Norton

"That's it! Now say good night."

#02 - Linda Blair Pukes Green Slime in THE EXORCIST [1973]
Linda Blair Pukes Green Slime in THE EXORCIST [1973] Image

"Mother, what's wrong with me?"

#01 - Creature Explodes Out of John Hurt's Stomach in ALIEN [1979]
Creature Explodes Out of  John Hurt's Stomach in ALIEN [1979] Image

"Oh God, it hurts so bad. It hurts. It hurts . . ."


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Yawned - 2007-12-27 22:51:08
Ooh err, a naked fat chick? Yeah, how *dreadful*, how freakishly *awful*. Sheesh, seriously get over yerself and go watch some decent horror if that's one of your choices. BORING.
sunnyd - 2007-12-28 07:34:20
Yeah that's right - real women are disgusting and terrifying aren't they? Stay safe and go whack off to some porn.
Rooster - 2007-12-28 10:14:56
Cathy Bates isn't a real woman. She's fat and old.
TryAgain - 2007-12-28 17:39:10
You haven't watched very many movies have you, son?
Fletch - 2007-12-28 17:49:50
Hey rooster....real women get older and guess what ... they may gain wait too.
movieGuy - 2007-12-28 17:54:42
actually the scene with katy bates wasn't as bad as i thought it would be.
Anonymous - 2007-12-28 17:56:18
the American History X clip is so horrible. It's a different kind of horrible from the rest of these clips
Dave - 2007-12-28 17:56:24
How do you not include Borat's ass munching on this list, but do include Cathy Bates???
Darrell - 2007-12-28 18:07:52
Terrible picks...
yank yank yank - 2007-12-28 18:10:55
Weak list...
Rudolf Whouliani - 2007-12-28 18:13:48
Yikes! This is exactly why Hollywood needs to take action and implement strict regulations. It's incredible that in this day in age fat people are still allowed to act in hollywood movies. Until they are banished to B movies I will be boycotting watching movies in the theatre.
Are you serious? - 2007-12-28 18:14:56
What a shit list.
Scott - 2007-12-28 18:18:23
I think the toilet scene from Trainspotting is worse that some of those.
Anonymous - 2007-12-28 18:19:04
I think the problem with the above commenters is that the picture reminds them of their future girlfriend if they happen to ever find one. Putting down a list because of one pic? Maybe you should be the one getting over yourself. Personally, I find naked fat women repulsive as would most others. Great list.
Steve - 2007-12-28 18:25:35
Bathroom in Trainspotting?
Van Wilder - 2007-12-28 18:26:11
I'm sorry but the scene in Van Wilder when Richard and the others eat the eclairs filled with the dog spew almost made me throw up. "Oh my God... it's so warm" *hurl*
Sixteenbit - 2007-12-28 18:27:18
Haven't you seen Misery? Kathy Bates is absolutely fantastic in her role as psycho/crazed fan. I haven't seen her naked but I'm sure she still has a commanding presence, despite being nude.
wtfux? - 2007-12-28 18:28:32
No mention of even Salo, or any other thousands of seriously twisted disgusting movies? You fail.
Macho Macho Man - 2007-12-28 18:40:38
I have a feeling that if you had access to a woman of any kind you wouldn't be spending your time nerding it up on this piece of crap listed knockoff. Just me?
WoCo - 2007-12-28 18:47:42
Yeah, all of the things you listed were quite disgusting during the time that they were created and shown. However, with movie like Hostel, the Saw movies, and other movies (which I suspect many more will follow in their footsteps) the disgusting factor was pushed to the limits. In fact, I would say that the limits were broken in some cases. Movies of yester year just can not stand up to those of today on the disgusting factor. It did seem like you were going for "funny" in your top 10.. I understand that making a top 10 list out of all the movies is like trying to find a needle in a haystack (the mythbusters did)...
smiling - 2007-12-28 18:49:28
yeah having cathy bates as #9 is insane. wtf? i think you should get a life. she should easily be in the top 3. asshole.
Jay - 2007-12-28 19:00:35
Haha, the people getting offended at the inclusion of Kathy Bate's nude scene on this list probably look just like her when they are naked themselves. Try losing some weight, and going back in time to get younger. Old fatasses.
Oh'Well - 2007-12-28 19:02:49
This is just plain silly. Go out, watch some more movies... and then start over again.
A - 2007-12-28 19:03:07
There's at least a couple of scenes in Total Recall that deserve to be on this list.
Beaubeau - 2007-12-28 19:29:54
You have obviously not seen enough to make this list. It is a feeble attempt at best. Watch Audition, Faces of Death and Hostile to start. Then go on to vivisection, scat porn and snuff flicks. Start again.
Amazed - 2007-12-28 19:58:02
Kathy Bates? Really? What are you, 12? As people get older their bodies change, and you know what? That in it self, is a beautiful thing. I really can't wait till you are older and someone calls you "disgusting" simply for looking you age. Have fun with that and try to remember this day.
Fungii - 2007-12-28 21:05:10
Have you seen the movie "Happiness"? More than a few disgusting scenes, but the final one is pretty disgusting, and very funny.
Anonymous - 2007-12-28 21:35:55
I'm sorry, but if any of you are willing to claim Kathy Bates naked body is something that needed to be seen, you are deranged.
fagotto - 2007-12-28 22:14:33
Derek - 2007-12-28 23:45:23
By the way... welcome to Digg. You just got your ass handed to you.
David - 2007-12-29 00:26:15
I can never get over how little self-confidence it must take to bitch about people's aversion to fat women. They're great for drawing, but just plain funny to cringe at. Get with modern culture, kiddies.
Eastern Promises - 2007-12-29 02:26:41
Maybe you guys haven't seen this yet, but there is like a 5 minute long fully nude brutal knife fight in a steam room. On top of the excessive schlong swinging it is a really violent and disturbing close quarters fight that keeps going and going. It is like naked grappling, blood spattering, knife twisting, breaking bones, gurgling blood bonanza.
sickboy - 2007-12-29 07:42:35
I think Kathy Bates is very sexy . . . I jerk off to that film all the time
gredux - 2007-12-29 07:51:07
Everyone points to the scene in About Schmit but what about the scene where she danced naked and muddy in "At Play in the Field of the Lord"
Anonymous - 2007-12-29 11:48:59
You guys are wimpy. These are some of the most awesome scenes in American cinema!!!
fuck you yawned - 2007-12-29 18:40:28
if you saw Kathy bates naked you'd know how much horror it truly truly is.
Jack Hews - 2007-12-29 20:20:52
Rent "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer" and "Targets" and then update your list.
FunBags - 2007-12-29 22:36:16
Common Sense - 2007-12-30 09:25:10
just a quick add on to those women overweight or not that have issues with Kathy Bates being on this list... It is nice that you have the time to insult all of the people here and tell them they should find a real woman..and if they had a woman, they wouldn't have time to be posting here. Oddly enough, if you had a significant other instead of a increasing waistline, you wouldn't have the time either. Ironic in simplicity.
Tyrel - 2007-12-30 19:18:48
I had no idea this many dipshits owned computers. One would think that this list was made with tongue firmly in cheek. If you are offended, you are an idiot. There are thousands of scenes to debate for a list like this, so everyone's list is different. And, for the record, Kathy Bates kind of looks like the fat guy from borat. If you cut their heads off, the scenes are identically disgusting.
PParker - 2008-01-02 09:21:31
Monty Python's The Meaning of Life restaurant scene is the worst ever
Pat - 2008-01-03 11:19:25
L'exorciste, Alien et The Thing malgré les années restent indétronables..
Steven Feil - 2008-01-07 22:02:42
PParker - 2008-01-02 09:21:31 Monty Python's The Meaning of Life restaurant scene is the worst ever I second this..
n0n - 2008-01-22 03:36:53
I have one that beats all these scenes hands down. The final 20 minutes of society when the shunting takes place and the fat guy gets essentially dissolved slowly into all the people feeding off him. nothing will ever be more disgusting or disturbing than that.
banana - 2008-01-22 17:32:47
props to Divine :)
opfdkfk - 2008-01-22 18:56:35
The Kathy Bates thing is kind of stupid, but Im surprised that everyone remembers Divine eating shit, but no one is half as horrified that Cookie Mueller actually fucked a chicken for the same movie? I found that much more disturbing..
trim - 2008-01-23 06:12:47
All the fat women are trying to pretend it isn't disgusting. Go on, live your lie. Hey, how about another nice big tub of cookie-batter ice cream? Don't worry, you can just use psychology to get men to think your big ugly gut and jowls aren't disgusting.
Redheaded Sweetie - 2008-01-24 16:35:25
honestly it is gross but i think both sides should shut the fuck up. Fat people, if you have a problem with it, then stfu and go on a diet or just drop it. Skinny people or fat people who don't care just leave those who do alone apparently it hits their self esteem pretty hard. on a different note, i did not think that these were that gross. i have seen worse.
cod4god - 2008-01-27 15:39:37
Am I the only person that has seen Pink Flamingos? That whole movie is fucking wrong on so many different levels. I didn't know what was worse, Divine eating the dogs shit, or when She blew Crackers. If you have seen it then you know what I am talking about. Btw, Divine was played by a guy. and Crackers is supposed to be her son.
Lala - 2008-02-02 19:25:09
Well kathy bates being on the list is obviously a joke becasue there are many many more choices that could have been number 9. Amd as for Hostle being one of the choices.... blah that movie was horrible. I know every heterosexual man would disagree with me becasue the first hour was all soft core porn and the last 20 minutes was all gore..... horrible plot, horrible movie.
Neil - 2008-02-04 06:45:25
wtfux - "no mention of Salo". That's because it's a list of the Most Disgusting Scenes in American Cinema. Salo was an Italian film.
Hmmmm - 2008-02-06 20:19:55
You missed the cockroach scene from Problem Child 2. I'm pretty glad you don't have a still of that though...
apesgrapes - 2008-02-23 14:28:10
wouldn't mind kathy bates naked if she had me tied to the bed & was about to shatter my ankles with a sledgehammer. hubba hubba
yonson - 2008-02-26 05:28:42
you should've learned your lesson on the basketball court
Voice of reason - 2008-02-26 09:07:57
Calm down offended people, 9#Kathy Bates is obviously just a joke, its not like this is ,,the list of facts" its just something put together by some guy/girl and then put on the web, no need to make it over-important.
Anonymous - 2008-02-29 04:59:42
fat and old she may, be but she probably made more money for that scene than most of you fucks make in a year. btw...the scenes in Requiem for a Dream that show the progression of infection on the guys arm, and he just keeps on sticking the needle in...even though it is swollen and black and oozing....bleh!!!
A - 2008-03-02 09:25:08
If you wanna se something really Guinea Pig 1, 2 and 3... Most disgusting and vile movies ever made... just creeped me out! Bonus: Charlie Sheen saw the first and reported it to the FBI as snuff!
Voice of Reason - 2008-03-13 12:12:24
Kathy Bates? Really? Seriously? Is it because she's 'old'? EVERYONE who is lucky enough to have a long life will be old. You will understand when you are a grown-up. Maybe because she's fat? I think you need to get out more. It's a weak entry to your list and also wreaks of 'the list compiled by a little boy'.....Teenager, perhaps? Sweetie, your time is coming, if you're lucky enough to get old... I suspect that you aren't a 'looker' yourself.
Tina - 2008-03-28 20:43:31
watch the movie "Audition" so many things in that movie are just wrong....the sawing off of the foot especially.
Anonymous - 2008-07-26 09:02:30
It's funny how offended people are getting over the Kathy Bates thing. Ger over it this entire list is pretty shitty. But nobody can deny that some fat old bitch is disgusting. Well unless you have certain fetishes I suppose... Anyways, this list sucked, watch some more movies then come back and do it again. Or at least mention some snuff films.
MissThang - 2008-10-29 11:11:00

Yeah, that Kathy Bates entry kind of makes the whole list seem less serious

anarchy17 - 2008-11-16 11:13:27

the scene where cathy bates breaks the dudes feet in misery is more gross than her naked!

brock - 2008-12-13 12:03:35

No salo, august underground or nekromantik ? pfft you dont know much about disgusting films

Jeff - 2008-12-21 01:48:48

XTRO... should have at least been considered. Plenty of material there just as gold as these!

Cinephile13 - 2009-02-18 14:56:47

This list is crap true but some of the responses are even more crap filled. The list is most Disgusting scenes in AMERICAN cinema. Trainspotting was a Scottish film made in Scotland. For the person who mentioned Salo, please think before you type, Salo was an Italian movie thus the name Salo (which is Italian). And Kathy Bates naked isn't as bad as the dancing chipmunk lady stepping on fetii (or whatever the plural of fetus is) being thrown at her in David Lynch's ERASERHEAD. Or the Lady grating her lips of with a cheese grater? in Cutting Moments by Douglas Buck was pretty gnarly too. The critics of this list are right if the list writer had the foresight to watch some non mainstream movies before he wrote the list maybe he wouldn't be getting crapped on by anyone who has seen more than say 200 movies in there lifetime.

berryflirty - 2009-03-16 03:10:59

those pics wer simply disgusting nd yuck i mean th woman old n naked man she was an idiot even to b born stupid ill mannerd n green puke dat was fucking groooouse yuck shiiiiiit

28Hz - 2009-04-29 07:10:13

Requim for a dream - when he shoots up in his mashed up arm.

vampire's bloody dream - 2009-06-29 04:50:53

the comments were more amusing than the list itself ^.^

Michael Charles McGrath - 2010-03-20 10:58:37

Did it died?

Ernie - 2010-12-10 10:13:13

Sad to say, the scene in "About Schmidt" is not Kathy Bates' only nude scene. She appears nude in the film "At Play in the Fields of the Lord" as well (shudder). But then, Daryl Hannah appears nude in that one as well, so there's some redemption there.

HB - 2011-01-15 07:57:14

where can we play the sexy scene w/ Kathy Bates!

abdfl monem - 2011-08-14 18:05:37
very hot